Thai power outlet

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Thailand Tips: Electrical mains power AC sockets

9 902 views | 2 Nov. 2016

This is my new series of

This is my new series of vlogs. I am NOT an expert and I do NOT know everything, so what I say in these vlogs is based on my personal experience or research. I have been a visitor to Thailand for 2 years this month (October), I first went on a "last ditch, what the hell" trip following my failed back surgery. I could hardly walk and took my walking aid with me. I went to Udon Thani to go to an Agency for finding Thai ladies, who suggested that my disablement was not a factor in finding a nice lady for long term relationship. The agency allegedly vet the members and a lot of their clients come from America. The owner is an ex-Brit and his wife a Thai, had started the agency because of their experiences with relationships etc.

So, I have a Thai wife and have been going back and forth for two years. During 2015 my wife got a visitor visa and came to the UK for 6 months. Unfortunately the UK Immigration denied a second visa this year based on made up reasons.

THIS EPISODE: Mains power sockets. What you need are a 4 way adapter to plug your stuff into, because Thailand plugs are not the same as the UK.

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Mark James

LOL Gang plank ? I love it. Close enough. Thanks for the vid.

paul mccracken

? well presented

paul blakey

oohh a 4 way gangbang only £8 on Ebay going to go look for one now

Matt McGivern

They're called power strips, but thanks for the laugh.

Thai power outlet

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Types of Electrical Outlets & How They Work | Mr. Electric

54 371 views | 20 Apr. 2015

Do you know how many

Do you know how many outlets are in an average home? If you guessed 75, you would be correct. That's a lot of outlets with a lot of different functionalities.

Types of electrical outlets:

• 20-amp, 250-volt outlet: Are made specifically for devices like air compressors or hobby shop equipment.

• Standard 15-amp, 125-volt, two-wire outlet (otherwise known as a two-plug outlet): Are used for adding to an ungrounded circuit. They power anything from your toaster to a desk lamp.

• GFCI outlets: Stands for ground fault circuit interrupter outlets. Are required to be installed in bathrooms, wet areas of the kitchen, basements, and outdoor crawl spaces. These outlets prevent electrical current from leaking and will shut off any power to the equipment if the leak reaches a hazardous level.

• 20-amp, 125-volt outlet: Are used in areas of the home where you use high current devices, such as kitchen appliances.

• Standard three-prong, 15-amp, 125-volt outlet: Help to prevent electrical shock if any wiring comes loose. Each of the outlets has a long slot and a shorter slot with a U-shaped grounding hole underneath.

Subscribe to our channel: https://www.youtube.com/mrelectricllc?sub_confirmation=1

Find a location near you: https://bit.ly/30RwfIU

Give us a call: (844) 866-1367

Learn more about Mr. Electric® …

For more information, visit our website: https://bit.ly/2UNXFeT

Electrical safety services: https://bit.ly/3ecMkN9

Installation services: https://bit.ly/2N9hYiu

Lighting services: https://bit.ly/2YQdEdI

Visit our blog: https://bit.ly/3hJzpob

Follow Mr. Electric on social media …

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MrElectric

Twitter: https://twitter.com/mrelectric

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/mrelectriccorp/

#typesofelectricaloutlets #electricaloutlets #levitonoutlets

David Vander Ven

Bureaucracy sucks

Paul BruinFan

I bought a wall-mounted surge protector, but it doesn't fit the outlet I want to plug it into. It's not a GFCI outlet; just a bit longer because of USB ports stationed in between the two outlets. Can I just cut off the plastic piece that's supposed to fit into ground of bottom outlet (added for, I assume, stability)?

Kevin Naderi

Very informative thanks ?

Okaro X

Ungrounded toaster?

Juan Sanchez

Thanks for the info..I have one question, can I install a 15 amp combination outlet on a 20 amp circuit ? With a 12/2 of course..

Jin Shikami

If anyone could test this app i'd be grateful! Arrive at: 'Circuit Solver' by Phasor Systems on Google Play.

Yahir Tapia

So is this what Ted Cruz been up to?

Lynx Diamond

is this ted cruz?


thanks, I needed to know if my new PC will work on my outlet. I have the one that has buttons on it, the reset and test. is that like a mini circuit breaker?


No mention of tamper resistant or self-grounding features??

Smokeydabee Charles Coleman

Can I replace a normal 110 outlet with a gfci outlet ?

jo kopou

Hello, who need buy new glass frame wall electric and electric outlets.
please buy in my online store :

Creative Lemon

i love our outlets they always looked shocked

John Smith

And in other breaking news, water is still wet.

Thai power outlet

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Getting Started PowerLine AV 500 Wireless Extender Kit (DHP-W311AV)

226 652 views | 4 Dec. 2013

The PowerLine AV 500

The PowerLine AV 500 Wireless Extender Kit instantly expands your wired and wireless networks by transforming your home's existing electrical wiring into a high-speed network. Easily add computers, entertainment systems and other devices to your network without turning your home into a wired mess.

With the PowerLine AV 500 Wireless Extender Kit, getting whole-home coverage is fast and easy. Simply connect the PowerLine adapter to your router's Ethernet port and plug it into a power outlet to turn every other outlet in your home into a possible network connection. Then plug the wireless extender into an outlet in a different part of your home to extend your Wi-Fi network to the hard-to-reach areas of your home like upstairs bedrooms, basements and outdoor patios.

Visit http://forums.dlink.com for more information

Check out http://resource.dlink.com for tips and tricks for the ultimate connected home

Tom Schultz

Is it possible to set my Powerline av500 without connecting it with af cable to my wireless router?


I have my modem/router hooked up right next to my devices and i still get speeds of 6mbps for download and 268kbps for upload. Will this solve my issue? If not, what can i do?


not good product because the house need a perfect electrical conections

Bradley Chan

I NEED HELP!!!!! THE wireless keeps disconnecting and doesn't work. while playing games on my phone it will suddenly disconnect. I've tried changing the Wi-Fi channel but it still wont work. PLEASE HELP ME.

Clever Tough

Et je constate que c'est pas ici que je vais trouver des réponses!!! Nin personnes d'autres! Voyez-vous des réponses vous?

alice vitali

domanda: come si imposta la password x usare la rete wifi?


What security key?

Delio Gois

is normal issue a ZZZZZZZZZZZZ sound when connected?

Azeez Azeez

LoL, Horrible, thanks alot For D-Linke.

Edward Kwan

worst extender ever

Emilio Bertoli

speak slower… for all the people who does not speaK english


He shows the infantile simple parts ("plug into the power outlet ...") in detail, but completely waltzes over the complicated parts!

Nick Fit

Hi Dlink : on minute 2.16 i'm already press power button on plc until all LED blinking and than I press button on DHP-W310AV after finish this step I got message " This device is doing PBC5 function now. Please wait a moment! "...


This was of no help ?


Can you additional adapters to extend ethernet? Can you disable the wifi component?

Jon Schiavinato

Can you connect this to a modem directly instead of a router? Connect the one to a modem and plug the other in to a wall and then run a Ethernet cable to the second computer? My second computer doesn't have a wireless receiver so I need something that will allow me to directly connect and connecting it to the modem isn't an option.


Can i connect the smaller unit "DHP-308AV" to the router wirelessly?

Max Tan

I have this at home, but this is giving a separate wifi network name than what the wireless router network has.  Is it possible to just have 1 single wifi network throughout my house so i dont have to switch from different networks when i move around the house, can it be configured accordingly?  (from wireless router & at times via the powerline wifi extender)


Does anybody know if the Wifi works at the same time with the cable (RJ45) ? I mean, while having devices connected to the receptor (e.g.: the TV) , to have also access trough WIFI (e.g.: a tablet).

Roberto Gavilanes


sox riek

What's the range on these .


Can I use the poweline in the room I dont have good wifi as a hot spot


I can't pair both together. I try detail setup video as wel.

Panayiotis Toumazou

The download speed is the same download speed like the router?


I have my modem/router hooked up right next to my devices and i still get speeds of 6mbps for download and 268kbps for upload. Will this solve my issue? If not, what can i do?

Emilio Bertoli

from 1:26 for me it's impossible to follow. I may need to watch a tutorial to understand this tutorial… Love from Italy


me di cuenta que mi casa es una enredadera no agarra en ningun enchufe

Clever Tough

Et tout en Anglais tout Même le support une perte de temps incroyable! Du vrai DLINK selon mon expérience d'administrateur Réseau!

Lazar 91


Dave Stubbs

Wow, that was the worst how-to ever. Absolutely useless. 


I have Powerlline AV 500 Network Kit. There wasn't a wireless plug included. The 2 adapters work fine on the ethernet but can't get wireless from our modem any longer for phones. Why?

David De La Garza

My reset button doesn't work how can i fix this problem?


do i  need to put it in an outlet? Can I put it on an extension chord?

Karla Berenice Preciado Rosas

My product was installed, but it asks for a password, to put this in the enclosed card does not connect me to the product I do?