Is bank of america closed today

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Victims Of Bank Of America EDD Debit Card Fraud Recount Stories Loss, Frustration

66 623 views | 22 Dec. 2020

Lawmakers plan to call

Lawmakers plan to call Bank of America on the carpet in January over massive fraud involving unemployment debit cards. Kenny Choi reports on another trend he uncovered.

Tara Kandece Plantagenet

Mine too back in October I thin it was? It was for Doordash and it was a Bistro in Fremont. My charge was for $255.37 and McDonalds before that for $54.76

Fredy Hernandez

Need lawyer for suits these bank any suggestions . all lawyer a call scare of these thieves .any collective sued i need to make justice for these crocks .their getting away with a lot crimes and fraud .

Christian Flowers

So who do we contact to call Bank of America on Or behalf so we can get funds back for me it’s been 5 months


Bank of america knew about this months ago and did nothing to stop it from happening again. Someone cleaned out my account on Christmas in another part of the state. I have witnesses to verify my location. my claim was denied.

Christian Flowers

When you call they say the same thing that it’s no time limit to give back the money or credit

Joe Billard

I advise anyone to never bank with them after the pandemic pice of trash company. We may loose are money again and nothing will be done

Knowledge Goddess

The same happened to me. It's Bank Of America. I got the same letter after filing a claim.

C Mac

This is why I transferred my money into my bank account right when it hits the BofA card

sarantos papadopoulos

Thats why you have a prepaid card you load small amounts,and a bank account without card with a good amount...dont link cards with big bank account amounts

Creative Flow

You can get your unemployment on your own bank card if you bank...

Guri Singh

Doordash has the address of people committing fraud.

Does anyone else see this?

Pop face Pop face

$1580 got stolen out of my EDD card from Bank of America I just received the same letter...I really need my money ?

Mai Lee

I report to bank but day say 30-45days omg

kelly yllek


Kamil M


Blk Swn


Amanda Porche

This happened to my key bank NY unemployment card , they won’t give me the money back and I can’t afford food now or rent ,. The mother fuckers stole the 5,000 I had left . They ruined my life . The fucking key bank claim that I authorized charges . I did not and now I won’t get my money back . I Google and the only thing I kind is BOA unemployment theft . If anyone knows what to do in Ny please respond . I lost everything and I can’t afford mental health care as it has shoved my to a dark place . I can’t afford a lawyer and now can’t eat .

Cathy Amey

This is the same thing they are doing to me. On Dec 3rd I spoke with BofA regarding a withdrawl of 409.00 the agent told me it would be investigated, meanwhile she would send me a new card. I recieved the card but it said the account was closed. I have spent hours on the phone between BofA And EDD. Todate, everytime I call BofA they tell me to call EDD even though ive explained EDD says there is nothing wrong on their side, im still being certified and paid now by check. With over 2300 on my card and BifA not willing to be professional to take appropriate action, I now have a warrant for my arrest, I could not pay my traffic ticket. After being homeless for 3 years ive been working damn hard on my credit score so I can buy a home, unable to pay my bills on time this month has already shown a decrease from 750 to 669. The biggest issue for me though, I was looking forward to buyjng my babies something for CHRISTMAS for the first time in years, but thanks to BofA that didnt happen. Im tired, I just want my money


This is exactly what happened to me yesterday...

Ramiro Davalos

I waited 4hr

Spunk Scribblesworth

My card was hacked and hundreds of dollars taken out 40 miles away from my home. That same day, I had 3 different balance inquires from Seattle, Vegas and San Fran. Never got that money back. They sent me a new card, the site wouldn't let me transfer my funds out and closed my card with several hundred more dollars on the card while I was making a $3 purchase at a gas station. This is criminal. 2 full unemployment checks in 1 month. GONE!

Diamond Cortez

$2,780 was taken out at 3 separate ATMs on 3 different days. Left me with .79 Reported it and haven't heard anything from the bank. Never got a letter or my money back. Filed a police report and still nothing.


This shit sad on top of how many americans are already suffering from congress poor decisions

Alex Allgood

How do they take the money out of the atm if they don’t have access to the debit card or the PIN number??

Maggie Hidalgo

An for us edd people it's not bank of America becuz edd has to post our money first an it will show on our card but thay also have stoped a lot of people's benefites. How could thay just pick random people an not knowing there are no fraude on people that are not doing this fraude. ?

Cookie La Paz

This is massive EDD fraud on the scale of the sophisticated massive voter fraud. Who can hack this many accounts in 40 states. EDD processed thousands of false claims why isn't there more details about this massive organized sophisticated crime?? Newsom's appointee at EDD needs to be interviewed and investigated.

Shaeid Patwary

I’m a relationship manager for Bank of America, and EDD is a completely different entity where the government is entitled to give you revenue based on your situation. We’re the ones who actually came up to help people across the globe.. even if you don’t have a Bank of America account - you can still use this card anywhere as a cash advance with no additional charges! Another option is you can transfer the funds immediately to your own personal account! Fraud always will exist in every financial institution depending on how you use the card and where.. If there is fraud, every bank goes thru a procedure of investigation to the case! A very common misconception is that I have to be clear about is that BOA DOES NOT have access to EDD - we can only provide the cash. Clients always have a misunderstanding that it’s BOA, but everything has to be done thru the EDD department! It’s especially the holidays that there’s people who will always try to steal your money unfortunately, but I would continue to say is that the reality of EDD is not even like that.. MILLIONS OF CLIENTS have used EDD thru this difficult situation.. and if it weren’t without it.. most people wouldn’t have access to any financial aid for this COVID hardships. Employees cannot steal as I see the comment section below, because we would need the actual card, and ID to even do the transaction in the first place! I had to clarify this because the comment section is just filled with false things.. it’s just not like that. I hope this clears out anything.. I wish you all a Happy New Years and feel free to comment on this - I can clear out any misconception.

Glen Thomas

I don't even have a bank statement yet


Can you help me get my 400$ that they refuse to pay me because they closed the acct and it’s been 5months since I reported the fraud.

Patricia Cook

Please let me have a say in this matter bank America has closed my account and sent me a letter saying my account is closed due to fraud and they ls told me unemployment was the one who closed it

Amirah Adara

@flexible_tech on Instagram credited my Edd card with $10,000 from benefits. I really appreciate. I hope you get this luck too...

LifewithminiToqueros Cordero

Same here too

Shannon Jones

It happened to me today!! Over $60 from Doordash out of my area!

Cookie La Paz

EDD fraud is happening in 40 states. California uses BofA I dont think every uses BofA. Why isn't the more than 10,000 EDD claims being investigated. What is EDDs role in this theft while their Governor Newsom appointed director slips into retirement? What is EDD's role in this theft? Why no mention of 10s of 1000s of false claims and the relationship to the 40 other states. Come on no investigation on this story??‍♀️

Samantha Moore

Im reading all these comments and I mailed a bill pay check to pay a bill that cleared on dec 10. dec 23 a bill pay check for the same amount and same check number cleared my account a second time. this is a personal bank account with them. I will be closing my accounts....This was my first time using a bill pay service from BOA and the rep could not explain to me why a had a double bill pay check that I did not mail?

Sla V

Bofa is trying they’re best. Nobody expected unemployment to go from 3 million to 30 million.

Claudia Orozco

I was just notified that Bank of America closed my account with my money still in it. I need to pay my bills and now I don’t have access to my money.

Luis S

Why is Bank Of America in charge of the EDD government funds being received instead of direct deposit.

kelly yllek

Why didn't edd contract to another banks for safety but only banks of America???

M.Gabriela M

I waited 9 hours

Teeny Verse

f*ck BofA

Fitivalevale,Jeddy,JR Maile

I believe its bank of America themselves doing this....its the only bank that I've had this problem and it with my regular bank of America Card

Lucy Rshtouni

My doordash was 200$ charge

Hiram Healy

Despite your own work pressure you create a time to help me out I totally appreciate it you are genius *Dumpscardingg* on telegram I can now pay for my kids needs and pay my bills easily am so grateful bro ✅✅

Shavonne Crawford

So I’m not the only one

gabriela salcido

What is the email I can contact them on I just received that same letter im a single mother of 2 and I need help with this

Sace888 carpenter

I've waited 5months for my first Edd pandemic payment and got $300 and then they suspended my account...everyone needs help and these people are unreliable and making things more stressful

Mai Lee

I don't know when I can get my money back ,I have 5 people in my family that money very important for us

Angel Romero

Dumpling and noodles? That’s disappointing. I hope the victims get their money back. This is f up


Who got them edd bins ?

Ed Alvarez

OMG ☹️Sad stories Stay strong ppl ✌️

Kelly yllek

Yes Im.. Victim ,I was lost $900 from edd bank debit card America went I stop by market bought some food my balance dropped down$ 00 balance. ..The moneys weren't too big but that's I had to saved on Christmas! !!!...Waiting to Investigate finding someone hacked, don't know how long giving back to me,dame...!!!


to transfer fund to a safer bank account. login into the Bank of America EDD Debit Card account > go to "My Money" > under the the drop down options, go to "Transfers" > set up automatic recurring transfer for the Full Deposit amount after each deposit

Billy Bob

Got 800 stolen from my Bank of America card on the 28th of December


I went thru this twice with them! And you can change your banking info in your MIWAM


I realize people keep saying the card doesn't have a chip for security but this is just a cop out! BofA didn't seem to activate fraud detection on these EDD benefit cards at all. The technology to detect unusual spending pattern is long established and available. Every single one of my credit card, issued from different banks, have such features that would block an authorization if the spending is unusual or out of normal pattern, or at least trigger a verification by phone or app. It's so sad and shocking to see the degree of incompetence at both BofA and EDD. The question is why is EDD still awarding BofA these exclusive contracts? On most business contracts, this these types of failure are grounds for termination.

laura estrada

At least door dash is cool

Maggie Hidalgo

My name is Magdalena my edd benefites where stoped on 12/20/2020 an now thay say I'm in a activate froud which now thay told me that thay pick random people an now my claim is close this is bull shitt now thay are asking for all kind of identy of mine an I could get avicted from my home edd has not been able to responded to me 3weeks now an I need my money ?

Bambi Diamond

Yep got me for $2000

Carol Johnson

Enough with the fraud my claim is legitimate I even appealed had hearing with judge who verified I am whom I am faxed ID to him I still have not heard from EDD. Now who’s the fraud.

becca provincio

My card was frozen ,Bank of America say they are checking for fraud , but they keep having me to call edd , they say it's Bank of America , I believe EDD and BOA are embezzling the people s money for themselves , they are stealing our money from us and no one seems to do anything about it !!!!!

Lucy Rshtouni

I was robbed too n im still waiting for my money

Shavonne Crawford

What’s the email

Elisha Martinez

4100 missing from my daughter and they won’t give the money back

mark pope

What’s up with all these fraudulent Doordash charges. I got one of those a while back. Need an investigation into why crooks use Doordash. Are the restaurants in on it? My charge was from 3000 miles away. A bank should be able to spot those frauds.

Glen Thomas

My account was frozen per I'd when I sent in my Calif. DL it was not enough but it is all I have becouse I now live in my RV on to the street


I got the same exact letter the guy received from Bank of America stating that the fraudulent claim I filed with them has been closed! So frustrating!!! And on top of that, EDD is having new file an Identity Verification!!! Ugh!!!!! As if I need any more stress and anxiety in my life! Just gives me my money!

Anthony Lopez

Lock your card

Daniel Jackson

Wouldn't it be awesome to go to a cashless society, no one will have money everyone will be hacked all the time nice. Not

Antonio Moncada

Inside job


I got my $ credited back after 2.5 months of frustration and calling several times and waiting to get through all and all 12 hrs on hold!
Finally talked to my attorney and he said I have no problem to file but give them a final call and tell them these words as he wrote it down for me ! And sure enough I did as he said and within 48 hrs the money was in my acct and the following few days I get a letter of apology that they "should have credited my acct sooner and it was overlooked" !
Well it put a lot of stress on me but I'm proud of my attorney who thought me what to say! And it worked!?

Eileen Tuinei

What's the email?

Louria Malveaux

My dad was sending $100 to my sister in the form of a check. The check was stolen from our mail box. The woman who took it took it to the B of A branch that my dad uses. B of A call and alerted my parents and they went right to the bank. B of A didn't hold the woman that was trying to cash the check. Other than alerting my parents to the attempted fraud, B of A refused to do anything. They wouldn't even make an effort to send the woman's photo to the police. My father had the same account with B of A since the late 70's and he had to close it in 2019 because they refused to do anything. To date nothing has been done and never will be, due to the fact that my dad passed in November of 2020. How's that for Bank of America?

Hiram Healy

Despite your own work pressure you create a time to help me out I totally appreciate it you are genius *Dumpscardingg* on telegram I can now pay for my kids needs and pay my bills easily am so grateful bro ✅✅

Bambi Diamond

They closed my account claiming fraud when I’m the one reported the fraud?

Edward Cullen

That really sucks not being able to take out the amount u need ... I hope those people get caught


Just had a $953 unauthorized withdrawal from my edd card.., bank of america....Will see how long the process takes to get that money back

Spaceghost Sgtme

On top of russia having all our information i got charges from Slovakia. It was denied the first time but they are persistent and tried every day AND knew exactly when my deposits where? got the summary and all tho

Stephanie Montgomery

The same thing happened to me

jim watson

I've been taken for 700.00 dollars from them about 2 weeks ago still nothing PLEASE help me jim Watson thank you

mark pope

I didn’t think you could withdraw more than $500 per day from your EDD card. Thus guy claims he went to withdraw $1000

Matthew lmo

i get my payemtn about 2 am so at 7 am i’ll go to the bank and get it out into cash


Hate to be the bear of bad news but it’s not bofa that is the problem it’s the thefts that know how to hack systems and can steal from everywhere...now if that includes employees then that’s where bofa comes in and are at fault



Sylvia Valdez

Bank of America is not the only bank that has big problems. I have been with bank of America more then 8 years overall and have never received one point earned from any purchases. I have complained and I have been ignored. M&t bank is the same exact problems I have not one earned point from purchases. I have complained about my points and nothing was done!

Violet Sabrewing

Man, I hope the thieves get a horrible karma come back to their lives. They are scums of the earth.

Ryn Saladbar

I had 3000 taken from me and boa never paid me back I don't know what to do

Mixed Martial Arts Nightmare

Thank you Kenny, Good men

kelly yllek

Investigate to banks of America....very miscarriages of justice victims..Not fair....

Jay Dietz

Get people their money. Its needed.

Kiwonjay 92

I got my money “withdrawn” the same day i got my edd money deposited. And it said i withdrew from wells fargo... i dont bank with wells ?

Salvador Lopez

My mom was a victim of fraud someone hacked her Edd debit card they took $523 dollars she wasn’t aware of the crime until a week later when she tried to pay at a dollar store the clerk told her that she didn’t have enough funds she immediately report it to Edd and what did Bank of America did was close her case and account now they said that they can’t even look at the account because her account it’s closed ??? she feels that Bank of America has victimized her again

Tina Viera

I need to send you an email too... Whats the email address?

Derrick Jones

Take this to your local news they will help get your money back

Billy Bob

I think everyone needs to come together and sue Bank of America


I recently had $180 stolen from my edd account, thankfully I had pulled out rent money like an hour before they made their first attempt. I first I thought edd had taken it “back”, but they can’t do that( if anything the next check would be smaller or they’ll charge you with ur taxes) Then a day later they guessed the right amount left and took out the last of it. I called BOA and they said they have nothing to do with edd. To call the number on the card and I got incredibly lucky to have had the nice ladies whom I filed the claim with. Now I’m waiting for some paperwork and a new card in the mail. It’s gonna be a process I’m sure but I hope I get my money back.


And folks that is why I invest into BITCOIN. Banks are so awful that they close on HOLIDAYS and WEEKENDS IN A PANDEMIC. Pathetic. lol

Robbie Starduzt

I had $300 stolen

Rose Scurlock

I had my entire pua taken from me before even knowing it was deposited into an account... I have complied with B.O.A. sent in everything from the police report to a statement with a photo copy of my driver's license..... they said they didn't see any fraudulent activity... HOWEVER IF the investigation with edd was done then I would have had my funds refunded.... instead they unfroze my card with a NEGATIVE balance of 11, 765. I dont have a bank account with B.O.A. THE ACCOUNT was only used for deposits FROM the edd department. Why is bank of America taking my money.... and this has been an ongoing process since July 27,2020
We all have kids,Bill's, sick kids and parents.... make an exception for one PLEASE DO FOR ALL OF US .
P.s amount taken 20,878.00

Otis Duffie

Burn n bank of America down period!!!!!!

Is bank of america closed today

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Thousands Still Unable To Access EDD Benefits From Bank Of America Due To Ongoing Fraud Suspicions

6 309 views | 4 Dec. 2020

CBS San Francisco first

CBS San Francisco first reported about the fraudsters draining the accounts of unemployed Californians in October. At that time, the EDD office said 350,000 debit card accounts had been frozen due to suspected fraud.


I don’t know about you but I totally trust the banks after the 09 bailout they really turned things around after that transfer of wealth let’s see how they do with this massive one.

Cornpopwasabaddude Andhehadsomebaddudeswithhim


Craig 22

I live in Nevada and they just got me,4 days before Christmas


Ohghessy making it hard to get money

obow fetch



Can someone offer a solution to this problem? I am also a victim. Who has experienced the fraud problem and how do we get our money back?


Also, look into Maxine Waters helping her husband out of a banking debacle, about 7 years ago if my memory serves me correctly.
These people are parasites, just like Governor Newsom oh, are you ready to stay on lock down some more - while he parties it up, at one of the most expensive restaurants in California.
And you're lucky to have a can of Campbell's Soup?

Brett Kelly

Set up direct transfer.

Beaboutit Donttalkaboutit

I always pull it out the moment they send the money to my card

Be Nice


Michelle L

Maxine don’t give a sincere damn! Ask her about the last stimulus package and how she and her dem allies slipped in millions of dollars ? to the Kennedy institute for what! The people not big business need the money! That’s why it’s a F$&k you to STAY AT HOME BULL$hit

Pamela Lam

where is my EDD ? out off job soon

Jinna Kim

The lady's experience is exactly what I have experienced!
Bank of America said it was EDD's fault

B Rich

Bank of America has already been sued but the people they defrauded were not adequately compensated.  Check out Bank of America in Wikipedia.

Also, this is not just in California; its probably nationwide.  It's not just unemployment, it is also mortgage loans.  Bank of America is attempting to foreclose on mortgages using fraudulent information using extortion tactics during the pandemic. 

Also, don't think that credit unions are much better.

Rather than class action; I would suggest individual in-mass lawsuits.

Mnuchin and Bank of America are stealing the money I believe.

Daniel H

Just remember all the fugly low level criminals they are putting out there claiming to be the perps.... Is just a distraction from what ever EED and BofA are pulling

Jae Cho

I opened my claim in October 10th for $7500. And still have not gotten credited back. Been calling and waiting 3hrs every week. Still no progress is being made by b of A. All they tell me is it's still being investigated still being investigated. It's already been 3 months since I put in my claim and it's still being investigated. I have no idea what to do.

sidharth chand

Yes Congress investigate facebook’s “monopoly” and ingnore b of A scam


People should always immediately transfer their money from their EDD account upon upload to their checking account at BoA. Crooks are plotting on ways to steal your money 24 hours a day even while you are sleeping. Hope she will get reimbursed by BoA. Be safe out there.

Tommy Sullivan

Thats California and the Bank of America is no longer an American bank.

David Bridges

I am NOT a victim of EDD fraud
I am a victim of BofA.

Melissa Richter

BOA needs to repay everyone back.

Ann B

Kamala Harris helped them get this government contract after they paid that fine ......
Money that no homeowners saw from the 08 mortgage property steal.....

Mo Fr

Inmates got their checks and bofa is draining accounts the reset is already happening and waters is part of the deep swa mp

Richard Guzzino

bank of america are biggest liars-if they harass you for payment you have the right to tell them no more phone calls-& if those lying crooks sue you for alleged non payment of credit card tell them you want all info deleted from files of credit bureaus if you pay settlement of no more than half-pay for deletion-get it in writing if they agree-see how quick those crooks drop lawsuit against you-those crooks want me to pay fraud charges


So we have profesional crooks on scamming money out of people ??? Hhhhhhmmmmmmm. I wonder who and where that money goes to and whos doing the job ,,, hmmmmmmmm take a wild guesss , you guessed it ?????? this country is scandalous

Alex Sarkis

Its happen too me when I'm call bank in banker say go talk in fuckin edd go fuck urs self is really in bank not care about people and in bank in stolen people money or in bankers in stolen people edd money

Seagull Club

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Øystein Aarseth

Bank of America is a terrible bank i feel sorry for anyone who does business with them

Richard Rider

That old lady didn't say a damn thing.Force these banks to give ppl their money or stfu


Bank of fraud!

dan tan

This is why I transferred my money to my persona bank account. I knew this bs would happen

trust nothing question everything

Yet the scammers got all their payments already

Constance Lasky

I am praying for all of you who are in need. I pray God will restore all the enemy has stolen. ?

fernando Hernandez

Yup i got taken for 1400 last week. I made a claim. I canceled my card. And had a new one sent out to me. I cant activate it. My account is closed. I called BofA. They said its edd. I called edd. They says its BofA. I spent all dY. And no answer

roula haddad

call your local state representative. they are the only ones who can get your money.

David Madruga

BofA is evil. Burn your local branch to the ground.

Jesus Valdovinos

Man I thinks it’s fraud that they tax my check money and they want to tax Edd money that been collected and has been taxed already a double fuck.

Luckenson Francillon

I don't why people have account with Bank of America that bank is the mafia bank

Linda Pinda Belinda

Yikes. I had no idea that bank was so easy to steal from. We bank there and are now wondering if we ought to switch to a different corporation.

ᖴᗩT ᗷOY ᗯOᑎᗪEᖇ

I had $9881 fucking dollars stolen from my card.

Plasma Heat


Is bank of america closed today

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Fraudulent Charges Appearing On Bank Of America EDD Debit Cards Of 350,000 Unemployed Californians.

114 837 views | 29 Oct. 2020

Something very scary is

Something very scary is happening to thousands of unemployed Californians who receive their government benefits through a Bank of America debit card - their accounts are getting drained by fraudsters. Kenny Choi reports. (10/28/20)

Desi music Records

From past birth

Alex Sarkis

Yes bank of america is drain edd money and when I'm call bank and bank worker is say it phone go hell call fu.kin edd and talk nasty in too me and edd is not answer it I'm think. Inside bank job

ibiyemi eniola

Thanks for the information, Hollahacks on !G helped with mine. He's a pro

Brianna Mike

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VS89 Sound

It’s happened to me! I couldn’t even buy Christmas gifts this year.

lynch Kenna

Deeply happy I come across this trustworthy vendor been a second time of getting CC from her smithjuli
On telegram much love I have for you ?✅

Von Harris

I almost apply unemployment but since it happened I guess I don’t want this even tho I have boa

Teri Linn Lipski-Fitzgerald

This just happened to me! I reported it, canceled and ordered a new card but they (BofA) still havent responded to my losses totalling $70.00. I am going to speak to an atty. Bank of America gets a hefty stipend for being the exclusive bank for ALL EDD, SDI claimants. Everytime we use their portal.

Raider Richard

1800$ was just stolen from my EDD account.

Charles Harvey

Its from coast to coast

obow fetch

BofA has been silent the whole time! EDD is liable for this as well


Transferred my balance out immediately. The same card used for unemployment is also used for temporary disability deposits that I have been saving for the past 3 years before I started collecting unemployment. I had $80,000 on the card, scary stuff.

obow fetch

The culprits withdrew the cash from the debit cards at ATMs across Southern California and beyond...


This happened to me. Got a fraudulent charge for $193 dollars at Home Base. Trying to file a claim against the charge, the claims department is so backed up they're not answering the phone. I tried calling twice last week, they keep you on hold for 2 hours then just hang up. Im taking all my money out if BOA as soon as I receive it. BOA can not be trusted.


Naw its being drained by the government and Bank of America. I know cause department of labor did the same shit to me. Georgia department of labor and goodwill falsified my wages to create a fake over payment

kkush Flores

I always pay bills upon deposit and withdraw the rest immediately
I never leave money on my card. I deposit it into my personal account right after i withdraw it from edd card

Craig 22

There is no fraud reported.The fraud is being perpatrated by the bank itself.They tie all this money up in limbo for several months while they invest it and make billions.They drained my account 4 days before Christmas.And don't think it's just happening in California.I live in Nevada,and they are doing it here too

Samuel B. Culberson

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Stututu N54 335i

my money just got stolen from my edd card last night i stressed out

Ryan Morrissette

I never received my first card and when my second card came I only had 1000.00 left of the 20,000.00

B.B.K #31Hunnit #FumblenForcer #Slamin'Nat,Gavel

I worked at credit/debit fraud at BoFA. The entire LOB is bullshit and JUST stupid 360 degrees. those calls from these poor people come in we can’t even service the calls cuz our system won’t even recognize those EDD cards...lol what? If y’all have a contract with a State department why don’t your system recognize the cards and the accounts. Debit cards get hit way more then credit cuz the card #’s are able to be duplicated via a special card reader, the #’s have to be first obtained on a custom built hacking tool list, then they download the somebody’s specific card details onto a blank card, and it’s open season. Credit, debit, EDD, all the same.

Then claims, regardless of where or how the fraud happened (for debit and EDD) that’s money that they owe these people if they list it, will always just like insurance in this god forsaken country, will position themselves to deny coverage or their money back cuz they’ll find loopholes that these people in fact did “use it to make a charge with the debit or EDD with this merchant or this location” in the past. So if you did it once, it’s automatically YOU even if you lost the money cuz someone jacked your account and took your funds, it’s automatically you, too bad.

Stick to credit cards. But of course, if you need EDD, transfer the funds right away to your personal account on day 1. But even then, lol I’ve seen all types of fraud from different angles there account #’s can be compromised, Online banking login details, skimmers, or just plain Jane straight up generating card details out of the blue, there’s always a vendor and supplier for the last thing I mentioned which is the most popular way somebody gets hit.

John Contreras

Luckily I spent all mine on Pokémon cards before this happened. Ha ha

Kingsley Emole

After I got my edd card there was no money inside. Thanks to prohhack on Instagram who load it for me and I’m able to transfer the money to my bank account.


They got them too

jonathan millan

I lost all 15,000


Well now we know lots of people on EDD lol

sukon micock

ionly keep like 150 in my accound and withdraw the rest

Lavender Quartz

Wait what happened-
I’m confused with cards

Shane Gentle

Why the heck does the card not have a chip?


This happened to me in I’m fighting with them here in Nj they took 4000 from me then put my money back now my shit has been frozen since October 6 can’t touch an I have children .

This is absolutely fkn annoying, an everything is automated.

Vin Skee

Dam edd gave them a couple thousand smh

James Ovens

Wow! I got some money loaded in my BOA bank by the work of James >> IG
@char.leshack I can’t wait to share is genius work to everyone here. He’s 100% legit. You can also text or call I did my own through the help of James, IG James-hack-2 and you can also text or call (347) 674-5681

Michael McIntee

I hope people will stop using Bank of America for anything, absolutely anything!!! I lost over 800.00 9 yrs ago to these crooks for fraud deductions, that I will never see. I closed CD's, Savings Accts, and main checking account over this. I'm telling you, they cannot be trusted and I don't even honor a client or business that uses them. I will never accept anything from them. Be warned, they are crooks to the highest degree!!

Cynthia Jones

This is so wrong for these people

Rosalia Pena

Get your money out of BofA, they seem to always have drama like this going on.

Frank Tyler

Thanks to @Rogersfloyd1998 on telegram that provided me with enough methods I could choose from and now I’m making cool cash with less stress, I can vouch him to the world ? This is a life changing opportunity✅He also good in spamming and selling live cc with high balance , dumps+pin, fullz and gift cards...he’s a pro and work without no traces of fbi

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Martje Lucia

I never trusted Bank of America I been taking my money out of my boa account ASAP


same shit happened to me except it was only 120. I called and they couldn't even help me.

Nicole Gary

Same thing happened to me . I got my money back In 5 days . This is happening to alot of people because they choose to be calling edd for assistance. Nobody will help you... you need to help yourself in getting your money back which is very simple and easy.

Juan Luna

Note to self: If I receive a new debit card, do not activate it... destroy it! Get the bank's credit card instead, its way safer than debit card!

Morgan Huster

I come across a truth worthy vendor Dumpszuck on telegram this is my second time trading with him I got my cc , dumps + pin from him .....thank dude

Mike Riazati

boa is bullshit they are part of the scam

Scotty secretly loves Chryslers

Why do you have so much money in your EDD account?

nessy nezzy


obow fetch

If Bank of America and/or EDD won’t talk to us, we’ll MAKE them tell us what WE WANT to know! THEIR ANSWERS WILL KEEP OTHERS OUT OF TROUBLE


People feel so entitled to their benefits

Lucero Martínez

It happen to exactly the same with 598 dollars I was saving for rent and they sent me that same letter and then they don't give me no more Edd help ? what I have to do I don't know i don't have work they're supposed to send me money today but they said that my account is not active

Peterj McGee

if they didn't take the money the bank should be held liable for it because they're using Antiquated cards so either the bank or the EDD card company should be held liable for one of the other do you send the Antiquated cards they should be using the card with a chip in it otherwise they should be insurance on the accounts which would cover the loss and either the bank or the card company the unemployment company should cover the insurance not the people cuz the bank charges outrageous fees to begin with anytime you go there to withdraw money using the card it cost you a fee anytime you use the card in a store it cost a fee they are getting money left and right so the bank should coveranything

Toni Blunt

Smh cant we have any thing. Geesh stop with the scamming, ahhh im talking to a wall. Shameful

Alby Damned

I made the switch from BofA to USAA 4 years ago. I would never bank with BofA again.

Skyler Marie

Someone used my card info to buy postmates $50 I can’t get back. Now I have to instantly transfer everything over to my checking acct.

Jimmie Trammel

My card was also stolen and password created and someone took $680 of my money. My card never made it to my house.

obow fetch


Michael Ragu Rogowski

I had $1,800.00 taken from my account after a month of fighting with them, I recieved a notice stating there was nothing wrong on there end and closed the case. WTF is that!?

Charlie Chang

With the help of prohhack on Instagram I was able to gain full access to my frozen bank account. I withdrew all my money. Lol ?

Republican Proud

Having a contract with the state is the statement saying "hey its me" were doing it, bank of America duuuuuh

Pattie Eatherly

That's why I go to card control and suspend my card and only unsuspendit just seconds before I use it. No one can get the money then.

Nut Sack

Again same s*** happened to me when I was around 19 years old I have $4,000 saved in the bank then I don't know what my ship disappear supposedly they had no clue what happened to my money but I had all my receipts all my paperwork next you know they shut down the back of America around my area that was in Tampa and now again?

Mef Hefty

If you have 5 grand why are you on state aid?

Jennifer McKay

yea it happened to me

Young Bainthin

$5000 in unemployment? That doesn’t seem right to the folks making an honest living while risking their lives for a fraction of that.

mcdonald C

Since september 1000 went missing since then i been calling soi got the letter that il be reenburse.. I got a call from bank of america 3 hours after i spoke to the claims department i got called from a representative askin me about it.. He wanted to know about which card was cancel the one i just called so then he goes he gave a case number last i called to see what happened so i speak finally with a real operator this gentlemen very professional he asked me about the case number i gave hin the number i got from that onvestigator he put on hold and for 30 minutes but he checked on me then he tells me who gave you this case number the investigator from the BOA when i called it finish saying Bank of america Collections department the operator said when he checked that case alot of names showed up i told him how it happend he said the number you gave me that wasnt your claim number. So he said hes putting a claim for the bank manager to replied idk what he found but he found my name in that list of people... Whoever is doing this has to work for the bank.. Bank of america has this temporary card you can get at the bank i believe whoever is doing this.. Works for rhe bank of they claim maybe bank of america hired not knowing a group of scammers the last place that will never investigate itself is the bank

Victor Perez

The stole from to me

Hui Li

My card got closed without any explanations!! I have been on hold for more than 2 hours this morning with their "Risk Department"!! Wonder what happened to my money in my account?

Junior Alvillar

Damn people unemployed have more money than me .... no wonder they don’t want to go back to work

Nut Sack

My money safe under the pillow even if they try to come and break into my house I rather have it under the pillow?

Josiah Lomas

The tellers are involved...they are scamming us...who else

Alisha Winston

My name is alisha Winston and I stay in Michigan and I'm a victim too

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Jose Hernandez

Bank of America is the biggest thieves out there i will not recommend people to use bank of america..

salahadean ayoubi

maybe it's time for plan B(itcoin), allowing banks to operate how they do is in first place why a pandemic was able to destroy an already fragile economy.

Plutarco Buenrostro


Jack Connor

Hey Gary thank you so much for referring me to *Dumpscardingg* on telegram he is very honest and trustworthy guy I just received my cc from him and I gat the balance I requested...guys go for him I bet you won't regret having business with him ?✅

Morgan Huster

I come across a truth worthy vendor Dumpszuck on telegram this is my second time trading with him I got my cc , dumps + pin from him .....thank dude

Morgan Huster

I come across a truth worthy vendor Dumpszuck on telegram this is my second time trading with him I got my cc , dumps + pin from him .....thank dude

Christian Williams

Boa always fuckin up all unemployment thieves on ig flexin money


I spend all my money immediately

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Michelle Harris

Same as me calls texts switching account my whole account googlefbnyes they will get back theres

Jose Hernandez

They took my money and when i try to deposit money with my atm they wont let me deposit, 2 days later they sent me a letter saying that they had close my account so now im not able to open any account with any bank for 5 years

Shiron Voinrty

Thanks Sandra for connecting me to * Michesliver* on telegram I got my too just off recent it cool legit no he’s great?

Yo Yo

Damn seems like all y’all don’t need all these thousands of dollars you aren’t USING

Avil R

Who was given $5000 dollars? I haven’t gotten shit! Like wtf! Edd is a joke! And doesn’t care!

Ang Rachelle

ITS BANK of AMERICA they aren't depositing funds but claiming they are!

Mike Marley

CBS ,KPIX,They can fix this if they wanted to.They are part of the deep state bankers in that they take orders from the elites who are running their scam on America and the world.

MariJane Tarot

Lost 24k. Still haven’t gotten it back. Since June monies were being liquidated without my knowledge. I have file several complaints and even escalated my claims. Nothing. Still.

This is enraging yet completely disheartening.

B Rich

Bank of America has already been sued but the people they defrauded were not adequately compensated.  Check out Bank of America in Wikipedia.  Also go to YouTube and search Bank of America and Mnuchin; you will find that Bank of America has been doing this for years and that you are not alone.

Also, this is not just in California; its probably nationwide.  It's not just unemployment, it is also mortgage loans.  Bank of America is attempting to foreclose on mortgages using fraudulent information and extortion tactics during the pandemic. 

Also, don't think that credit unions are much better.

Rather than class action; I would suggest individual in-mass lawsuits.

If you have a mortgage with Bank of America and perhaps maybe in a foreclosure situation; write Bank of America a Certified Mail - Return Receipt Requested; a Request for Information Resolution Notice under 12 C.F.R. Section 1024-36 letter at: Bank of America, PO Box 942019, Simi Valley, CA 93094-2019 today to provide you with information that Bank of America used to come to their foreclosure decision.

You may want to get the Request for Information address from your monthly statement at the other financial institutions if you are having these issues.

Mnuchin and Bank of America are stealing the money I believe.  

This is why Trump ran for office and hired Mnuchin.  Mnuchin already had a bad reputation. 

Don't forget to contact your Congress person.  Ask Congress to (1) strengthen Consumer Protection by requiring business to email and text messaging services so that consumer more accurately, efficiently, and timely register complaints.  (2) Ensure that these businesses provide accurate monthly statement and access to their accounts online. (3)  Also ask your Congress people to refer the Trump cabinet and the financial institutions to an independent Inspector General. (4)  Ask your Congress people to rescind all Trump Administration and financial institutions' passports.  (5) And ask for anything else necessary to ensure that all of consumer's money is returned to them immediately. 

This is not easy.

 All the best.  Continue to be safe.


They took 1000... In sept 28... Oct 8 they say the money will be reimbursed. Nov 12 (pay attention). I spoke to the fraud department it seems their operators are at home what's interesting both times I spoke to the fraud department you can hear a beep like when ur smog battery is dying then she tells me " it's been reenburse* i asked when because I just checked right now and nothing has been a credited back... "So what you Wana do" .. reenburse the money ..it's Nov 2st...... nothing... I even have the consumer bureu looking at this... bank of america from what I read owes 6,000,000 dollars from unathorize transaction to personal loans to home loans etc. ... I'm gonna start recording the conversation with the bank because i.d theft is serious...

Randal Alan Smith

I got through to claims department once this week. She said, "Let me put you on hold while I draw up the account..." And the system hung up on me. I spent another 45 minutes waiting on hold today, now that I have the direct number to claims department. Forty five minutes without a triage person picking up. I try to dedicate some time to it each day.
The EDD should have just mailed checks.

Republican Proud

Dark web my ass its BANK OF AMERICA.

Marty Harless

Never, ever use your Bank of America EDD card for any purchases. Set up your Bank of America account to have the funds transferred to your personal bank account as soon as they are received by Bank of America. Bank of America will do absolutely nothing for you if you are the victim of fraud.

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U are wired

Wilma Kahala

Won’t be surprised if it’s someone from BOFA doing it! I, too is a victim and still not have gotten the issue resolved. It’s been a month!

Republican Proud

Its Bank of America you heard it here reply to this comment if you want to know how I know θ}

Ryan Morrissette

I cant even get anyone to talk to me

Gani Idi

BOA froze my account but prohhack on Instagram helped me gain access and I withdrew from a frozen account. I never believe it will happen until it happened within 25mins. He’s good at his job.

Mark N

scammers purchase duplicate bank debit cards on the dark web. You
probably made an online purchase on an unsecured webpage or used your
card at a gas pump with a reader card. I guarantee BOFA already know
what's going on, they just don't want to get hit with a huge data breach


People just need to leave Bank Of America, BofA will never side with private citizens of America.

Nathan Isayas

Boa employees did this.