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Tesla Acquires Solar City, Jim Cramer Says It's All Part of Elon Musk's Vision for the Future

560 views | 1 Aug. 2016

TheStreet's Jim Cramer

TheStreet's Jim Cramer says while Tesla's

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Kelly KitKat

What about Solar City's accounting?
If you look at Solar City's business model :
They put solar plants on rooftops "for free",
meaning they borrowed large sums of money
to buy that equipment to install, as well as to hire
employees. For that borrowed money,
they pay an interest rate X,
and then they have customers
sign ppa agreements to pay Solar City periodic
payments of Y. As long as Y was greater than X,
they could hope to make a profit as principal
plus interest owing was paid down. BUT in a rising
rate environment, when X is higher than Y... and so,
this is not a "bail out" by Tesla, but for all we know,
profits from selling cars may go to buying solar cells
for consumers, and Tesla may be run at zero profit
for decades, as if run by communists. It helps
satanists greatly, that they have created a mythology
in pop culture to associate being good at math with
sodomites. So that godly males might not study
mathematics or finance and see the conspiracy unfold.
Zionists, eugenicists, communists, sodomites, and
satanists are one and the same. "Go back to sleep,
everything is fine" is the message that financial
journalists convey, while the freedoms and civil liberties
meant to protect the godly from the wicked are taken
away. Me so paranoid. Maybe, Tesla is not run by
communists, and will in fact, someday, pay dividends?
... that said, who buys cars with cash, and not on credit?
Both these businesses are built on borrowed money.

Kelly KitKat

Paranoia... "all and all, it's just, another brick in the wall" - Pink Floyd.

Kelly KitKat

Owner. Manager. Workers. You can only
eliminate owners WITHOUT creating a police
state IF there is NO usury. Usury is when
you look at another as if he, or she, was a
resource, and treat him, or her, as such.
ALL sheep, and no werewolf?
Who is pure of heart?
The people of Israel are to have no usury
amongst each other. And if they, historically,
could not do this, what business is it of theirs to
attempt to impose upon the rest of the world, a
Law they themselves could not keep? ..
Missing sheep?
Nevertheless, a usury free society is in this
world as Noah's Ark was in the First world - a
sign. Will you not seek the kingdom of God so
that you might find yourself therein?
Nobody had ever seen it rain, until that day when
the door to the Ark was closed, by God.
That said, imagine a society without owners..
... National Socialism - Nazism - guards were
used to police the workers who built the
bunkers. If they got tired or sick, they were
shot. How were those guards not slaves too?
No owners - only workers and managers...
A warning sign? :
.. It is sad when you see corporate management
no longer making decisions that are in the best
interests of the shareholders, the owners - as if
owners no longer exist...
In a society where usury exists, private
property rights essentially equate to liberty,
and privacy. But in a police state, the people
become property of the state, and more than
this, they even seek access to the treasures of your
mind, and to own that space too. Hence, the
war against privacy rights.
Without "just
cause" - Law enforcement has always looked like
a fuzzy logic algorithm, (one man's terrorist, is
another man's freedom fighter) but when all checks and
balances disappear - you end up with legalized torture - it is
as it was in the middle ages, again, is it not?
The wars between Protestants and Catholics
in Feudal England - Could you say, "We are Wiccans"
or "Colour me undecided" and be left out of those
theological political wars? Did they not say to the
people, save for maybe the village idiot :
"Choose a side, or you
will be called an heretic and burned at the stake.
And be warned, if you choose the wrong side,
beheaded, albeit quickly - Now choose, Protestant
or Catholic? What be ye?" Umm, half and half?
.. OH well, I guess I tend to imagine the worst. Free
enterprise, is like a casino - do you believe in Musk's vision,
that it could become a self sustaining enterprise, or will it
like Trump's real estate development projects, need a steady
cash infusion from outside sources, "investors", to stay afloat?

Kelly KitKat

A business manager, has three main constituents :  customers, employees, and shareholders.  He manages the company on behalf of the owners, the shareholders.  So, irrespective of Musk's vision - he still must consider what is best for Tesla shareholders, else, you end up with communism, when the interests of owners is ignored.  In a  Communist system, there is no longer wealth accumulation through savings, but property rights are assigned by the State, and Managers control everything on the behalf of a single owner, the State.  If you think about it, the Soviet System, and Hitler's "National Socialism" are almost identical.  The Nazis, rather than advocating State Ownership, advocated State Control, by pointing a gun at the head of CEOs, and really everybody else.  What is the point of owning, if you are no longer in control?  Owners, shareholders, vote, in the West to replace a CEO if they are unhappy with management.  But under National Socialism, everybody belongs to the same one political party, wherefore, the State decides, rather than shareholders if a manager needs to be replaced.... That said, it does not make much sense that Tesla would do this - since as a car manufacturer, why should he care whether the homeowner powers his car with electricity from the sun, or from electricity supplied by the local utility company?  But it matters to Tesla, as a manufacturer of batteries, maybe.  Vision is great, as long as there is economic justification.  And sometimes the Government decides that this way is better than that - and so gets involved in the economy to "move things along" - like how the National Railways were built.  Transparency is important, so that companies do not become branches of the Federal Government, which is probably what Bernie Sanders would like to see. .... Eugenicists, they who believe in a hereditary ruling class, are OK with communism, or national socialism, or whatever else works for them.... Political Economy - which products get produced, and for whom .... I think too many take for granted the freedoms that have been won for them by generations past.

Kelly KitKat

Well, if the merger had not gone through, would the owners of that 35k tesla car been happy having to pay to use the supercharger network? That network is only free if you buy the 100k model. Moreover, without the merger, maybe others would have invested in, built, and ended up owning electric (solar powered) stations?

Kelly KitKat

This merger creates a super monopoly that could lock out competing ev car companies. Will that tesla battery charging equipment connect to a 2017 chevy bolt? Universal connectors? And what about alternative energy storage technologies, such as from Bloom Energy? Those companies will be locked out. This merger is bad for consumers.

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What Happened To Tesla's Solar Roof Tiles?

4 772 420 views | 24 Sep. 2018

Elon Musk unveiled

Elon Musk unveiled prototypes of Tesla's Solar Roof tiles In October 2016. They came in four styles that looked just like normal roofing material but were essentially miniaturized versions of traditional solar panels.

The announcement helped Tesla justify its $2.6 billion acquisition of SolarCity one month later and represented Musk's vision for what the businesses could do together.

It's been almost two years since then. So where are the tiles?

"We now have several hundred homes with the Solar Roof on them, and that's going well. It takes a while to just confirm that the Solar Roof is going to last for 30 years and all the details work out," Musk said on Tesla's Q2 earnings call in August.» Subscribe to CNBC: http://cnb.cx/SubscribeCNBC

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What Happened To Tesla's Solar Roof Tiles? | CNBC

Puff puff

Good for 30yrs?

Laljiahir 5

Technology rising up like rocket


$100,000. for a new roof? They claim 30-year lifespan, maybe. Two weeks to instal? You could put on an asphalt shingle roof for $5000. done in 1 day. Lifespan 25 years. If you really wanted to go solar put in solar panels.If a panel is a defective fairly easy replacement. How much would it cost if the Tesla panels were defective, what is the warranty? Frankly, if you wanted the house to be more energy efficient then use more simple proven technology. Better insulation, new weather stripping, new energy-saving windows, led lights, high-efficiency heating and cooling equipment. Installing all this would make the house more saleable if you had to move. Installing a Tesla roof would actually make the house less saleable as people would be leary of the new unproven technology. As the house gets older, people would want to discount the price as it would need a new $100,000. roof. Not really an option for most people.


Love Elon, but solar energy is a waste of time and money.


China sued Elon for patent infringement.


3:28 I thought he was standing on the solar panel for a second.

Oswaldo J Fernandez

Fat Elon

jojo uzimaki

The knowledgeable barometer identically cheer because hourglass neuroanatomically interrupt inside a crooked radiator. foamy, disgusted slave

Piyush Bhakat

Elon "I ate your lunch" Musk

dan iel

More like what happened to Elon? He looks obese in the thumbnail

Marko Nad

In Hungary two guys wanted to install solar panels in the roads, but their patents were thrown away.

Hans Erich Pediapco

Its june 2020. Where are the solar tiles from tesla?

Rex. Georg III

I can get 1kw of panels for less than £280
3kw - >1 $k ( panels only)
30kw - >10k

Józef Subczak

Bankieto invest Gut in
Tesla Solar Roof

RightHonourable Zeus

So basically this is a scam and a stunt to inflate his 'green credentials' to boost his Tesla car brand...

SunnY SheikH

That high price can be justified at least not harming our environment like the present energy production facilities do
I hope will work and in the comming future tesla will downgrade the price to slightly affordable.

thomas aquinas

Solar roof tiles, by their nature, are not the solution. We need a (relatively) cheap solution, like amorphous solar rolls that you unfurl and attach to the roof. When a better version is available, you don't have to re-roof(i.e. tiles) but instead, just roll up the old roof cover and unfurl a newer one. Job done, in two hours. Thanks, I'll pick up my Nobel prize next week...

Rd Rz

Design to looks good is hard

Jeremy Villalobos

Regular solar panels are cheaper yes. But industrial solar is even cheaper still. So check to see if your electricity provider allows you to buy renewable energy blocks. Duke Energy North Carolina does that.

Pat Panter

Tesla was ahead of all long before your time

Virgiliu Obada

is it just me?
First time I saw the announcement of the project i thought about something, as an architect If my client asks me to use this product I cant make any decision about the slope and format of the roof.
The houses with this kind of tiles result always with 45º sloped roofs, which is quite strange for non snowy countries , like half the world. It Would also limit me a lot on the design of the roof itself, because it has to be on a 45º angle to make the most use of the tiles, or else it makes no sense to install them, not considering the delays and aggravated cost of 2 weeks 10 guys to install a simple roof.
But what makes me crazy is that however you position the roof and the house it makes no sense to install these tiles on all the roof, they will only produce any considerable power on the south facing roof, the north part will barely make any impact. So it looks like half those tiles that are always facing north are just overpriced tiles.
And this is without considering the fact that for this to work you have to cut down any trees that cast a shadow on the roof, increasing your sun exposure, this requires either more insulation costs at the beginning or more AC and cooling cost during use, and I am not really convinced that those tiles will produce enough energy to actually compensate for the extra heat you house is exposed during summer.
So overall I really support the idea of camouflaging our blue big fat solar panels, because i believe that the way things are going cities area gonna be full of those everywhere, solar panels on facades, on roofs on the pavement, on top of cars, and it can get very boring very fast, so that is the big plus of this project, but boy does it have some problems, and this is besides the fact that they didn't quite figure out how to produce the sufficient amount of energy out of them, so it has also a technology problem that i have no idea how to fix. While this is not such a terrible idea as the underground tunnels for cars, it is not nearly the brightest project Elon Musk has had in recent years.


It is impossible to use solar roof according to new electrical code. It is very dangerous service workers or any kinda trouble shooting. Not fan of this product


What did the Elon say to the Big Mac? GET IN MY BELLY!

Edward Donkor

Here in 2020 and Elon would rather not speak on this

Kiran Kumar

again u need more marketing gov to allow..these r the problem..retailers.i love solar proof in india.

Daphna Eremina

Can’t wait to put this on our house ?

Nikhil C

If it's not made for public the innovation is just another science experiment which didn't reach fruition..Just a science project which made good headline but never reached practicality

Ghost711 G

It’s 2020 are we close yet?

Eduardo Torres

Huh moron haha

Tamzid Shovon

I'm from 2020 which year are you guys from

OG Dumplings

My last bill is 40 dollars. That's my current bill in an apartment


If you know solar panel work about 5 to 10 years them need change about pay for them 10 000 to 40 000 usd

Nkosikhona Mnamatha

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Ben Terry

Seems a very niche market, first you have to want solar power on your house which at this price will never save money. Second you need to be so bothered by the look of traditional solar that you even care in the first place as you could have solar on your house in a much more environmentally friendly and cheaper way with standard cells. Thirdly, solar cells have a life of around 30 years and few people are spending 100.000 on electricity in 30 years. So the project doesn't make sense really from a financial or ecological viewpoint. Only people I can really see this appealing too is very rich people who wan't to look like they care about the environment but not enough to so much as change the look of their roof so just throw money at the issue.

chris besu

Elon handed NASA its ass, after confirming that it could last 30 years it will be in production and dominate along with electric cars. Quit taking money from Greedy power companies for advertising.


Nay sayers will see it was not how they thought it should have been. I am not supporting Tesla but if they give me Model x you never know.

james James

Electric Jesus, Bullshiting the world once again...

Jimmy Baker


Vivek Kumar

Is it possible to 3D print solar panels? Are there any technological challenges?

Zainab Ali

I want it now!

juan carlos sande

Que despiste...

Martin Winlow

I think you have completely missed the point. Traditional roof-mounted PV arrays are hideous to look at and completely ruin an otherwise attractive-looking property (domestic or not). Tesla's solar roof tiles were as much about addressing this issue as they were about generating electricity.

I would also take huge issue with your comment drawing a comparison between a typical module-based PV array installation and one done using Tesla's tiles. The former involves plonking a few, large modules on an exiting roof and wiring them up. The latter involves completely re-roofing the building! It is bound to take far longer. A very silly comment that ruins on otherwise reasonably objective piece.

Angelo Querubin

CNBC bias there then and again

Ross' girl R

Elon = dad-bod geek worth billions ??????


2 years later rip

Wee Day

100k? No thx

Nick Without_A_Z

Yeah sure ask for an opinion of another company ???

Steven T.

What’s wrong with just putting the existing panels on your roof?


계속되는가운데가장 큰오빠 카톡으로 나머지 이야기했또욤 욤 욤욤 ♥♥♥♥♥요미요미하게해주세욤 욤 욤 ♥♥♥★♥♥♥하시네욤욤요목욕탕ㅠ라고 멘션을 주시면 자세히알려드릴께요하시네욤 욤 요미요미하게해주세욤 욤욤 ♥♥♥♥♥★♥♥♥

6irty6iamon6 2

Don't play coy you know exactly what happened. Human!

Value Is Everything

This guy is behind Bolivia coup.

Danye Jones didn't kill himself.

So he saves 360 a month during the summer (june, july, august, september maybe) That's 1300 a year for 30 years, a $39,000 return on a $100,000 investment. Hmm


So this guy is saving money on electricity bills which he already gave in advanced

Ling Ling

Wtf is that side profile. Why does he look obese... I thought he was pretty fit

Albie Oval

The guy's bill was $400 and now it's $40. $360 x 3 months of summer = $1080 savings a year. $100,000/$1080= 92 years.
It will pay itself off in 92 years.

Alejandro Morata

How to avail a kind of solar roof.

Jeannie Parker

It's 2021, I still haven't got my $1000 deposit back! They refused to install the roof for me because they claimed they didn't actually make the kind I wanted to buy. They also refused to give me back my deposit. I've been calling them for over 6 months now. They would give me an excuse every time I called! I can't believe this. This is Tesla! If you have suggestions for me, please contact me!


its too expensive


You should ask how much Tesla did took preorders and how much people did pay prepayments?

Jerry Jer

Waste of time

Brick Boss

Where can we order samples? Is this ready to be in Florida.

Sam Wang

Don’t doubt Elon or Ull regret it

aniyah jones

Anyone still watch this video?

Mike T

??Elon you ? keep collecting and flipping that money ??


This video should be called: what happened to Elon’s waist line?


I love the concept,I hope this comes good.

Je suis Dieudonné M'Bala M'Bala

CNBC is jalous

Alex Lopez

I can see why it's complex. Roofing's main purpose is to be water and weather proof. You can't just nail these solar panels down. It must take special clips or a different design to put down properly and prevent water from getting through to the inside.

Mostly Peaceful

in order to make them economically viable solar panels must maximize efficiency and minimize cost or it doesn't add up, you will never design an aesthetic solar roof tile with the same cost and effectiveness as a panel that's only concerned with cost efficiency. You already at a disadvantage putting when you put them on a roof with non optimal pitch and attitude so it's hard to imagine how these could ever compete with grid energy.

Gerard Anskaitis


Saijai Pankulab

"coolest" safe clean let go green all the world "cutest" most love love

Kiran Kumar

electricity wnt be given free by gov.. thats the prb

Yolitha Carter

Instead of miniturising them make them into sheets, or components...

sami albalushi

Then how government will run for 30 years without income if you fix this solar panel there is big secrets are behind this story musk have to answer many questions and this is why solar are not much promoted because its a big loss for goverment income
And my whole house run on solar fridge ac and tv even lights .i paid in bulk but what its worth it at least i am saving green world

The One

$100,000!!!!! That’s just stoopid


Good news and bad news... Only slate available, others cancelled. Good news os that its now around HALF t'he price.

Guam Tohru

The female fertile scorpio resultantly regret because kilogram feraly scatter an a cynical octave. cuddly, quarrelsome girdle

El Kapitan

for sure Elon will make it happen, he's just taking his time to perfect it.

Jaime Benitez

30 years worth of solar shingle. Ill stick to metal roof and a solar panel.

Common Sense Skeptic

They didn’t work. They never worked. Scam to trick Tesla shareholders into bailing out SolarCity.

Leigh Christie

1 year later: they are a commercially available product that people love.

Adam Beal

As of July 2020, they started refunding deposits for homes "not in their service area". They couldn't make the technology fast enough to be profitable and had to scale back.


What do solar panels produce besides electricity? SHADE. Solar panels should be sited where that shade can be leveraged. (Over parking lots and air-conditioned buildings) Not covering nature's perfect solar collectors which are meadows and pastures.

Vasu Maru

CNBC: "how do we grill Tesla just because we got paid"

seven henson

China made solar panels cost effective. Not u

Salvage Monster

12 roofs........ not hundreds. Collecting payments but not yet delivery, installing them. I believe this is called fraud. Anyone else see this

Dane Scag

From 400$ to 40$, and if the roof can last 30 years, then yes, it should pay for itself.

who am i

A bunch of normal solar panel is currently still much cheaper and more effective

Bela Sziklassy

Lol this sure didn't age well.

Susanto Ong

The man dont even understand the time value of money, 100000 dolar you can get 5000-7000 thousand in deposit or bond, he actually spend more lol


100k never will pay back !! Simple

bob smith

I like how almost half of the guy's roof is covered in shade from the trees.

Matthew Jackson

I see a common pattern here. Tesla will develop a product , it will falter , critics will dog pile on Tesla , and then all of a sudden a miraculous technological break thru leads to a massive surge in sales.

nad nas

He made good money of it

Shakir Tahiri

Elon changed the whole solar roof game by providing with only £1.49/Watt for Solar on Existing Roofs
Lowest cost in America
Money-back guarantee

A very good way to build goodwill while the R&D finds a cheaper way of production. The benefit of long term vision and not running after profits.


What happened to Tesla tiles??? ... Solar Panels became COOL!!! ... a badge of honor!! .. at 1/2 the price .... "so why would you buy anything else.."


Solar roof is a great concept but the quality of Tesla is not doing so well so maybe don’t juggle too much Elon.

Hailma Kader

If I had the money I would invest in it now, I would buy for my parents, parents in laws and my own home... Genius

Robert Butler

Just like Musk never finishing anything that he comes up with!!

Ethan Pierce Bondick

The giddy donkey beautifully trip because perch serologically book upon a ruthless sword. towering, nebulous knot

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Elon Musk Answers Questions - Tesla - Solar City Merger Approved

1 232 views | 19 Nov. 2016

Thinking of getting a

Thinking of getting a Tesla? Save $1200: http://ts.la/andrew2893