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CCNA reddit doesn't like me (my reaction)

52 833 views | 7 Jul. 2020

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Reddit is just a place for gatekeepers to start their circlejerk

Roy Vega

IDK why these guys are complaining like you're charging the people to watch your videos and then teach nothing.
Most of your videos I've seen or podcasts I've heard center around learning about stuff that exists and why you should learn it. I haven't heard you boast about teaching crap or asking people to keep coming to learn exploitable skills.

It is what it is, just informational, not educational.
Don't let them get you down, the people who understand what your channel is about, will keep coming. We like you and your approach. you do you.

Karl Planken

Really enjoy your videos, Working on getting my CCNA this year hopefully and I've really enjoyed your content on it so far!!!

Admin Rpb

Chuck don't be shy to use "learn right now"!

I have been in IT for 15 years busy with SMB clients and have done a lot. But I could waste much less power if I learn that stuff not NOW but years ago. So, Chuck, let give me (and guys like me) another kick again and again! You are making me keeping on learning the CCNA course from Neil.
You guys both amazing, and Bombal to, and many other exited motivators!

g4james 2107

If you have a sponsor then why do you need ads? I know the answer but too distracting. This video not as polished as others. UR still great. Love your kids "reply!"


We love your videos Chuck keep doing that !! You have my fully support on this !!


People are just sad and it makes them feel better about themselves by bringing others down. Keep doing what makes you feel happy and be yourself. You can't please everyone ever


I think constantly using the word "hacker" is something that puts a lot of people off. Referring to yourself as a hacker 20-25 years ago might have made sense, but the connotation of the word has changed a lot since it's been overused by movies/TV. When a lot of people hear someone call themself a hacker, they think of someone who doesn't know what they're doing and just wants to be like the person they saw on TV.


My CCNA didn't help me with any cisco job but I use all the networking and subnetting fundamentals everyday for everything I do in IT, all from the CCNA I completed.

Also, Cisco CLI is a great intro to other command line systems so go in with the intent of learning and applying . I have learnt a few and recently KQL

jeff hill

So true, sometimes I don’t won’t to study or I just want to actually dive deeper on what I’m studying and what it can do for my future to see if it’s actually worth it, and i come here, jeremy and bombal and you guys always give me exactly what I’m looking for and put me back on track. Also freecodecamp and the packet thrower. That guy is great he comes off as cocky but he keeps it real, cause if you were in his shoes and seen all the BS on what you should learn he tells you what the real world high level expect.


Says he doesn't care about rude comments on the internet, does a one hour long live to say it. (i'm joking bro, don't put this comment in the next live ;) lots of love)

Sergio Mancera

Hi Chuck. Thank you for your efforts. You’ll find your style for sure, and yes I want more technical videos in the future. Your production it’s good, nice job. Greetings!!

brian mwiza gondwe

Keep up the good work. Left the IT career almost, but got encouraged by your such videos that i am now studying CCNA online..

Mr. Blue

I thought about this video quite a bit since you made it...just at random times. it's human nature to be bothered by others negativity--whether we let it affect us or not is our own choice.. u seem to have an excellent grasp of that. no matter what you're doing in this world whether it's cutting toenails or doing heart surgery people are going to find a negative aspect to dwell on and point it out to others due to their own shortcomings. "The way of the world" as they say. Anyhow.. moving on, I don't see the problem with you wanting to learn cyber security and you do a great job at teaching as you go along.. I have been doing this for about 8 years just learning in the wild.. I mean if you're going to do it why not choose the most difficult path? lol ??? I appreciate you contributing to the learning process! I think you are very good at it and I just wanted to give you a positive message out of the whole deal. Carpe Noctem! ?

Jont Noneya

Dude - you've got the right attitude and approach. Good for you for sticking to your guns and doing your thing.
I VERY MUCH appreciate your efforts and find your content enjoyable and motivating. As you know, anyone can be a critic because we're all human.  

Even if you tried to be a comprehensive educator, they would still find something you missed or misstated and highlight it as if it means you're an idiot, which obviously, objectively is not true. Good for you for not trying to adapt to try and please everyone and realizing many of these are trolls.

Keep doing what you're doing and just know, there are plenty of us out here that really enjoy your content. And thanks for what you do!!


please slurp more. we need to hear how good the coffee is!

Yashraj Chaudhari

Dude please keep doing what you do we love your content


NetworkChuck I love your videos. They're entertaining and at the same time additional knowledge. Thanks for the hard work you have put into this. This is helping a lot of people, specially newbies. T


Someone said on Live Chat "how does he sleep at night with all this coffee" I can, it doesn't even effect me, so I can drink as much as I like and still be tired

hard knocklife

These people are mad that you are making money off of IT without having to be bound to a company so they don’t take you seriously but it’s their loss. I can tell you have good intentions and are very knowledgeable at a base level on many subjects.



Daniel Rivers

I agree the slurpping is annoying. I understand you love coffee, but this is live and you need to really think about the audience listening in.

Charlotte Mba

Hi,have subscribed,I love the manner in which you explicit, courage


You are original , keep up the best videos and tutorials here , your channel so cool and motivating

Brian Mccullough

Stop apologizing, and own your shit man! If you giggle, then f-ing giggle! Don't make content for the haters! The mere fact that you have haters,makes you basically a succes!


Reddit is so toxic, it always has been.

Yousef Hanania

people love to hate, but you are awesome for everything you do. Keep in mind haters make you famous

Richard Dale

Mate the world is full of pricks. I wouldn’t even bother wasting your time thinking about it. You are clearly doing a lot right. People like these make laugh all moaning but they all continue to watch. Morons

Srinivas Metta

I use to watch linus for a about a month but now I don't watch him because all he says goes over my head...u are doing everything right...make fun videos like these☺️☺️☺️


Well, personally I find your videos enjoyable. I am watching you to complement David Bombal's CCNA course on Udemy. Thank you for your videos.

Couch Mayne

I think i subbed to you at 10k followers crazy how far you came makes me nervous about the competition in the job market though lol

Lars M

Thanks for the vid :)

Tyler Young

Fuck the haters bro. Do you. You are a human being.

Frank F

I honestly don't think he deserves this kind of backlash. All the knowledge that I have in Computer Science and Cyber Security is self taught through free resources like this man is putting out.

Ni ck

I've been sitting infront of a computer for nearly 20 years now... Most people would call that a waste of time and call me uneducated. I have begun to look into these courses due to a single comment made to me by my own mother. When asked why she won't take my advice I try to provide her in situations she replied by telling me that my "version of knowledge is just not complete". Mind you, she's an "artist" that went to college 30 years ago and has no savings account with money in it. You tell me who wasted their time.


He is like the vsauce of IT

The Aeronautical Astronaut Man

I think you’re awesome NetworkChuck. Thank you for continuing to share this information.


In New Zealand we call it the Tall Poppy Syndrome. Whenever one poppy grows tall and sticks it's head above the rest, someone will come along and chop it off in order to level the field. Reddit is full of these types. Some good folks too of course, but a lot of jealous petty biatches.

Syed Ali Shan

my Bucket-list too ETH..best of luck bro

Edward Kenworthy

"There's a certain point in your career when you don't need certifications, you have experience. Experience is gold."

I was in exactly the same position (as a security architect) I'm getting head hunted for security architecture roles, why would I try and obtain something like CIISP (where the much of the BOK is irrelevant, and in any case you can obtain by exam cramming rote answers and getting some stranger on the Internet to act as a reference)? Ditto CISM (which I passed in 2008 and which helped convince me of the worthlessness of multi-choice exam based certifications). Certificates are, at best, a weak substitute for reputation, that's it.

Four years ago I moved out of my network, and hence outside of my reputation, and so I obtained two certifications (and a third implicit one), the first is CCP IA, a UK government scheme where you write multiple essays on your experience to prove you meet the framework standard requirements (my submission ran to about 40 pages), which people you have worked for assure that you have actually done. This is then followed by a two hour interview against your claims by two people who already hold the certificate at the level you are applying for. I was granted certificated as a Lead (the highest) security architect: LCCP. (This also qualified me to join the Chartered Institute for Information Security as a full, voting, member: M.CIISec.)

I also applied, and obtained Chartered Engineer status for my work in information security, CEng, earlier this year.

Now that's not to say that CISSP and other certifications are complete junk. I see two values in them. Firstly, they're a substitute for reputation (not experience) -but at least 50% of the CISSP holding applicants I've interviewed were crap, for example couldn't tell me what DNS was let alone how weaknesses in it might be exploited. Secondly, they show the candidate has some interest in information security. Certifications I value more highly than the average include CEH and OSCP, as they require you to do not just say, and ones like CCP IA which require you to demonstrate that you've done, against a standard.


I'm not sure how I missed this video, I've seen most of the content you've released this year. I have to admit, it did get a bit overwhelming earlier on this year when you were releasing the 'You need to learn enter product right now' videos. However your knowledge, passion and ability to teach is undeniable!!

You will never be criticized by someone who is doing more than you. You will only be criticized by someone doing less.

Big Musk

Redditors are just a bunch of morons larping as intellectuals, let them go doxx some kid for not liking minecraft like they typically do

Tech Honour

Chuck, you're as random as me and you get me excited to learn!


Network Chuck: I am learning hacking from noob to certification
Me: we need some listening comprehension test on these folks.

Mike Ladan

Don't react to getting roasted on reddit. Waste of time. Make tech videos instead, please. I watch your channel and I'm on reddit. Would I know you got roasted? Nope. Do I care now? Not giving a single f. But this reaction is boring and a little bit embarrasing tbh. Is your channel marketed through-and-through? Obviously. Do you decide which videos you put up by stats? Of course. That's how it works when you wanna make money here. There's no reason to explain, but stick with one topic at least. If it's that CCNA course, great, I like it. Maybe stop with the hacking stuff. I'm doing it for a year now 16h / day with 20 years of sysadmin and dev experience on the back, this is not something you can do on Saturday after coffee break.

abi wendesen

they didnt as much you did they just talk man.and thank you for your tutorial


Dear NetworkChuck, I know this comment is late but I just discovered you like 3 weeks ago. Don't listen to the haters. There are many people here including myself who find your videos extremely value packed! I love and look forward to your videos. Please keep producing these - you are my favorite youtuber. Reddit is full of trolls and haters anyway. Disregard the losers. Thank you x1000 for your great videos and for the inspiration!

Bunny Rivard

Reddit doesn’t like anyone and it’s sad that they think it is cool

Rick Lansdon

I'm an agile product owner and your channel has encouraged me to possibly pursue network engineering!


Man stop reading reddit. you dont owe an explanation to anyone. you are doing a great job.

Slade Blaire

Kinda late on a reply, but don't let ppl bust on you. I find you to be energetic well rounded and your content has been uber informative. Thank you!


Damn that intro was too loud


he is laughing on the out side but dying on the inside

Cleo Pereira

Bro.... your an inspiration to many guys who are aspiring IT

German Larez

how do I prove to my potential employers my experience without a certificate?


Those reddit comments just illustrate one of the reasons the technical portion of sub-reddidts are so gross. Bunch of shitheads trying to gatekeep. Fuck them and thank you for your passion and dedication. I have a CCNP and have learned quite a bit from you videos.

Pinaki Roy

The ones complaining are probably the ones who are charging for teaching ccna... U keep it up man.. wish there was someone like u to mentor me 10yrs back.

Noah McGregor

After watching this, I decided to do some practice a+ tests. I ended up doing pretty well! I am going to schedule an exam!


Reddit is a cess pit, I try to use it as little as possible.

Jonathon Suggs

Brooooo-Beard of Justice... My Man! You have no reason to combat these jealous Neanderthals; they just troll to put others down in attempt to fill the void, which is sadly caused by their own ignorance & arrogant ways of life. They are the type of person who was probably neglected or bullied as a child and just want all the attention (if any at all) and limelight; but if they don't get their way, that's when the mask is put on and they become someone who is even uglier an nasty as can be. I feel sorry for those types of people in a way, but then again, I don't. Moving on from those ugly beings lol ? Their are much better things to focus on like technology and bettering ourselves and those who we surround ourselves with. Which, to be honest, I find the best part of being a social butterfly but also a hermit crab at the same time lol! I could go on and on but will sign off by saying these last few things. We may not be heard in life, but always remember, that more importantly our actions speak louder than words. You keep pushing and doing you, making it to the top and overcoming all of that negativity. I can always tell that you aren't even phased by it, because just as I see myself as a spinning image of you, which I find to be of great honor. We are the few of the many who go and push ourselves to the ultimate limit, and never cure that itch of wanting to learn and continue to grow our ever ending lust for knowledge and success! Last year at the end of September, I started my very own Home Automation and Security business. Which I'm proud to say is still kicking during the pandemic and may it not be kicking at full power, I'm here till the end and when I can no longer breath. This right here is my heart and soul, giving back to my community and giving anyone who needs anything the best and absolute most care i can possibly provide may it be a free camera installation, assisted living automation setup, or the shirt off my back, I'll be here to help anyone in need. All of those same type of traits and soul-bound type commitments in life is what I see in you and all of the content you produce. You deserve so much more than what you've already accumulated but deserve so much better than the trolls on Reedit trying to tread down onto your name and soul. You are one of the few last and truly humble people out there and I would be humbled by just getting to meet you in person. This may have seemed a bit of a ramble and offtrack at times, but with my ADHD since diagnosed at 11, I've tried my best to keep focus on things I'm truly passionate about. If any time you need anything or anyone to talk to, I love to nerd out on all things tech and life lol... I'm done rambling on now and will let you get back to making the pure enjoyment for which I can't ever get enough of! Take care, stay safe and stay healthy!!
Jonathon Suggs

David Antoine

Chuck, You do a phenomenal job. Don't let those negative comments get to you. I've been in IT for 4-5 years now. Just became a Network Engineer and this is because that video of you interviewing your brother of passing his CCNA and getting his first job. Keep being you. Thank you. Hope to meet you and your brother at a conference once COVID lets up and has a cure.

Brian Mccullough

And don't be scared to make harder, more in-depth content, thats how we learn!!

Daniel Trubey

It is true what you're saying about your content being aimed at a certain level of tech in their career or wanting to start one. It certainly has helped me shift gears and start a career in IT.


The educational content you're putting out is making networking accessible to newbies like myself (and I have been a SQL DBA for years). Excellent work. Thanks.

Jacob Rindfleisch

Eh don’t worry about people. Not everyone is going to like you as you said. Do what you like. It’s obviously working with almost 500k subscribers.

Chris Bailey

Keep doing you. Thanks for inspiring me to keep pushing on in the same manner. If they are taking time to talk about you, well you know you are doing bigger things. ✊?

Happy Fox

I really don't care what they say... Chuck, your country has a problem where it's making way too much profit over education, there's this student IE: you, me everyone and this student doesn't have a whole lot of cash, they are asked to buy books, a lot of books, about 10-12 per course at $100 a pop sure they have a library at college but all their books are rented out or they just can't get the licence to rent it and with those books if you fail the course it just takes a revision for them to insist you buy a new set of books and trying to get you to do the ergonomics course too and OSHA type stuff for the workplace and this is different each year it's... a tack on charge.

Most networks need you to do one thing and one thing well, administrate the network and do it well without fail or minimal failures and they still want us to buy books and get us to read 5% of it as study material, I purchased a book that is really REALLY thick about one subject on linux, 500 pages... console and it was an ebook for half the price of a paperback for good reason, console isn't going away the means of transportation with cables is going away - or at least changing... they have various different ways of it as well, there's the quad shield cable "quad shield?" yes, like the cable box cable quad shield nice an thicc, there's still the twisted pair with the catx, you wouldn't use the previous generation from 5E inside the server room, you would choose a cat6a or even cat 7... if your employer wants to pay for it fiber and when they want to pay for those it's not the usual "everything is compatible" it makes you run home to your nic and kiss it goodbye.

Your free courses gives us the meat to pass, to freaking pass theis network we build may not... will not stand the test of time but it will give us understanding on how to work, in most jobs they don't train us on how to do the complete job, they train us how to get by and then expect us to fill in the gaps with personal experience you want to do the job better and fill in the gaps faster do one course higher...

One thing a hacker knows is that if you are going to be a ethical or unethical hacker and your network is vulnerable then you need to go back and practice on your own network before PEN testing others or else either you will bring in vulnerabilities while hacking ethically or you will get caught when you are hacking unethically. wipe your ass thoroughly and cover it.

Free courses are great, but you need to teach them about the basics as well, the absolute basics which are habits, using root for every command is a bad habbit.

Cuddle Buddee

Man I don't usually comment but this kinda bothered me. I'm an IT professional and the content you put out motivates me as well as presents a HOST of benefits. Your content presents me paths, ideas, thoughts, opinions, and real world commentary on IT. Whether I agree with what you say or not(can't recall anything I really was averse to), the material you present brings to light things I've maybe never heard of or had cursory knowledge of. Spreading information, a lot of it for free, is a godsend and I appreciate what you do sir. And in my humble opinion, it's genuine and real. I don't even love coffee and you influence me to use my Keurig more lol. Thanks for your content bro, I've enjoyed it.

Husker Nation

Do I hear Professor Network Chuck in the future? I do?. Keep up the great work work Network Chuck ??

Dustov Stroganov

Free CCNA course or commercial for Boson?


In regards to the first critique/comment, I'm quite grateful that you are 'all over the place' because of the amount of knowledge that is required for my job. You provide these small entry points to get up and started with XYZ technology. This is extremely helpful considering I 'have a limited understanding of/lack the knowledge for' XYZ technologies as a DevOps Engineer (transitioned from SWE). If you look at any job description for SRE/DevOps Engineer I'm sure you know what I mean. Am I going to go for my CCNA, no, but I'm fairly certain that having even the most basic understanding from a 10~20 min video you provide will help me in the long run. And that goes for just about any other video you put out, whether it be for Linux/Docker/Kubernetes/Serverless/Ansible/CCNA etc... Please continue to be 'all over the place'.

Rick James

Kinda funny reading those edgy comments you just know right away they fit in two categories:

One: Doesn't know anything just talks out their ass constantly
Two: Are skilled in some IT discipline but have no fruitful career because they obviously lack the tact necessary to be successful in IT

You don't spew crap like that unless your of low cognitive quality or are miserable in your own existence `\o/`


You dont have to explain yourself Chuck. I watch alot of your content and YES you do know your stuff when it comes to Networking! Your video content from the go never gets boring! Excellent editing skills and ideas!

Chad Dumas

"Instead of dumping on people. Help people..." Thanks for making the IT Community brighter.

Ameer Alshara

From ?? i love your content thanks dud

luis marrero

hey Chuck you are doing an amazing job. even if it is true or not that you have not done anything in the IT field which I don't believe it. The way you express and the confidence you have when you are talking about different technologies tells everybody you know what you are talking about, to be able to explain all areas of IT which by the way there is a lot to learn, probably the people who criticized know a piece but not everything. So don't worry and continue doing your great job sometimes people who criticized others are because they envied how fast you have growth. keep drinking coffee and sleep well my friend.

kil yos

This video comes across as insecure to me. You make great content and are obviously an expert at some parts of your field, who cares what people on reddit thin? Thanks for the great content -a software engineer who is interested in networking

Fahad Khan

You prolly won't read this, but, I actually like your presentation style. And even the coffee thing. Anyway, your videos are energetic and male me want to learn more and I love that about your channel.

God Tier

You are awesome Chuck good work.

Cameron Reints

Keep doing you bro, you make it easy to learn. It's hard for me to keep my attention and you do it very well brother

Simon Roberts

Keep up the good work, Chuck, Awesome


Reddit is an echo chamber, never listen to anything from there.

Blork Florkernorp

Tarddit haters are the best measure that you're doing things right. The more of those smoothbrains hate you, the better you're doing.

Jeremy Dumoit

Reddit is garbage. Literal garbage full of adult babies whining from mommy and daddy's basement.


I think the biggest value of your channel is the fact that you get other people excited about learning the field, especially new people.

When I want to study but I can't get motivated to actually put the pedal to the metal and study harder, I come watch a video, or half a video, then dive into a study session. Whether or not you're just an actor as the reddit nerds assert, your excitement about the field is super motivating and your videos about study habits were great reminders of things I had long forgotten.

When I started watching this video I had zero idea of where to start, and now I have narrowed down, in a notebook, the paths I would like to take, and the things I would like to learn.

However, I too wish that some of the tutorials were a little bit more detailed, and a little bit more technical, but that comes with refinement of your vision, maturity as a content creator, and expertise as a teacher. Sometimes it's difficult to know what to teach, what not to teach, when to explain something and when to get to the point, and in videos it's tenfold more difficult, because it takes a lot more work to edit and format the flow of a video than it does to do the same to an essay, or a book.

...And at the same time, if you put too much detail, some newbies might just get bored, so really, what can you do. Watch the video to get fired up to study, then get your hands dirty with the books.

Ultimately, you need to do what you want to do the most. If you try to make everyone happy you'll dilute your channel with projects you weren't able to give your all to - getting jerked to and fro by the whims of one side and another.

Do what you want maboi

M Scott Adams

Software engineer of 5 years. I'm digging the hell out of your videos and learning a ton. Ignore the haters, friend. You're awesome, and you're a phenomenal teacher.

Jake Whitworth

Please do make a series called "you need to learn this right now", I find those videos awesome and tbh you making those videos helps me discover some technologies i wouldn't have the time to find out about myself ! you're videos are awesome and they way you teach is amazing. I learnt my cisco automation using python from you on the ccna 200-301 cbt nuggets course and you're genuinely the best coach i found for it

Michael Gorman

Information technology is actually only about one subject: Communication / information! Networking is a means to distribute and organise information, and communication is THE only reason our human society can exist, I work from this basis. Reddit: self styled analysts who are exceedingly judgemental (and not open to discussion) They are always trying to rip people down if they dare to produce content, because they don't have the initiative to! (They are way too self absorbed to consider helping others also).


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robert lemons jr

It's funny when grown men feel the need to use valuable time talking about another grown man using his time to help others and himself and family. Seems like a trend amongst people who are stagnant and don't see value in others. Sad. Says a lot about each individual who takes time to respond to each to pile on someone who they don't know.

Tech Honour

"...If you can't make it market-able , nobody will find it."

Real HIFI Help

I think that most of the things on reddit are partly true. But they don't realize a lot of people want content on a lot of different levels, and there is too much dry stuff on the net that totally stops people from going on with IT. Most people that teach networking are so bad at explaining it, that you die from boredom/confusion and end up quitting it. I am glad NetworkChuck exists, he is able to make things digestable so all people can learn stuff. We need more people like Chuck!

rakib .h

People are NUTS .Do Not listen to them

Uwin Vidanage

he's like LTT, it's a fun channel that covers technology in a fun way, you don't watch Linus for accurate benchmarks, you watch him to some buy a 7000$ 1080p transparent tv just to make fun of it

v m

Don't let does negative nellys get you down man! I think you have one of the most awesome personality on the tube. I'm 31 years old right now and I am starting a cyber security collage and going an all different route, I was a mechanic before and learned a lot about computer repair, setup, software and making networks and that's how I got the idea to learn security and hacking. As a guy that's also all over the place with learning I like that you are all over the place too and cover most of the aspects of IT, I learn a lot from you! You can't have enough knowledge and make sure you have no regrets at the end, that's what matters. Thank you for what you are doing and keep ongoing! Kind regards from a dutchie :D

Gen Lucero

After the CCNA Videos, I hope you make some for Microsoft Certs.
I'd love watching your random crap bull** (I'd agree to that), great thing for entertainment and learning some new info. :D
More power Chuck!


When network chuck said "You need to learn python", then I suddenly study python and I realize, im good with it. and now, I do some challenges on leetcode and I can now build a webpage using django. FYI.. I am also a CCNA R&S passer.. What network chuck trying to say, in IT one skill is not enough and you need learn more and explore other platform like python, linux etc...


Please ruin my life Chuck Daddy!

Hob Goblin

Chuck - Your videos are good - you introduce a lot of people to IT and go beyond just here is what a computer does. You also help a lot of people with jobs, both IT and non-IT, seeing what is out there and the skills needed to do it. You can't make everyone happy but considering your subscriber base it seems like your large following is happy with the stuff you put out. Thanks for the great content.

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ayman zeldamaster

Now I know exactly what to do?


I got 5 platinum awards for saying lol on a comment I know have 5 months of Reddit premium free

ayman zeldamaster


Reddit coins

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giving out my last reddit coins

41 views | 28 Nov. 2020