Jade prices

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Forget Diamonds, Asia's Wealthy Invest in Jade

66 266 views | 13 Aug. 2013

August 13 (Bloomberg) --

August 13 (Bloomberg) -- Investing in precious stones usually means diamonds, rubies and other gems. But in many parts of Asia, jade is in demand. Bloomberg's Rosalind Chin reports on Bloomberg Television's "First Up with Susan Li." (Source: Bloomberg)

Jadalynn Sellers

this video is so cool

Anthony Hendra

Problem is Jade is Sacred

The Dev

Small and niche market = asia

Fz Fr


Jon Paul

the US banned the imports of jade because of labor concerns and human rights violations but gems from africa finds its way to the US market.... wtf?!!!

Phu Dao


Chung ping Tang


Kunta Kinte


TvTalent Vlogs

How much jade

Ahmed Amer

I have large quantities of the luxurious jadeite called imperial beljadite in my area in Yemen. I am looking for an investor or a company for contracting and investment.

Thank You So Very Much



That's WHACK!

Naing Thar

High quality jadeite is come from myanmar! All these years China clearly supports the local insurgence and turmoils against the government of Myanmar to get jade export from myanmar in cheap price! The breaching of human rights and civil wars are very common in jade mining area in myanmar! Yes this is not just Jade, but blood Jade! Thousands and thousands of human lives, famines, poverty and war has been occurring in Jade mines!


Small market in China and asia.... :'D
Jade is a lot more fascinating than conventional gemstones IMO, because there's so much subjectivity in grading all the varieties of jade color, transparency, sheen, catseye effect, etc. Undeniably beautiful nevertheless.

odile Frappier de Montbenoit / Docteur en médecine

Je n’aime pas le jade désolée


It's beautiful, but if given a choice I would go with an Emerald cabochon.

Fz Fr


Alexei Romanov

Beautiful- my wife collects jade jewelry & jade art. Salutations

William S Taylor

It is, in fact, a lump of rock.

Eugene Yeow

Yeah a billion plus potential customers is niche ..

Jade prices

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4 Main Factors of Jade

3 602 views | 22 Oct. 2019

In this video, Jackson

In this video, Jackson gonna teach you, what is four main factors of jade, how to determine which jade has better quality.

Kenmhilky ong

Hi sir jackson, is there available jade that is bracelet or bangle.for boys! How can i fit a bangle to may wrist its almost the same size at your wrist!


What stones are your bracelet?

bil marufi

He so cute ?

Virginia Crone gonzales

Is it cool when you touch it and it has black in it and it is a baclet it has sign s onit

Noel Doctorr

How to determine the real antique jade?

Caramel Honi

He's incorrect when he said, Nephrite Jade doesn't come in lavender shades. They do, it's just that the lavender color in Nephrite Jade is rarer. I actually have a Nephrite Jade bangle in lavender that I just purchased at a steal of a deal. The bangle is 100% UNTREATED, LAVENDER Nephrite Jade.

Tahir Saleem

Thenk. You for This vedio making ❤️.I'm interest the Burmi jedait Jade Green Coulor Ring. 10 carat ston with silver Ring.plz price in US dollar?

Brenda B

Thank you for making this video. Recently, I came into a large amount of money, so, I'm looking to buy a jade pendant to wear. I have heard of the properties of jade. That it improves a persons health, gives better sleep quality, eases anxiety. I have been looking at some beautiful jade pendants on eBay. The seller is very accommodating, answering my questions. The seller gives certificates of authenticity with every jade piece sold. I'm being careful & taking my time.

Josephine Tran

Nephrite Jade is mixed. jadeite jade is a lot more valuable. nephrite jade is found in South America and New Zealand