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MetaMask Introduction

1 512 581 views | 14 Jul. 2016

An introduction to

An introduction to MetaMask for the July 2016 Developer Release. Learn more at https://metamask.io

MetaMask is a chrome browser extension for using the Ethereum blockchain in a normal browser. This video assumes a basic understanding of Ethereum, so you might want to get started by learning about that!

Music is an instrumental version of "Civilization" by Parallels



that's pretty dope

Pablo Zapata

Really cool!


your audience is 7-14 old ? can I buy the masks somewhere? tzzzzzzzzzz

Bill E Dee

MetaMask friggin rules. Awesome wallet/browser with excellent functionality. My favorite Ethereum product by far.

Alex Darby

Looks good but also need some way to interact with contracts on the blockchain.

Randy C

EOS tokens




Looking for some advice. I bought ENJ coins back in the ICO over a year ago. I have them stored on metamask. I have a Nano Ledger S, Kracken, Atomic wallets. Just wondering how do I withdraw from metamask to any of these wallets or so I need another wallet?

Kenny Rowe

Love it. Great work!

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awesome music ... can I buy it somewhere ? for disco night ?

Truevision Inc.

How does meta mask work on mobile android phones please? Can anybody assist?


There is a new Update for MetaMask do we need to do something ? Like Uninstall the old Chrome App and download the new one from the Website ? Or is there any Update Function ?

Ruletka Io

You totally need it to play ruletka.io

:Paul-John: Barrett - Alexander Technique

How do I send ERC20 tokens from my Metamask to Myetherwallet ? ? ? ?

Randy C

I just tried to move a few tokens using MetaMask today. It charged me .15 ETH AND the transaction failed! WTF?

Dharmender Prajapati

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Daniel Bull Runner Lamb

Can you sell cryptos? I have HOT erc20 tokens I want to sell for Ether.

Crypto coniseur

i actually have a video that explains seed recorvery better. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lzHzdZfWVJA&t=67s

Anton Dee

I don't really understand creating your own tokens thing. Can someone ELI5 for me please?

sergey sneluke

Hello !
Sorry for my bad english.
I use your extension You could not tell me my wallet is "contract"
or "basic"?
Thank you in advance !


You guys are awesome

raju randhav

SCAM! On updating plugin, it shows zero balance. Have got seed and private key, it didn't help either.

Shiva Reddy 3⃣3⃣0⃣1⃣

MetaMask please reply:
is there any way I can get your 3d logo on my desktop?

Cassidy Keyser

Way cool

Loc Duong

Hi what happens if my laptop I have MM installed on gets stolen and the thief somehow breaks into my mac air? They can use MMask without password?

Pawan kumar gupta

Wow greatest cool

Emily Williams

nice music

Srikanta Mondal

Well done

Game Videos

How to create ico contract ?

Truth on the Roof

so you down load the extension start reading the bla bla bla keep a copy of thi.............. and it fukin disappears while your reading it yea OK


good stuff, i need a brain operation to keep up with all this new technology... :)


You will never become a millionaire buying and selling Bitcoin, it is too late. The secret is to buy into a small project and watch it grow. Bough AfterEther today, wish me luck.


hi it works with nanopool right ?

Satoshi AlphaOne

Excelente video esperamos más contenido y nos quedamos pendiente a su canal gracias

Nicholas Porter

This is perfect. Doesn't have to sync with Blockchain and API based. So perfect.

Matt McGivern

Well done!

Vusik Hue

Can you add 2fa to sign in? Im very surprised you have only password sign in,,

Matt Wymore

Lost my 12 word seed phrase. my family and i could really use the money i have in eos... anyway the creators could help me out?


An introduction to MetaMask


doesnt work . transaction get stuck in pending .

Crypto Tester

Hi, I've just created a concise (less than 2 minutes) tutorial on how to create a MetaMask wallet that shows how to get started: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XWQdVWIKZYE more detailed videos will come. Hope this helps a newbie to get started, cheers.

Alejandra Salazar

So I still don't understand. I've tried to use Bitcoin and still haven't been able to deposit any money. It's so fustrating

Иван Иванов

It good proect!

Kevin Jacobs

If your metamask account is stored locally (not sent to any servers) how does the seed phrase allow you restore all you accounts on a completely diff browser? Does it mean a diff browser on the same computer only?


I have no idea what the fuck is going on.

Nic Wow

Plz make a FireFox and Brave extension

Sahil Kashyap

0:18 how does the fox icon/logo track mouse direction and what is it called. I want to learn how this is made

Ankit Puri

Hi I can see EOS tokens in my metamask but I am not able to understand how to use them or trade them. Please help.

Ade Supratman


Steve C

What about Safari?



Mihai Chindris

cool, cool!

Doing Everything

Really nice and easy to operate

Negocios por Internet


Null Sec

Amazing one

King Churchill

Is there a written tutorial anywhere? I'm not very tech savvy and these videos go too fast for me and I hate having to keep rewinding! :P

Slikar Pan



This is one of the only easy to use ethereum programs. All the others are confusing and not well explained. Thanks for making this so easy to use.

v jaks

could you please remove that annoying music or atleast reduce the sound


Where can we find the instrumental version of the music ?

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Hitonari Kiyama

Please tell me how to install by iPhone or iPad

Steve Sheldon

The music is just soulless, distracting noise and it's too damn loud. I'm going to go try the Brave browser instead.

Crypto Queen - Anika

when we will send coin to others address then is there need charge for it ? May we know the transaction charge please.


You guys way off in a tangent in this setup video. I am no more confident in using, infact even more confused. "creating you own token" what the hell ?

Michelangelo Buonarroti

In Matamask I see the acronyn "DEN" at the sign up screen "Encrypt your new DEN". What does "DEN" stand for?


Can I keep Bitcoin Red on my MetaMask account?

Olivia Bella

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Liutauras Lingis

F overpriced shit

ola ola

But for real....Great way to Marketing yourself to get rich through fees!!!

TecH Airdrop

Sir, can I use metamask in Android device???

Morgan Tucker

I did a test transaction of a few dollars using uniswap but didn't add my token to metamask first. How do I get those funds in my account now or are they gone? Thanks.


question! Will the fox be burning when you already have metamask for mozilla?


нихуя не понятно

heve sat

Anyone know Is there a way to use it on Chrome in android? Thanks.

Debanshu Roy

is MetaMask , MEW wallets safe for use, will my tokens be safe there unless my keys and password been compromised

Harshe Cod

This is kind of hard to understand, but thank you anyways.


Ну шо пацаны, как работает?


I have Google Chrome and the Brave browser. If I download the Metamask chrome extension, will that work on Brave as well? or do I need a separate Metamask download/account for Brave?

Jouko Salonen

My chapeau metamask - great work indeed!


No music please.

Dharmender Prajapati

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Great Video! Great Tech! And what a sexy voice ;-)

First Last

Is there a decent decentralized exchange that integrates with metamask? Etherdelta is sketchy since new owners took over.

Jack Rubillar V

i've been trying to move ETH from my metamask to another wallet. the transaction is stuck. i have put in 9GWEI but the transaction is still not confirmed. it's been a week now...please help

Vincent van der Struis

Please make this compatible for brave browser

Maria Ritchie

Can u pls explain how can you recover seeds while you are still able to register to Metamask.

Андрей Тарханеев



i dong know why i need this fox, i have mew and other, why i need this metamaks i dont know

Sam Samuel

I use it for the amazing site Forsage of collecting ETH https://forsage.io/i/bck8r5/ and I highly recommend it!!


if i cant simple send eth from metamask to mew, than metamask is not serios in my eyes.bljadj. i want my eth back dmn

Jordan Almeida

Can someone, please, write what he is exatly saying at 1:01 ? "Here is the simple ethereum ..?...?...?...?...?...Called tokens!

Lauren White

music waaaaaay too loud

Flyin dance

It can't use in mobile phone google chome

faruki berati

I have problems with my account again. I can't find my token because my laptop is broken. I installed the new one and forgot the 12 word seed phrase please for help

Martin Robert

Wait I can make my own coin???

Stavier Gabriel

How to add other tokens in Metamask ?
Link to my metamask screenshot: https://ibb.co/JngHDJD


please update mobile verson...

Metamask wallet

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How to DEPOSIT or WITHDRAW on your Metamask Wallet | App Tutorial

824 views | 17 Jan. 2021

Here’s a video tutorial

Here’s a video tutorial how to deposit and withdraw your funds on Metamask mobile wallet. Metamask is a cryptocurrency wallet which can be used on the Chrome, Firefox and Brave browsers. It is a crypto wallet browser extension and a mobile app under Ethereum blockchain.

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#Metamask #EthereumWallet #Tutorial

Sam Gasendo

Hi is it possible to convert token to another token in metamask? Like usdt to ethereum. ?

Choppadandi Ashok

Good evening sir from india my name ashok

Benny Black Films

my metamask doesn't show recieve button for the tokens, it only shows send and swap. how do I get the address for the token since i don't have the receive button

Metamask wallet

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What is Metamask ? How to Install and use - Explained - Hindi

3 816 views | 29 Jun. 2020

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Sebastian Cazzoli

Is there a minimum amount for a DAI transfer?
I have 3 dai and I cannot transfer it, insufficient amount message

Army Boy Shubhu

Bhai agar hme kisi airdrop se eth lena hoga to kya hm metamask ka adress de sakte hai

Anil Rawat

Video starys 1:00

sandip nikam

Metamask download link

saqib Ali


sandip nikam

Metamask मोबाइल पे डाउनलोड नही हो रहा

Nitesh Sharma

I can't find swap option in metamask wallet app.
Please reply...

Pitamber Thakur

Good vidio