Richest ceo in the world

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Top 10 Richest CEO's in the world 2016

279 views | 10 Jun. 2016

Top 10 Richest

Top 10 Richest CEO's in the world


➀ Charif souki .

➁ Mario J. Gabelli .

➂ Lawrence J. Ellison .

➃ Leslie Moonves .

➄ Nicholas Howley .

➅ Don A. Mattrick .

➆ Richard C. Adkerson .

➇ Jeffrey Weiner .

➈ Stephen Kaufer .

➉ Martine A. Rothblatt .



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Richest ceo in the world

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Top 10 Richest CEO In The World 2020

396 views | 15 Jul. 2020

Here's the top 10 CEO's

Here's the top 10 CEO's Net worth 2020

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Richest ceo in the world

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Top 10 Most Expensive CEO Homes

502 951 views | 3 Feb. 2018

Top 10 Most Expensive CEO

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Top 10 Most Expensive Houses Of Movie Stars:


In this Alux.com video we'll try to answer the following questions:

Where do the richest CEOs live?

Where does Elon Musk live?

Where does Bill gates live?

Where does Mark Zuckerberg ?

Which is the most expensive CEO home?

Does Richard Branson own an island?

Where does Jeff Bezos live?

Where is Xanadu?


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Linda Schrump



I am a billionaire this channel’s perfect for me.???

Marvellous Angkon

2:43 5.5 bathroom??

Muzammil Ehtsham


Lee Toner

Jeffrey Epstein’s 70 million dollar home

omar suno

+220 2248026

Vibhas Mishra

Hey Alux.com please make a video on Antilia the most expensive house in the world.

Usman Rather

Bonus? ?

Yash Singh

mukesh ambani isn't a CEO he is the chairman of reliance jio

basavaraj anehosur

Oooo.... Ambani is at the top.......


the most Expensive book in the world

Himanshu Sonker

Please make videos on entrepreneurship skill

Edison Yee

In our country, you don't need to be a CEO to live in a lavish mansions and live a wealthy life..
You just need to be a in the Goverment
????? ??????????


they missed so many for example what about ceo of ignite cbd bradley martin's 60 million dollar LA Mansion

Maurice Yesseh

Hey Alux.com kindly make me a video of most successful agribusiness individual in the world thanks

Aditya Shankar

12:07 Proud to be an Indian...


I love this lady she is so good at doing video's

V Vs


Life is Beautiful

WOW! In just 885 days, Jeff Bezo's net worth jumped 85 BILLION DOLLAR!

Lesego Gaoalafe

do CEO cars

lorenzo louis

i used to hear some people say, even here i heard that, ''poor people are rich because they live like they were poor''. so why these people live like they are rich???

Wealthbuilderz TV

These are some beautiful homes. I love it.

Major Comics

wish i could afford an island...or to stick two mansion together...

omar suno

USA U S Embassy senegal site

May first 400 Subscribers be BILLIONAIRES

Antilla - the ugliest and most expensive house. It looks like the story where protagonist chooses love over beauty.
Plot twist: The love is fake.

Jacob Woods

It's funny when people say elon doesn't care about money...

Your Favorite Claymation Penguin

What I don't get is why any billionaire, (Indian or not) would want his billion dollar home built in a shithole country like India. Like dropping a diamond in the toilet, a very gross toilet.

Ayy Dylxx

Am I watching gta ??

Ryan Harris

I swear every video this lady is having the most wild orgasms whilst talking

Karan Sharma

Richard branson, oprah winfrey and bill gates ...cool residences..????

Edward X

Even if I were to have 100 billion dollars or more, I'd NEVER buy that building in Mumbai!!! That thing looks atrocious...

Chris Snyder

this list is not at all correct. which makes me question all of your lists and info. unfollow.......


#9 There goes the neighborhood.

Anim 17

Pablo Escobar??I think he was the CEO of his own company.

Adinath Stone

Hello? Cyrus poonawala's ?

Siddhant Dogra

Antilia is the most disgusting and nonsense house I had ever seen

Aakash Kamra

#india on the top

sandesh Bohora

Elon mask ??

Not_bot 08

Ellon musk bort 7 houses

Shawn Lover

Seems millionaires spend more for a house than billionaires, that's wrong

Proud Muslim

Number one is looks ugly and funny..

Sun Jara

3:33 Except for the mini-kitchen. They're annoying 'cause you can't put or do anything much in them.


RIP Paul Allen !

omar suno

USA U S Embassy Gambia site


15 unique facts about alux...


Lets be real here, Jeff Bezos is the richest man in North America. Not the world... I mean they got Zuckerbergs net worth wrong so I kinda understand and well because "net worth" is only recorded data!

Mohd Anees

Where is antilia

Vaibhav chawla

Amy indian here!!!


Oprah's place looks NOTHING like what we're shown here. I'm not sure if she totally razed the land and started anew, but she has a very large mansion there now. It's in the Birnam Wood neighborhood of Montecito. I used to live over by Hendry's Beach, and my daughter and I have driven through that area dozens of times. My kiddo went to school with a few of the kids who came from the wealthier families and she used to go to various Bday parties around there. The local urban legend is that Oprah once handed out iPads for Halloween.

Mikko Kuula

Narrator's voice is extremely annoying. Sounds like she is talking to her dog or her baby.

kd l

Antilla looks so delicate.

Charlie Tully

Oprah is not even a ceo

Rahul Khadakkar

You mention Richard age as 27 instead of 67,Just FYI

Srijan Varma

Jeff bezos - rank 1,home- 23mill
Ambani -rank 4, home -1 billion.

Augustas August

No middle east rich people...

dhairya parekh

5:37 - 27 year old Richard Branson ? ?

Any Thing

Wasting money on mansions and leave the need to become criminals??...great idea selfish people☺

Sheila Whitfield

Why do celebrities need to own so may homes and cars, it’s so unfair when there are so many people living on the street, I know it’s their money but to rub the noses of those who are poor and can’t even afford a one room apartment.

Stephani Vya

Elon musk is my favorite and hot sugar daddy ??

Datboi with a knife

So sad that these fancy boxes will disappear a few 100 years after we do.

Vishal Singh

Feel proud we are Indians....

Rishi Patel

East or west india is the best

Naod Mesfin

you for got jack ma 200 million

vikey singh

Jeff bezos richest man in world house price 23 million net worth 102 billion dollars mukesh ambani richest man in Asia Indian house price 1billion dollar net worth 40,5 billion dollars That What call logic

farley toussaint

I like how billionaires buy the Entire block makes more sense to me

Hypocrisy Ki Seema

My all time fav is mark

Leonoe Lotzin

The richest man has the lowest one ?‼️wow respect!!!!

Sam Mandes

Hey alux make a video on
"How to become an aashole"???

omar suno

G4s Gambia

Somanshu Kumar


muktar ajibola

Oprah's seems the best choice for me. Its common sense, yes, as a billionaire, I need a huge estate, but I do not need a massive house structure cause for the most part, ill be living alone or maybe never around enough to live in it. the only thing I would reconsider is the architectural style. It could have been more interesting/contemporary. But again she must have chosen that for a particular reason.

Felix Tetteh Zutah

Why not show insixe the house?

bennasri99 bennasri99

Will be there soon

Augustas August

No 1 & 2 too many gap..no 2 ,122 million & no 1 ,1 billion...Antilia had 600 servent 24×7..


Hey Aluxers, which was your favorite house?
Make sure you join www.alux.com
15 Luxury Islands You Can Buy Right Now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Ql5SgnfxqI

Xiang Jiguang Zhao

You missed my home.

Nikhil the legend

Mukesh Ambani Antilia cost around 2 billion dollars

Ottop Scott

What is oprah the ceo of?

Fayaz Ahmed

Hey at 8:34 that's a 500 million dollar mansion

frosty 007

These houses are cheap according to there net worth.

Rebecca M

The sad thing is that most are male... no hate tho

gemren madelo



Ophrah’s house by far. Even its location is badass.

Raghu Krishnan

When Elon Musk has 6 huge homes but still sleeps in his office sometimes...

El Rey


Kundan Kumar

Antilia is worst. Wastage of money on ugly architecture..


If I ever get money like this I’ll give it back to the people of my small town I would probably buy the town and make it bigger

omar suno

USA Corner the Banjul


im sure coming into this yr he was worth more than 19B bucks smh

arfath ahmed

Elon musk is a greatest person ever born to this planet

Emma Carmichael

It is the same Mumbai where thousands of homeless people sleep empty stomach.

Blake Chapman

1 billion dollars for an over sized metal frames covered in glass and grass. Never in my life.


Snapchat ceo say indians are poor

ambani : check out the price of antelia

Sharjeel Zafar Ahmed

#Aluxers wish you all a very Happy New Year 2019

Linda Schrump


farley toussaint

Bezos is a G pulled up with Straight Cash

The M Network

I want to be wealthy but not like this. I love nice things. But for me I would rather have my container home and do something worth while like get the kids off the streets open up more schools. Do something. Because at the end of the day you can not take these homes with you to the grave.

dr parneet