Stock market double bottom

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Simple Stock Market Strategies: Double Bottom Explained

47 views | 7 Oct. 2019

Simple stock market

Simple stock market strategies are the easiest way to learn how to trade the stock market successfully. In this video I explain the double bottom stock pattern and how to take a successful trade on it. I go over three settings that I would recommend using the double bottom with a day trade, swing trade, and a long term trade. Each setting has a similar set up but the chart indicators are slightly different in each. Finally, I go onto the computer and show an example of a position I should have taken a couple weeks ago on JPM (JP Morgan) and how to learn from it. Thanks for watching!


0:00 Double Bottom Explained

1:00 Double Bottom Day Trading Strategy

2:05 Double Bottom Swing Trading Strategy

3:00 Double Bottom Chart Example

5:00 Long Term Double Bottom Trade

5:30 Importance Of High Volume

6:30 Risks of Double Bottom Trade Strategy

7:30 Tips For Double Bottom Trades

8:45 Double Bottom Final Thoughts

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Jerry Selzer

Got it. Thanks.

Joe Branka

Excellent double-bottom perspective. An additional angle: IBD suggests "right" leg should not reach the low of the left, and decline on less-than-average volume. This way, we assume the sales psychology is drying up. Your break-out on higher volume is an excellent signal, for the conservative investors who don't want to experience future whiplash.

MINDS in Motion

New sub. Really helpful content

Stock market double bottom

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Stock Market Double Bottom | Market Analysis Today

58 views | 15 Aug. 2019

Looks like there's a

Looks like there's a possible technical bull bounce on the S&P. Could the bear market be over here?

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Squirrel Trading

I know my green screen is janky. My OBS filter went away so I had to set this one up quickly. It'll be back better in the future!

Jim Kelly

Bear flag is obvious.

Squirrel Trading

S&P up 1.5% today. Good call!

Stock market double bottom

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Buy The Rumor Sell The FACT Stock Market? Double Bottom FED Pattern! [S&P 500 Technical Analysis]

12 425 views | 16 Sep. 2020

The Stock Market awaits

The Stock Market awaits the Federal Reserve FOMC statement news to give directional movement in the markets. In this video we explore the S&P 500 and nasdaq from a technical analysis perspective along with AAPL , Gold and USDX to discuss whether this market looks like it has bottomed out? The S&P500 and Nasdaq are both showing double bottom patterns so will they break out tonight and creat further buying opportunities? We explore the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq from a deep dive technical analysis perspective!

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#S&P 500 Technical Analysis


#stock market analysis

mark huirua

Good job. I liked covering SP500, TSLA and AAPL and NQ... also liked the fib tool on TSLA. ??

Drue Dunivan

Thanks for taking the time to make these analyses. Very helpful

Mark Jarvis

Thanks Tom, great analysis. Really respect your opinion and would be really interested to hear you full in-depth take on Tesla going into Battery Day?

Matthew Tainsh

Thanks Tom, insightful as always!

Sean OToole

As always, thank you Tom. Ready for some volatility!

Manas Sahu

Thank you very much for your update. As always, excellent analysis, details and view. Great job!

Prime time player

why so bullish all the time


I really like your content. Then you pronounce “here” almost like an American cowboys “he-yaw”. Serious info and a laugh!

Kangal Shepherd Dog

Thomas fantastic as always. Thank you


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Stephen Jones

Print that Benjamin Fed.....People need it.

Agustin Oliva

Thumbs up! Do it for the algorithms ????


always appreciated!

V-Series Diesel

I keep hearing it’s gonna crash... for like 5yrs... I’m not holding my breath anymore

Shane Coble

Thanks Tom.

Another excellent round up for tonight. You certainly make it easy to follow.

On a side note there is 81kg of copper in every EV. As Tesla is apparently taking over the world. Copper to the moon ! Haha

Battery day is enough for Tesla to go up on momentum, suggest traders consider an early exit, trailing stop loss or pay their broker to get out. As I see it is impossible for Battery day to live up to expectations, so it will drop like a stone.

Split finished, S&P fail, Battery day flop could mean $330 hear we go.

The only catalyst then is Q3 numbers, where they need to start making money from their businesses or $275 here we go.

At least Tesla craziness is good sentiment for the whole market.

Powell stays the course, mentions an improving economy, Fed has the back of markets, interest rates to remain low, suggests law makers need to do more stimulus.

Market absorbs, pulls back briefly and then rallies on like he solved world peace.

Ok theories over, some light entertaininment for you !

Happy investing


Plays for tomorrow, TSLA & $SNOW IPO. Watch the FOMC press conference starting @ 11 A.M PST. (Two stimulus checks coming out, just have to pass the bill with the first one most likely coming Oct. 1- Oct. 15)

Raghava N.V.S

Hey man just came across this video as I was reading up on the double bottom pattern. From what I read the second bottom should undercut the first by a couple of points.. but in yours it doesn’t and the middle is also close to the earlier high. Could the pattern still hold? Thanks


thanks, Tom. hard to envision a stronger dollar right now but let's see how it goes, could see 92. I feel tech NDX will lag, too over-hyped, and 5G over-rated, PE's rediculous like Tesla.


If I make money with your help I'll give you half lmao

Jordan Luis Dela Serna

This is just a hype.. Feds are finding ways on how to sustain the economy by inflation not by printing money as they realized that several countries are ripping them off..

Milty FriedMan

thought it was buy the rumor sell the news

Utah Get Me 2

clean presentation as always and in-depth information! your going to be big Tom if you keep it up! very enjoyable thank you ?

FX Evolution

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Live Stream for the Thursday Opening Bell Everyone, Thanks as always for the support!


Tom!! Your number one fan here first!

Teresa Mitchell

There will be NO stimulus tomorrow because it’s too close to the election. He will simply state that he has your back.The fed has to appear nonpartisan.


The fed NOT print. This is a myth. What can the FED do to make the market go UP? QE is DEFLATIONARY as it REMOVES money from the system causing interest rates to FALL. Your credibility is shot to pieces if you dont know this.

Deimos Viking

i thought pin bar meant the wick sticks out from recent prices? why are those wicks in dollar index pin bars?