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NANOX NEWS! I FDA Clearance Update I JP Morgan Healthcare Presentation Summary

1 633 views | 14 Jan. 2021

This video summarizes the

This video summarizes the Nanox JP Morgan Healthcare conference presentation. The status for the FDA clearance is updated. Nanox business plan is discussed. Latest stock price info.

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A Wu


Summit Stock Picks

this is still a good company overall, people will keep bashing this company and complaining about it, then being thankful that a company is actually trying to change things and improve the healthcare field. People are afraid of change it sounds like, at least NNOX is trying to improve the Xray game either with its design or the cloud data storage. Long and strong, if it goes down then I go down with it. Believing in what I invest


How's big different from VREX?


Bought it at 20 and sold it at 67.. This story is starting to smell fishy to me. I will wait and see if they actually have a real device before I buy back in.. Until then, I will use that money in Butterfly


Hey! Assuming the single source scanner is approved, what could be a challenge in submitting / getting FDA approval for the multi source one? If the 100$ x-ray scanner works for single source, why would there be trouble in plugging multiple ones concurrently?
Thanks for your insights!

Daniel Fine

Thank you for the updates! I am a physical therapy student doing my rotation in the acute setting. I have found your videos very educational and non-bias. Keep up the good work! Are you a current shareholder?


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Big Stock Opportunity | 300% RETURN?! | NNOX Nano-X Imaging

847 views | 31 Jan. 2021

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In this video, I discuss Nano-X Imaging (NNOX) and the big stock opportunity they present.

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A worth

Purchased at IPO. Hugely bullish. Once FDA single source approval this will rocket. Once multi source submits/approves we in the outer ?

Murad Invests

What are your thoughts on NNOX?


Nnox stock is holding. Buy and buy. Thank you for the good information. Good luck.

Fadi JS

Sounds like a good one!


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Foxconn teams up with Nanox to make futuristic X-ray machines

7 140 views | 16 Jan. 2020

Reported today on

Reported today on TheNextWeb

For the full article visit: https://thenextweb.com/plugged/2020/01/16/foxconn-teams-up-with-nanox-to-make-futuristic-x-ray-machines/

Foxconn teams up with Nanox to make futuristic X-ray machines

Foxconn announced it has invested in Israel-based startup Nanox, to produce futurist and affordable X-ray machines. Apart from investing $26 million, the Taiwanese company will also help with manufacturing these machines.

The X-ray machine, called Nanox.arc, looks quite cool and only weighs around 70 kg. So, it's very portable as compared to traditional X-ray machines that usually weigh a couple of hundred kilos

Nanox said the idea is to make available where the traditional hospitals or clinics are not available. Apart from X-ray, the device will also support other scans such as CT, mammography, fluoroscopy, and angiogram.

[Read: Google's new AI detects breast cancer just by scanning X-ray]

The machine is paired with the company's proprietary software Nanox.Cloud, that provides end-to-end medical imaging service offering image repository, radiologist matching, online and offline diagnostics review and annotation, connectivity to diagnostic assistive artificial intelligence systems, bill

Jeremy Rutman

check their patent situation and make your own conclusions - I've analyzed their patent portfolio here. rutmanip.com/post/nanox_imaging

99% Perspiration

Sorry, no cigar here. You can't change the basic physics of x-rays. You need energy to penitrate and create contrast in images. I would expect the images from this device to be very poor.