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PAC Coin Redemption Live

6 954 views | 19 Feb. 2018

In this quick video I give

In this quick video I give an update on my "Test" PAC Coin redemption and go ahead and show live how I redeem my entire PAC coin balance.

PAC Coin Redemption BLOG: https://blog.paccoin.net/official-paccoin-pac-redemption-addresses/

PAC Coin Redemption Instructions: http://download.paccoin.net/Paccoin_Redemption_Instructions.pdf

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Hashflare | Risk: MED-HIGH | http://bit.ly/2ruMiwg

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World-Mining | Risk: HIGH | http://bit.ly/2BnfyES

Home Mining Rig

6x Nividia GTX 1070 GPUs using MiningPoolHub with AwesomeMiner | Risk: LOW | (https://miningpoolhub.com and https://awesomeminer.com)

Loaning Platforms

Pagarex | Risk: HIGH | http://bit.ly/2DBDQQF

AltCoins I am hodling at the moment:

Ripple (XRP), RedCoin (RDD), Tron (TRX), PAC (PAC)


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I am not a financial expert. All investments have risk including crypto currency. The purpose of these videos is to share my experiences and to teach others. Always do your own research before investing in anything and never invest any amount of money you can't afford to lose.

Sharath H G

Are you kept $pac wallet online for 4 days or is it okay if we turned off.

angga erag


Chadi Bouzoubaa

How can you send your paccoin from old wallet to the new one help please !!!!


Hi my old wallet not say Redemption wallet :(


my old paccoin QT doesn't say redemption wallet in blue, like yours? any advice?

Thesource Regalia

Just for practice, I tried sending 1000 paccoins because I know that the ratio is 1000 to 1. I get a message saying that this transaction is over the size limit. You can still send it for a fee of 0.0001 pac. What do they mean over the size limit, and is it safe to send anyway?

Pushpakumara M W Arachchige

Hi Guys,

Please support me. I have lot of coins on my wallet. I have been trying to download the Redemption wallet but it's not letting me. I have a mac but it’s keep on crashing. I don’t want to miss any deadlines at all. Please help me.

Now I can’t find the Redemption wallet online on your site.


Do you have to send all at once ?


Thanks for the wonderful tutorial! I did everything exactly as you outlined this morning and I just received 34,000.00 Pac into my new wallet! It's pending but showed up in less than 8 hours. You da man!

ATI nsider

My Redeption from old to new took approx: 18 minutes. lol

Matias Vera

what happend if i send coins when the check on the bottom its not ready?

Diy Music Biz

What if you don't have an old wallet but have pac coins?

Matias Vera

when you have the full redemption, can you tell us please with a video?

My Cat's 2000 S

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Spencer Ntow

So since i didnt redeem my old coins on feb and am about to do it on march 1st does it mean am going to loose money , instead of me getting 1000 old paccoins for 1 new paccoin , does it mean am going to swap 1000000 old paccoins for 1 new paccoin

Thesource Regalia

Hello. I need your help. On 1/3/18 I transferred my paccoins from Cryptopia to a Paccoin wallet and waited like everyone else for the redemption process to take place. Now, when I try to transfer those coins to the redemption wallet using Mac, the redemption wallet in blue never downloads. Only the old wallet like before. I’ve emailed Paccoin several times with no response. I’ve also gone onto the Paccoin Facebook page for help. But, no luck. Any suggestions?

قناة إسلامية

Thx very help

Ali Alzeneedi

hello bro , thanks for ur explaining e really respect it

bro plz i found at the new pac wallet after i received my new pac at my wallet , There is an option says Start Mixing ) at the bottom Do i need to mix it or shall i leave the coins as its till they start trade it on platforms ? thanks


In your other video, it didn't say "Redemption Wallet" on it. Did you just have to let it load and it popped up? Mine currently doesn't say Redemption Wallet but I have had all my old paccoins in there for the past 2 months. Please help!

Ahmed Atef

my coins are now on Cryptopia . Did i missed the Redmption or what should i do now?


Stupid question, but if you now have 1000 times less coins is this new pac core coins price adjusted to give you an equivalent value?

Cleve Cunningham

Hey....Thanks for your paccoin wallet videos....I downloaded my new cash paccoin windows version wallet this morning....I am not understanding how to download the old paccoin wallet....I have downloaded the windows version of the old paccoin wallet....I downloaded the "MEGA.NZ Mirror 1....after I downloaded the 1.90GB file it successfully completed.....it does give me an option to unzip? I am wondering if I should download the "Windows Wallet Mirror 2"? Hoping you are on line seeing this soon? Not sure how to see if and when you reply but I will keep looking on your paccoin youtube site...Thanks Cleve C

Nicson Chong

Thank you for the very helpful tutorial.


do you know what would happen if i closed my wallets before my $PAC wallet said it received the paccoins?

Mine paccoin

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PACcoin Wallet Mined 2+ Million Coins in 30 Days

8 000 views | 10 Feb. 2018

For a time-compressed

For a time-compressed Crypto Educational Program with Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency information:


It took me years to learn everything I have thus far in the Bitcoin & Crypto space. I have checked out this program and it provides a solid foundation and does it in much less time with all the lessons being compact and easy to understand.

George Semaan

Would i need the walletpassphrase step if my wallet is not encrypted?

Danny Van Den Broek

Hi Dr Kelli. You left the computer running 24/7 during the 'aging' process? Because acc the instructions thats not necessary. I was actually surprised you got rewarded allready.

mohd razdi

Hi doc.i wanna ask sumthing.mine pac wallet do not appear at my screen laptop.b4 this i dun any problem.but suddenly i open my pac wallet it dun appear at my screen.can u advide me to do some troubleshoot about my wallet..thanks...

Robert Dunn

Shit coin, getting out ASAP, but at least i've learned something with Paccoin, if some pumper on youtube is pumping a coin, stay the fuck away from it. There's shit coins and then there's crap coins, PAC floats some where between them. Stop fooling yourself with going to the Moon already

Cq Dockery

So I encrypted my wallet 35 days ago but I never debugged it. When I debug will I still receive the reward?


Can i run this wallet on windows 7?

Luis V

I was wondering.. In order to mine your Pac and be rewarded after 30 days does your computer need to constantly be running with your Pac wallet always connected cause it seems to be slowing my computer down.

Tomek Kemot

Z 20000 zl strata 17 razy do 1200 zl poz hehehhe szkoda gadac


How did you mine your coins?

Andreas Odysseos

is this a one time deal or do you get rewarded every 30 days?

smart crypto

have you heard about lendex coin ??

sinan co

Can you tell us what is your configuration using when pac coin mining.Best regards

Dr. Nephilim Research

Fock pac, its a scam. Had 70.000 and was proud of it, no 70, and not worth shit.

Andreas Odysseos

is it true that you cant stake your coins in the new wallet?
should i leave my coins in the old wallet to continue staking?
how much time do i have before the 1000:1 window closes for redemption?
sorry for all the questions :)

Newer Ager

Hi.. really late question.. Did you mine with GPU or CPU power. How many cores if CPU. What type of GPU for $PAC mining?


When do they disperse the coin to the wallet once I got amount in the coinday?


My wallet keeps locking. I've had Pac since December and no minting. Every time I open it, it's locked.


To late to invest into Pac?

Improving me

Again a great video! I have a question, I've been sent through the POS Mined coin like you but mine is showing as Status: 0/unconfirmed in the transaction details box. Any ideas why the amount isnt confirmed?

Thankyou :D

Mine paccoin

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Is PACcoin worth investing in?

699 views | 6 Jan. 2018


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Why do u need music on the background?

Brighton Chou

dont buy any. this a scam.