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WE SHOULD BE DOING VAN LIFE - But instead... Which would you choose?

11 052 views | 9 Feb. 2021

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We usually make epic van life travel videos showing stunning locations and life on the road... alot has changed over the last couple of months. Join us as we flash back to our vanlife adventures and try to stay sane in this crazy world as we test the 2 titans of a van life kitchen, the Omnia Oven and the Ridge Monkey. This video was sponsored by Skillshare.

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We are Nick and Sarah a couple with our 2 little dogs Dizzee and Charlie we are the exPAWers! We have a passion for CREATIVE FILM MAKING and a LOVE FOR TRAVEL and our plan is to DRIVE ACROSS THE WORLD and to inspire others to follow their dreams.

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FREEDOM song: Enyo & Mario Ayuda feat. Gaby Henshaw - Freedom [Concordia Recordings]



We would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to all of our Subscribers and everyone who watches our videos and for all of the lovely comments, it really does mean a lot to us.

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Toni Adventures

Greetings from subzero Wyoming USA!!! I love your roof terrace!!! What a wonderful space and terrific views!!

Denise Christie

Another great video !!! Love your roof terrace It looks a really fab place to be with views in all directions.The carrot cakes bake-off proves that its possible to make them without a conventional oven,great results too Sarah.Those boys get even more adorable if thats even possible x

Gords Jackson


marcey casey

love your porch and now that u told us u made it that is just awsome . is there a way u could walk threw share link to see how it would look if u open it up ior is what u have shown in this video what it looks like??

Kathy Hays

I have watched you baked other stuff in the Omni a oven. That is really cool

Stewart Ashling

Come to the uk 2000 grand fir a hotel .
They are nuts the government

penguin chick



As always your food looks amazing ?

Joe Snow

Does the Ridge Monkey double up as a toaster? Trying to make a list of must have accessories for my recently converted van!

Giselle Plant Based Vegan

Great seeing all of you. The terrace looks like a whole other space to enjoy the outdoors. You certainly put a lot of work into your home ?
I was looking at one of those contraptions, the ridge or Omni, after seeing you use those on your travels. I thought those would be great to use at home on the gas grill, especially during the warmer months so as not to heat up the house. Well, that was months ago and I never decided which would be best for my cooking. After seeing this I think the Omni would do best. The carrot cake looks delicious. As I was watching this eating lunch and having mango nice cream I just made, knowing that some traditional carrot cakes will have pineapple, I wondered how mango would taste ? anyway, your recipe looks delicious and quite simple. I’ll have to watch it again to get some of the measurements, don’t recall if you used baking powder. Thanks again and stay well ?missed your live stream ?Love Yo the boyz?

Robin Jones

I really enjoy your videos when I watch you guys you are so creative you got such personality and you're never boring never hope all is well take care of many blessings


As you like visiting Portugal what do you think to the new laws banning wild camping

Suzanne Pike

Great Video!!!...as usual. Loved your travel scenes!!

Ken Redgate

Playing catch-up today , was cooking yesterday , Shep's pie (yes , real Shep's) and orange cake , beautiful . But will have to get an Omni and a ridge monkey . I'm one of those guys who just loves to cook whether home or in the can so when we are back on the road I'll try cooking your way , great vlog , take care .

Jesse Boyd

Love the view and gardening!

Neale Burgess

Charlie. Cuteness scale: 10 out of 10. Intelligence scale: 5 out of 10. Don't worry Charlie, I still love you!

sharon stewart

Stay well guys ☺️ thank you for this ! Really enjoyed ???

Helen Elliott

?for Charlie

Ian of SJKartwork

Great update guys.......you got one beautiful house.........I remember my mam shouting for me to come in and she would shout like she was singing "I...........annann...........I.........annann"...........stay safe.........thanks for sharing

Dee F

Amazing editing Nick. I love the way Dizzy is the boss lol Sarah you trimmed Charlie lovely. His little face is the sweetest.
As always, much love and keep safe
Dee, Portsmouth, UK xxxx

Louise Sutton

Van life will return and all this will become a 'distant' memory/time. Our van, Barry, is sat at the garage having jobs done ready for lift off when we can ?

Helen v Walker

Brilliant montage near the start! Just waiting for my Ridgemonkey to be delivered. Perfect timing. Thank you?

Paul D

I had black labs (working dogs) the funniest was watching them eat spag bol

EDD Vanlife

As a follower have not before noticed how clever your Logo is. Vinnie and his exhaust plus the paw with claw mountains. Lentil Spag bol looks well tasty. Keep meaning to get soya meat substitute as run out, top of the grocery list.

Ray C

Are you on lockdown ?

Gillian H

Love Charlie & Diz they’re adorable, you guys are just the support act ?

Kat Avy

Hi Nick, Sarah, Dizzee, & Charlie. Love your vlog in your beautiful home. It is something to look forward to. I get so excited when I see your new vlog. Love how you make vegan so easy and deliscious. Take care

RohanOnTour with Mike, Poppy & Frank

Thumbs up ?? for Charlie, and Dizzee

marcey casey

i loved how u showed us the clips of all the places ull went and I really loved the info about whats good to cook with. also why ull are in you little town are ull able to walk around it or take pic if the outside of little market,I would love to see if u can and dont kmow why but want to see market i guess because u all talk about how is the pics going that u were going to hang up ? please give charlie and dizzy hug amd kisses for me and my babies over here.what made u move from uk

Eleanor Byrne

Enjoying your content so much xoxox

jackiesmiths Metaldetecting videos

I only got to use my ridge monkey once so far and i only made a cheese n tomato toastie lol , I should practise in the house during lockdown just aint got the will :) x

Suzanne Elliott

I do admire your cooking skills, I am prohibited from cooking! Apparently the family objected to being called for dinner by the smoke alarm! Some people are so unappreciative! ?

Arnold J. Rimmer

Nice vlog guys, I wonder if you can cook a pie in the Omni oven☺
I thought that terrace next to yours was the neighbours. How come you don't really use it?

Kathy DeCree

Hey guys. 1st, I love Charlies' hairstyle. He has Nicks' mohawk. Sarah, you made me hungry with this video. Gotta go and throw something together. Thanks for the inspiration. Stay safe see you later Love you and the boys


Its not where you are, its who you are

Sandra DuBose

Of course you had to get the chairs out for the dogs! As soon as they are unfolded Dizzy jumps in :)


Can I say Charlie is my fav?

Tracie Latham

I will be making your carrot cake! Looks delicious. My husband and I are vegan too so I love seeing what you cook.

Jean Reinhardt

Great video in spite of being confined to home base. Thanks for sharing your back story and photos too. Both cakes looked delicious.


"BABE!! DON"T FORGET THE DOG FOOD!"...(echo... dogfood)...
"Dogfood, yeah! I knew I was forgetting something"


Do you have puppy photos/videos of the boys? Would love to see them.

Marta Alvarez

You are artistic people living in an artistic land: Andalucía. I would love to listen to some Andalucian music in the travelling videos such as Granados or Albeniz or Falla.

John Roberts

So entertaining really enjoy your happy banter brightens up my day every time, you have a talent and positive enthusiasm for life no matter what. Always pleased when you put another vlog out.. all the best to you from John Isle Of Wight UK.


Good update

Charlotte Thien

Fun video. You all never disappoint !

Frank Miller

Wait wait wait ...what is a swizzle?

Stonewall Calloway



Another excellent lockdown episode


Love that patio, great view, totally open, and with privacy because you are slightly higher than the neighbors. Very nice!

clarinda Young

Yummy...those looked so good ..great video..??for both doggies...??....be safe and take care..❤.i enjoyed the live...?

Fred Flintstone

So glad you're staying locked down because I just read the deaths from Covid in Spain have reached 200,000.......please keep safe. In the end, if it means never travelling again, it's a small price to pay for keeping yourselves and everybody else safe.....and you still have your memories to keep you sane in the years ahead. Best of luck.

Zip Zagger

A very creative and entertaining vid. Thanks so much. Uncle Zip in Vietnam.

Denis Scott

Hi nick and Sarah ? just us 2 Saying hi and thanks again for sharing this video update ? keep safe and say well ?as for us well camper van all fixed ready to roll out soon as possible ?sue and den ?????????

Richard Kaz

Who burnt their fingers ?

Nomadic Route

the house is so nice. you inspired me to also safe for one (first as second home)

Joyce Hippiedepipi

I am looking forward to your inspiring cooking ??
Great you show us the kind of cooking in a van. Would love to do it myself so maybe i am going to try at home first..?✌?? Take care guys!❤

Carol Carney

Great vlog guys, as always! Keeps us entertained and feeling positive in lockdown!
Stay safe xx

douglas houston

I don't care what method you use to make the carrot cake, just send me some,
And maybe some cream cheese icing (vegan?)
Anyway thanks again guys x?

Rachel Quigley

I’m enjoying you guys so much ???????

Christine Phelps

Quality video. You two just keep getting better ?

Zuri D

FYI, I just want to say that your video editing skill are sick. That into with the drone was Sick. Kudos ?? ???????

Sarah Cox

Loved the bit at the end with Charlie Not jumping up on the chair,lol. I think both cakes looked great and the Omnia oven one looks a little like Bundt cake tin,will be trying that recipe as we love carrot cake. Sarah I wanted to be nosey and ask how you did the patch work on the garden chairs,did you remove the buttons before patching then replace them? The reason I ask is I was given a chair similar and the lounger seat bit is a bit groovy( stripey with water damage stains) I thought about patching it to give it a new lease of life. Hope you don't mind me asking. Love you 4 to bits,take care,stay safe and stay bonkers ;)


Thank you, superb vlog again, especially in these very strange times. Please, do you use self raising flour and baking powder or plain flour and baking powder? I use baking parchment rather than greasproof paper (it's cheaper) and am very interested in your egg replacement mix. Getting the raw ingredients is quite difficult where I live, but I probably could purchase online if I were stuck. Thank you again. I also subscribe to the Happy Travellers, very different kind of vlog to you guys, but also similar. That sounds daft, but if you know their content, you will understand. Thank you again ?

Dan Dan

Yum yum, food looks amazing. I mentioned you to a customer today who was going to cook croissants, she is 92 but I’ve introduced her to YouTube and recommended your channel ??.

Susan Yates

Please can we have a tour of your roof terraces. There was a shot of Charlie sitting in front of either a sheer drop, or a picture. Excellent vlog as usual.

the exPAWers

The first 1000 people to use the link will get a free trial of Skillshare Premium Membership: https://skl.sh/theexpawers02211

William Burke

I love carrot cake with golden raisin in it from bakery in Fall Church VA
Good video from on top of your roof.

Janice Cameron

Wow loved the way you had your rooftop set up with pots and the artificial grass etc looked awsome. Love you too you always make me smile.???????

Natalie Simpson

The cakes looked lush just wish we was there to taste them , great vblog ?

helle laursen



It's weird, I like carrots and carrotty things, but really don't like carrot cake, I don't drink coffee but love coffee cakes/sweets ?

Simon Cullum

Great production , the house may not have cost a fortune but the roof terrace view is priceless


Nice vlog both. Charlie’s hair cut has settled real nice, he looks good.
Before you turned your house into a home what was it before ?

Gary McIntyre

Great video guys when are use hoping to be out of lockdown in Spain keep safe


We love watching all of your vids. What you have created with your lovely Andalusian home is really funky. We are missing our regular trips to Conil de la Frontera (Fuente del Gallo). Soon guys, soon but in the meantime keep the creative juices flowing. Cheers, Dave & Helen ??

Susan J Gordon

Great vlog! OMG the carrot cakes looked delicious ? Hugs to you all from our family in Thailand ?

2cats 4tea

I did a fair amount of scrolling the comments before asking this, thinking someone else would: how do you get the dogs down from the roof terrace? Are they happy to be carried down? They seem very at ease up there!

Helen Holt

I love your travel blogs and your roof top blogs. Last lockdown i wanted to move to and live on your terrace.

Roger Starkey

WELL, you could be in the UK, 0°.......?

Mark G6JVY


Tracie Latham

Just made a gluten free version of your carrot cake. It is delicious! We are eating low fat vegan so I also substituted unsweetened applesauce for the oil. I baked it as muffins in a silicone muffin pan. Turned out great! Thanks!

Martin Sills

Roof terrace looks awesome ? ?we have a roof terrace on our house in the uk ?? my profile pic is of me chilling on the terrace ?we love it it’s a great place to chill?

Linda Santamaria

Once again I enjoyed your vlog, looking forward to your next one.

Andrew Berkkis


G Man

Looking very good and tasty- I think that which baking device is best depends on what you're baking. But it's of course sad that you're in a lock down- but I fear that most of us will be that until the vaccine is is efficient.

Jen N.


Juanita M

Great vlog despite your lockdown ????

R Mac

Thumbs up for Charlie :-) So he didn't want to perform for the camera, he probably wants paid, guess you shouldn't have let him join Actors Equity :-)

Great selection of travel clips at the start, we enjoyed them so much at the time. The Omni oven looks great but of course the Ridge Monkey is really versatile and very compact. I wonder if you placed a piece of double layer foil in the Ridge Monkey in both halves would it reduce the chance of burning? we've cooked potatoes in an open fire double wrapped with foil and it made quite a difference in reducing burning.

As Always, Stay Safe Guys

Anna Groark

Love my Omnia Oven.

Sei einfach

I hope you will make soon a cookbook with your delicious recepies. Like this lentisbolognese. <3

T 'Bridge

I just love you guys. I look forward to your vids so much for many reasons - the positivity, the food (cookbook! cookbook!), the dogs, the view, the terrace, the boob mask (LOL!)...

Doobie Dootwo

We were in Cyprus in 2018 and locals just the same, people at the house below ours were having an argument with a visitor. Visitor got into his pickup and argument carried on, he drove off across the other side of the valley and they were still arguing and shouting at each other as he got further and further away ??

Vegan Dave

I can't believe I actually gave Charlie a thumbs-up :)

paul quinn

Omg, wee Charlie's face waiting for a bit of cake, hes so cute ! 10 out of 10 for your cooking, dinner looked amazing., take care guys.

Carole Mousdell

Great entertainment from you 4, I wouldn't mind being in lockdown with a lovely roof terrace like yours! Thank you x

Holger Jakobs

My niece have me the Omnia for my birthday and I have used it for cake, bread and casseroles. Everything turned out to be delicious. An important point is the low weight of the Omnia.
Thanks for the recipe.

My World My Way

Hello lovely video I love my Ridge monkey I just got to the end of your lifestream the other day didn’t realise you was on live take care keep the videos rolling big kisses to the doggies

Jayne Tabb

Hmmmm, I think it depends on how much room you have in the van. I don't have room for the Omni oven, though it would be nice to have. For now, I'll stick with the Ridge Monkey. I think it's a bit more versatile because you can open it and saute' other things and close it for the oven effect. Either way, your cakes both looked amazing and I enjoyed seeing the changes the roof top has taken over the year. As always, thanks so much for sharing. I still have the smile from watching the vid. You guys always just make my day.

Captain Dingbat

We got the ridge monkey last year but never got a chance to use it, hopefully soon! Annoyed with myself for missing the live feed, will set an alarm next time! Donna x

74 quo

Cooking with fanny and johnny?

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what if i dont get the option for email when it shows the html code

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