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Altcoin Daily Deep Dive: NULS - Everything You Need to Know!

2 382 views | 17 Feb. 2018

Hey guys,

Today I

Hey guys,

Today I wanted to do a deep dive on the cryptocurrency Nuls. Follow me as I tell you why I think Nuls is a good (possibly great) long-term investment! I break things down and give you the most relevant information that you want to know.

In this video these questions will be answered:

1) What is Nuls?

2) What are their goals? What does their future look like?

3) Where do they stand compared to other blockchain platforms (Ethereum, Neo, Eos, Lisk)?

I also reference this article:


I am not a financial advisor. Do your own research.

Rumeet Patel

NULS is a solid coin and am an investor. if you like NULS check out XTRABYTES. Another risky play but rewards could be great.

The Trading Bar

I enjoyed entering at 21 cents today.

SA IncognitoMode

Great video i'm a new sub :D

Jack Johansen

Very informative! Thanks!


you have to drink water when you do your narration! Thanks for the video, but dry mouth is the death of many narrators!

Smooth Operator

+Altcoin Daily We gonna become millionaires soon bro. Nuls is already in top 100!

Caleb Waters

How do you feel about ICON!? I may do both NULS and ICX and just BUILD! love your channels approach.. people, sub this channel and unsub the other 20 fake crypto channels you blindly sub'd.

Alfons Åberg

You actually spend 2 mins talking about why we should sub, get to the point maybe? Oh and then you proceed to read directly from the website, after ranting about other youtubers doing the same???! Bravo.

Say My Name

Tnx for the video. I have filled my bag with Nuls. Oh, hell yeah ???

Ing.Roman Bečva

Nuls: https://t.me/Nulsio


NULS is the platform coin to buy!
DeepOnion and IntenseCoin are the privacy coins to buy.

Go get'em, people.

Shani Aharon

nice 1

Nuls token

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nuls cryptocurrency crypto trading

483 views | 27 Jul. 2020

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Pes Seses

Hi andre, could you please check Feirm or alqo. Thanks

Free Range Brain

Can we do a reading for Aragon ANT

Scott Lee

What would we do without you Andre. Just add the human factor to blockchain and you end up with a big zero. ☹️

links o7

Please can you do prediction for me..


$FOUR and $MTA please

Cyber Port

Hi Andre, I have been following NULS (nuls.io) project since 2017 and watching their progress very closely. They have been doing an excellent job and always meeting their deadlines. They have completed ChainFactory, ChainBox too, which is powering their Proof Of Credit Mining (POCM). Many new projects are onboarding on the POCM platform to raise funds for their new projects. I would encourage you to have a look once again. Thanks

michael ecrement

Hi Andre, What about UTRUST/NIMIQ/OGN/AELF

Night Star

Phoneum,Winx,Rpcoin,Just Token,


Aergo please

Metsset Goyu

Spend Coin please with low supply and with a great project..