Storage war

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Storage Wars: Top 8 Most Expensive Locker Finds From Season 2 | A&E

739 246 views | 8 Jan. 2020

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Check out this compilation featuring the top 8 most expensive items found in Storage Wars lockers from season 2, including a professional lighting system, and antique bird boxes worth thousands of dollars. #StorageWars

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With "Shipping Wars," dive into the cutthroat world of heavy-duty movers as they battle for the chance to transport the unshippable—the items that traditional carriers won’t touch.

A&E leads the cultural conversation through high-quality, thought provoking original programming with a unique point of view. Whether it’s the network’s distinctive brand of award-winning disruptive reality, groundbreaking documentary, or premium scripted drama, A&E’s brave storytelling always makes entertainment an art. Visit us at aetv.com for more info.


Barry is the og

virtualus virtualus

why other storage wars videos are blocked for Lithuania country ?

Haters GoneViral

Here's a trash look so expensive that come from my butt ?


Wow, that guy is smoking some crazy weed to think travertine is going for 15 bucks a square. Home depot even sells it for 2 bucks. It is funny that in the US people act like travertine is something special when it is everyday common in Europe. Romans used it for everything.


They appraise those items like it's brand new lol

Ruth Foster

Someone tell me what planet dave from no way 1500 for those books maybe 1st editions good shape or new released

Big Travis

Books are worthless , I found 5 boxes of brand new books and couldn’t give them away

Danny Flores

I hate dave


Love Storage Wars? Stay up to date on all of your favorite A&E shows at aetv.com/schedule.


"You have any idea what they are?"
-"Music boxes with birds in them?"
"Wrong, they're bird boxes."

Rachel Coote

Ngl if I got the book one, I would for sure go through every single book - whether I keep the ones I want to read most or keep - and then sell them ????

Oscar Mata

For a second i thought the thumbnail was Lars Ulrich from Metallica in his 20s

El sietes Channel

Travertine tile is more like 2-4 bucks per square foot I bet he was bummed out when her found out lol 10-15 poor guy and that mk tile saw is one of the worst tile saws you can own he probably got 300 at the most

Cypher Punk

Oh look an old sock, that is at least 5 grand.


Pft, all these prices are assuming anyone's going to pay that much, especially for the guy with the lumber and tiles. How's he gonna sell that anyways, craigslist? lol.

VD Das

1:39 that's the face you have when something is pretty interesting...


Lol i got prolly 450 to 2000 bucks in books in my house

Craven Moorehead

Birdbox appraiser "this is worth 3 to 5 thousand at auction" Jarod instantly grabs and runs his nose thinking about all the crystal meth hes gonna snort when he sells it..


Flooring guys dream unit!!

Darcy Swanson

Just get rid of Hester, what a jerk.

Cristian Muñoz

The thing here is, they don’t even make this much money ???

MR John

Hello from Sweden ??


he really liked that pink scooter

Jorge Luis

Wait a minute look at this a ferrari


Im gonna quit my job

cynthia main

Books are hard to sell and worth about a buck each but I sure would've loved having that storage full!

Ashley Hyne

I would leave the items in storage. Then take out insurance. And then buy a blow torch.


9k for books? There's no way. He's lucky to make his money back.

David Lefort

brandy your intoxicating babe

Schobe-wan Kenobi

these are all proven fake the only real and good thing is brandi...

Nathen Collier

Two gs for a used tiled saw ?


Someone really thinks this show is real ?

Danny Quintero

I wonder if they actually get a return on their money in atleast a year

Atian Firebolt

you guys should look up how to do a top x list

die die

Awwh i love that old guy. He was SO excited with his pink scooter ☺

Dean Bruton

what episode are the bird boxes in?

marmar Blt

I swear if these ppl ask one more time "how much you think it's worth?" i swear to god


The mounts on the car are for wires. It goes in circles. My dad has one just like it. The wheels would thi. Ou

willie peppers

Them books aint worth that much


2k for that crapper tile saw stfu

offermen offermen

Nice a five dollar bill ,thats easily 10 dollar

KS Designs14 Adventures

Well if they didn’t load these lockers then they wouldn’t find as much or preview them. Plus A&E pays them back for the price they pay on the units

mase ofspades

i think key and peele should make a spoof of this and how they value things williy-nilly, and add it to the value in the screen chyron, like they're all...."Piece of chewing gum stuck to this shoe, it'd have antique value, we're gonna go ahead and say $2000 right there"

Jeff P

I would like an update on the guy with the travertine and oak flooring. There is a vast difference between optimism and reality, especially when you are dealing with quantities that aren't large enough to complete a large bedroom.


Those book appraisals were a diss to college students.

Richard Bain

Dave Hester must be smoking Crack if he thinks he will get that much for his books!


8:58min. '' I never seen anything like it '' ,.......proceeds to estimate the value .

Daniel Weatherford

I have never seen that tether car before. It's worth 4-7k

yeet L

piece of lint, easy 2.6 billion usd.

Justin Timbersaw

Imagine a crossover between Storage Wars and Pawn Stars
Pawn stars: "what do we got here?"
Storage wars: "Genghis Khan sword that he used to execute thousands of generals and the original bible signed by Adolf Hitler and the holy grail"
Pawn stars: "so how much do you want?"
Storage wars: "1200$"
Pawn stars: "best I can do is 3$, a Pepsi and a cookie"
Storage wars: "But I was told that it'd be worth 1200$"
Pawn stars: "And I was told that Black Hitler is the reincarnation of New Jesus"
Storage wars: "what?"
Pawn stars: "huh?"
Storage wars: "what?"
Pawn stars: "Nevermind. Is it ok if I call my friend who's an expert in this"
Storage wars: "but my friend appraised this already"
Pawn stars: "but is he an expert tho?"
Storage wars: "so you're saying that your friend is the ONLY expert"
Pawn stars: "ok so what's your final decision? how much you want"
Storage wars: "1200$"
Pawn stars: "best I can do is 50 bucks, not a dime more and I'm taking a huge risk here. "
Storage wars: "1100$"
Pawn stars: "60 and not anymore unless you let my expert friend take a look at this"
well, you know how the rest of this conversation will end.

Gabe Garza

No way he got that much from books. Most are a few cents now. Come on be accurate

Shahriar Hussain

2k for tile saw???
at best its worth 20-30$

Micah Volpe

I hate how he says yuuuuuuuuup


@13:00 $1,350 for that locker? Really ...

noxas 17

Fake the production managers planted certain stuff in the containers.

Regina ginera

Urlsa you are my idol


Finds a $1 bill that's easily $2

die die

Do ppl make alot of money by buying storages? Wonder how n where they sale this stuff


Nobody wants books

yonatan schlussel

I would have just kept the wood lol
Looks like good wood

James Hammond

Storage Wars in a nutshell :
“I’ve got a bag of week old bananas here, thats at least a thousand bucks

Marcus Aurelius

it should say most valuable not expensive

Angel Gonzalez

The headache to sell some of this stuff it’s not worth it I hate selling easy stuff on OfferUp dealing with crazy ppl trying u to sell it to them for a dollar when u whout a couple hundred it’s a pain


My tips for American people to WIN an auction.
1. Have cash on you
2. Bid on something you want
3. If you want it bid higher than the last bid
4. I cannot emphasize this enough - IF YOU WANT IT BID HIGHER THAN THE LAST BID
5. If you are the highest bid, guess what? YOU WIN!!!!!
6.Remember it has NOTHING to do with anything other than who puts in the highest bid - that is how auctions work. A toddler can win an auction if they have the money.
7. I'm being really serious here - it makes NO DIFFERENCE how big you are, how many times you've been on TV, whether you own an auction business or not - if you make the HIGHEST BID - YOU WIN!!!!
8. It's honestly that simple.

Requiem Eyes

Dave Hester is a con artist d-bag. I've been to his roach infested shop and his "Goodwill" store and everything is ridiculously expensive even when it's a used item. I saw a dining table set he had...., $1,242.99 was priced on the set, my wife saw the same set on the Walmart website going for like $147.98. That Dave guy is a con artist. My wife blasted Yelp and ripped his company apart in a review of poor pricing, poor management skills and rude staff with overly priced used stuff and nobody cleans the place, the store alone smells very moldy and stale like nobody dusts the merch. The guy is much worse in person than what you see on the show, a true dirtbag to people, he don't have any people or social skills nor any respect for no one and nothing.

Turkey Leg

Darrel: " a brand new tile saw! I'll guarantee you that's about two grand"

Tile saw: "bro I'm litterally covered in splattered paint and dirt"


its just crapping cash....Lol

joseph romano

I love it. When Dave Hester over price the stuff that he has. He really thinks the people will pay the price as he sets?

Salah Swilh

the background music suuuucks !!!


what kind of holes are these guys

Pekka Rinne

Those books are maybe worth about $90.

Ohyeaahhh ohhyeah

I think brandi needs more banging ..


Oh Brandy

Francis Pakhuongte

Ooo...even old barry found a treasure....lol


Dave would have been better off donating all the books a tax write off he is never going to sell them all.

Tite Buttle

“I have no idea what that is, now I’m going to appraise it’s value” so how tf does that work?


Where do old mobsters go who gets out of the life alive?

They build bird boxes in one of their old stash warehouses.

Neemah Feizi

The lewd begonia curiosly time because protocol pathohistologically record after a equable arch. half, hallowed chain

SukiroX Channel

1:43 Girl: Look pretty interesting with a not so interested face then hears 5000 mindblowned

Crazy Stork

F' fake

Jay Obrien

Yeah books don't sell for much unless it's a rare 1st edition. More like a penny per ?

Fermin R

ive never seen books be appraised by footsteps


Brandy def had a thing for Jason the spy shop guy


They price a tool Box for 500$?! Its worth abouth 1000$ and you would never sell this Equipment in pieces you sell it as One Box... f this show

Icy Choppa

Brandi Is A Beauty ?

zac catling

6:16 that tool box would go for 1500 brand new in UK

david diehl

Should be most expensive locker PLANTS.

Tony Holiday

Dave’s estimate on books is WAY off


"A used condom, completely utterly worthless ,I guarantee you someone will pay $500 for it."

Jessica Rose Thomas

So this is where they got the name for the movie bird box… LOL I had to

Heather Robinson

Did anybody notice the airsoft shop in the background


love how Darrell "appraises " his oak flooring. for that to be worth $10,000, it would fill the whole unit alone. right "Brando"

Michael Mean

Books worth zero dollars, you'd have to pay someone to take them

Fateh Gyani

Darrells art collection? 200k

ste prof

What happened to the one with all the paintings what were worth a fortune ?

Aleks Moving

Come and check out the storage here

Lisa Pierce

This show is so fixed no one would ever pay 9000 for a storage locker unless u new there was value to it idc how much money u have

boss aftab

What about 300k of darlle

james ormand

fake tv

Ira Bales

the unit with the tile and wood is at most worth 10k. the wood and tile probably worth 9k and the tile saw worth $300 max.

Storage war

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Storage Wars: Texas: FULL EPISODE - Snake, Rattle, and Roll (Season 1, Episode 3) | A&E

245 155 views | 21 Feb. 2019

Watch Storage Wars

Watch Storage Wars marathons every Saturday on FYI, and stay up to date on all of A&E's premieres at http://aetv.com/schedule

From stadiums to amusement parks, Arlington has the Texas buyers on the lookout for memorabilia and collectables, in Season 1, Episode 3, "Snake, Rattle, and Roll". #StorageWars

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In “Storage Wars: Miami,” emotions run high within a feisty group of dynamic buyers and two very different local auctioneers who hope to find the kind of valuable and fascinating items that can make auctions run up to thousands of dollars.

A&E leads the cultural conversation through high-quality, thought provoking original programming with a unique point of view. Whether it's the network's distinctive brand of award-winning disruptive reality, groundbreaking documentary, or premium scripted drama, A&E always makes entertainment an art. Visit us at http://www.aetv.com for more info.

Anthony Patino

A BMW!!!!!!!. ??????? omg!! WOW!!! No way??‍♂️?

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She is acting like a Bar Fly /Pill Head lmao Jerry needs a new job

alex thompson

15:56 "Miss lisa" slave voice??

Melissa honey

I don't see how she can keep store open if she putting everything in her pocket oh that's right making her husband pay for it


not all tx ppl are like dis not at all

WeAreWatching Yu

He's a car guy! But owns a lemon

Walter Guevara

i cant believe he paid 1600 for the scooter ???


Is this real or reenactments?


I wish this spin-off was good, the original was. There's not one likeable person on this show. Lisa is the Hester of Texas ? She has horrible business sense, thinks she's way better than she really is, speaks in a strange way that borders on annoying, hires minions to tell her she's brilliant... They both have "tig ole bitties" too ??

Plush World

JC and the boys ?

Danny’s food Reviews

20:43 that’s what she said


$7000!!!!! ?? foh

J R's Place

So the moral of the story is, Vespas good, Chinese scooters not so much.


hey bubba looky where wheat I done found wtf bro who talk like that

Lonnie O

lol, the city slicker got skunked and the down home boys broke the bank...

Rocket Number 9

Plot twist, horses are more expensive than bmws.


???? it's a Chinese scooter ????????????????????

April Watson

The highfalutin college fortuitously approve because decimal aetiologically visit till a fanatical geese. glossy, hollow check


LOL that’s 70 Km per hour buddy


i want Mow the Jew to win


"JER-REEY" 0:38

Mike Georgius

That scooter didn't have 2 miles on it. It had 10,002 miles on it. Big dummy...

Angela Johnson

Those rangers are big enough to be the whole force

alex thompson

Class rejects "in duh house"???


If I were them I’d let people start up-bidding me and just stop bidding on it out of nowhere.

Tracy Bickford

I need that hat and snake jewelry!! I need all of it!! I wrote a rattlesnake song. Im a new indi artist.


Watch Storage Wars marathons every Saturday on FYI, and stay up to date on all of A&E's premieres at aetv.com/schedule

Dani R

19:27 looked like he squeaked lol

Shayla Plays

LOL Awesome

toni the taco13

Ima go hungry if you keep all the profit
Her: I know
Most savage line???

larry recoy

you people are dreaming about who would give that kind of money for used junk!


Obama merchandise has less value than the affordable care act

ak 47

This looks like a downgrade of a the normal show

M.G status

Mith litha new wat she wat talknbout

Mike Georgius

Is that lady drunk??? Think so...

alex thompson

J.c. and the boys?

larry recoy

that women needs a face lift!

Mscl •


Pete C

This show is so staged


Lmao nice scooter


wood wood wood wood

Shayla Plays



I’m no motorcycle expert but from the knowledge i can gather from real experts. I doubt anyone would risk purchasing a that scooter 0.0

Rachel P

First comment.......

Edward Birchland

I love bubble wrap i can hold it and pet it. And squeeze it and love it pet it squeeze it and squeeze it and and i love bubble wrap ?


The only way this show would be interesting is if Jenny and Mary walked around in string bikinis all day long that's the only way this thing would be worth watching

Charlotte Camp

Vic .....lol

Junkyard Buzzard

When storage units are abandoned, cockroaches like these will swarm to them like flies to a pile of sheet!

Junkyard Buzzard

Lookie here bubba, look what I done found! I is a Texas hillbilly. This show is full of clowns.

Dustin Herrera

Texas baby! That's my home!

Ronald Severance

I'm thinking of myself $1,200 you can buy a brand new moped they're a bunch of idiots

Mario Alvarado

They over pricing the scrap they get

Mscl •

Third comment ??

Ron Anderson

Chucks blimp at wall

Donald Thomas

So much for being a bike expert lol

Eh Eh

1:35 that's Buckley from the king of the hill ?

Alex Sells Cars

I thought victor was a motorcycle expert

Dewayne Moody

8:11 Df ?

Subscribe Now

Shh I'm a Drunk aka Coke Head lmao shh Light bill lmao


Who here before 1k views

Carlos Alvares

Moe is the real winner of this episode


Man he really loves wood

Levi Toussaint

There’s a snake in my boot 11:50

ReyI am Orona

I have a

Junkyard Buzzard

How did y’all find a barn full of Texas’s Finest People? And a Russian from New York to boot. Sweet baby Jesus



lipo solo

20:1 they had the whole lit on video so it aint good

RogerDa Rev

The guy with the scooter started out 200 bucks higher than it's worth then the other guy bids him up another 1k. I'd call that a bad day... ??? I guess he has money so not as bad but still a bad day. Lol

Braden Ramirez

Aye! I’m from Lampasas, Tx?

billny thehighestguy

Gotta trust fat people to find the money cuz they gotta afford that food somehow!

Jon Bedard

black dudes like oh my God you pay that much for those boots you pay $20 for Jordans that wouldn't last anywhere near as long as those boots

Izzy Astra the Loving Garchomp

$7k for a unique ink well? Daymn

I shagged Your Nan

The blimps found a blimp ?


lol a boots expert and goes to Cavender wtf im done

Hilario Mendoza

I'd buy that snake skin stuff, if it wasn't so expensive, for my cosplay character the snake slayer

Hillbillies live 69

Bro that moped brand-new is not even 1400 lmao, it's China steel

Taco Stacks

lol buying sectional furniture... what

Kendal Marie Hudson

Oh my, that blonde is a hoarder? she’s buying for herself not profit.

Storage war

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Storage Wars Brandi Scores A $1,200,000 JACKPOT!

1 834 448 views | 19 Feb. 2020

Storage Wars Brandi

Storage Wars Brandi Passante SCORES A $1,200,000 JACKPOT!

Film Trip is your number #1 hub for all things TV Show and Movie Related!


This is more of a comedy than actual information. I think you need to hire someone to edit.

Hanon Benezra

It's fackt ware is the section with the 1200000 bs

019 tambem representa

Alguém sabe português da um like

Esmoney Boom

She’s outta this world a watch storage wars for this babe ????????

jerry einstandig

pure fiction

Jay Michaels

Utter shite !!!!!!!!!

John A Neufeld

you waisting my time good friend



Peter Smith

Knew this crap was a con. Glad I fast forward it.


1,200,000 wheres the jack pot? bs...

kubenthira Madhura

Where is IVY ?

Teja Techz


Inferno LT

1.2 million? That was sure exciting.

william b Ault



Tig o bitties

Madeline Giancola



Elvis died August 16th 1977....???



Cristian Medel

3 hours later and I’m still waiting for the 1.2 million jackpot

william darrie




jeremy western

utter... staged ...crap ?

Vince Mitchell

Why u showing clips of barter kings

Ty Johnson

well you just made my block list

John A Neufeld

wtg brandi yo made it

Calvin Beauregard

I really only watched it to see Brandy is $1.2 million score what happened to it?


Really crappy editing

Christopher wade Wade

Can I have you Brandi


Crap post

Stephen Fawcett

1.2mil ye right full of it


Casey should pose for Playboy

John Bourgeois

So deceiving why would anyone subscribe

mike espejo

U do realize that the footage u were showing is from Barter Kings?

memyselfand ifarmer

9:45 wasted time

Nick Power

This channel is stupid


I loved Jack Nicholson in this

Joannie Shurtz

Comments say this channel is a waste. Bye ?

Kev Redman


zip zap

That statue looks like that dance party guy who’s on drugs ?

Al Rod

Brandi is banging

Yxng nld

Bailey midget piano (cost : 1900$

priya sharma


Tony 818

wtf is this?

Frediee Mercury

The most stupid tv show in American television history ..

John Phipps

Is anyone else getting barter king clips?

Michael Whisman

Why would you tell anyone about finding a treasure?? Morons!!!!

Mr John

Hello from Sweden ????


Brandi is fine as hell I would date her

Ben N

you're so stupid Get the names, right?


This guys needs kicked off of YouTube

Les couleur des yeux Les plus Rare

Majestät i am hungry. Change with food.

Erol Yagiz55

im kaan, im very met thet i hef bien klikbait bai thies.

No Name

I will help you spend that if that's cool with you

Tim Eason

most of this is real BS it a tv show

Pichu Purchase

Bro you gotta work on your editing.

Toole T. O'Toole

The guy putting in my neighbor's windows said he preferred the big white caulk.

Jonny Hill

Any other parents recognise the baby sensory music ?

Kevin Berry

Learn to edit

sheeba pindi

Like 40

peter pan

that's my childhood dream: treasure hunter

Cam Scott

What idiot put this together??? Nothing matched!!!

Randy Danner

What jackpot ?

Carlos Coronado

Brandi is my dream girl

Aruna Mishra

I like jary

Zachary Takach

Waste of time

Cynthia Dafa

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Heitor Portella

Brandi she looks like ALF - ET???


1.2m rupees maybe

Ashley Reid


Jeffery cordes

Dave Hester is someone so extremely hateful, I can't stand him and wonder how someone can be so reprehensible and seemingly revel in it.

Billy Asberry

That Brandi is one fine looking lady.

Alejandro Tapia

This episode was all over the place

Eddie Breihof

You guys should review before you post , waste of time

Tony Booth

So. I wont be watching any more of your shite...


it says scored 1,200,000 that's
one million two hundred thousand redo yer caption

tom ee

This is $hit

Sherpa Sherpa

Dont watch.!!! Flat out lied about what the show is about..shows Nothing about brandi getting 1,200,000.00.

john jacobs

When straight to comments. Thanks guys, BYE!

Barry Davidson

Shows footage of different episodes and different programs altogether

prodip paul

Nothing Mach with titel

marta condori mamani

T E T O T A S !!!!

Aruna Mishra

This is a real

Carl Kersey

Was supposed to read the comments big dummy


Brandy is so hot

ROOT 666

watched 2 that said brandy scored $1.2 million dollar jackpot....still havent seen that or the item.....JUNK!!!

terry granlind

Lyes it man Who found 7,5

Dave Kole


Daniel Burris

Douche nozzle.

Dr. Davenport Lee

oh. its a karen

Peter Nolder

Narrative doesn't match the videos....? WTF

Bart Schwartz

Why she need jarret for

Jason i love oz





@ 4:26 is that her about to O face!?!?!?

Chandra Bhusan singh Chandra Bhusan singh

Please in hindi

Ard Graver


Peter Amoroso

I guess you got us! Thumbs down!