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Off-duty officer involved in Albany Park shooting relieved of police powers

13 857 views | 13 Dec. 2020

An off-duty officer

An off-duty officer involved in a shooting in Chicago's Albany Park neighborhood Friday has been relieved of police powers.

King of chill

Peace is not the word to play in Chicago.


Confusing... that cop was in the wrong for shooting a man in the hand for no damn reason. Then abandons the victim who then sought help on his own.

trippiekangaroo bananas

Seriously the title is so fucking stupid what did you think the police station was gonna do OH I KNOW YOU WERE INVOLVED IN A SHOOTING BUT THATS FINE KEEP YOUR JOB

PrisonPlanetofTheBLMApes GodBlessTheConstitution

Its not the officers that need reform, its the gangs and gang activity


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1 Thessalonians 5:1-28
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Mathew 56


Kreativ Cence LLC

That's the PROBLEM, pigs do not have POWERS! They're no superheroes, they bleed red just like any human being...


At no point in this clip did they say the officer was relieved of his police powers.......none. BLM much

Un Tor

Sell your place and move to a better home life for you and your family. Loss of life is never worth it. Smaller towns further out you can afford

Jake Burstyn

Moving away from this neighborhood next year. My car still has a bullet hole in it from another shooting


Jesus is coming back, we are not to try to kill each other, but to help and love each other. God will hold you accountable for every evil act. It is time to repent, fast, pray and seek God America to stop this wickedness.

Jon Morrison

gun law in Shitcago is great.

Jim Backus

More efforts by groups to make America a police free zone ,the punks are getting a GIANT BONER EVERY TIME B.S. LIKE THIS HAPPENS,it's time to start making the govt officials supporting these programs DISAPPEAR .

Boomer Bob

I just saw this episode of Blue Bloods!


Ohh the reason why people get shot by the 7 11 gas station or by the Burger king is because that's always been sort of the border no man's land territory individuals will stop to rest while other individuals will pass by and recognize and will act out with violent acts against others for whatever reason mostly gang related .Lawrence has a different sect Kedzie has a different sect Addison and so on eventually everyone crosses path eventually shootings will occur blah blah does not matter how much money you paid for that condo you cant eliminate crime in chicago but you can control it blah blah.

Future Police Officer Snow1212 Snow

well your title for once is freaking wrong you didnt say in video that cop was fired get your facts right duh

Jester Avrgjoe


Mexican Boy

Fake news


The news reporter is a BD

Porsh Prix

Albany park is still safer then many parts of Chicago.
Every neighborhood has some crime.
If you don't feel safe in Albany park move to another neighborhood or move out of Chicago!

Garol Stipock

This report resolved nothing about telling me what the hell happened, who was involved, and whadafuq! 92 Seconds of my life I'm never getting back..

Tahirah Jones

I bet he has a gun

Spag Boi

I’m confused, if the officer shoot the gunman or the gunman started the shooting first

A. Depaul

It’s always that intersection... moved out from Ravenswood couple months ago

Maurice Norfleet

Need more plain clothes officers. Off duty but duty calls ? ? community warning ⚠️ stick together ❤

Londa Butts

first @5 seconds posted! but on the real tragedy once again SAD!!!!

john T

Bunch of crap reporting here. Just sad.

Paul Hewson

Nothing from Nothing leaves Nothing

New Port

Hahaha. Another criminal down


John 12:36
While ye have light, believe in the light, that ye may be the children of light. These things spake Jesus, and departed, and did hide himself from them.

Taco bell brooklyn park

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Police release body cam footage from deadly Taco Bell drive-thru shooting

23 409 views | 29 Mar. 2019

The Vallejo Police

The Vallejo Police Department released body cam footage and 911 audio from a deadly officer-involved shooting that happened in a Taco Bell drive-thru: https://abc7ne.ws/2V6fcNh

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Veronica Rodriguez

Why can’t officers just shoot ONE time ? Instead of multiple. They should be charged if more then one shot


He is scratching for christ sakes.

Diane Cseh

Very disturbing. Very tragic. WTF is with the cops? They should be psychologically tested before given a badge and gun. And, trained properly.

Pizzandoughnuts Page

It used to be that if they saw a gun in a suspects hand they would tell to drop it. Now they just shoot regardless! Very sad, really feel for the family, the community and the fabric of society. This nation is going to pot.


The guy was asleep, it looks like they stood there waiting to execute him when he wakes up and make a move.


Lol a trigger happy criminal in a uniform paid by taxes . . What a joke ?

captain soap mactavish

Damn this is murder the amount of shots they put into him all officers found in the shooting should be fired

Michael Molina

Stupid cops

Diana M

thats fucked up

Lisa Miller

Why the fuck would he have a gun in his lap? He probably was going to rob Taco Bell and went unconscious from drugs. What a loss of an upstanding citizen.


omg i have a big headache just to see this



Cookie Love

If I worked at taco bell and a dude was passed out with a automatic gun on his lap. How would you like the police to react? It sucks working nights. And dealing with dumb drunks or whatever is in their system, blows, but a dude with a gun. Again how would you do this different without anybody getting hurt? Now if you got a good idea don't bitch. Join the police force and do that better job.

L Franklin

The guy was sleeping. They just wanted to killa black man

Emilio Cordova

Ok not one officer said he has a gun nor drop the weapon straight BS

Banky Biggs


Bob Woods

Death squads in Vallejo! One round in chamber?
I'm more qualified than these fine examples of courage and integrity!

L Franklin

That's why we kill cops

Fharisa Picaa

Waste of bullets..


Good job

dd poipoi

This bothers me. There was a day when a guy could make mistakes with cops and not get lit up. What if he wanted to hide the gun, which is stupid, but maybe he just came out of a narcotics stupor. I need some background info on the guy. I mean, if the cops all of the sudden are in front of you and yell let me see your hands and you go to pull your loose pants up, does this mean you too get lit up. Talk about escalating a situation. Personally I've got a problem with this one.

Barack Blows

Executed for sleeping at the drive through.

Alec Stewart

random people sleepin in cars don't have bulletproof windows

Tom Hanks

When the cops have their weapons pointed at you and they’re telling you to keep your hands in the air please don’t go reaching for something. It’s that simple people.


No Taco for this guy!


Overkill .


Dead man shows no hands

Chris Dunlop

did he dieded?

hector bossio



“LET ME SEE YOUR HANDS” hes dead already damn...

Leonel Almeida

Funny. They shot the guy like 30 times... And then they want a miracle, a dead man to show his hands!!

Jason Reynolds

Straight murder they didnt give him a chance to wake up


Ace in the hole I tell ya... Ace in the hole....

Lost Soul

I say we start showing up at these murdering cops homes couple hundred deep. They need to be charged with murder!!!!!!!!! I'll bet they will get in line then!!


So sorry for this family's lose ?? I hope they get justice Prayers for family and friends ????

Taco bell brooklyn park

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How Tito's Tacos Became LA's Favorite Hardshell Taco | Legendary Eats

1 163 665 views | 23 Dec. 2018

Tito's Tacos has been

Tito's Tacos has been making the best hard shell tacos and freshly fried tortilla chips in Los Angeles for almost 60 years. There's always a line and everyone knows that these tacos are way better than Taco Bell.

Find Tito's Tacos on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/titostacosUSA


#Tacos #LA #FoodInsider

INSIDER is great journalism about what passionate people actually want to know. That’s everything from news to food, celebrity to science, politics to sports and all the rest. It’s smart. It’s fearless. It’s fun. We push the boundaries of digital storytelling. Our mission is to inform and inspire.

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How Tito's Tacos Became LA's Favorite Hardshell Taco | Legendary Eats


Had it last week It's like 4 dollars a taco and its aight wish they had more filling for that price I wont be back I can go somewhere else and get something cheaper and more filling and better tasting

Farid Muhammed


Esk8 Tech

This place is overrated. I would rate the tacos 3.5 stars out of 5. Tacos menzanoz in North Hollywood kills Tito's tacos. Also Tequiera Mora in Chino hills has the best carne asada and asada fries.

Deon Van der Westhuizen

CNN, so is this fake news as well?


These are not tacos. I am mexican, and the real tacos don’t have cheese, the tortilla is soft, the tortilla is made with corn and not with flour

Luke Pate

Oh Wow!!! Next time I'm in L.A. I'm rushing here!!! I was born there in 1968 and moved to Texas in 1980.Thank you, subbed and scribbed!!! God bless!!!??❤️

Frank V

What a hipster go move back to your home state!!!

B. Larson

I've been going to Titos Tacos since 1967, when their tacos with cheese were 65 cents.


This place is trash, your eating tacos laced with pig fat GRIMES

Rick Miclat

shes so cute

Angelo Campis

Nasty tacos


Deep fried in lard, no thanks

Catherine Love

Growing up we would visit my Grandparents. My Grandfather used to work near Tito’s and that’s how he found this great spot! So when I would come visit he would take me. I now have to take my kids every time we vacation in LA area. Family tradition that will be passed down for sure!

Daniel Quirarte Infante

hahahah I'm mexican and those aren't tacos whatsoever...

friendly cooking with kiran

Waooo great I loved tacos

Al Orange

YUCK! Don’t believe the hype. Worst tacos I’ve eaten in LA. Better tacos served just a few doors down at Cinco de Mayo Tacos.

Frank Furlacker

Best tacos I’ve ever had, they are amazing.

310 boy

It is overpriced it is not the same it doesn't taste the same like before the person that used to make the food they made him retired daughters took over went downhill nothing stays the same when they change the recipe

Omar Cruz

California has a year to prepare for the big one?

Ivan D. Bee

Cheese definitely goes on hard shell tacos. Can't disagree they are good too. But for authentic I go for the cilantro & onion & the asada kinda too


They look exactly like Jack in the box tacos!

King Jude

This place sucks with a passion!

Comanche Scalper

all her friends are black men.... shes got a type for sure.

Pedro Huerta

isnt this the place were jaimie incogoto eats at everyday aka the YEZUHHH guy

Ok Ok

Did that white boy just call Tito’s Mexican food? It looks so dry and who puts cheese on a taco?

Sofia Vitug

@1:30 what happens to the chips that fell off the ground?

Lisa the boy wonder

These are the whitest tacos I ever seen recommended by the whitest person you know.

hot pepper

Anyone know how wide is an actual taco?

Migue Sanchez

You lost me when i saw the cheddar cheese these tacos aint shit, the bar is really low at this point everyone has "the best tacos"

Cesar Virgen

East la got better places and cheaper way cheaper over rated place


I don't care what you think or say or shout about, these are better than taco bell or any national chain. End. Period. If you disagree, you're either just spiteful or stupid.

Hugh Jasshol

this woman was stupid from start to finish and I appreciate that level of consistency




Yooooo this is from turbo

scb wdgg

They look gross lol


I imagine they are closed permanently now, thanks China

kevin cooney

You are making me hungry

John R

Dont double dip!!

La Momia

Damn! Looks so good!

Jayli Vivas

Wasnt this in turbo

gertoise T


Rodrigo Esparza

Dam been going there since I was a baby ?


Turtles have shells tacos have tortillas said the Mexican ?

John Burn

How many videos are these guys in lol

B. Larson

Overpriced, but the food at Titos still rocks Culver City!

David Gavaldon

Hardshell tacos are folded tostadas!

Troy Sierra

Haven't been to Tito's in about 13 years. I live in Reno Nevada. Yeah.. Tito's is an established reference for any ex-angelenos outside of California.

Funny how Tito's isn't 100% authentic Mexican. But in reality, Mexican food in the 1960's had to be adaptive to a city that was only 17% Latino. Try imagining that to Los Angeles?


I dreamt about eating Tito’s. It is a HAVE TOO

jerk face

3:26 when you eat something thats bustanutable ?


It not a damn taco if it's a hardshell


Not Mexican food , and cold cheese ? Really ?


Wow love tacos


Do you know who Tito is?

richard harrow

This host is your cookie cutter hipster hack internet food host


Move back to New York.


Why didn't they interview a Hispanic customer ? Only the workers, I guess.

These aren't Tacos. Rolled up hard shell tacos are technically flautas.

I think of Culver City when I want great tacos :-/

Richard Reveles

Place is bland

Keegan K

I’m from Chicago and I had Tito’s for the first time during my vacation at LA. This place is complete shit and disgusting. Zero taste and the sauce is so watered down. Pls save your money and go to a local taco truck instead


$4 For a Taco? Dafuq!

Richard Reveles

Don’t trust a place that sell Pepsi


Soft shell? Im sorry but i don't know any soft shell tacos i just know tacos (street tacos) anything else is Americanized.

Young Kees

This place is wayyy overrated

Bruhda Martinasty

Wow, Food Insider just revealed all of Tito's top secrets, especially the fact that they use lard. What I'd still like to find out is whether the meat is cooked at all before it goes into the taco before the whole thing is submerged into the lard. Anybody?


2:05 serge gnabry when he is in public

oPo supreme

Lol I live in front of Tito’s

Jamie Barmach

Brought me back to my childhood.


They should get her to go to Tom's Tacos in Torrance, and see if she notices a difference!!

Sporting Goods

You can get Mexican food like Tito’s in Mexican buddy.??‍♂️

Quan Vlog

So wonderful, ?????????????


A girl I fell in love with brought me to titos tacos for our first date. After all these years she still has my heart.

R . O

They came all the way from NY to eat some fake aas tacos


titos has unfortunately gotten expensive and the food has declined a ton. RIP Tito's of the past




Tito come out side


Their deepfryer is filled with lard, that's why it's so dang good!

Richard Reveles

Like the person doing this report that’s how the food is boring and bland

Wendy D

But why does the meat taste so blah though?

James 420

I see


Taco Bell is for people who wanna get fat and unhealthy it's disgusting

Javier Jimenez

Went there and to call these Taco's good is an overstatement... The only good ingredient in the rubber like deep-fried chewy meat concoction is the cold cheese on top.

Jose Iniguez

That ain’t mexican . You can’t find that in mexico just like you can’t find burritos in mexico

T.M. Will

Looks amazing

Looper Dream

Dam that’s a $4.00 taco. Who buys that shit. $16.00 for 4 tacos. Y’all crazy for that. Is that salsa or soup.

D Foos

If you call the tortilla a "shell", you shouldn't be near tacos.


I remember living in L.A my family and I that was our $#!+ to this day every time we visit we have to go we get some

Architecture Whisperer

La Cumbre on Valencia in San Francisco has the best tacos and burritos on earth.

Bhavin Barbhaya

Isn't she the one tht told tht she doesn't want cheese tomato and stuff in ? wth she changed LMAO ?

Deano Drake12

Monteca- secret stuff


Unpopular opinion but I live in LA and have gone to Tito's a number of times. It's way overhyped. Unmelted cheese, taste is average, rather expensive for the portions given. It's not strictly bad but it's definitely not great.

Hugo's Tacos in Studio City are much better.

Alex Garrido

Tito’s is an L.A staple

Burn Loot Murder

These tacos are fuckin disgusting and expensive dont be fooled homies. Support your street taqueros, hidden gems my boy!

Arianni For ever

They look bomb! When i was in L.A
I always watched the commercial, and would say, im gonna go, and i never went. :(

hasarutoe tensakey

Is it close now


Another winner producer.

Gary Smith

Can you say CLUELESS???? Gotta love a fresh out-of-college New Yorker who comes to LA with a journalism degree, a job with a bloated "foodie" publication and becomes and instant authority on tacos. Tito's has become overpriced under valued product these days. There must be 50,000 other decent taco joints throughout LA and OC, Arturo's Puffy Taco comes to mind. And yeah unfortunately young people here never experienced Taco Bell during the Glen Bell years...that's when they rocked!! Pepsi, with help from the FDA, both drove them into the ground, nothing like they used to be.

Ke V



This is an institution of Los Angeles. My family and I make every excuse to eat here, and we live like an hour away from it.



bobby boulders

4 bucks a taco gtfoh

Gumbo Jambalaya

Dude was wearing a mask before Covid