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spur Each other towards Our Unity

1 views | 7 Feb. 2021

Mark Lee


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Sika Deer Hunting New Zealand - EP 4 (Sika hunting during the rut plus Tips on Calling in Stags)

2 039 views | 9 Feb. 2021

Join Allan and Peter on

Join Allan and Peter on another adventure hunting Sika Stags during the annual rut. In this episode you will get to see some great footage of Sika Deer in and around wallows using BROWNING TRAIL CAMERAS. Peter once again manages to shoot a couple of nice Stags and towards the end of the video we give some tips when using the AJ CALLER during the Sika Deer rut.



Music Credits:

Song Title: Blackstone

Author: Karma Clip

Song Title: Motions

Author: EMilar

Song Title: Out of Nowhere

Author: DPmusic

Music by TunePocket.com


Steve Garland

Very good viewing thanks for sharing.

Robin Williamson

Excellent Video guys......you can't beat the roar....great stuff .

Cam Ellis

Awesome video. Cheers for the yards put in

Mike Arnold

Again, wonderful video footage and like you mention if you can keep your finger off the trigger some cool encounters can occur.! Thanks.

serverlan 7

The NZ Kaimanawa and Kaweka herd need some new blood released because there are a lot of god awful mongrel heads in the herd now...

Naked Eagle

Looks like the Kaimanawas

Greg Hughson

Amazing footage, cheers ?

Laurence Forrest

Solid video guys, Some good tips to!

Robert Bradnock

That was very cool. Gets your heart pumping and count down on for the roar this year as 2020 was a n/a lol so that calling routine can you tell me more please as I feel I call to much on the days when they are not calling.

Tony Crapp

That’s got the blood pumping another great video guys

Deb Ramage

Well done, nice clean shots. Love the camera work. Thanks lads.

Basil H. Brush

Love it. A nice short bush rifle with open sights is very useful in these conditions, I've taken to using a Browning BAR .308 with open sights. Great to see the .30-30 showing the Europeans how its done (it's illegal there - not enough power apparently.....)!

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Virginia Waterways and the Underground Rail Road

51 views | 10 Feb. 2021

From 1830 to 1860, the

From 1830 to 1860, the City of Norfolk was the center of maritime activities in Hampton Roads as the Port of Virginia. These waterways transported goods to points North and enslaved human beings to the Lower South to work on cotton plantations. Yet, these same waterways that condemned so many to hard labor, separating families and causing so much pain, were also used to secure freedom for thousands through a locally autonomous system that fed into a national underground railroad network. This network extended from Richmond to Hampton Roads and worked in concert with northern operations, transporting freedom seekers via steamships, schooners, and other coastal vessels to freedom in the North and in Canada.

Dr. Cassandra Newby-Alexander will share online compelling stories, hidden for far too long, about individuals who secured their freedom via this vast network. Viewers are welcome to send her comments or questions, which she will answer following the lecture.

If you have any comments or questions about this video, or have ideas for a lecture topic, please contact us at [email protected]

Read our blog: https://blogs.marinersmuseum.org

Connect with our upcoming online programs: https://www.marinersmuseum.org/live/

This video is for your personal use only, and no further use is permitted. You may not reproduce, distribute, transmit, or provide access to this video to any other person or entity. All rights are reserved by the Mariner’s Museum. © 2021 The Mariners' Museum, Newport News, Va.

O Crow

Excellent presentation, thank you Dr. Newby-Alexander and thank you Mariner's Museum for sharing this important history.

Игорь Петренко