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The uncrashable Toy Cars – Mercedes-Benz original

20 957 057 views | 9 Oct. 2015

Kids love to crash toy

Kids love to crash toy cars. But what happens if they can’t? Subscribe to Mercedes-Benz on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=MercedesBenzTV

In order to promote the Brake Assist System PLUS, Mercedes-Benz installed super strong magnets inside toy cars, and delivered them to people with the highest safety demands: families.

To show them live at home a system that avoids crashes – hated by kids, loved by adults. More information about innovations and Mercedes-Benz on http://mb4.me/KGoKwtHj

► Experience the world of Mercedes-Benz:


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Ionut Nagîrneac

i like this video and your cars

Maurice Diggs

Lol man kids are Dangerous creatures

Lufuno Sambo

Because it will take a while to get back into a business relationship so that you can make your life bad for a toy b

Superchaser inc

Where can I buy these?!

Meme Pro

If you see this Mercedes I want to tell to you that you are a amazing company and I love ur cars ❤️

Mho Vanguardia



i hev car mercedes O)

Sa1d _

Awesome mercedes you are best


I’m remember when I was young my parents bought me small metal cars soo I don’t break them, yet I somehow bent them and broke most of the toy ?

Lợi Lâm


новогодний ALEX_11

I love Mercedes

tom tom

its genius

Buggatijaus Zepeda

Hahahahahaha very very angry a bois

Giancarlo Tubal

Favorite car brand Mercedes Benz


I want one of these cars

Vítek Kylar

Wat crash


BRuh I iM not crAshing cAr toy we need this

Atharva K

lol ????????? sad kids trying to crash the Mercedes Benz . My dream car is Mercedes G class

Aariz Uthman

I love Mercedes-Benz!!!

David Zavgorodniy

According to the Mercedes Benz,
Scientists tested thing that when is beeps very loud, it mean "you park too close" or "there's a car behind you", and now, they use the sencer to avoid the crash by making a loud beeping noise!

youssef loudani

Bmw nice

Ali Samadli


Nithin K Vaidhyan

Principal of magnets?..

Lợi Lâm


knoll dusi

Imagine two Mercedes cars going at each other and they just flop back

Dwyane Matthew

I definitely not love crashing

Crispin Dixon

ok, so basically Mercedes is making kids become INSANE and driving them mad with their toys

My life 3008

На день рождения себе такие попрошу.

Reuel Sanchez Jr

Cool cool cool COOOOOOL?!?!?!??!?!

Лёша Шеенков

Stupid crying and destroying cars kids

Mrs Moquddas

I don't want to crash car

Dan Gerald

Its for aafety i know and those kids ummm

Gabriel Galdino Oliveira


มาลี พิสิฐชัยเวท


Trafim Nosko

If I got those toys I would get inside of one, flip the magnet in it, and then I would have cars that want to crash :)

Charles Kogan

9yr old me would have gone into a tantrum

Emil Qasimov A Z


Sheridan Guzman




Aaron YT

Wait Are There Real Cars Of Those

Бенди друг

яя один руссский

Mouldyrabbit 7

Not only can they not crash the toy cars, they also lost a chunk of their childhood

Calvin Rush

probly cause there crashing/parking sencors taking over.

Santiago alegre perez

I would not winnow those beautiful cars


Jaaaaaaa jaaaaa


My mom and dad love mercedes benz


I want to know the song used in this video


I love mercedes car
And I love so much amg!!!!
Please let me how and where buy these car set

Rishabh Prabhudesai

I love u Mercedes Benz ??



Rishabh Prabhudesai

Proud to be owner of Mercedes Benz

But i liked the toy where can i get one??

Inan Musharut

Where can I buy this to troll my kids? ? Merc Reply

palakshi tripathi

I love these cars can u have a look

alina apopii

I love cars plz no same and I have wast in roblox.. am the car

Sylvia Campos

how get then tho ?


The kids crying let the kids crash the toy cars meanings

อนุศักดิ์ มหาวัตร์


AA - 04BI 831136 Artesian Drive PS

ok i just like to drive them not crashed them


No entry for crash


me just hit them together in the backs

Xx Uzern xX

"Kids love to crash toy cars"
8yr old me: NO!

Andrew Gonzalo

I want them :(

Gw orang


Артём Катонов

Mercedes 63 Amg

user zest

Mersdes love goooooooood. Bmw noooooooooooooooob

Bradley Riley

well done! Mercedes is getting smarter with the toy cars!!!

anas gamer

I need this car how much money and where i pick this car

Fox -


Vicky Vicks

This is Awsome

сашок тв

I like Mercedes benz. BMW not

kapix skorupax

I like Mercedes-Benz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Armando De la cruz

????wats ????

David Zavgorodniy

I wish I could have these 2 Mercedes Benz toy cars for my collection.

anas gamer

Where do you buy from

Get raceing 2 fan

I hate crashing car toys

Арай Камиева

me me

Odd Looking Dude

XD all the kids waste there life thinking a big car that can crash


Merc: uncrashable Toy Cars
My son: Really, give it to me, pls don't hate me

Card Toy's

I am making a cardboard model cars

Gasoline Frosted Poptarts

everybody gansta when this gets recommended

md_ Afnan

the background song ?



Big Business 365

I love Mercedes my mom used to have a ‘10 C300 4matic but she upgraded to a ‘15 CLA 250 4matic

Adilene Rios

quiero uno

Barsabias Abajar

Where can we buy those toy cars?

tony Junior's gaming channel

I'm a kid and I want a car crash toy

auggatronic rblx


Upsetting children since 2015

Adilene Rios


Familie Fürchterlich

Ich hätte gern die Dinger. Sehen schön aus im Regal und sind KINDERSICHER.


As a kid myself who used to play with hot wheels, I was scared of crashing my cars cuz I didn’t want to ruin or chip the paint lol


Just throw both of them

Minh Duong


MEG Channel


Mr.railfan 4005

So there is a giant magnet in the Mercedes Benz cars

Marco Vinicio Gonzalez Matus


Savage Panda

Everybody gangsta until they hit the other end of the car

Or hit the Mercedes with some other car

Shivaji Prabhakar

I have a Mercedes S 650 , Maybach

GLO 825

Where can I get these?

Du Nguyen

I like it

Elroi Macedo

?????? Que top... kkk

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Mercedes learning link

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