Korean currency coins

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Souvenirs from North Korea: Pins, Propaganda, Currency, Stamps, Air Koryo

5 023 views | 30 Jun. 2017

Souvenirs from a September

Souvenirs from a September 2007 trip to North Korea, relics of Kim Jong Il's reign.

List of items shown below. See a video of my trip: https://youtu.be/wXg4QBCWEs4

Memento's include:

Articles from aboard Air Koryo, the North Korea's state-run air carrier

North Korean books and newspapers in English and Korean

Articles and amenities from the Yanggakdo and Hyangsan hotels in Pyongyang and near Mt Myohyang

Pamphlets and postcards associated with state tourism and economic development.

Cultural items, including buttons, toys, and traditional fans.

Sindoksan bottled mineral water

North Korean currency (won) - paper and coins

Stamps representing state communist and anti-American propaganda, North Korean history, transportation, and the ruling Kim family.

Pins featuring images of the Kim Jong Il and Kim Il Sung commonly worn by North Korean citizens.

Soviet style communist and cultural/sports-related pins

"Uncovering North Korea" textbook published by Stanford University

Edmond Gurguri

There are actually two international airpors in dprk. The first one in pyongyang and the second one in wonsan i think

Freedom Loving Loyalist

You are a legend for sharing this stuff.

Captain Adams

Lies has joined the chat

Tsuki Condor

Fascinating video thank you for sharing this

Schlipperschlopper Schlipperschlopper

North Korea rules the world of souveniers! North Korea has excellent cognac, wine, beer and whiskey too! And dont forget the new Kumdang 2 anti Corona vaccine!

Captain Adams

They probably poison the water

arun vv

Hi bro, im arun from india, do u have north korean stamps n currency for swap


How did you smuggle the souvenirs out of the country?


Are the portrait pins available for sale to tourists - If not how does one obtain them?

Freedom Loving Loyalist

Whos that woman on the right? 14:05



Edwin Biclar

Is there a keychain in North Korea?


Damn, some of those stamps are really nice looking.

toothpaste brick

how did you get the pins that tourists would not be able to get?

Korean currency coins

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South Korean Won Coins Explained (원, ₩, KRW)

1 061 views | 24 Dec. 2018

Korean won uses 10, 50,

Korean won uses 10, 50, 100, and 500 coin denominations. Two designs of the 10, 50, and 100 are still in circulation. Historically, there were also 1 and 5 won coins however, these have left circulation a long time ago. The oldest coin I have is from 1930 (50원 coin).

#koreanwon #koreancurrency #koreanmoney


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Fuwozkvx Tsiwjzgxx


Sen Lee

Sir I have 100 and 1 two coins please reply me

Margaret Martin

I have a South Korean coin, it has flowers on one side and 100 on the other with a 46. Is this a rare coin?

Jazminrich Lunrico

I have Korean won 100 1991 is there a value

Kuks Jamir

I have 500 won coin 1994.

Czarina Faith Aggasid

I have one 1991 . 100 coin

Korean currency coins

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Korean Money Explanation

40 559 views | 20 May. 2011

Leave your dollars, pounds

Leave your dollars, pounds and rand at the airport... Say hello to Korean won!



360SRH 2

So prices are just inflated there? How did it rise so quick, maybe because of the war? I mean I doubt 100yrs ago an apple costs 1000won

רפי גואנגול


J356 vicha58

thank you. Your video is to the point.


Incorrect pronunciation

רפי גואנגול

So 1$ is 1000 won

Raven Qween

This is weird lol but very cool how they use money


how much 1000 in philipnis comvert


how much 1000 in philipnis comvert


how much 1000 in philipnis comvert


how much 1000 in philipnis comvert

Daddy Issues

I am confused about the coins so 4 of the 500 ones will egual $1?

Rosalinda Limbo

how much per monht salary if u are korean.. work to office


i'm first ^^;




I learned that 신사임당 (Shinsa-imdang) Miss 50,000 won's son is the guy in 5000 won 오천원.
세정 대왕 (King Sejeon the great) is in the 10,000 won..

Human Person III

wheres the 100 won

William White

So if I have a 10, 000$=10, 000, 000 won. I'm a millionaire in south korae!?!?!? That's AWESOME!!!!!!


So u basically take away 3 zeros...?

Red Leaf Lettuce

Last guy is kidding

Walthy Enne

how much for 1,000 won worth in U.S. money?


Thanks It was really help full ^^

G Hooghkirk HIGHLIFE

Thanks now I know what the money worth. I'll need to know after they nuke us and take over?