Theo 202 quiz 3

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Previous year Complex Analysis MCQs | B.Sc 6th sem

5 969 views | 20 Jun. 2020

#MCQ #ComplesAnalysis

#MCQ #ComplesAnalysis #HNBGUexam2020 #Previousyearmcqs #lockdown #timesofmathematics

This video is very useful for all students of M.Sc./B.Sc./IITJAM/GATE/NET & other University Exams.

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Complex Analysis MCQs 01


Complex Analysis MCQs 02


Complex Analysis MCQs 03


linear programming mcqs


Quantum Mechanics MCQs


Physics ( Electronic-II) MCQs


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Bhawna Bhamla

Thanks a lot sir?

Rajashreebiswal Shree

Sir 6th semester math honours ki sari unit ki question answer send kijiye plz..

Upendra singh bisht

Sir cauchy theorem par bhi video banayen pls ?


Sir differenenti l geometry padhao

Sonil Gujjar

Thank u so much sir.....??


Thank you sir

Ekta Shah

Sir question 10 mai third quadrant के लिए alpha - pi hoga

Anshu Kumari

N thanku sir

Sandeep Jayara


Ruchi Rana

Nice vedio...

yogendra kumar

Kya sir 1hour 30 minute me 40 question solve ho jayege mdu rohtak

ATUL Bisht

Sir unit 2 plzzzz........

tarun sharma

Hello sir, your teaching pattern is completely followed by your voice great, salute sir

gaurav lingwal

Sir you are doing great work .bhgwan apko khush rakha

Pankaj Singh

Sir appne qu. No. 10 main pi-elpha kyun liya ? ; Jabki MCQ of 02 part main qu. No. 13 main toh aapne elpha - pi bataya tha ? Toh kon sa sahi hoga ??

Shivam Dhiman

Thank you sir for this video

mahesh singh

Sir numerical methods ke mcq kra dijiye

Vaishali Goyal

Tquuu sir u
Appke sbhii videos bhout helpful hote h ??

Shakib Ali

3rd question me y=mx+c se bhi slope nikal sakte hai jaha m slope hota hai

Aajam Aj

Thanku sir??

Vasu Singhal

??thankieww sir

yogendra kumar

Sir ye mdu rohtak ke liye hai kya

Shrishti Gupta

Thankxxx a lot..

Prajjwal Srivastav

Sir kuchh video Air Traffic Controller (ATC) level k bhi upload kriye plzzzz

Sohan Sohan

Apke video dekh ker bahut fayda mila sir . thank you sir


Sir i am from Bhubaneswar,Odisha.
this video is most helpful for me
Bcz our university also conducting MCQ type questions.

Shakib Ali

Thank you very much sir ji

Himanshi Dhiman



Sir last 15 wale question m doubt h.

Komal Kumari

Thank you sir ??

Ruchi Rana

Nice vedio...next unit ki vedio

Monika Rana

Thanku so much sir.. your explanation is to good and also very helpful ??? ??

Ruchi Rana

Next unit ki vedio

maths analysis with ajay

Thank u sir , make more videos to the next unit ???

Anshu Kumari

Question 14 ka b option and
Question 15 ka c option correct

Prfull Negi

sir question 10 ka answer wrong hai apka third quadrant me -π+alpha hota hai

Theo 202 quiz 3

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Othello Analysis - Act 3 Scene 3 (Part 2)

428 views | 22 Mar. 2020

To accompany teaching of A

To accompany teaching of A Level English (AQA Lit B)

Theo 202 quiz 3

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[UPDATED] How to Find Your Color Match for BELLAMI Hair Extensions (every shade swatched!)

7 251 views | 9 Jan. 2021

Not sure which color hair

Not sure which color hair extensions you need? Learn how to seamlessly color match BELLAMI hair extensions with our Head of Education, Kat Lewis!

Looking for the swatch of a specific shade? Just click to its timestamp from the list below.

:24 Natural Tones

:56 Jet Black

2:02 Off Black

2:47 Mochachino Brown

3:26 Dark Brown

4:08 Walnut Brown

4:35 Chocolate Brown

5:08 Chestnut Brown

5:51 Almond Brown

6:29 Ash Brown

7:12 Dirty Blonde

8:19 Strawberry Blonde

9:27 Butter Blonde

10:25 Beach Blonde

11:48 Platinum Blonde

13:16 Sterling Silver

13:45 Vibrant Red

14:38 Rooted Colors

15:13 Rooted Off Black to Almond

15:43 Rooted Cool Brown to Butter Blonde

16:27 Rooted Ash Brown to Honey Blonde

17:10 Rooted Walnut Brown to Ash Brown

18:03 Ombre

18:14 Dark brown Ash Brown Ombre

19:07 Warm Brown Honey Blonde Ombre

19:51 Ash Brown Strawberry Blonde Ombre

20:56 White Mocha Balayage

22:01 Golden Hour Balayage

22:55 Highlights

23:22 Ash Blonde Highlight

24:24 Honeycomb Highlight

25:07 Pearl Blonde Highlight

26:36 Marble Blend

27:00 Bronzed Caramel Marble Blend

28:09 Caramel Marble Blend

29:40 Ash Bronde Marble Blend

30:44 Balayage by @Guy Tang

30:59 Mochachino to Chocolate Balayage

31:41 Dark Brown to Chestnut Balayage

32:56 Mochachino to Dirty Blonde Balayage

33:32 Dark Brown to Dirty Blonde Balayage

34:13 Chocolate Brown to Dirty Blonde Balayage

34:40 Cool Brown to Dirty Blonde Balayage

35:26 Ash Brown to Ash Blonde Balayage

36:26 Platinum Perfection by @Zach Mesquit

37:10 Tan Lines

38:16 Diamonds

38:54 Heiress

39:19 Goals

40:17 Rolls

40:44 Limo Tint



❤️ Instagram: hhttps://www.instagram.com/bellamihair/

❤️ Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/bellamihair/_shop/

❤️ Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/bellamihair



BELLAMI Hair was created because every woman deserves long luscious locks that are 100% real human hair, easy to apply, and extremely discreet. Join the BELLAMI Hair world & become a BELLAMI Bella today, you deserve it!



Click here: https://www.bellamihair.com/

Comment below to let us know what you would like to see next. ❤️



Mula chvr

I’m confused can someone help me out??


Are the movhacino and dark brown the exact same shade just different undertone? Or is the dark brown slightly lighter?

Mel's World



Hi! So my hair is like a natural black hair and when I go into the sunlight it's brown and I don't know whether to pick the off black or jet black.

Fred R

The almond and chestnut shade look really similar to each other but I don’t get why they look so different on ur website

Samara Bevin

This was the BEST most helpful video I’ve ever seen a company like this do. Wow. THANK YOU. I will be purchasing from Bellami!! What a great company. Thank you!

Mel's World

What number is the Carmel Marble blend?

Yvette Goater

Hi There, Iv looked at your website after viewing this video keen to get the cool brown dirty blonde balayage hair as you mentioned its a level 7 and looks like a copper tone in the video to my eye with blonde ends but the website looks intirely different tones( not at all copper). Im unsure which is right as its not listed as a copper tone?

Megan Lenko

This was super helpful!

johanna Sanchez

What is the length of the 2/8 ombré at 18:05 ? I really want to order these but I don’t know whether to get 18 Inch or 20 inch! My hair is at a medium length right now .help!

Tiffany Short

I wish you could hold the brown colors up next to each other for better comparison lol...


I mainly came to this video to see the ash blonde and platinum blonde compared and those were like the only ones you didn’t hold right next to each other lol ?

Jodi Cherry

I am glad to have seen this video. It makes it so much easier for me to choose

Kaley Green

Wish you guys had more red available only one color stinks

shezadi hosny

Amazing video thank you!! My hair is dark ash blonde which color will match the best in my hair??


Are we able to add toner to our extensions? I purchased the dark brown dirty blonde but my hair is just a little cooler toned

Elle Szabo

Just got the ash bronde marble blend, so excited!! it's a work of art

Jenifer Colmenero

Hi! Thank you for this video! Is there anyway we can send you guys a picture of our hair and you guys can match us to our extensions

Makeupby Jannette


Taylor Marie

I wish I could see someone wearing White Mocha. Online it just shows the extension and not what it actually looks like on. I have a balayage and I’m scared this shade is going to look like a brown to blonde ombré and only be blonde at the end

Chris Hamilton

Ty- I bought these based on this video. No other company explains the colors better. I need cooler tones and most hair is way too warm.




I need dark brown, ash level 5, cool

Karan Kumar

Hii I'm from India can i buy this hair extensions

Danielle B

Ive been waiting to purchase some new Bellamis but didn't know what shade to go with since dyeing my hair! Thank you for this vid! :)

Jenny Woods

I don’t see the guy tang 1c/18

Muhammad Hassan

I received my valid cc from cardboss19 on telegram I’m glad I met him. His so good ?
Cashapp flip was confirmed within few hours thanks man


Are the dark parts of the balayage „mochochina to dirty blonde“ less than by the „dark brown to dirty blond“?

Crystal XO

Okay that’s it I’m ordering! Going with limo tint I’m Super excited!!! Thank you for this video! I can’t wait!!!!