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Mini World Block Art - วิธี Hack Code MCoin & MBean

542 views | 3 Feb. 2021

Mini World Block

Mini World Block Art - วิธี Hack Code MCoin & MBean

#วิธีเล่น mini World

#โค้ด mini world ล่าสุด

Mcoin apps

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? Cómo COMPRAR MCCOIN en Mind Capital [2020] ? ?RÁPIDO Y SIN COMISIONES! ?

1 396 views | 7 Jul. 2020

? Pincha en este link y

? Pincha en este link y regístrate GRATIS en Mind Capital:

? https://bit.ly/aqui_registro_gratis ? (necesario un enlace de referido como este para registrarse)

? Pincha en este link y mira el video de como comprar bitcoin barato en 2gether:

? https://youtu.be/y8X0WxzWyro ?

App para comprar BITCOIN:

? CODIGO TARJETA GRATIS en 2GETHER + 2GT: ? javierm5878

APP Android: http://bit.ly/2YSTa3u

APP IOS: https://apple.co/2S6yqng


En este video verás de forma muy clara y didáctica como puedes comprar Mccoin (token interno de Mind capital) para comenzar a generar dinero dentro de la plataforma.

Paso a paso verás cómo genero la orden de compra de Mccoin dentro de Mind Capital y posteriormente voy al Exchange para comprar bitcoin por euros que posteriormente mandare a Mind Capital.

Puedes utilizar el que gustes, yo he utilizado varios y ahora utilizo 2gether debido la exención de comisiones y a la magnífica tarjeta visa que puedes solicitar para realizar pagos.

Una vez comprados los bitcoin dentro del Exchange los enviamos a la wallet que nos proporciona Mind Capital, esto tardará menos de 30 minutos.

Una vez recibidos, estos bitcoin se trasforman automáticamente y sin costes a Mccoin para empezar a generar rendimiento que se transformara en dinero para nosotros.

Recuerda que esto es un negocio de ingresos pasivos. Gracias a la última tecnología Mind Capital es capaz de generar dinero en el mundo cripto-fiat.

Si aún no estas dentro te animo a que formes parte de mi equipo y obtendrás:

-Acceso al grupo de Telegram y whatsapp

-Excel para anotar tus resultados y simular lo que puedes ganar

-Mis conocimientos en marketing digital y redes sociales para que tu negocio despegue si quieres hacer red de referidos y dispararte hacia el éxito.

? Pincha en este link y regístrate GRATIS en Mind Capital:

? https://bit.ly/aqui_registro_gratis ? (necesario un enlace de referido como este para registrarse)

? Pincha en este link y mira el video de como comprar bitcoin barato en 2gether:

? https://youtu.be/y8X0WxzWyro ?

App para comprar BITCOIN:

? CODIGO TARJETA GRATIS en 2GETHER + 2GT: ? javierm5878

APP Android: http://bit.ly/2YSTa3u

APP IOS: https://apple.co/2S6yqng


? Grupo de Telegram: https://t.me/Metodo_Emprender

? Contacto Whatsapp: https://bit.ly/whatsapp1_metodoemprender

? Email → [email protected]

✅ Siguenos en Instagram: https://bit.ly/instagram_metodoemprender

✅ Siguenos en Facebook: https://bit.ly/facebook_metodoemprender

Si tienes alguna pregunta o recomendación no dudes en dejarla en los comentarios y suscribete al canal para no perderte de ninguna oportunidad de negocio!


Descargo de responsabilidad: Mis ganancias y recomendaciones de inversión o negocios no son promesas, yo solo recomiendo lo que yo utilizo, estas recomendaciones son el resultado de un arduo trabajo de estudio y dedicación.

Recuerda que no hay inversiones exentas de riesgo, y por tanto nunca deberías invertir una cantidad de dinero que pueda poner en riesgo tu economía personal.

Tus resultados pueden ser más o menos, no te puedo garantizar nada.

Antonio M

Que wallet recomiendas?

Mcoin apps

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The Ultimate Phone Farming Guide 2020 | How To Phone Farm | Best Apps For Phone Farming 2020 | Nioxy

9 312 views | 23 May. 2020


Essentials: 2:10

Setting up your phones: 5:50

Boost Earnings: 7:00

Expanding the farm: 10:47

Tips: 13:19

Fixing Cash Magnet: 18:10

Cash Magnet: http://cashmagnetapp.com/?refId=yysft8

Honey Gain: https://r.honeygain.me/BCB75624

Swagbucks: http://www.swagbucks.com/?cmd=sb-register&rb=72294506&cmp=495&cxid=2002-Sportly

Panel App: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sewichi.client.panel&hl=en_CA

SlideJoy: getslidejoy.com/r2/5w01y0kIYzIsyEWNKNduUQ

Embee Meter: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.embeemobile.cx&hl=en_CA

Current Music: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=us.current.android&hl=en_CA


Buzz Breaks: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=news.buzzbreak.android

Hey guys welcome back to another video, today I will be showing you guys how you can start a phone farm. This will be the ultimate phone farming guide of 2020. We will go over the best apps for phone farming and other methods you can use to boost your phone farm earnings in 2020. I hope this phone farming guide/course will help you out and make phone farming more profitable for you. I'll see you all in the next video, until then thanks for watching peace guys! -Nioxy

TD Slinker

how do you know if a phone is overpriced or not


MyPoints is another good click farming app. It's by prodege, the same parent company of Swagbucks. Both of those work even better when you use a beater laptop with a mouse recorder app and several browsers in incognito mode. Careful with Swagbucks though, they've changed their policy and will now hit you with a W-9 form after you hit a $600 threshold.

mania man

Thanks man this video helpd a lot


If you dont have many phone use pc andriod Emulator like bluestacks i used it for cash magnet and honeygain(i do honeygain and cash magnet in all devices)

Olivier Schotveld

If I want to get a game on Money magnet it doesn't load after pressing. It keeps loading unlimmited.

qazxsw Xswqaz

What are some specific phones that are cheap and good for phone farming that you suggest?


Can You Use The Same Phones?
I see it's a 5 dollar android phone out
If I brought 10 phones that's the same would it work or do the phones have to be different types of phones?

Em c

Talk about how much we can expect to earn per month

Ya Boi Avery

Dog yall doing this WRONG, yall taking about 50 cents a day per phone

How I'm doing it I'm getting around 20 dollars a day bro per phone

Michael Joshua Tayam

Here is the link download the current app and get a 100 points instantly!

Mr.Research. People, Places.


Karthik raja V

Is it possible to do phone farming youtube?

Mario Pensotti

Hi, thx for the vid, if I live abroad should i connect the phones to a VPN modem?

Mike Eh

Hey, i was curious how long does cash magnet pay you? i just started today. i only have 59 points lol.

Tyler Klick

How much do you normally earn from this?

Aryan patil

how to stay active in current music app (I have android 6 and auto clicker is not working in android 6). can you suggest me what to do

Admin Cee

You will be fame soon bro... like the vid btw planning to make phone farm still profitable tho??

Baby Kubi

What phone brand should I choose to get started, can you tell me about the names of the phones you are using?

Ryan Neate

Thank you for making this video.Keep it up .


Be honest please. Is phone farming dead? Can u make money from it?


Great video and awesome great content! I love using Current Music it just seems the most reliable, well and HoneyGain!

Donnie Reynolds

How many cash magnets can you run per account?

Donnie Reynolds

If i am allowed to run cash magnet on 4 devices per account. Can I use the same email for all 4 devices ?


if i use 3 phone numebrs with the cash4sms app - will I still get $40 per phone, or does cash4sms decrease earnings?


Stop yelling lol


I cant even find cashmagnet on the playstore... and that light way to bright for ur skin tone... try putting the lighting to the side a bit not straight at u

Modulador Karax

how much are you currently earning? I have read in many places that earnings have dropped a lot. I am thinking of starting now. what do you think?

HecTiiC Fly

nice vid! also i found out some information fron testing zynn and it seems like it takes 3 days after u cash out on the app untill u will get the normal amount of points if that makes since so basically if you cash out on zynn it will go to 1 point every vid but it takes about 3 days and it will go back to normal60-70. if that makes since

j t

Hi, if you have 60 phones, can you make 25 usd a week? That Is what i make in my country for a week of work

Amila Nuwan Piyathilaka

Nice video thank you.keep it up.i´m sri lankan

kaden churchill

How do u find the limits for devics for the apps

TJ Jeffreys

what phones do you recomend?


If you do cashmagnet full-time, do you know how much it would roughly get you per day? I've heard that it only starts off with like $0.50 a day.


May i ask how much your 50 phones make?

Avid Hunter

What are the risks associated/things to be aware of when phone farming?

Miguel Correia

Wait when you say only 2 swag bucks apps per phone can you be more specific cause i only see 1 swag bucks app in description.


dude im trying to get one phone using phone farming should i just give up now?

lil phone

Textnow doesn't work for some verifications for me (smore for example) any idea for another app or site to get free wifi phone numbers

Juan Villagomez

Google ads: you weren't suppose to do that!