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The Grants you asked for. Part 1 Rental Assistance, Funding and Grants

8 410 views | 23 Jan. 2021

Thank you for being a part

Thank you for being a part of this channel. Here is a list of the grants that you asked for. This is part one. We cover rental assistance, forbearance, start up funding and different states that you asked for. #grants #rentalassistance #funding #iAllegedly

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Negro Perez

Hello Dan thanks for the update but is there anything on the state of Pennsylvania I’m looking but nothing yet if you have a update please share it thank you god bless your update

Ib Ba

Anything for Louisiana I can’t find anything

Jenifer Causey

Thank you so much for all the info sweetheart!!! Its been so helpful.. My wife and I are both "fans." We'll definately be hittin you up on Patreon for guidance... Thanks again hun. Love and blessings your way!!! Have a great weekend!!

Lisa Avery

Thanks for all your hard work

Rene Hernandez

First thing st Vincent de Paul said you're homeless we can't help you

Blue Moon Soon

I’m Grateful for u Dan the Man;)! Park Ridge, IL..... in Forbearance but need to refinance my home to get out of Cc, debt. High rates killing me, and I have very good credit, just dealing with ratio problems always, but I pay my bills but no money for food.

Jose Rivera

? Do Townships get part of the 1.9 trillion stimulus package to help with rent too and is there other help they offer in your local town/city Township

Samir Sf

Thank you Dan

Lisah Clayton

Thank you

Valorie Life

Thanks for the update

patricia russell

Here’s a question for you from Oklahoma City I have a SAB loan and I was wondering would it ever be forgiven I have to start paying on it in June? Also I have never gotten ending information of her to pay or how to do it now nothing in the mail only the money was deposited in my bank account. Should I get something from SAB
Like an address to send my payments to all the stuff before it’s due?

Blue Moon Soon

Thank You ? you are amazing wish you were closer. Yep I want access. Valentines Day Nancysellsflowers

Diamond Robinson

Don't know how to go about the grant when I had issues with it so I came across Michealsmith4549 on IG who help me got it Instantly...

Bishop Vicky tee

All thanks to jerrythomas5643 on ig he help me gets my grant ??

Bourque Simmons

Thank you Dan! Truly appreciate this!!


What about the state of Oregon

Sam Savalia

Please do you have Business Grants for North Carolina

Rene Hernandez

I'm in Austin tx thy ain't helping with nada called everyone st Vincent de Paul.
United way nada. 211 nada. City of Austin housing nothing

Turquoise Shaw

Thank you so much

Billie Staton

Thanks Dan!!! Keep bringing us Florida small business resources ❤?

porcha fudge

Thank You So Much .. I live in Tampa..You are Greatly Appreciated..

C Garner

I’m looking for funding in Louisiana for startups. I started my business in September 2020, so I don’t qualify for any EIDL or PPP grants and loans.

Kristen Mcdaniel

All thanks to jerrythomas5643 on ig he help me gets my grant

Anthony Vedder

Rental assistance Kennewick, Benton County Washington 99336

Ron O

Thanks for the update


Thank you Dan! We appreciate you so much!!!???? I was one of the Alabama grant seekers!!

Danielle Spruill

Where is the description link

Tina Pitts

What is their for start up’s does anyone know??????


Do you know where I can ask PPP 2.0 self employed questions? I did PPP 1. Bluevine has a simplified 2.0 application but they are asking for two sets of Docs and I am not sure?

Vincent Oneill

people will be kicking themselves in regrets in few weeks if they miss this opportunity of buying and investing in Bitcoin (Cryptocurrency)

zackary belcher

Another awesome video thanks Dan!

Ryan Berzas

Where do I go for Rental Assistance for my tenant in Louisiana?


Hi Dan, thanks for what you do. Any links for the State of California for small businesses?

Adlis Rosado



maria ramirez

Thank you Dan...we still keeping an eye on all your information. Kindly appreciated

nancy collier

Thank you

Bob leroy

We are sick of the Senate delaying and now that we have the BBB2020. Big Bluewave Blowback. Let cut the red tape. Mitch must go and now the Stimulus will flow

Driving Daisys


Arlene Gonzalez

Thank you for everything!!!

Coleen Rusell

Anyone needs help with SBA loan assistance or approval...

Active Atom

Hi Dan, thank you for your efforts you are to be trusted and we are happy to know of you through your channel. Lance & Patrick in Yucca Valley, California (high-desert).

Michael Christopher

It's unfair on how things has turned up to be due to the recent world pandemic things has been so difficult

we see complains here and there in the social Media from different people in different countries all around the world

The government has less or no time for their people anymore

I think we all should try to engage in different things to make money and stop hoping on the economy

Donna K. Anderson

how about Grant's for trade schools like truck driving?

Bomy Souksengmany

I applied for the 1st draw of PPP on Jan. 20th. I got an email with 3 lender matches. I've tried to contact the matching lenders with no response. Anyone have any suggestions on what to do next or know the process? Appreciate any help thanks

5herri W

Oklahoma? Usually they don’t offer much


Thank you ?

Samuel Oglesby

More rural Missouri plz

LINDA Brunson Smith

My main man Dan.. Thanks as always ??

Minerva Galvez

Thank you for the links and resources!!! I am very hopeful now!!! From Denver, CO ❄

Jeffery Smith

Every Bitcoin investor right now is just smiling at the price of Bitcoin as it's held strong and indeed valuable enough to generate good ROI. More people are gonna become millionaires and we have Bitcoin thanks for that.

Demarius Mack

Anything for California I can't find anything

Blue Moon Soon

Started my business at 19 now your age bracket, I’m gifted but with no money for help I’m hiring you ?

just me


Glenna Bryan

Your awesome! Are there grants under the cares or Heroes act for returning to school (computer programming) specifically.


Thanks for sharing!

Stacie Jones

thank u sir.. for thy information

Theresa King

What about Florida for rental assistance

Latoya Mcghee

Hey Dan!!! Thanks for sharing this video all of the information you have giving us is very appreciated!!! Love your Channel n God Bless U my friend!!!


And thanks in advance

Patricia Perry

Thank you, Dan. Really appreciate u wanting to help.

Brigid Rohde

Ty for help I would like to know HOW to apply for grants as I’ve tried without success

Skyla Thomas

Cobb County Georgia has a rental assistance program that is giving people up to $5,800 I know that if you apply for one rental assistance program you will not qualify for any others how do I know if that's what is the new rental assistance program or if that's still part of the old one it says Care Act I don't know what the new emergency rental assistance program is called or if that's all Georgia is going to give their residents because the ACT says that it could give up to 12 months Rental Assistance Plus utility relief and I'm not seeing that is there's any way you could give me some help on making sure I don't apply for an old program or to comfort us to be patient for the new program please any information would be so helpful this is so confusing. If you look up Cobb County rental assistance under the government website you'll see July 2020 cares act funding for $5,800 again can't tell if that's what the new stimulus is a continuation of or if we should hold out for the new one thank you so much.

Diamond Robinson

Don't know how to go about the grant when I had issues with it so I came across Michealsmith4549 on IG who help me got it Instantly...

patricia russell

None None for Oklahoma

William Thomas

All thanks to jerrythomas5643 on ig he help me gets my grant

Lydia Chapman

Thank you for sharing all this information. Could you help those of us in the state of Tennessee?

Chris Boe

Washington doesnt seem to have anything. If they do, they make it hard to find.


Anything for Virginia? I can't find anything for Small Business

Samuel Oglesby

Thanks Dan

Jason B.

So many ads interrupting ... far more than ever before!

H. P.

We’re so grateful you aren’t leaving us, not even for a few days! Thank you, Dan.

Faith Moore


teasley Joshua

The world would be a better place of there were more people like you Michealsmith4549 on IG I will never forget you sir.

Union bank grants

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Exploring alternative funding options: What is a CDFI?

1 403 views | 20 Jul. 2017

Community Development

Community Development Financial Institutions, or CDFIs, are financial institutions that cater specifically to underserved entrepreneurs and low-income communities. Find out more by visiting our Access to Capital Portal at smallbusinessportal.org/capital or Opportunity Finance Network, a national network of CDFIs, at ofn.org.

This work is supported by the Sam's Club Giving Program.

Union bank grants

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Funding for Black-Owned Businesses

12 063 views | 28 Jan. 2021

Funding for Black-Owned

Funding for Black-Owned Businesses

Come join us on our live training event to discover funding for Black-owned businesses.

During this Livestream, you’ll discover …

✅ How to find funding for Black-owned businesses…

✅ … and business money for companies owned by people of color

✅ The sorts of challenges that Black entrepreneurs often face

✅ Where you can get government and private grants

✅ How to get loans for BIPOC business owners

✅ How small businesses from disadvantaged backgrounds can get money

✅ How to get a microloan from Kiva

✅ What you can get from Union Bank

✅ How Accion can help Black business owners

✅ How to get monetary prizes to help grow your Black-owned business

✅ Discover how the Credit Suite Credit Line Hybrid can be the perfect solution for Black business owners who have good personal credit

And for more information on all sorts of business financing, be sure to check out

? https://www.creditsuite.com/business-loans

WOW, that’s a lot of great info we’ll be covering in this one hour live event. ALL will be revealed in this livestream, register now… spots are limited!

? Grab our FREE guide on 27 Ways to Get CASH for Your Business here… https://www.creditsuite.com/youtube-27

? Thank you for watching our video- PLEASE Share and Like it! We like to read and engage with comments, so please leave a comment below.

❤️ Get tips and tactics to get business credit and financing to start and grow on our social channels:

Podcast https://www.creditsuite.com/podcast/

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/creditsuite/

Twitter https://twitter.com/CreditSuite1

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/CreditSuite

LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/credit-suite/

? Subscribe to our channel here https://www.youtube.com/creditsuite

Credit Suite gives your business a path to fund itself so that you can stop asking friends and family (or opening your own wallet) when your business needs cash. Credit Suite improves fundability, helps you build business credit, and get business loans and credit lines so that you can grow your business with confidence.

Make sure that your business meets all lending guidelines before you apply. Build credit in your business name and with your EIN so that you don’t have to personally guarantee business finances. Get loans and credit lines so that your business can continue to GROW. With Credit Suite you can get the capital you need to succeed and grow! Learn more at www.creditsuite.com.

sandaya brownlow

Thank you for this information

Sovereign Goddess

Click-Bate!!! We need access to the same grant funding everyone else gets, not yet another freakin loan!!!!

Nancy Thomas

Hello Ty

James Fields

This is great info. Thanks. But I don’t see how Accion is your favorite bc their rules are so strict, they might as well be Chase lol. I dealt with them.

Claudea Blythe

Accion said that they are not helping anyone except for folks in two major cities right now.

ManKind Human being

I bought the audio book ? HMU I’m a trucker


⚠️ FAST FORWARD VIDEO TO 2:30, they had a system issue.

Bryon Dudley

Union bank is not in Texas. Do you recommend another good bank in Texas? Dallas TX area. My business is Real Estate investing.

David Hahn

I'm not getting any audio

Ray Staples

I respect you bro

Tagged Billing

We can't hear you

Habitual Curves

Thank you for making this video

Stephanie Roberson

I am having the hardest time with funding

Project Management Office

Need audio

Centhia Brown

Hello, you said you can use your car for Collateral? Of so how does the year matter or does ot have to payments or not?
Thank you


I would love to work with you as well

Anthony Rose

No audio Lol

Island Girl

Why NO audio?

DJ Diph Entertainment LLC

You are not out of place, thank you for being an Ally!

Rhodies food Truck



ok we can hear you now

Lizbeth Brady

This is what I have found out. Take the time to work on my credit. Once I get it to 780.....then my payday score to 85.....then this Jamaican bkack girl will be a force to reckon with. I really don't have time to be treated 2nd class citizens..when I am first le

Leonard Johnson

Is there supposed to be audio with this video?

Abioye' All Day

Thank you Ty for not being scared to help people !!! Good job sir ????.


I'm half black. So can I get at least half this free money?

James Scott

Ty, I want to thank you for your comments about funding for people of color. It is an underserved market.
I liked that you were transparent in your comment about learning some of these facts over the last year or so. As a black entreprenuer that has had financial challenges, it is meaningful to me as I am considering using Credit Suites as a consultant. It is so good to know that it is tax deductible and will help me secure funding to expand my business and employ others.
Thanks for your transparent and sincereeffort to reach out to this market.

Born In Compton ADOS

How Do I Contact You Guys

tiffany mayfield

Thank you for this info!

Mr. R

I've tired all this and no luck with getting funding

William Johnson

Black owned business
I have very recently formed an LLC for my new business.
I have start up capital, however would likely get off to a faster start with a zero or low interest rate loan.
What would you recommend that I do to help my business qualify for access to capital?


You can't use Union bank in Texas, or can you?

Tyeisha Gamble

GOD have truly bless I pray that you continue to prosper

The Scruggs Show

Yes. I am a small law firm and need PPP funding. The larger law firms got millions of dollars of funding. I need help figuring this out.

Credit Suite

We had some issues with audio! We are so sorry. It starts up at 2:30 --- Get even more ways to finance your business with this free guide! @t

Let It Rip

This video convinced me to work with this company. I was on the fence before but now I definitely feel they are the right choice for my startup

Terrance Burney


Revamp Nation

Bro!! Thank you for this.. you are not out of place at all. Thank you thank you

The Lit Chronicles

Yess Finally, I will be contacting you guys!!

J Gregory Capital G!! Barnes

Thanks for sharing this.