Neo coin price prediction 2018

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Will NEO Go OVER $100 In 2018!? (Technical Analysis Price Prediction)

19 396 views | 28 Nov. 2017

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Can NEO reach and go over $100 in 2018?!

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graph analysis is great, but it is really important to look much deeper into NEO to see its real value in 2018, and it is not $100, it is more.

Sajjad Akhtar

Hi. What's the best way to buy NEO?


Guys if you believe in NEO, buy GAS. Look into it and you'll see that GAS will probably be worth much more than NEO in the next 3 to 5 years.


can i see a tron prediction. you are awsome man

Greg Hall

Thanks for the video. I'm more interested in its relative bitcoin amount. It's not that much lower in dollar term from it's high, but nearly a quarter from its satoshi ATH. I love NEO and dearly hope it gets back to the love again soon.

Bryan L

Bro wtf is happening with Iota. It's markep cap will be over 5 billion within the next 6 months.

stanley tanner

when china is doing nothing, neo is going nothing

Timothy Hall

Go neo!!!


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Jorge Lopez

I got LTC and Neo. I wait get BTC too

Matthew Bennett

I think NEO especially could go parabolic next year. We are witing for
China to unfreeze ICOs, and NEO's eco-system allows heir government to
control that aspect. There are many more reasons why NEO could be
adopted / the only eco-system used by China. Could be huge. No
predictions, but watch closely.


150$ today

Aleksandr Andrei

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I believe in my opinion sometime in the future Neo will be 4 digits.

tom tom

NEO is more likely going to be $400-$600 in 2018. Then much more in 2019 reaching in 4 digits. Has great potential that will see it rockit, plus you earn free GAS crypto for holding (like a dividend). Love it.

Fred Flintstone

Neo will likely break 100 Q1 of 2018. $200 end of 2018 is fairly reasonable and conservative.

Ramio BZ


Joseph Peters

Bought 1 week ago and we are testing it NOW!!! Please make another video on this soon!! Thank you!!

vida sera

I think Q1 2018, NEO will be 3 digits! Awsome video Thank You!!

Ross Madden

I think we will see NEO $60 this month.

Andrew Biz

Thanks for the vid! Everything in the crypto space needs good news. Who knows what 2018 has in store!

Lucas Santos

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Josh Weiner

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Thanks for the video can u do a update on power ledger what u think bout it on near future

Instant Hash

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once china officially announces that only neo will be entitled to carry out ico‘s then we will se a moon shot

Junxin Zhu

Should I look at bitcoin markets chart or US dollar charts? Why?


It’s at $98 now. In one fucking month smh

Drain Addict

Neo and Loopring are as good as each other.


Opinions on Sia? It jumped close to 2x in the last 6 days. I got sort of a soft spot for it, out of all my coins it was continually giving me gains.

Marcin Borek

Wow, very nice NEO price jump:) http://neopricechart.com/


Neo will go up significantly, still good time to get in

B Goodman

Ethereum was $8 last December. If neo just goes 10x in 2018 we're looking at roughly $350. My bet is that it will be closer to $1000 than $100 by end of 2018.


Hey, could you do a video on Crypto20 (C20)?


can you please analyse altcoins vs btc rather than vs fiat

Mehdi Yavari

What is this website you're using for technical analysis'


NEO is a coin moving forward and has a strong development team in the background - it will be the center of a whole ecosystem based around it - I'am not concerned and think well sit around 80 $ next year this time at least!

Sabo Beatz

In january already :)


My neo bag to tha mooooooooooN

Mezzanur C

can you do a video on Bitcoin Red BTCRED

The Right Trader

Do you think NEO will reach or go over $100 in 2018?


Already did.

KING OF Universe

No faith in NEO sorry

Mladen Jovanovic

Neo obviously holding their stash in some space currency...btc rise neo down....btc down neo down.


Has anyone done research surrounding The actual Chinese people and their opinion on NEO? Like before the China ban started? Or was it all American hype?

Marcin B

Do you folks prefer Bitfinex http://bit.ly/BFX-Bitfinex or Binance http://bit.ly/Binance-market for trading/investing NEO and why? THX

Neo coin price prediction 2018

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Neo coin price prediction 2018

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NEO (NEO) price prediction, NEO coin future value on 2018. Cryptocurrency Investors

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NEO coin future value

NEO coin future value will be touched on here in this NEO coin news, where we discuss the NEO cryptocurrency. Trade NEO (NEO) Safely and Easily at the Best Price. Join Now & Make Money!

Trading in NEO cryptocurrency is an inherently risky business. You could lose everything — or not. We don’t know. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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