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Jim Cramer's Breaking Down Gold, Oil, Slack and Canopy Growth

3 283 views | 21 Jun. 2019


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Jim Cramer weighs in on the surges in gold and oil, Slack's first full day as a public company and Canopy Growth's earnings report.

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Liberty Eli

For real though; California allows every marijuana product , only state . Leading the game by decades , wake up Jim



AWSUM AL - Info Stores

katherine has a sweet job



stacey vieira

Ontario only had like 25 stores open

Richard Upyurass

Even where legal most smokers still buy from their dealer instead of retail because price is way cheaper due to the super high tax the greedy idiots politicians put on it

Liberty Eli

Jim spends too much time in NY. California companies will OWN the marijuana market. California has ALL Marijuana products and new ones daily, Wine grows best here for the same reasons. Canada doesn’t even have edibles! Bad advice Jim!

Jim kramer gold

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Mad Money's Cramer Bashes Buffett on Gold Investing

5 992 views | 29 Jun. 2011

Complete video at:

Complete video at: http://fora.tv/series/92y_business_finance

"Mad Money" host Jim Cramer bashes Warren Buffett's stance that the gold market isn't a sound long-term investment because the precious metal has no utility. While Buffett snubs the value of gold, Cramer emphasizes the limited amount available, as well as the lack of new gold being mined.


Experience talks, conversations and readings from the 92nd Street Y's vast archive, featuring Nobel Laureates and world leaders, giants of literature and science, legendary entertainers and artists, and the fascinating people who have graced the Y's stage over the last 75 years.

The Economist's Matthew Bishop grills a panel of bullish gold investors on whether there really is a bright future for the precious metal.

Panelists include Jim Cramer, co-founder and markets commentator for TheStreet.com and popular host of CNBC's Mad Money; John Hathaway, a leader in the gold investment sector as well as manager of a series of private gold-oriented accounts and gold funds for the Tocqueville Funds; and Thomas Kaplan, a prominent natural resources investor and chairman of the Electrum Group of companies.

Ban Yan

Mr. "Don't sell your Bear Sterns" -- He's either getting ready to dump his gold shares on his viewers or he already has. Why isn't the gold market a bubble? Because it's gold? Gold bugs are sitting on gold they bought because they're nervous about their free cash. When they get less nervous, or when they're out of money and need to sell, gold will start to drop and the bubble will pop.


@luvbeingfree That is of course true; my point is that the price is artificially inflated by investment expectations, particularly since gold is viewed as a countercyclical investment. This is largely a self-fulfilling prophecy. People buy gold when equities are down, thus making it countercyclical in the first place. This creates risk, since the price is inflated precisely when the actual commercial/industrial demand is low.

Motie Mots

Trade GOLD and earn as much as you want!!Turn money into gold and gold into money at Gold Trading Academy. Come watch the proof of 90% accuracy in gold trading, google Gold Trading Academy to learn more.


This pure bs!! Do you mean he should let you make money?? Cuz he is letting normal people make money. You jerk.


After what Cramer the mad did when the market was crashing I'm amazed he still makes public apearences.

harrison wintergreen

...a dollar invested in bonds in 1801 would be worth nearly a
thousand dollars by 1998, a dollar invested in stocks that same
year would be worth more than half a million dollars. All this is in
real terms, taking inflation into account. Meanwhile, a dollar invested
in gold in 1801 would by 1998, be worth just 78 cents. The phrase, “as
good as gold” can be misleading as the phrase
“money in the bank”, when talking about the long run.

Thomas Sowell, Basic Economics (2007)

Andrew Mosman

@dkt80 Golds most fundamental use is as money. Its works better as a currency than fiat because it doesn't carry any counterparty risk.


@Chriseycarlyeah324 Ahaha. You might have just inadvertently answered my question there.


@watercup123456 gold is actually used as a component in manufacturing electronics, it has specific electrical properties that make it ideal in electrical contacts and connectors, so the idea that it's value is "entirely artificial" is just an absolute lie. it also has intrinsic value as something that is an actual "thing" of quite limited supply, and more value on top of that simply because people appreciate things made of it for its beauty. do some actual study if you care about truth...

Andrew Mosman

@dkt80 Gold derives its value from commercial uses and its use as money. Both types of buyers bid the price up.

Tom Campbell

@dkt80 Well, because it, and silver ARE the only really money. Everything else is based on confidence and since cash is being printed based on NOTHING, our the value of or cash is greatly reduced. I recall in the early 80's a janitor could by a good sized house in California. Who can now?

Andrew Mosman

@dkt80 Gold has intrinsic value. It's the only element that doesn't oxidizes under normal conditions. It is one of the best known conductors of heat and electricity. Also, it's the most malleable and ductile metal on earth. It has many industrial applications. For example, it is in every computer. It is the most liquid asset on the planet. It's accepted worldwide. It is also heavily manipulated to the downside.

The Gold Truth

Interesting comments by Kramer, sounds like he's on board with gold investments too, good to know.


People who said 5 years ago that Gold will reach $2000/ounce were called crazy. Now, that's considered a conservative estimate. Every central bank on the planet has been printing money like crazy since 2008. There's hardly any new Gold produced, so... simple arithmetic would suggest Gold should already be much higher now, closer to $5000.


People still listen to this showman?


as long* not "has"

Aleksandr Vasilenko

“[It] gets dug out of the ground in Africa, or someplace. Then we melt it down, dig another hole, bury it again and pay people to stand around guarding it. It has no utility. Anyone watching from Mars would be scratching their head”

Gold isn’t an investment, it’s a commodity. Anyone “investing” in gold at best is speculating on its future uses in industry but in reality is just throwing money into a money sink.


Exactly, now hopefully the billion and million dollar silver investors dont try to screw with the price fluctuation, but thats like asking people not to piss on a tree when camping. Im sure were in for some surprises with precious metals however has long as the Industrial demand remains high It seems we'll see increased values on these "finite metals" Its time for us all to start our own banks in our cellars, in a post apocalyptic world paper is fire kindling and plated coins are fishing weights


@LibertyDownUnder Using protection from inflation as a reason to buy gold is rather silly. All you are positing is that because each unit of currency is worth less, currency:gold will be higher. The same argument is entirely transferable to a company: Inflation will cause companies to adjust the price of their products, revenues will increase, and the stock will be repriced to reflect this. The difference between gold and a company is that gold can be scarce, but gold is far from irreplacable.


My aunt bought $220,000 gold from Lear when it was lower. Now that it's up, just sold for $92,000. Not a good investment, I'd say.


@xlUIblisUlx, in many cases you'll be correct, companies overall will be worth more in terms of dollars. But no one knows which ones and when. High inflation causes banks to raise interest rates, which can wreak havoc on markets. Companies who are leveraged, or depend on leveraged customers/suppliers - will suffer, and many could even fold. Gold has been used as currency for over 5000 years, and is unlikely to be replaced.


@tompaulcampbell You can't eat gold or silver. In fact, there's very little you can do with them. I agree fully that US government-issued paper is just a confidence game, but right now I'd rather have that than a useless lump of metal. As a matter of practice, it's easier to trade the paper for things that have real value to me, like houses and cars and steak and bread. Gold has been a pretty decent investment, but I'd rather invest in something that has intrinsic value, like Gillette or oil.

Tom Campbell

Wow! I actually agree with this guy over Buffett! Especially since the market is going to crash, it's just a matter of time.


@LibertyDownUnder You missed the point. In fact, what you're saying is false. Leveraged companies will do better if there is an increase in inflation, because their debts will be worth relatively less. To reiterate, if each unit of currency is worth less, then debts, which are static, will decrease in relative value. An increase in interest rates will simply discourage companies from taking on NEW debts. What little practical value gold still has will diminish as it increases in price.


@watercup123456 I get what you are saying but you are not looking at things from a conjectural perspective. If it wasn't gold we would have to go back to a barter system, for centuries gold has been the established currency to trade. If we were in an pre-colony african system, it would have been cowrie shells. So what you said is stupid

Parth Shah

Compare gold vs Berkshire over he past 40 years or compare the market in general vs gold over the past 50 years. Gold is an unproductive asset that relies on fear for appreciation. Buffett agrees that paper money will always devalue over time, he just disagrees with gold as an alternate.


What is gold good for, fundamentally? I mean what can you do with it? Why would you want to have it?


@luvbeingfree Do these commercial uses equate to a value of $1,500/oz?


Investing in physical ultra pure bullion Silver and Gold may be ridiculous considering how hyped up they are right now, but then again most global government currencies are not worth the paper or Zinc plated coins they are printed on. Many economies of the past have collapsed US depression, Mexico, now Spain and Greece. You just wake up and the government tells you your currency isnt worth jack shit. If gold and silver are failing it means the world is failing and stagnant.


Difficult to say whats gonna happen with Gold and Silver. Both are at all time highs which could just be crazy over speculation on the worth because of people hoarding it away only to flood the market later and devalue everyone who bought gold at later than the early 2000s. Or the reality that global industrialization has created enormous demand for high end electronics requiring these materials and the price per troy oz of silver will never go back to $4. Its a crazy turbulent time to invest.


@xlUIblisUlx, you are correct but I'll clarify my point. The over-leveraged companies will benefit during the expansion of credit, but then suffer when interest rates are raised significantly by central banks in order to fight inflation. This in what happened in 2006-2008 in the US. Banks were "addicted" to the easy credit in 2002-2006, and then took a hit when the rates went up. Over the last decade the value of the stock market, measured in gold, dropped from 40 ounces to 10.

Jim kramer gold

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Jim Cramer: Intel has become somewhat of a pinata

26 245 views | 7 Dec. 2020

Apple is planning a new

Apple is planning a new series of Mac processors aimed out outperforming Intel’s fastest chips, according to a Bloomberg report. The new chips could debut as early as 2021. "Intel has become somewhat of a pinata," CNBC's Jim Cramer said Monday. For access to live and exclusive video from CNBC subscribe to CNBC PRO: https://cnb.cx/2NGeIvi

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I think apple is about to fly. They just revolutionized pcs with their new m1 chip, they benefit from holiday sales, dominate wearables and are in the middle of an upgrade cycle.

Subhadeep Ghosh

Intel will be dead once the software ecosystem moves away from x86 that companies like apple are pushing so hard for.

Andy B

Sell Intel, buy Boeing and Spirit AeroSystems


Bob Swan is a terrible CEO.

As soon as Intel quit promoting from within and hired an outside CEO, the company is going to go downhill from here.

Marek Kolenda

Dow Jones possible go up 35,000 points in few months then drops 40% to 50% and stay for 10years.Becauce lower interest rates and copy Japan 1980s.


That's why we in Germany use to say: "Besser ARM dran, als ARM ab" -


Jim takes every chance he can to say nvidia

Joshhua Ray

candy falls out of pinatas Cramerica, not chips!

David L

When you hire the wrong chief and principal engineers.

Andre Lus

lol intel is a bummer..RISK is the future..CISC is an horrible architecture...The only one who can rival ARM and Apple is AMD..


Piñata not Pinata


Jimmy, not better chip, better architecture. ARM > the ancient x86 in many ways. No one saw its potential in the 90s. They all see it now.

Tom Wilkins

Intel to zero, AMD to infinity, got it. Sounds like human psychology at its finest hour.

mel b

Lol in my opinion it is just fud , flash forward 2 years, everyone looking to buy the new laptop interl I 9 generation 11
Microsoft won't use apple

Palm Tree

A lot of people may end up losing a lot of money in the stock market.

Marek Kolenda

US economy is socialist economy more then 50% GDP growth is government and public sectors spending.Its not free market economy.

joe jane

Intels problem is 2 fold they have chips that get slower over time " with mitigations"
the motherboards that are in consumer platforms are more expensive.


Jim knows nothing. Intel is huge and has tons of cash to use toward innovation and research. When the stock went down to $44 I was shocked and bought like crazy, now they're my largest holding.


Gotta love when people that don't understand the industry make claims. ARM isn't necessarily better, its different. And Nvidia buying ARM may push companies into alternative architectures.


please get rid of the Shepard Smith ending in all your videos, for the love of god.


I love how Apple outperforming intel in processor speed makes intel share price goes down. Apple isn’t an intel customer lol and we were are all aware of this last week

Ahsan Mohammed

What happened to his voice.

Ted Oakley

Intel is gonna be just fine, in the mean time I'll keep buying shares are these rock bottom prices=)


Intel the next GE. Abandon ship!

Domingo Invests

AMD is 10x better than intel. Absolutely terrible company


If it's true that the upcoming relief bill doesn't have individual stimulus check, then get ready for the stock markets to go down this Christmas.

Strange Brew

Cramer was hitting the sell button on Tesla at 70 a share. He’s the leader of the stupids!

Greg Helton

What Intel has been lacking is vision. They’ve had boring one dimensional management for decades, not being able to break out of the one thing that made them successful. They are sitting on a goldmine however if they play the MobilEye card right.

James Fisher

Team AMD reporting in


Intel owns 94% of the data center market, and that's where the money is. They speak of Intel like they're dead lol. AMD earns $300 million a year, Intel earns $21 Billion.

Jason Piro

As a gaming PC builder and junior investor, I agree that Intel has lost it's edge. Despite its historic earnings, I don't think the income is as stable or the dividend is stable since I wouldn't vouch for Intel. I would rather use AMD Ryzen 3 or whatever re-hashed one we're on now. It's still faster and usually a better deal than what Intel has, and I imagine that AMD has another ace up their sleeve for when Intel releases a chip with a larger die size for better heat transfer on desktop PCs.

Elody Stanton

Cramer was hitting the sell button on Tesla at 70 a share. He’s the leader of the stupids!

Kyle Howell

Ghiv biggest spac to date ? company is profitable ? paying dividends ? they own there sector for whole saling mortgages in the us ?

Man of Light

Apple originally went to INTEL and asked them to design there chips. Intel didn't believe people were stupid enough to want an Apple and declined that proposition. A very small company created ARM. Intel is being abused as inferior in the media and stocks..I predict INTEL to DESTROY ARM in a years time or stagnate and become more of the server cateror rather than the Host and fade slowly

The Spidercat

Intel is a dying brand

T Pf

imagine if Apple agrees to sell their chips to manufacturers, that business is Intel+AMD, but I'm sure they won't. Like Cook said, "maybe the investors would hate us when I say this, but it's not about profit"

Marjorie Tench

Yes please get rid of Shepard Smith.


there must be a lot of political red tape, and liberal bs going on inside intel for them to fall behind.. its always and usually the personnel, management, that cause stagnation in a company.

Pete Eddy

Intel was basically playing in a empty playground for a long time. Now the other kids are out and they can’t play by there own rules anymore.


Intel should 3d print chips.

Exauce Mayunga

Intel is the boomer stock