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Calculator Tutorial - Intro to the TI -83 Plus

22 426 views | 21 Nov. 2018

In this video, I will walk

In this video, I will walk you through the basics of the Texas Instruments TI-83 Plus Graphing Calculator. This calculator may have been around for decades, but it is no slouch. I cover basic operations, menus, the "2nd" button, graphing, exponents, radicals, scientific notation, and memory.

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good vid and mathing


such a nice and simple graphing calculator, just got a new one since my old ti 83 plus was going bad (missing pixels) still love it


We just received this exact calculator and out of the package the scroll buttons on the right don’t work to move up-down or left-right . I have a coworker with the same calculator and it has the same problem. I own the TI-84 plus silver edition and the scroll buttons work. Do you have an idea of what could be the problem or is just a defective calculator?

Jeongyoon Choi

Thank you so much!! Using a calculator is my first time, but I totally got it!!!

Daniel Hernandez

how do we make a fraction, not turn a decimal into a fraction but how to put it into an equation

Jacob Barrow

incredibly useful video thank you


Statistics this semester, this is a lifesaver prep. I will attend class with a positive outlook. My immense gratitude to you, fine sir!!


Thank you for this!

Enosh Subba

The calculator i never had. Spent my entire college days with Casio fx 100.

William Heisel

Very helpful. Thanks a lot!


Helpful but it would be better if you explained the reasoning for the keystrokes and also if you said "to insert, a character, hit 2nd, INSERT" instead of " here is another way to change an equation, hit 2nd, DELETE"

The first method helps the viewer learn the meaning of the key strokes whereas the second method just forces a person to memorize key strokes.

Natalia Almeida J

You deserve more attention, this was so good!

Kelvin Baria

Thank you for this.


Why am I watching a calculator tutorial, what just happened.... how did I get here? o_O

Anuj Shrestha


El Señor Gato

Good tutorial. I just bought a TI 83 plus for 2 dollars to study mathematics... Thank you for this video!!!

Saimoon Jawad

So i have not started calculus yet, I am doing advanced functions, would this calculator be helpful for that class or should I stick to my scientific calculator. And I know this is going to sound like a dumb question but what is the point of being able to see a graph and how would that help you on a test?

Bang Hildu

god blessssssssssssss

Vincent 197

Thank you. I bought this for my SAT tomorrow

Juan Carlos Centeno

I have a test tomorrow, this was so helpful! thank you!!

Dylan Riback

Awesome tutorial thank you so much! Dusted this baby off from high school/ college for my MBA. You are a champ!


And you are expecting the calculator first user to understand all that information in one shot? Your video besides having a whole lot of information to learn is very difficult to see what is the function or the numbers you punched in because the angle of the calculator works only for you. You need to lift the upper side of the calculator so your audience can see what is that you are doing unless l am next to you which is not the case. You need to go slowly and hold the calculator in your hands so we can have a better view of what you are doing and this way your hand won't be on the way between what you do and what we can see. It is the first time l am watching a video like this and also the first time using this type of calculator. Good try!!


Where is the fractions I need that right now

Eric Connelly

Loved this tutorial!

Constantino Menino

This calculator have test mode?

Esther Boakye

This calculator don’t have this sign x raise to the power..why

Miguel Ángel Lagunes

Bravo ? ! Yes sir you are terrific, thanks. Gracias hermano .

seetheSeeker Pas. Leone

is there a way to graph circles?

Dj Will Chicago

Hello :) how do u turn off this Calculator, I see the off button, I press it but it stays on? Thanks in advance, oh never mind I got it, I remember in your video you said when pressing the yellow 2nd button that will activate everything with yellow attached, thanks

kazem Oda

Hello mr how r u ...i have ti -83 calculator ...but i dont know how i can calculate a poler form number i mean real number and angel ...can you help me ..thanks

Beauty T

I learned a bunch of new stuff! you are a big help. thank you so much for sharing this with us :)

bro_boy1 on tik tok

Thank you for the video it really helped me learn how to use it thank you

friendly_user 123

hello i can't scroll up when im on the main screen to edit my previous answers (using the up arrow) but I can scroll up for other functions (such as being able to navigate in the stats button). Do you know why this is?

World Cool

Very much appreciated sir ???✊
It was so helpful ? ?

Alpha Wolf

10:50 Aha! Indeed. You've resolved my problem.

Kevin Van veen

Sadly in my country you’re not allowed to use the Ti-83 on the national math final exam anymore since it doesn’t have an Exam-State option.

Aaren Green

Is this calculated capable doing |7|=-7


Can you do geometry on this calculator

It Is So

Excellent tutorial


My teacher is dogwater at explaining the calculator, thank you very much!

Flaming Fire YT

Found this in my garage.

T9 calculators

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How to cheat using a graphing calculator

5 735 views | 22 Dec. 2016

How to cheat using a

How to cheat using a graphing calculator

Watch in hd



archeeev. that's it, chief


Cheating results in you being unable to pronounce ARCHIVE correctly.

B Veezy

Lol. Archive, need to concentrate on the English homework.


Our chives: the chives we collectively possess (more than one in possession: plural). This is versus my chives (singular: mine alone), his chives, her chives, or their chives, which are chives we don't possess collectively. I routinely sprinkle chives on my food. Just had some at lunch today. Of course, if she hadn't cheated her way through school, she might know what "archives" means and how to pronounce it properly. That's OK though. She won't need "archives" in her vocabulary for the life-long career awaiting her flipping burgers at McDonald's, or as a Walmart greeter, or maybe as a Fazoli's bread stick server. The latter would require she do something about the grossly chipped up polish on her fingernails as a neat personal appearance is part of the job requirement. I wonder what happens when the U.S. History teacher, or the Spanish teacher, asks one of their students why they are so intently using a calculator at a feverish pace on a U.S. History, or a Spanish test.

T9 calculators

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Resetting Your TI-84 Back To Normal

280 053 views | 28 May. 2012

Need more help? Set up a

Need more help? Set up a tutoring session with me over skype. Email me at [email protected] for more information.

Is your graphing calculator in some weird mode that you can't get out of? Are you trying to clear your TI-84 so that it's ready to use for a standardized test? Here's how to do it.

Sam Johnny

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. God bless u

Pedobear 52wardubs

thank u so much man

Blas Hernandez

thank you

Maria Luisa Cepeda

Great video the clearing up garbage function literally saved my life. Thanks so much

Javier Duran

So I accidentally deleted all apps on my TI84 CE. How can I restore the apps?


Tank you

Dilianny Santana Pena


Lucas Argandoña

Cut to the chase at 3:05 thank me later ;)


Yeah ;) Very Goodddd!


Thank you sir!


thank you so much for this video

Jacob Sung

Someone pls help I was trying to download packman via usb to my pc and the screen turned black with a blue rectangle at the top and some black squares below it, and then it became white and just started blinking. My calculator is a ti84 plus ce

Martin Jacome

I dont have any programs on my calculator how do I get them? Are they supposed to be pre installed?

Horacio Renderos

Thanks a lot!!!

Doh Knot

when you press enter on a program it actually archives it, not selects it btw


I have exams tmrrw and the graph wasnt working this video saved me?

Arno Meert

Thank you! Saved my exams


Mind blown! Thank you!!!!!

Genesis Otuonye

Thank you so much


I now this is an old video, but could you (or anyone) please list the apps that come with the calculator from the factory?

Dave Gr.P

I thought I broke mine for a second there ? thank you so much

Aaron Mauget

You're a lifesaver!

Latonya Patterson


Samantha Sabol

thank youuuu :(((((

Engineered Tech

Thank you,this helped me allot I had an annoying undifined error

Big Mac

you're a god ???

paul adkins


Yoshi Anime

Such a lifesaver thank you so much


thank you

Brian Messenger


Arismey Angel

thank you for the tip

Megan Pedersen

OMG! This saved my calculator! Thx so much!!

Wout Demolder

Okay so, I have this app called finance on my ti84 and i have tried many times in many different ways to delete it, but when i go to apps it's still on there. The weird thing is, my calculator says the app doesn't exist anymore/that it had been deleted in the past. (The app is still functioning). I have an exam in a couple days and i really, really need to delete this. If someone has any advice, please help.

Evette Booker

thank you so much, this was very helpful !

Randy Ly

Instructions were unclear, I got ma dick stuck in the calculator...

Katie McDaniel

I know this is an old video but I really need help. My calculator has big ping letters that I can hardly read and I don't know what to do. I tried all of these and don't have the money to buy another calculator please if you have any advice help me.

Bob Lorna

I'm curious if it's possible to reverse the operating system update from the TI website. Does anyone know if this is possible?

Marel S

Thanks so much! My new calculator wasn't working and I was freaking out! This helped a lot. :)

Ruth Sobrevilla

Bless you from final weeks

Abi Gitten

very easy, thank you:{)

Guitar Reyes

When I press enter the calc does not follow.

YBN ceaz

Thnks helped alot

La Catrina

Very informative video. I am afraid of resetting my calculator though. I just need some help on how to fix the ANS function, it keeps showing on the screen even when I press other keys and it keeps recalling the previous answer. I have a TI-84 Plus. I don't know what to do, can you please help? Thanks much!


I have a math yet tomorrow and my graph wasn’t working and this saved me, thank you!

Haley Macke

very helpful thank u so much!!!!!

Amwaj Sabri

life saver

ez sanjose

Thank you

Danny Winters

Very good it worked for me thank you!!

Black Paw

Thanks man, my stupid graphing portion was flipping out on me and not working so this rlly helped.



Richard Longthorpe

Thank you.

Ariana Allen

OMG THANK YOU SOOO MUCH! I was about to start crying cuz my calculator wasn't working! Thank you kind citizen!

Oskar Andersson

How to remove the ANS function anyone?

Kai Xin Chen

Don't know what's wrong with my calculator it just can't graph the function correctly, until I finally found this video. It helps a lot, thank you so much

JJ Mathis

work's perfectly,, thank you so much!

james hom


Diana Diaz

Thanks so much! This video is a lifesaver

Maryam Khan

thanks a bunch


Thank you so much. My calculators graph was all janky and this fixed it!



Anna Xu


Bram Verreussel

thanks, before the graph wasn't working but now it works fine

Andrew Shin

that you soooooooooooo much you have literally stopped me from failing a test

The Life of Tee

Thank you Jesus! I have a huge test tomorrow in Algebra 2 & I had no idea what I pressed for it to mess up. Thank you soooo much!

Eliza Link

Thank you!! I was seriously panicking


You're a life saver.

Katherine Chen

This freaking saved my life THANK YOU

Carl Enger



I did this and my test mode is still on...

Nashrah Qureshi

Thank you so much ! This really helped

qwerty keyboard

Ti's emulator is so fucking slow...



Boss_ Block

Life saver. Idk how it fixed my messed up shading but it helped so much!

Mallorie Blair

THANK YOU!!! It is the weekend before finals week, and my TI was on the blink... I thought I would have to spend an arm and a leg to get another for a second there.

Thug deer

I have this toxic classmate who keeps messing with my calculator i wanna freaking break his neck

PSI Gale

thank you



Aly Defab

I felt like you spoke to much about non sense rather then just get straight to the point UUUgh !

Rohan Patil

I lost all of my apps when reset how do I get them again?

Alden Wade

Thank you so much my calculator was messed up and after watching your video it was all better.??

Big Mac

you're a god ???

Alexis Mcclanahan

so helpful!

Ana Ornelas

My ti-84 plus silver edition is frozen. 
I've exchange all batteries to new ones
but it still doesn't work! I need help!

Ethan Steeg

Sweet, it works! Thanks so much!

flyin arrow

Thank you so much for this video- for some reason I could not graph any polynomials at all and could not figure out how to get all my windows back to normal- now I can see the graphs!!! thank you thank you  thank you!!!

Robert Bitsilly

Thank you! this helped a lot!


Best video for resetting the calculator thanks!?


Thank you my dude

Paris Hughes

Thank You. :)

Bert Destoop

tomorrow exam. you saved me :D

Tamia Telly

Thank You so much, my graph wasn't working but it works now after the reset lol


Omg massive legend

Aurora Wavecrester

thank you

Sebastiaan Wyns

I haven't got the default apps where do I get them pls help

davyd botter

Thank you, the formulas can be written again. And the calculator makes now graphs from it. First there was an error bug, but now not anymore. So thank you

carlos ortiz

instead of listening to this idiot babble press*** 2nd then mem ****then press 7 to reset done!!!!!


this is a great video. Worked for me, however, after a few mins it starts giving the wrong answers again. What would you recommend?

Nathan Bozylinski

Just fixed my calculator thanks man. The graph function wasn't working for some odd reason?

Margarida B

I lost my programs that i had ever my secondary school because i lost drums, how come i back my programs to normal?

Oh YeS N0 YeS Gaming

Someone changed the language on my calculator and i can't figure out how to change it back. I tried this and it didn't work. Anyone know what to do? i don't even know the language..