What is the global dow

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Jan 15 2016 - Global Economy Markets - Dow Jones : facts - Loss

516 views | 20 Jan. 2016

and the selloff continues

and the selloff continues today with more than 3%

What is the global dow

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Dow Jones rebound after global markets take a beating

3 554 views | 6 Feb. 2018

Stock markets around the

Stock markets around the world have taken a battering today, following a dramatic sell-off on Wall Street that triggered concerns that a potentially healthy pullback from record highs could turn into a bear market. Watch as the Dow Jones rebounded after a massive points plunge on Wednesday.

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What is the global dow

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Dow drops more than 1,000 as COVID-19 threatens global economy

1 708 views | 25 Feb. 2020

The Dow Jones Industrial

The Dow Jones Industrial Average sank more than 1,000 points on Monday as the spread of COVID-19 threatened wider damage to the global economy.…

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Let'em CRASH!


This is not an expected outcome since the virus put a halt to the production in China?

Nigel Johnson

The us government will be worried that this is the event that will trigger the inevitable economic crash that is coming. No doubt there are hopes that the summer will bring an end to what is turning out to be a pandemic. Unfortunately, the summer is likely to make far more obvious the damage that global warming is doing. It would not be surprising if the summer months bring extreme weather conditions that mirror those experienced in the southern hemisphere this winter. The world economy would then be subject to a double whammy of bad news.