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Different Career Paths: Academia and Industry Panel | Microsoft PhD Summit 2020

976 views | 15 Dec. 2020

A panel of four

A panel of four researchers across academia and industry discuss their different career paths in research.

Microsoft's third PhD Summit was a two-day virtual workshop. It was an opportunity for top PhD students to enhance their skills, build a network, and discuss research within a community of peers and notable Microsoft researchers.


Gonzalo Ramos, Principal Researcher, Microsoft [Discussion Lead]

Valerie Taylor, CEO and President, CMD-IT & Director, Mathematics and Computer Science Division, Argonne National Laboratory

Armando Solar-Lezama, Professor in EECS and Associate Director and COO of CSAIL

Kristin Lauter, Principal Researcher and Partner Research Manager, Microsoft

More information on this workshop can be found at https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/research/event/phd-summit-2020/

Rebel Yell

please invest in better microphones!

Robert Callaghan

-- Weather = flash flood + flash drought + flash mob + flash infection
-- Climate = 30 years of bad weather
-- 4% of mammals are wild by weight -- 4% of energy is renewable
-- 15% of energy will be renewable by 2040 -- 28% by 2050
-- 2% of energy is solar & wind -- 0.8% of vehicles are electric
-- With 23 billion chickens on earth, if one sneezes we all get the flu

100% Renewable Electricity = 20% of Energy
-- 20% of energy is electricity -- 24% by 2040
-- If batteries were 6X more efficient we would use 60X more of them
-- Over 60 yrs jets are 68% more fuel efficient and fly 60X more passengers
-- 2.63 billion air trips were taken in 2010 -- 4.4 billion trips in 2018 -- 8 billion by 2050
-- Earth is heating by 400,000 Hiroshima nukes / day
-- 1968 - 1992 = 1 nuke / sec -- 1998 - 2020 = 5 nukes / sec
-- 1971 - 2018 global heat forcing averaged 0.47 watts/m²
-- 2010 - 2018 it went up to 0.87 watts/m² = 46% higher
-- Greenhouse gases went up 45% in 30 yrs
-- 2050 AC demand requires new energy = US + EU + Japan combined
-- Renewable energy cannot stop heating in time to avoid runaway change
-- Right now we burn fracked gas to charge our EVs in a megadrought

-- Small farms grow 80% of food -- 1% of people run 75% of farmland
-- 66% of people will live in water stressed areas by 2025
-- 4 billion people live 1 month / yr in severe water stress
-- 20% less fresh water per person is available over the last 20 years
-- 50% of thermal & hydro electric power will be threatened with water stress
-- 40% of coal mines are water stressed and so are 30% of planned hydro
-- We kill trees 2X faster than we plant them
-- A net loss of 1 football field per second
-- Trees grow faster die younger in heat fire flood & drought

-- Battery & Bio-energy extraction destroys native land water & wildlife

Vaclav Smil says:
-- North Euro offshore wind turbines work 30% of the time
-- North Euro onshore wind turbines work 22% of the time
-- One of them offshore Texas would work 35% of the time
-- North Euro solar panels work 11% of the time

Green Energy Harms Global Native Freedom Land Water & Wildlife
-- Europe burns 80% of the globe's wood pellets for renewable electricity
-- Europe burns 40% of its recycled plastic & paper for electricity
-- Europe burns 65% of its palm oil cargo for green bio-energy
-- Dams destroy river wildlife up and down the rivers
-- Shipping trees and palm oil overseas for green energy credit is criminal
-- Europe's carbon credit system is corrupt
-- Europe's global carbon fund is rife with corruption

Support James Hansen's monthly private carbon dividends
-- 100% to you 0% to governments & corporations
-- That's why both governments and corporations hate it
-- That's why both socialists and capitalists hate it
-- Monthly Private Dividends = Real Climate Racial Justice ( not the academic kind )
26 Nobel Prize winning economists support James Hansen’s monthly dividends, including: 3,589 U.S. Economists, 4 Former Chairs of the Federal Reserve and ALL 15 Former Chairs of the Council of Economic Adviser

Like parents, you don't get to choose your energy -- you work with what you got
Without nuclear power there will be no green renewable energy
The US has 300 years worth of energy in its nuclear waste
300 years worth of low emissions baseload energy -- the backbone of any grid
Wind turbines and EVs are made from oil coal and gas
Next year's oil gap means we will have to burn more gas coal and trees
Nuclear waste doesn't clean itself up, you need nuclear tech to do it

You can find facts, sources & links at Loki's Revenge blog on wordpress under Green Energy Fraud
You can also find a link there called Academic Fraud

zzz zzz zzz

Anil Jacob Kunnel

Thank you for uploading / streaming this. It was very helpful.

Microsoft jobs chicago

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Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager MECM / SCCM Training / Tutorial Step By Step Day 1

2 507 views | 4 Sep. 2020

Microsoft Endpoint

Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager MECM / SCCM Training / Tutorial Step By Step Day 1

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Learn Microsoft SCCM 2016: Enroll Now!

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Nadeem Bhat

I m a absolute beginner if I watch your training video will I able to get a job....

Nashaat Mena

Thx for your useful information about MECM / SCCM training

Microsoft jobs chicago

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Chicago nonprofit teaches technical skills to connect underrepresented groups with jobs

2 734 views | 14 Jul. 2020

Chicago-based nonprofit

Chicago-based nonprofit i.c.stars works in three cities to train a more diverse IT workforce. After an intensive four-month training, graduates are equipped with the technical skills and business leadership to thrive in tech-enabled jobs.  Microsoft has supported i.c.stars for 20 years and remains committed to ensuring all people have the opportunity and access to the life-changing power of technology.

Learn more: https://msft.it/6006Tmvlm

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For more about Microsoft, our technology, and our mission, visit https://aka.ms/microsoftstories

arpit atriwal

Big hand to i.c.stars

Thiago Fraga

I want to work in Microsoft support!! I now how to do crtl-c and ctrl-v! Im ready!

An Nguyen

Very good !!!