Newegg refurbished grades

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Refurbished DELL Latitude E5450 from newegg.com

11 904 views | 16 Jan. 2019

I bought a refurbished

I bought a refurbished laptop for travel. It was advertised as "DELL Grade B Laptop E5450 Intel Core i5 5th Gen 5200U (2.20 GHz) 8 GB Memory 128 GB SSD 14.0" Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit." I paid about $250 for the machine. Newegg defines B grade as "B grade refers to units that may have dents, chips, or scuffs on the body. The keyboard may be shiny or worn down and hair line scratches or scuffs may be on the screen." Says nothing about missing pieces so I'm going to see if I can trade it in.

Abhishek Kumar

bro is this value for money ?

William Goring

It's refurbished it works that's what counts you're not getting a brand new computer I'm waiting on a Galaxy Note 9 refurbished I'm not going to complain and if it if it has a little scratch in it I paid 424 so if I get it and it works I'm not going to complain hell yeah

Mic Baca

Geez...paranoid much?

Silver & Stuff Unboxed

This product was labeled replacement only, non-refundable. I contacted Newegg.com, sent them a link to the video and some pictures. They agreed to replace the item. Well once I shipped it to them I got an e-mail saying that the product was no longer available and that they would be refunding me instead. I didn't like how the company handled this situation. I wanted a replacement not a refund! Regardless, I bought a more expensive new laptop from them and will be unboxing soon.

Jano Kollarcik

dude the screen looks totally fine, it is B grade what else could you expect? It's ok

Transit_Plays - Transit & Games

That cosmetic issue doesnt affect performance

Newegg refurbished grades

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Are Newegg Exclusive Laptops Worth The Savings?

363 views | 13 Dec. 2019

If you've ever shopped on

If you've ever shopped on Newegg for gaming laptops, you've probably seen the listings labeled as "Newegg Exclusive" or "ONLY @ NEWEGG". Let's talk about what the means for you and whether or not these laptops are worth the savings they offer.


im first


ur very good

Anthony Martinez

I bought myself an MSI GL63 on clearance at Micro Center in January for ~$900 after tax and rebate. It came with a Core i7-9750H, 16GB RAM, NVIDIA GTX 1660 Ti, a 1 TB SSD, and a 120 Hz screen with very good color accuracy. I got a very good deal, especially considering that I thought I'd have to pay well over $1000 for the specs I wanted. I even avoided most of the pitfalls I was trying to avoid, such as abysmal cooling and terrible screen quality.
However, the trackpad surprised me by how awful it is. Even my worn out trackpad on my ancient Dell L502X laptop from 2011 is still better. The speakers on my Dell are also better. I hate that most gaming laptops now have mediocre or awful downfiring speakers. But, I can't complain too much. I spent less on my MSI than I did on my Dell, and the i7-9750H in the MSI is 3-5x faster in my long-running workloads than the old i7-2630QM in my Dell. Of course, I had to get an external mouse speakers to complement my MSI, though.
Finally, as for store-exclusive laptops, Micro Center is definitely worth a look if you have one nearby. Comparing variants of the same laptop line across different stores, you'll typically get improved specs for the same or even sometimes lower price at Micro Center than you'd find elsewhere.

Sarah Hull

Hot damn your video quality has really improved

Newegg refurbished grades

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Unboxing NewEgg B-Grade Laptop

60 views | 30 Nov. 2020

My Dell E6430 "b grade"

My Dell E6430 "b grade" refurbished laptop from Newegg in 2018