Trade in google pixel

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Google Store Trade in Program

1 047 views | 14 Oct. 2017

Here's what I know

Here's what I know

Дмитрий Воронков

What do you want to Trade In?


Trade in google pixel

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Google Pixel Camera Special Powers...

44 288 views | 5 Feb. 2021

Clip from Lew Later (Apple

Clip from Lew Later (Apple Headset $3000 With Dual 8K Displays!) - https://youtu.be/soFDDVcoeRI

The Singularity

Any excuse for Google to have users point their cameras at themselves. Who knows how the data will be used and who it will be shared with. This is Google after all. ?

Jack Dominiak

Yes we'll all e walking about and training with our fingers on the camera...Cool? it's a pathetic gimmick ?

Rafat Hossain

Truly disgusting how some people could do such a thing

Stallon Fernandes

10th comment.

Mark Can

Ya I love my new pixel 5

Юра Ким

Yeah, cartoons that I watched as a kid didn't wear clothes, few of them.

Meek Denzo

What’s Willy Du’s Twitter? This guy’s a legend!

Moez Dungarwalla

So putting a finger to check your pulse is too difficult?

Anthony L

Pixel watch coming 2021..

Pushpanandhan N

Google could create a clone of us.

Meowdy Partner

This is really amazing

jithu joseph

Hope google is making this out of pure software...
Hallo xda ports ?

mero shango

Imagine your girlfriend using this on you like a Lies detector


Wow another useless feature while they kill off useful features

Saptarshi Sinha

1:29 Lew’s reaction is priceless?

Alberto Garza

Lew's mind: why is she wearing clothes?

Kevin Sheppard

Will's a lil freaky ???

Blank _

Willy do watching some heeeeeentai bro ? just kidding i love willy do

Dracula Singh


Du Nhu

if you want God to forgive you dont commet here just go to the church and pray.

Florin B

1:14"it will learn a bit more about you".Soon they will dictate what you have to do.Spy a bit what is behind you and listen a bit and they have the perfect spy tools.

Mukul Sethi

Lew : mom can we buy a something
Lew's mom: Lew later XD

Ravi Sharma

Am miffed with the camera of pixel 4a because of this known wobbly camera issue ?

Ricardo ms

will Doo what other pics you looking at? lol

U w U panda

What kind of cartoons are you'll into ?

scotty thompson

Cool video tech talk lol yes ok yep oh ok


"how dare you." -W

Tech Rehab

Willy Doo getting red in the face???

Suvajeet Datta

Every phn camera can do that
Have to download a little app

Prashant Jain

Phewww, he just kicked his ass over clothes. ?

Dalit Tech Guy


Escanor The One

My iphone 11 pro can check heart rate through app which is pretty accurate and lifesaving for me

Ricardo ms

why are you guys deleting my comments???


Soo. Can this comment blow up?


It's amazing to see that the Galaxy S10 is the cut off phone for all cool hardware features..

Anirudh Ganesh

isn't this available even with normal phones? obviously it won't be accurate but still it should be fine


Having one more flawed feature is better than than not having it imo

Blaise Dahl

I read these articles and almost every time I see it a few days later on Lee later haha

Magnorphieous The Great

I don't like this

Cherno Dako

Hahaha ? ? yes willy she is wearing clothes....

Zee Mixes

Subscribe ??

Anmoldeep Chahal

Can u make more videos about the status of whatsapp shutting down completely and Signal app taking over? I mean should I permanently delete my whatsapp account now before whatsapp shuts me down?

Abdur Rahman Khalid

I need Graphic design job

Lamak Haim

I think Google just want to stare at boobies

Mobile Tech Point

Hold your breath for 15 seconds, pixel will say you're dead ??


It’s a pretty cool feature, I’m using the app called ‘Heart Rate Sensor’ on the play store since Samsung removed the heart rate sensor on the Note10, it’s pretty accurate too comparing it alongside the S10+

C Alvz

The Xiaomi Mi 11 has a heartrate monitor under the display alongside the fingerprint sensor

Abhi Choudhary

Willy do just Amazing ..?

Gareth Holness

Ohk this awesome I will frighten my mom and see how times her heart beat per second.

JH 22

“Heart rate free” on iOS does this. I’ve had this app for 3 years now

Admiral Khalifa Al Qubaisi

That's great so the hardware is powerful enough

Laone Kwati

Willy Do be carrying this channel on his shoulders?????

Master Jedi

I mean I use the galaxy watch to measure this info. Good back up tho like you said

The Artemis

Fitbit showing its importance in Google.

Junaid V

R.I.P Samsung heart rate monitor

your DaDDy



Pixel phone cameras are not working and no one is addressing it, its happening from [email protected] months

Harvey Gubb

The old Samsung's used to have a dedicated sensor instead of using its camera

Kevy Kev

Dude apps been doing this since the beginning of time

Abdur Rahman Khalid

Old ?️

Sameera Sandakelum

#ripnpllıʍnpllıʍ 03.02.2021 ⚰

Trade in google pixel

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