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TOYOTA PRIUS - Everything You Need to Know | Up to Speed

1 089 407 views | 4 Jun. 2020

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The Toyota Prius might be one of the most hated cars, but it was the first mass-produced hybrid in automotive history! It kicked off a revolution with the Prius concept and quickly turned into an entire Toyota hybrid family, including the Prius Plug-In, Prius C and Prius V. From 1899 to 2020, join James as he explores the Toyota Prius and tries to find LOVE for one of the most hated cars.

Wheelhouse: Are Electric Cars REALLY Better for the Environment?

► https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G67i_Z8ukD4

Up to Speed is a weekly automotive history show about the best cars, brands, designers, drivers and influencers ever. Host James Pumphrey covers everything from the Toyota Supra to the Chevy El Camino, The VW GTI to the Subaru WRX. The origins of every car will be uncovered to get you Up to Speed..

Some of our best videos ever are coming out soon, stay tuned so you won't miss a thing!

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NoStress-Relaxing Music

dislikes, unsubscribes, uninstalls utoobe, uninstalls system 32, sells pc, moves out

Ramon Hernandez

Gmail vs AOL
I'm dying ?

Doru Dan

Keep going with Post Malone age refference !!!


Prius tyres though

vidar sylvan


Panav Mendiratta

"Yes, we are actually doing this. Your Computer, eyes, and ears are not broken."

Anhe X.

7:15 in Singapore

Rage HD

so the battery from the prius prototype where made by samsung?

Panav Mendiratta

I love it when James gets passive-aggressive towards the Prius

Thom Jack

Do the Toyota RAV4!!

supra that plays roblox UwU


Mike Vasovski

I like the show and the Chanel overall however, the way you scream and make points with fucked up voice. Each time have to put volume down and wheb u r done i miss half of the info cause it's too quite.. This drives me crazy. Wanna play it quite but... That's why I sometimes skip the videos cause impossible to watch...

Spaz SS

Did anyone else get a donut ad on this video




Up to slow


8:056 cartman will be sued


I LOVE that Sandlot quote he slipped in there: “...FOR-E-VERRR!” ? gotta love the 90’s baby. 

One Miata

Toyota Prius everything you need to know to get up to slow on the Toyota Prius

Ryan Brown

If I got a hybrid I would not get a prius?. I would get a fusion or something like that.

Alex Hernandez

who else got a Toyota commercial

Steve K

His constant screaming is getting old

Mattias Eensaar

Fun fact: priius means freedom in estonian

benjy_the Wierdo1

This is a episode between a up to speed and science garage

Rocket Murphy


Ni Siao

That scene of boom is from singapore, where they use prius for taxis

Pasan kithmina

Its s000000000 ugly and EXPLOSIVE

Forza Clips

Imagine being overtaken by a Prius in your WRX STI

Joseph Joestar

honestly i think toyota knew that people were gonna use prius's as a taxi car in the UK and just havent stopped producing them

This is Midas

people:prius is boring
prius: 7:12

Dane Kelly

Fr do the oil crisis shirt

Hard Rock Relics

7:54 he is doing the William Murderface Murderface voice !!!!!! ?

_BearJuice _

Every one of my friends discovered their dream cars in the up to speed videos and I finally got a reason to own a Prius

Anhe X.



A 1000 orders sounds like a ton to me.

Case in Point Sports TV

I wish mine would hit 130 on the uphill climbs... is that just me? lol can I get like a chip for that?


I have a Ford Fusion Hybrid, which I'm told feels like a Prius, but it gets pretty loud when you give it the beans and is quite fun

Coolkid 59 /C59

He forgot Brian griffin

Ni Siao

My country uses priuses as taxis

Arav_2005 EBF1

7:14 lmao that clip was shot in Singapore I can tell by the SBS transit bus, any fellow Singaporean’s out there?

Ka Gg

I have a 2001 honda insight and it is awesome! Looking at a prius now. The insight is so small, but ridiculously fuel efficient

Pasan kithmina

How can a tiny little hybrid beat the Toyota prado

tliska10 adventures

Prius is a tank, had a 09 with 230k and my wife has a 2010 with 203k before we sold them I currently have a 14 ct200h with 163k. My race car is a weekend car you need a great daily this is it



Lorenzo Rosario

I hate the Toyota Prius

Since sliced Bread

7:13 rare footage of terrorists using car bombs



Josh Crawley

Do a bumper-to-bumper on the land cruiser please


I did a double barrel roll with mine

sapphireID 3

get the toyota prius som consumers

Tang Kian Siong

7:15 wow singapore

Scramator *

I hope there is no oil crisis merch crisis

Nipuna Pamuditha

Why the f most car people don’t understand the existence of this car it’s a reliable fuel efficient car for regular people. I won’t buy it for sure but there are many people who aren’t into cars




I'm gonna say it

I think the Prius is a good car.

Ojas Thakur

(not really)


Ah, Yes. For the ultimate soy boy.

Valentina Gibby

I just love you! ? just by the way you are and speak oh my goodness! ?lol

Kieran Hennessey



7:12 Footage of the Prius prototype

Roshaan Sadiq

dude is post malone your dad or something

Cyonix Gaming

98 horsepower. Epic.

snoahhh h

"like if your favorite crisis is the oil crisis"

45K people ok.

Erfi Dhahlan

The clip that the Prius exploded was taken in Singapore


my favorite car

Erman Lund

7:13 is the best part

The Man

Tesla is better.

Chris Lavery

I for one am excited for oil crisis merch.

Aiden Hopkins

Is it weird how when the car exploded, I then got an ad of a 2020 Prius?


Remember when Priuses were out for blood back in the day?

jordanimated streaming

just like the prius, it took over 9 minutes for this episode to get up to speed. ad/10.

Jude Furr

8:05 climate control hahaha


I like the bad guy Star trek Prius

Anu T

ya know if you put a 1jz in a prius it would confuse peaple and be cool


I really think this guy should hold an ice cream ? as his “microphone” I feel like it will fit his comedic presentation style


Wait so Prius is literally just toyota typing "first" in the comments section, but they're the asshole who says first even when they clearly are not first.

Yacine ALG

So Toyota started it ?, And those hybrids have an engine and an electric motor ?, Wow, i got some knowledge here

Great !


You have to love the Prius, because if boring cars didn't exist, the fast cars the general public gets would become boring, ruining it for us

Hidden in Plain Sight Official

Unpopular opinion, I’m fine with the Prius’s design

Ryan Nagano

Everything you need to know about Prius: The archenemy of car enthuse, must be destroyed.

Conor C.yde

Please do toyota t 100 lmao ?

Mohammad A

When did "Up to speed" stopped being passionate with some fun and turned into a bad joke !?
Sorry but if you watch James's older episodes they had a bit more professionalism in them and one can feel real interest from Donut Media.
I am a bit disappointed, however I wish them all well and that they hopefully come out of this phase.
I also miss Bart !
Big love !

Laura Brown

In Modern Living Rooms Everyone Using "SoundProof Curtains" That Stops Outside Noise by 80% (25 Db) Tested. Check Here: https://livesoundproof.com/best-soundproof-curtains/

1994 Honda Civic GLi

James’s face in the thumbnail


I fucking hate that car

Cl1nical Depression9

Next up to speed should be on the hybrid engine


It’s crazy, the new hybrid ravs hit the same numbers as a Prius, and with the hybrid corollas taking their place as the gas sipper, the only reason to keep the Prius around would be as a namesake full electric.

Also, where is the Prius prime in this? That’s what really made me say wow.


Prius ganggg

Robin R. Koykka

Clickbait, there were no donuts...
...unless we're counting Pirius tires

Weeklongwind 647

13:59 is that a T E S L A behind you. IT IS PRODUCING P O L L U T I O N. *faints*?

Nathan Lee

You guys should to an up to speed on the MG brand. New old Top gear with the 3 blithering idiots covered them briefly in one of their news segments, I think I’d b if you guys could go in depth on them.

ka lee

I love how this is the one episode that doesn’t start with a burnout

Santiago Romero

Guy:u got mail!
U got mail person:u got mail


“Shit driver in a shit box” - that’s all you need to know.

Newblood AR

@donut can we do one over hybrid trucks?


0:40 did anyone else think they were about to get rickrolled


i was prius

Maulaya Syauqi Mirza

Everyone: I hate prius
Me: you should see the customized prius it's siccckkkk


"matsushita battery industry company" is old company name.
Now, it is "panasonic". They are one of suppliers for tesla.

Hamza Majeed

love your videos sir

Red Mukungu

James please do us an up to speed on the Peugeot 504

Totaled eclipse meme

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Destroying Flat Earth Without Using Science - Part 1: The Moon

720 926 views | 24 Apr. 2020

My last flat earth video

My last flat earth video didn't sit too well with their "community", to say the least. My 10 challenges were apparently so impossible that no one attempted a single one of them, despite the numerous pathetic attempts at response videos. It has become clear that even though I've been explaining middle school level science in these videos, it's still way too far above their heads, so with this one I really wanted to break it down even further for them. Here's a tidy little morsel of flat earth destruction that requires precisely zero scientific knowledge to comprehend. Enjoy.

10 Challenges for Flat Earthers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AQl8h7Aa75s

The Destruction of the Globebusters: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDy95_eNPzM

Support me in my debunking efforts: https://www.patreon.com/professordaveexplains

Gwai Lo

All that frustration, but still states everyone sees the same face of the moon. Kind of like how the north star is always there.


great videos very funny. quick question professor, do you believe we could be living in a simulation? have you done any videos on this or planning to?

i Bank

why you put such effort to do it?

none of your business

Doesn't the moon look slightly different based on one's latitude though, aside from which side is up? Vaguely remember seeing something like that...
Pretty sure I mentioned it in a comment at some point, but YT in its infinite wisdom decided to erase my accounts a few hours after I refuted another flerfer's antivax lies...

Jalapeño and Banana Productions

This us one of the best things professor did

Secret of Secrets

No flat... No round... It's just rounded flat.! And all the headache will be gone...


The earth is flat

In Minecraft

James Silverio

Flat eathers travel back in time and say earth is flat to the people back then be like

People back then: is that a baby in the future or a person from an alien planet?

sean daly

Flat earthers are just people who play superflat worlds too much

Eris Eden

I'm saddened that these kinds of videos and debunking flat earth has to exist today. It's really fucking sad. It has been known for thousands of years that earth is round. Church burned people at stake, trying to establish flat earth... and I really hope that by now we all (or most of us) know that Church is bad af, and they murdered everyone they could of those who challenged their dogmas or dared to live their own philosophy. Are flatters trying to revert us back to that point? What is wrong with them? It sickens me. This is the opposite of fighting for truth and justice.

Sheepo 0211

The moon is flat to?????

Chinaman 2600

Ok sample example....your two friends....one in front, one in back. But one is anywhere on the ball/globe/sphere/whatever right as night is allow the stars to be visible and friend number two is on opposite side of ball/globe/sphere/whatever right before the stars fade. Now being that each one is pretty much on either opposite/half of the world, why/how is it that they can see the same stars/constellation??? Shouldn't their up be facing totally different directions? Like say one person is in Brazil on the other in Africa(pretty much opposite of each other) both ppl looking up should not see same thing/stars considering their up is totally opposite so how is it that both are seeing same stars at same time. If universe is all around why do we only see the stars as 2D? Shouldn't there be different stars/constellations from different points on earth. Yes, from closely the same areas you would see the same stars but from opposite sides you should see a different view/stars cause now you're looking totally opposite of. Example: if you're at the most northern top of earth looking up how are you seeing the same stars as when you're at the most southern bottom of earth? Aren't we/you/anybody looking into totally different directions of space??? Seems as if space is somehow flat/2D(no matter where we are and look up we only see the same). Not saying that earth is flat or round or cube or real or whatever....just asking and hoping for an answer that makes sense. Cause round or flat shit doesn't add up.


Spatial reasoning. Nice.

NASA Payroll system

You seem to be suggestions that the Flat Earth community may possibly be wrong !
Good grief , who’d have thought it eh? ...

MSA 79

There are more than 70 government space agencies. Why all of them say the exact same thing ?


just tell them about rainbows haha

Birthson Bluebell

Do your own research, people!


Your first point makes no sense because they don't believe they view from the side....it's positioned like you looking up at a huge Frisbee in the sky. Personally I've never been to space so I can't 100% say if it's either round or flat. But atleast address their actual claims.


This dude is hilarious

Lawrence Duguman



Would be a nice creative task to calculate how the laws of optics would have to change to make the Flat Earth geometry work with what our senses tell us. Hollow Earth with us on the inside is easy (mathematically). This one looks a bit more tricky.
But maybe there is a conspiracy that each of us got something implanted in our eyes at birth and all the doctors are in on it, so we never find out about it.

Cordelia Deboux

Videos like this motivate me to work really hard in physics so I can combat these idiots when I meet them. Good vid.

Pricila Inzunza

The moon its just a reflect !!

FourCinnamon 0

But what if the moon on the flat earth was higher up and pointing down "like a spotlight"? Then we wouldn't see it change shape

Human Being

We all see the same face of the moon simply because it is far away.

Bailey Stoner

Didn't watch any of this because "Destroying Flat Earth Without Using Science" is the only way to prove that Earth is a globe. If you used science, you'd see that it's not a globe.


flat moon society when

Tom Shaw

i see blue behind the sun and you do too.game over.


But, what if the Moon was a Disk too?
X-files music plays

Anonymous Anonymous

I just don’t understand how someone can believe the earth is flat how can someone be that stupid

Aslpuppy 10

I believe the Earth is round, but I realized that if the moon is really big and really far away, then the proof breaks down. If the moon is a disk pointed at the earth, then it would keep the same shape.

Buat Game

If moon rotates, why the face of the moon always looks the same, shouldn't it be different

username 13.7

Yman was here :)

Sam Wessels

come on flat earthers!

everybody knows the earth is the shape of a triangle

João Pedro

I have a conspiracy theory about conspiracy theory

The flat earth society is actually a society who make themselfs look dumb and stupid and "try" spread a missinformation soo people study and actually got smarter

1 step backward,2 steps foward


How many of us learned about physics because of flat earthers?


I came here to relief myself after winning an argument against flerfs.

Dylan Anderegg

Thank you for showing the reality of reality

Kraken Entertainment LLC

Murica! And everything else that belongs to the British Empire. Biggest masses of uneducated and disqualified humans in this world... Incapable enough to understand what relativity and perspective is.


so condescending just shows how insecure this brainwashed sheep really is

NASA Payroll system

Wait a minute ... I got it
Each area of the planet .. projects a CGI image of the moon up onto there own area glass bubble dome thing ... and it’s always the same image .. all over the dark area of the planet .. the bit where the sun with a lampshade on doesn’t shine ..
so everyone sees the same moon at the same time .. boom ? gotcha

Nik MacFarlane

Lol, actually wasting your time in this still. ?


If gravity exists how come it cant be duplicated in a lab?


I found this channel and enjoyed the other videos quite a bit. I came on this one and.... wow. Unsubbed. It has nothing to do with the idea of flat earth (which is silly and ridiculous), but the fact you just name call, make fun of people, and just are plain mean spirited in this video. Complete contrast of your others. Sure I don't agree with people who believe in a flat earth and I think it's unscientific, but you are just being a bully on here and it's a stark contrast to your other more friendly videos. Super poor taste.

Hona Wikeepa

The earth can't think.

Gaming Knight

I’m gooing to try a model for flat earth believe me I’m not a flat earthier

stephan roos

And while everyone is being distracted by silly arguments like the earth is round, flat or the shape of a potato. They're missing what's really going on in this world and giving yet another point to the elite making it almost entertaining for them

Hero Jiro

The Enochian calander is kinda cool. It was an earlier conception that separated the year in 360 days and was accurate for an archaic model. It was thousands of years ago.

Joseph Maloy

It's flat, the moon is artificial or not real.

Dan Sharp

Don't be all that confident that flat earthers have been educated. Instead, they have been expending their "reasoning" power on MAGA political conspiracies. Once that dies down, they'll be right back to these comments providing no proof other than "so and so signed an affidavit".

Jeffery Wallace

Geometry is math just saying not a flat earther thou ??


Azimuthal equidistant projection and the USGS . debunk them please. They try to say all their surveying is done on that model? No way the earth is a globe and im on my way to the moon tonight if all goes well. Peace brother and stay globular;-)


Earth is a triangle,
That's how Italians came up with the shape of pizza

sean daly

Once I had a debate with a flat earther and they were saying: gravity can hold down so much water then it should splatter a fly on the ground no way anything they can fly! The water has magnets in it that lets the magic magnetic field push it down

Quint Van Giessen

What if for some random reason the earth was flat then we would all look stupid
(It’s round)


Donald Obama deleted his delusional and idiotic comments.


Operation fishbowl ??‍♂️indoctrination at its finest

Nick Wright

Noob-Noob: GOD.... DAAAAMN


I don't believe in the flat earth but I also don't understand why people slander them so much. Like the theory has no impact on me lol. Idk the controversy around this topic is stupid.

Here We Go!

lol imagine thinking that this isn't science. What a dumb title


I keep clicking these videos thinking i'll be the lucky winner that unlocks the "ultimate key to all flat earthers webcams"... I just want to see faces; befuddled, enlightened, etc

Ryan Meade

Making fun of anyone for any reason only proves a persons insecurities within themselves. FACT. All you're doing is bashing people for having an opinion. And do it the entire video adding middle school taunts on top of it all. It's really sad guy. Honestly I suggest therapy. (I'm NOT a flat earther btw)


The FE is the similar to the globe model except the Sun moon & stars are refracting in thru what you call the Van Allen Belts. We are not ON a BALL, rather in half a ball. You forgot about the REFRACTION!


Imagine believing earth is flat in 2021 ?

sean daly

I remember having a debate with a flat earther... It was 3 months ago and when I asked for proof he said he had proof.

And I never heard from him/her since

Mr Becker

the fact that we can fly from south america to austrailia in a short distance is the best debunk ever

Dwi Jhordy Jheovandi

Wack Video

Jonathan Diaz

The dumbest thing I've ever heard. #1 how can you compare 2 friends ground level on each side to some in the sky ?totally different things

Sung-Jin Schlottke

Professor Dave, if you reply to this comment I will try and figure out some way that math proves the existence of a flat earth. I will use the help of astronomy and mathematics professor. If I can't I will come back tomorrow and let you know...
btw I'm not a flat earther I'm just doing it for the memes

Harry Eichelberger

My favorite part is who people living hundreds of years ago knew the earth was round... Now with all the information at their fingertips... These idiots can even figure it out.


How can a level work on a ball earth?


People is so dumb thinking flat is earth ? since when I was kid i already know earth is round.

Vincent D

I believe that the earth is of a shape of a banana because of our monkey brain ??

Anay Sharma

Wtf I am doing today, YouTube just recommended a video of national geographic channel about flat earth vs round earth, an I watched one by one all recommendations, very interesting.
Am I to inteligent to understand that what flat earthers think.
Very good response to all flat earth society.
Tbh, If I met an flat earther, I would show him this video first.


Your moon theory only works if the moon was larger than the earth

jolly poppers

Clearly a virgin

Charles Godines

Nobody said the moon was flat(smh)

Devin Abigt

If there is a dome, moon could be on surface of it facing earth, enabling us to all see same moon. Only thing I can think of. Not a flat earther btw.

Toxic Cooler

It baffles me that people think that the earth is flat.

The FUNTIME foxy plush Adventures

I’m just looking for the crackheads that say we live in a bubble with cgi and say space is fake

Cheeba Bong

EVERYONE READ, 1000000000% ACTUAL PROOF EARTH IS A SPHERE! Think I do need to start posting this comment everywhere so biased opinions & trolls don't get away with manipulation. I have a very open mind, I understand the "possibility", but nothing I've seen is actual proof & it's IMPOSSIBLE with this fact. Look at the sun!, north/south pole, both go 360 degrees at certain times & both go different directions. I understand it goes counterclockwise south of the equator, but NEVER, would you see the sun go past a 180 degree angle (a bit less) south of the equator (regardless of what's said about eye perception). The sun does NOT rise & set exactly east/west, it's technically a bit more unless you live on the equator, I'm in Canada, unless USA is towards the inside of the bowl that the sun makes when it curves, then yes maybe earth is flat, but then flat earthers diagram of the sun is incorrect. Yet again too, no counterclockwise sun, that means the sun would circle wider past Africa. Please use logic before you turn thoughts/biased opinions into manipulation, that's dangerous for are society, especially after dealing with Trump for 4 years.

Scott France

Work this out genius according to NASA the earth spins at roughly 1000 miles per hour , it goes around the sun at 66,000 miles per hour roughly , and the whole solar system is moving through space at 500,000mph , now you're on a little rocket shooting out into that space

Alex Rompen

Pfft... CLEARLY there is a giant LED screen covering the entire sky that shows the same part of the moon everywhere... oh.. and time travelers went back to install it in ancient times

Roger Reed

You can do the exact same thing on a flat earth that you just described with the globe model depending on where the moon is in relationship to us. The earth is definitely flat.


Flat earthers biggest weakness is science itself.


If the moon was a projection, it would be invisible because space doesn’t have walls
Take that, you muppets!


Someone once told me the moon was a projection...I hate people

Dutch Mcfadyen

This video is absolutely amateur! I was laughing so hard??

Alexander Beers

They can see the same face of the object if the moon is non-euclidean!

Comrade 0w3n

We fuckin did it

Mathias Saucedo

I can imagine that some people are gonna say CAP lmao


Hello to everyone sorting by newest first. Let’s go watch flat-earthers get completely destroyed in the comments.

Sillygamer 156

Am I the only one here looking for flat earther comments?

Hoyt Eternal

rEfRaCtioN: for flat earthers it is a magical word that explains any optical observation that does not line up with their beliefs
moon looks the way it looks? refraction

Draco duck

flat earthers watching this

I was murdered

carla MR

This was kindergarten.

Scott France

Within seconds the earth is moving away from you at 66,000mph and somehow you gotta land back on it lol

MSA 79

I'm just amazed by how all of the governments around the world which are tearing each other down at any opportunity are agree in this one subject.

Rohan Anerao

The people disliking your videos, I assume, are flat earthers and the number of dislikes are really disturbing. The US has to do something about their education system.

Learning Again

Just a quick question regarding the model at 2:18

Couldn't you raise the moon higher to the point where everyone would see the same side, due to it being so high that you wouldn't be able to see other sides?

Anonymous Anonymous

My dog understands that the earth is round

Totaled eclipse meme

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DrDisrespect - Alleyways

5 481 636 views | 17 Jul. 2020

You can never take away

You can never take away the power of my soul. Firm handshakes to J+1.

Song by J+1

♦ https://jplusone.bandcamp.com/

♦ https://open.spotify.com/artist/66q9TLB3xM6Yn0kIFiftpd

♦ Download: https://jplusone.bandcamp.com/track/alleyways

♦ Graphic by Thorsten: https://twitter.com/thorsten_denk

♦ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/drdisrespect/

♦ Twitter: https://twitter.com/DrDisRespect

♦ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/drdisrespectlive/

♦ TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@drdisrespectlive

♦ Producer/Director/Lighting: Alex

♦ Co-Assistant Editor: https://twitter.com/HobbertGames

♦ Co-Assistant Producer: https://twitter.com/ThePeacePigeon


Trump's alt after he got banned on twitter


The doc is next to Jesus

Ss Nn

There's no one . I HAVE ONLY ONE WAY OUT.. he will never stop. After my family now.
someone save this message cause when I'm gone missing this will set me free.


Me when cheat on wife

Ginger Psych

This is better then any of KSI music and that man tries his heart out?


And this isn't even his final form. Think about it

Huggy Buns



Anyways, um... I bought a whole bunch of shungite rocks, do you know what shungite is? Anybody know what shungite is? No, not Suge Knight, I think he's locked up in prison. I'm talkin' shungite. Anyways, it's a two billion year-old like, rock stone that protects against frequencies and unwanted frequencies that may be traveling in the air. That's my story, I bought a whole bunch of stuff. Put 'em around the la casa. Little pyramids, stuff like that.

Henry Knauss


is me

What Genre is this??


This song is almost pull me out of my way

And go somewhere else for being in this feelings


Real ish right here!

Jonathan Chapman

The reason why I like him cuz he’s so smart and I know he can do anything so I even listen on Spotify and he on it! Keep up the hard work!!!

- Decongested


Luis D'Andrea


Ss Nn

He deleted me Comment

Sarcasm is Real


Karl Goulding

The two time!

Alex Lopez

THE DOC ???????

Jonny Ringo

...The POWER of My Soul...!

nikolay shilov

This should have an extended version


I cant say how much love u doc




Man shaped twitch

Ben '88Ghosts'

John Swan live anyone?


What a track ! Dr you are the man !

বিক্রম তূর্য

Love You Doc☢️?


Were on the tippity top of the mountain, and were only half way up! - the 2x

Brady Wilson

The two-time does it all. And it’s quality. Yayaya


no more RAULLL


Best song!

John Marco

Who else sang with the 2x

Karo Koivisto

I came here from ECOs remix. Both are awesome!

Warren G Beatty



Nobody messes with the Doc

No bueno

Copyright infringement from bloodsport ?


Living Legend Always At His Finest Hour!


Producer: Kinda feels like GTA: Vice City doesnt it?


So doc what happened?


His Name is Dr . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Dis . . . . . . . . . . . .Respect!!!

frank waites

I need the 10 hour version of this!!!



Juan Cafe

Jam !

Ethan Charles

I think warzone should have this song play when you get near doc in game.

Arthur Dent

Need a Doc and Z duet like I need a heart.

Eli Maki

Still like this song. Even though you look like slim shady.


Trump’s song while he waits for 2024.

Parsa Nejhadazar


Daniel Volosin

I just lost a friend, he was only 28 and we started off as coworkers, then friends and we gamed together on xbox. This song hits harder than ever before...

Lost & Stoned

He is fukin creative as devil

Press Dave

"Violence, Speed, Momentum." -The DOC


He's growing........ And one day.......... He will be unstoppable..........


Blasting this in a red Camaro with a group t mustache and glasses just for you do. Glad you you g a new Avenue we love you!!

Edward Rechtofen

Not Bad Man

Arian Lai

........... ............
.......... .............
.. ..

.. ..

Fahim Shahriar Hasib

who is listening to this in 2021


cyberpunk vibes

Osama Alomiri

Still waiting Sadge


Doc is the greatest streamer ever, clearly.


This is turning into one of my favorite songs!

Tommy Private

Broh we need the Doc on Spotify! like right now!

ramon hernandez

Song needs to be longer ?

C Blazek

The best part of 2020, this 6 foot 8, 37 inch leaping, 1993-1994 back to back two time superstar world champion climbing the peak halfway up, crushing chubby cheekers, and taking names. Yayayayayayayaya

Dylan Henasey

Firm handshakes to anyone still listening to this song.

J Jensen

This song is deep. Banger for sure ?

dave's dodgy dealers

1v1f ferg

raffael luchie

Violence speed momentum

Lil Peep

Baby baby baby ..yayayayayaya 37 inch vertical leap ..1994 world champ ..


The 6’8 frame. The 37 inch vertical leap. The veiny arms. The ponytail dripping with success, covered in Vaseline from head to tippy toe. The multi million dollar deals, the billions and billions dollars worth champions club arena filled with hundreds of millions of members all cheering him on. The multiple gaming awards and trophies, the medallions all on display. I don’t know how anyone could do it any better. Dr Disrespect.... the 1993-1994 2 Time Champ, a true international video gaming superstar

Maxi Rojas


juan flores

this hits different

Little Pepito

Now more than ever..

Super Vegeta

If anyone ever says anything bad about this man,
They are Jealous.
Doc’s my dude,
He’s the man ??


I woke up with this track, what a feeling

Imsure Dont ask me

This was 6 months ago?

James Stender

the song is too short

Freddies Adventures For Kids

Bring Miami Vice back! Jan Hammer and the Dr doing the soundtrack!!!!

Muhammad Tayyab

You can never take away the power of my soul
That line????

Ben Snow


C.J.J ipredictariot

means more now than ever


Ok that's awesome

Wacky Ditto

I need this on vinyl yesterday!

Dash o7


ookeeoo X

listening to this makes you think--- C'mon

Jarrad Liam

There are 4.5k beta males who disliked this video.





Tiny Price

Rick James hair ?


ladies and gentlemen, gta 6's music


On my way to ICU dad's fighting 4 his life the song says it all

ai Spadez




SubhanZ ZZ

ĆŸBĖR púñk 2280

Junior Miller


Bundeep Nanda

THE NAME...........yall know the rest... lol


When my other wife finds out about my wife ✌️

Get Mad

Best song so far


I have this song on full blast as I am going 10mph on the 101 freeway

I'm Anrik

“Violence. Speed. Momentum.”


This song needs to be longer and full lyrics