Regulators prime build

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Easy High Dmg Regulators Prime Build (sort of a Mesa Prime build)

132 views | 13 Aug. 2019




Hediel PlayZ

7:56 and 9:12 are both builds you could use if you don't have the same mods but 9:12 Is my preferred build

Regulators prime build

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51 333 views | 28 Oct. 2019




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Track: Madmoon Falling (DOTA 2 Music Pack)

Music provided by TheFatRat.

Watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q6Gxl6YJATw

FREE DOWNLOAD: https://app.box.com/s/ipilxl2g8grtvpwvy12cw37qzbytcexp

Follow TheFatRat for more free music: https://www.youtube.com/thefatrat


#mesagunslinger2019 #mesawarframe2019 #warframe


Thank you for watching! Hopefully, I'll see you on my next video. ;)



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Solid Enmity Official

I thought you wouldn't upload a video anytime soon, even if you had one ready. But, here you are again. Thank you for another great video. My condolences. Stay strong my leader :)

Maury Manna

Mesa doesn't need 175% efficiency she needs duration, tons of it


haha, best CC are dead enemies, spot on

The Magic Conch

First :)

Jc 9919

You should do a joke video where you explain stuff way longer than you need to and get all the information wrong lmao

max mustermann

vigorous swap only works if u get out of ur 4 but not when u get into it... bummer


All hail the Squad Leader! My cowgirl is not only a tank now, she packs a punch like a tank now too.

Nanachi Saisho



as an avid mesa user i always wondered if vigorous swap worked with her. thanks for the info !

Christopher Mauro-Barias

how do you level up forma ur warframes fast and efficient

The Metamancer

Mesa is still kinda boring IMO, but every now and again it feels real good to press 4 and kill everything

Markvirs Omnicron

Oh yea, Mesa exists


Yeah, your build is way worse than mine, and my build is a couple years old. Vigorous Swap is a stupid fucking choice.
Starting to think these videos are just for ad money.

All Related

You can use that mod is eidolon hunts too. I mean that amount of dmg is INSANE


I seen a dude in my game use the same set up dude destroyed hydron.

pakapon sivawat

Why does peacemaker drain 3.75/sec for you with 204% duration while mine drain 5/sec with 235% duration??

Iron Iron

Meh not fast enough

David Batres

This so lit

no 1

Atlas mecha build please or banshee sonar build ?

Temet Rex

So you added more BRRRT to Mesa's BRRRT

Allen Atterax

Mesa but every time she fires, James Hetfield screams "I AM THE TABLE."

Ariel RG

Why does he have 50.1% status in his regulator primes?

Weslei Silva

Nothing new.



Drew Eicke

I love that you’re always coming up with unique and different builds Noob Leader. We all love and appreciate you more than you could know.

Darkfury Gaming

Don't worry distant observer already have a fast fire rate build for mesa....AND I LOOOOVE IT.

Light Roads

This is exactly my playstyle, I often call my Mesa my Bunny because I love jumping from place to place and activating Peacemaker in the air as I hop around. Only problem is I don't do Arbitrations so no wonder I didn't know that mod existed. I even have negative range already. So this is a perfect video to up my Mesa game. I was just thinking last time I played that I wish I could get a little more out of Mesa (I don't have great mods yet, not a single maxed out heavy mod such has primed or umbral mods)


Where do I even get those mods?


pre, you forgot the 2x Arcane Velocity for Secondary Weapon Fire Rate ❤️

rashed Aljaeedi

Not sorry


"The best CC is a room of death enemys :D what a nicely sentence!

Big Doge

On Sanctuary Onslaught, Vigorous Swap is suicide imo


Minimum energy drain is 3.75 You can completely remove streamline from this build put 1 more point into fleeting expertise and still hit that. You now have a full slot open again.


yun o! Cardo warframe

Buck Buckleyson

You dont use hornet strike on peacemaker..


Synth Reflex > Streamlined Form for even more holster speed
Steel Charge > Speed holster if you're a pleb like me and only have 1 forma on your Mesa.

Rvgamez yg


kiko man

knightmareframe did this already but he used mesa waltz for the exilus.

MarK Graham

That conclave syandana tho

Death to Racism 2021

How do you teleport like that?

Katuro kun


Viserion Gaming

I Love Mesa

H8TE -Saltedtree

Squad leader can I give you a shout out?


You can stop leader, take your time, we enjoy your content, but we don't want to force you

Robert Dyer



FINALLY, I HAVE BEEN LOOKING FOR THIS SINCE THO OTHER DAY, i just finished rdr2 and watched wynonna earp

Kaleb Brownlee

now i can no cheese sorite level kela a detham, with armor increase. even easier. is it bad i like killing kela kuva flood level?

Bean Water

Hope ur doing good :)


Cut down on the cussing if you can, I don’t see a need for it in your videos and you didn’t used to use it.

Roni Hernandez

Has anybody had problems with the planes day/night time reseting to an hour when you do missions outside of earth?

Alex Scaletta

How can you get your health back without picking health orb ?

Tophat Tyrant

Don't force yourself squad leader, I'm sure most of us would understand if you took a break. God bless you for your perseverance.

stanley staklight

Squad leader how about a Nova build the masses

max mustermann

why not gunslinger instead of anemic agility? it has a little less fire rate but therefore it doesnt reduce the dmg


Can trasient fortitude bring more damage than the vigorous swap ?


You should take a rest Squad Leader!
I do appreciate that you want to keep up the uploads, but everyone needs a rest after a fight you know?

Asura Theinsane

Hey, @GHS Big Fan, wanted to show you an awesome build for the arca triton that I came up with after the update and I consider as potentially engame viable, I tested alot in ESO and daily sorties and the clear speed with just this weapon and [Crushing Ruin] perma cc a full room is just too insane :D (tried to check your discord link but somehow it didn't work for me D: (and I got no Twitter/Instagram ^^) Hoping you read this somehow :)

Regulators prime build

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Warframe - Exalted Builds - Mesa's Regulators

50 850 views | 16 Jul. 2018

Warframe - Updated Builds

Warframe - Updated Builds - Mesa (Peacemaker)


Want my glyph ?


Second Channel


Recruiting Ninjas! Sign up, suit up and help me take back the Solar System in Warframe! Click this link to sign up for this awesome Free-to-Play game and we’ll both receive cool rewards!


A c h i

I started watching your content like 7h ago and before I knew... a build for one of my fav frames :)


now, do this again, just with ALL the firerate

Camille Cirrus

And yet i still dont have Mesa because the invasions for infested salad are really damn rare, go away quickly, and getting her in 3 runs is NOT guaranteed.


Benedikt Schlegel

You don't add firerate because you need it. But since the regulators do not have ammo, firerate increases dps like crazy. It also increases status procs significantly and it lowers the time it takes to focus your fire a lot, which is good against higher levels where you might want to focus targets.
Many weapons would benefit from firerate mods, if that didn't destroy their ammo economy.
For anyone without a maxed Primed heated charge I would recommend firerate in that slot, and personally I still prefer firerate myself.


People put firerate on Peacemaker because it's ramp up is affected by how many shots you fire. Thus, firing faster at the start means that you get to it's maximum damage and firerate faster. And since barely any enemy survives more than 5 shots of any normal Regulator build, getting those 5 shots faster is better. And on enemies that DO survive it, it also means that you get to max damage and firerate faster.

Also Peacemaker doesn't use ammo, so


Man, the song at the end is giving me goosebumps

Jester Alvarado

M mi ñ

wk arjun

Mesa is easy mode pretty much ?

Cody Vasquez

God damn she's overpowered like Titania but she's also a tank so yeah she's still way better!! :0

Stoodmicrobe 862

What skin is that looks beautiful af


From my own experimenting with Mesa: if you drop the augment you can put 2 Umbral mods, giving more Health and Power Strength at no cost at all. Then for the Peacemaker, adding more crit damage with Hollow Point instead of one 60% elemental gives much more damage output at a cost of some status. Just my 2 cents.

Rohit Sivananthan

I see you're a part of the Gilded Phoenix clan as well!


Haven't heard anyone mention nightmare in a long time

KafkaIs Chaznable

Why not Gunslinger?


Not sure if it has been asked yet but what about using Hollow Point and Magnum Force to bolster base damage and crit damage? I usually keep elemental damage to the other weapons so I use Regulators for raw damage for my builds.


There is something you will never understand about fire rate on regulators.... only complete overkill is good enough. You always need more. There is no such thing as not enough fire rate. I have an idea for a meme build with all the fire rate mods ever: Anemic agility, gunslinger, lethal torrent, etc.


I swear I'm the only person in Warframe that doesnt really like Mesa. She's alright and I use now and again just because it's WF so why not use everyone but I prefer my Inaros, Ember, Harrow, Saryn, and Umbra (now that he's out.)


if u want a why not mesa, add a dash and a v, replace augur message with umbral intensify, done, now put fire rate mods on peacemaker and youre a minigun


I think that we're in the same alliance dude XD

Atlas Gen

Clem disliked this video

whirly whirly

You really ask why more fire rate? I mean, come on..,


Have you thought of doing an umbral trinity?

Jeffery Bearden Jr


Ge INuB Gt

With infinite ammo firerate is flat increase to dps

Eric Calvar

i like the song at the end, what is the title?


Still need 1 more part to build Mesa!


I had no idea that mod Mesa waltz exist. Holy crap world turned upside down for me

Michael Simoneau

i dont like mesa....

Xeno ExE

Sorry I lost my watch can someone tell me the time?


"Do you really need more fire rate then this?" What a dumb question, OF FUCKING COURSE! DAKKKKKKKKKKKKKAAA! :)

Thomas Bridgewater

People out fire rate on regulators because it is more dps. In fact, dropping Hornet strike for anemic agility will get you more dps. It's also probably better to use purely corrosive so you don't dilute status procs.

Konstantin BIFERT

Love that ending! ??


Do two arcane velocity's stack for more fire rate during peacemaker ? aka more than 80%? I am getting so many varied answers from reddit I don't know if I should buy the second set. :/

Edit - my regulator setup is the same except a gunslinger instead of heated charge. At that point it doesn't even matter lol.

Elijah Bakker

Only struggle on eidolons, you ever try fighting lephantis or lech kril with her?

Johnnie Kei

One question about the mesa build. I dont have a second narrow minded so can i use the maxed one instead?

MRNEWMIND2007: Gaming &Reactions

I want merlet


Didnt even know you could move while shooting in peacemaker and ive been playing her a lot

MRNEWMIND2007: Gaming &Reactions

I'm on xbox


Isn't mesa the upcoming prime ? (It and chroma are prime candidates I heard) so should we spend formas on it ?


Fire rate on regulators will give you massively higher dps that what you are running..

Vio Dragon

Nice video. Don't have Mesa at all and don't know her abilities like that. Sounds like the challenge is to help hunt eidolons with her. Also interested in your take on Titania's stuff. I got her pistols doing some great damage when out in Cetus missions.


outro song

Gabriel Barrientes

How do you walk and use your 4


So since peacemaker has a ramp up time not based on time but number of shots, fire rate helps the ramp up get faster and so its more overall DPS, also it helps with status application.

Jason Warwick

Love you’re work :) must admit though..., more fire rate is more dps AND you have infinite ammunition...;)

tazeem nobeebux

i still dont get why everyones head has the fortuna song tuck in it


Wait, how do you move with regulators on?


Asking if you need more fire rate is basically asking if you need more damage or multishot. The answer is yes.

10 Zaheer Navas

delete this video or simaris will get triggered and send lvl1000 bombards at you

Oliver Gramm



I like this build, gonna do it when mesa prime comes out this christmas


fortuna intro song is now mc's new fav song


how fast you fire in peacemaker is tied to framerate so people with low framerate should use Gunslinger to help them out.


Mesa, the aimbot warframe

H3 Rinnegan Kakashi

How does it feel knowing I can jack off faster than your regulators?

The Master Dodo

You use fire rate to decrease kill times. At lower levels, the enemies will just get oneshot so fire rate just makes you kill a group faster. At higher levels the only that will matter are the corrosive procs and fire rate means more procs in a given time frame, reducing the overall kill time.

Solo Ferns

No fire rate is enough on Mesa

Imfamous X-god

She can move with her regulators back then she couldn't????


and we all lift together!!!!!!

Wandered Owl

Wait, you can walk during the ultimate? I have been playing Mesa wrong alittle


people put fire rate on Peacemaker when they want a minigun

Foxtron 813

Your Mesa reminds me of Mr.Bison somehow...

Dim Fre4kske

"do you really need more fire rate on regulators?" well... errr... yes... yes I do.

Candy Bar

MORE DAKA ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Mesa is my go to frame for index farming ... my friend runs think and I just kill stuff he collects stuff

SnapDragonPlayZ XD

So after Umbral Wukong how about Umbral Nidus. plz, I wanna see an OP Warframe be well Broken. Don't tell DE..... lol

SouljaToilet #8357

Only reason I put a fire rate mod on was for the fun. Sound like an A-10 Warthog almost at full speed.


Thanks i was needing a build for these! Keep up the quality content!

Evan Thompson

Can you cover titania's exalted weapons next?

Not Evan

Yep. Not broken

MRNEWMIND2007: Gaming &Reactions

Is it on Xbox cause I can't find it


Isn't viral slash better than corrosive fire? Mesa's Regulator actually deal lots of slash status to enemy.


I have tested and I feel that with a electric mod or toxin mod instead of that PHC will do more damage, to heavily armored target like heavy gunners

The Blazing Angels

Love the vids, should be longer :(

Jerry Dillon

How do you get the helmet

The Master Dodo

You use fire rate to decrease kill times. At lower levels, the enemies will just get oneshot so fire rate just makes you kill a group faster. At higher levels the only that will matter are the corrosive procs and fire rate means more procs in a given time frame, reducing the overall kill time.


why do you need any status? it kills things faster than procs can go off.


For some reason, the power strength doesn't work for regulators for me, for some reason. I have 201% power strength and have at least 2 times less damage than mc has. I'm on PS4 BTW, maybe newer updates brought this feature to other exalted weapons.

James Barrow

Off topic, but I play on console, and was wondering if anyone has suggested a camera lock in the options to allow the camera to reorient as the warframe turns. Leaving the 2nd control stick to be used for aiming only.

x Eisenhorn x

Yes more fire rate I use a max arcane velocity it's really good fun


Would viral work instead of corrosive?

Christopher Curtis

THERE IS NEVER ENOUGH FIRE RATE. jk lol of course there is... right...? Looks at my personal build for Twin Vipers Wraith that has 80.5 Fire Rate before Spring Loaded Chamber
Ah... Right, that WAS a thing I did. Hm. Well, The Regulators definitely don't need it, but people likely do it for the exact reason that you forma'd, like, is it 4 or 5 frames for Umbra mods now? Either way, they did it because...
Anyway, thanks for showing this off! I like seeing these videos, since it gives me a good idea as to effective ways to forma gear. Thanks!


I'll buy your account for $5,000. Msg me on discord Tedster#1356


The biggest enemy of Mesa ... are WALLS. Like wtf ? When enemy are behind a wall or doors, she doesnt attack.
I wish there was a mod that lets bullet go through walls, so i can gun down enemies without moving

Justa Name

Not using Anemic Agility on the corrosive build, FeelsBadMan. You basically never have to reload nor do you have ammo problems with Mesa, so fire-rate is the way to go. It IS factually more damage


Do you need More fire rate? Yes....Yes you do.

Kriselm Valkry

Rivens for exalted weapons when

Jack Preston


Frost Draco

This is one build i have to disagree with. Keep the dash, add another dash, and put more fire rate with 90% elementals.

You get more corrosive procs with fire rate than you do going status simply due to mesa's base fire rate. And it adds up with arcane momentum.

You can't say it doesn't scale until you have tried it. especially in the index where i can kill enemies just fine for 4 rounds.

Infinity Dunk

More fire rate is just the same thing as more damage for regulators tho. It just has another use of helping you ramp up faster when you recast, so anemic agility for extra memes.

Phelix Mu

Thanks for doing an exalted weapon series. These are all soon-to-be forma'd for me, and I already started in on a few of them last week while I had a brief credit booster.

Do you think Landslide should become an exalted weapon? I remember it kind of exists halfway between the two, and it would be nice to be able to run a normal melee weapon and still have a more optimal landslide.


Makin a MESA everything.

Mesa is bae

Morigon Enoki

Yo @MCGamerCZ fire rate on the regulators is only for low lv missions, really helps to get the damage out faster when your just popping her ult spinning in a circle for a couple seconds then leaving

Dismissive drive-by posting in a sensitive topic.

Players with a bad PC or internet should be wary of too much fire rate. The game might end up having to ignore some of your shots, because your end is not delivering data consistently. It will be a stuttering sound effect and also dps loss. Keep an eye out for it if you play on a potato :)

Queen Bowsette

Why isn't this skin on console.....

Justin Falzon

I always put Gunslinger on my Regulators! I just want attention :(

Kerem ÖĞÜR

Can u please do Exalted Build for Valkyr?

Mr Omega

I wish you could choose the levels of enemies in the plains

Károly Király

yes. fire rate is needed for maximum DPS cuz if you have another lemental that's gonna increase the damaGE BY LIKE 35-45% but a fire rate mod increases the DPS by 72%
you must have max daka for fun, and more daka7more status and overall DPS


i put anemic agility on instead of primed heated charge because while on other secondaries that much fire rate might not be good, mesa doesnt loose anything from it since she doesnt have ammo ajd doesnt have to reload, i mean, +90 fire rate on behalf of -15% damage? Also, using this might be better for clearing rooms full of higher lvl enemies, while your build might deliver the dps to kill while using the mesa's waltz, in my kind of game play which is mainly consisted of using 4th mid air, the anemic agility build just manages to hit that much more enemies and well completely shred them