Trade ratios

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Jonathan Eaton explains global trade to GDP ratios

1 336 views | 8 Sep. 2015

Jonathan Eaton, Professor

Jonathan Eaton, Professor of Economics at Pennsylvania State University, speaking at the DEGIT XX conference on Dynamics, Economic Growth and International Trade, organised by the Graduate Institute's Centre for Finance and Development.

qingtian Lu

I am in his class this semester. Great professor

Trade ratios

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Financial Ratios - Receivables and Payables Days

74 450 views | 29 Apr. 2016

This revision video

This revision video explains the basis and calculation of two popular and important financial efficiency ratios - receivables days and payables days.

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Carolyn Anderson

This was very helpful. Thank you so much!!

Marina Baskakova

Shouldn’t one use avg. receivables and avg. payables?


Really clear. Thanks


Excellent Explanation Sir


is this in edexcel?

Benjamin Bassie


Stessy Angeck

very useful........

Miguel Sandoval

I got a bit confused, when determines "accounts payable trade" from the balance sheet, am I using accounts payable line, or am i using the sum of current liabilities?


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Giant Cat

I've found these videos very helpful and am grateful for this channel but this still doesn't make sense to me.
If I'm plugging the amount of money owed and dividing by sales revenue then I can see how that generates a percentage of sales that is owed but how on earth does timesing it by 365 days in a year give any indication of the days it takes to pay? Baffled.


You're saving lives Jim!

Jamie Harrison

Brilliant video, tutor2u always provide high quality materials that help students much more than anyone else

ganesh karanjkar

bro cost of goods/ creditors *365 comes payble days

you are wrong

Trade ratios

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Day Trading - Reward/Risk Ratios & Position Sizing

8 202 views | 13 Nov. 2017

You need to plan your

You need to plan your trades, you need to know what you stand to lose in a trade and what you stand to win. This video explains that and gives you the tools you need to not go broke.

Yemi Adejuwon

Thanks for this nice video. Where can I download the python script?

Speak Crypto

Amazing video, thank you. Would be great to get that calculator!

Michelle London

Is your script still available? Thanks for the video!

Andrew O'Hara

First trading video I've come across of a irish lad :D

Per Ingvar Rognes

This expert advisor is the the closest I get to visualize the risk reward ratio on the chart if you use the mt4 platform.
And I can trade directly from the trendlines in any directions.