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Thoughts on Justin Sun's Latest Blocking of Steemians on Twitter

51 views | 15 Mar. 2020



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Steem Witnesses meet with Justin Sun - 2020 03 04 11 57 13

2 344 views | 4 Mar. 2020

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FU Eli Powell


How can you say I want steem to be better when you just want to buy and then dump for profit. I also suspect you will manipulate the price and then try to sell for profit. Are we steemians Harem girls transferred from one place to another? No offence to anyone

Dan Rodriguez

So... Justin just wants Money. That simple.
How many time did he say that?!?! ?


Great job at the end there. I'm glad you stood up for the chain, and reaffirmed strongly that we will not hardfork just to let these shady exchanges power down in 1 day. I'm especially happy with how
@FollowBTCNews represented us. Thank you.


Steemit Witnesses are very unprofessional. Also, stop crying about Ned did this, Ned this that. Have you ever heard about broken promises? That's done, Ned's promises are a just that, promises. JS won't freeze his stake. It is so funny how the witnesses want to rule on the tokens he purchased. He bought the Steem tokens from the market. Samsung was able to trust Justin Sun and Tron network to make a partnership. How an investor will help a platform by declining on voting rights, that doesn't even make sense. Justin needs to dump his tokens and leave Steemit asap, witnesses have a lot of ego.


Extremely well articulated. I'm impressed. Learning a lot here.

Alex the Anarchist

Jesus Christ, who didn’t mute their slack? lol


When we (those who talk with Steemit Inc and Tron) continue like this, this will not lead to any win-win situation, more likely to a loose-loose situation and even possible to a win for TRON and a loose for STEEM.

Win-Win requires to set all the differences aside, bring forward all the things that are important to address, respect each other during the conversation, don't become personal, focus on the further etc etc. Negotiations to come to Win-Win are not settled in a single session; generally this requires a series of sessions; Maybe even including 1-on-1 session in between and offsite. Sure some of the STEEM people seem to understand that, but the whole session became emotional, aggressive as well as short sided.

Unfortunately I didn't hear anybody on Steem side...
- trying to make sure STINC (or some other entity) will be in place to secure development of the chain;
- asking the question who will actually develop the chain based on the super high level roadmap given now the key developers left STINC;
- asking what Tron's views are when developing the roadmap and how they like to work with the community to make sure the roadmap is what we want;
- asking what the original thoughts of Tron were wrt what would happen after delivering the roadmap as presented in their open letter of two days ago, would TRON further invest in development?
- asking if TRON would still consider to stay onboard and execute the roadmap and after delivering the roadmap would still consider to further invest in development with all that has happened in recent days and weeks?

Please keep in mind, when we are simply throwing the opportunity for development funds down the drain; Who will actually develop the chain? Where do we get the funds? What will be the future of Steem? What will the community (not the witnesses, but all the users) do when some other socialvnetwork comes around the corner with better services (some are on the way as you know).

Even when you do not trust Tron or Justin; Contracts can be written and signed to agree on rights and obligations. Justin is a business man and he will be open for business deals. Yes, Steem is business and we shall act as business people. Simple as that!

Can we please start focussing on our future for everybody's sake?


well, at least, Sun got x10 replies on his tweet, comparing to average numbers of 2kk followers))


You guys didnt even know Justin and started a war with him.
Thats not ok and im glad justin said that.


I think these witnesses did a very good job. Ned misrepresenting the sale is the root of the problem. Justin not doing enough due diligence to learn about the social contract made between Steemit Inc and the community regarding the 65M stake is RECKLESS! I got a new respect for a witness here that I never liked (neturso) and will be voting for them tomorrow with a large amount of Steempower to help them move up the list. Ned AND Justin are both to blame. A fork and then a lawsuit between Ned and Justin seems to be in the future for sure.


Its a step forward towards collaboration.

Kristian Kho

I keep checking on my slack and then realize it's from the video lol


58:00 "First of all, exchanges not my friends"... really? If you can get non-friends to freeze their million for weeks, what the hell do your friends do? Give you free money?

Ahmad Ameen

Steem is bullshit anyway .. who tf cares


they started a war based on a promise, made by someone else.

Crypto with ImRedryan

16:24 Justin Sun Responds

Ypyskypo Skwyrl

WOW! They blatantly said "Yeah, we don't think we're going to take on those obligations." Clearly they don't want to work with us! Well done for our witnesses, but wow.. What a very sad day for our community! [email protected]


Unity is Strenght!
Thanks for witnesses and anyone who's working to solve this big issue.


Steemit burned their last hope

Conscious Crypto

This makes it sound like Sun had no idea the stake wasn't supposed to be used. I don't have the patience to rewatch this AMA between Sun and Ned from 2 weeks ago (https://youtu.be/7bixmlW8eF8?t=188) but I'm pretty sure it was briefly discussed then and Sun said he would not vote with the stake and would continue development with it as originally committed by Steemit Inc. If so, the entire premise of this discussion was false, that only Ned acting in bad faith.

Regardless, I agree with the witnesses that the top priority is for Sun to remove the votes for the sock puppet witnesses who don't even know they're supposed to be updating price feeds regularly. Also running the whole chain on only 1 server which is absurdly bad security. Once that's done a new soft fork can be done to return Sun's ability to transfer/sell his coins, as well as turning on the feature already coded that does not allow him to vote with those coins in the future.

As for the exchanges, well this has been a teaching moment, hasn't it? No code changes to fix this for them. That's my opinion on the matter.

erwin Hemme

Best part as from 1:08...the parties come together.

AyAy Gabe

What a strange power pawn. His vocal cadence and flow of language is not just chinglish, its like there are different neural pathways that vocalise his stilted intents.

Who's The Kitchen Fairy

Ned be craycray. Duping left and right.

AyAy Gabe

43m55s "take a note down, we take a node down, right!?"
Feathers ruffled

Kno Idea

Release this man’s funds!!

Kno Idea

All I have to say is that You guys messed up Big time. Smh.. About to get sued, and you just lost out on massive funding for development smh

AyAy Gabe

Witness the fitness. You guys are amazing and I appreciate your representation so so much


If justin had been more transparent with the community throughout the acquisition or during the AMA, the freeze wouldn't have been necessary. The duly elected witnesses, on behalf of the community, made a democratic decision to temporarily lock the funds until he could provide clarity of what his intentions were.

Then, in complete totalitarian fashion, and neglecting tens of thousands of Steem voters, he used his contacts at Binance and Huobi to do a hostile takeover of the chain. This action goes completely against the principals of decentralization and does indeed prove that Justin is a businessman who cares more about his money and ego than the ethics behind community run blockchains.

I originally hoped that some good may come out of this partnership, but how can we collaborate with someone who acts in such unethical ways.

Ade Torrent

If Justin wants his investment back, he needs to sue Ned for it.
Binance needs to suffer the consequences of their reckless actions on the Steem Blockchain.
If I power up, I have to wait for 13 weeks to power down. No exceptions.


Could there be a short squeeze of sort with the exchange funds locked?

And someone has to be looking at a class action against the exchanges....

Financial Underground Kingdom Crypto

Listening now.

Buttcoins Goose

Starts at 4:30 in to it

Who's The Kitchen Fairy

Omg Ausbit ? Sue Ned til he's bald ????

The Hive

Kudos Starkers you talked well in here

Mateo Miletovic

There is no hostility? not sure about that statemant

AyAy Gabe

? what a fucking liar

AyAy Gabe

58m10s gets very mealymouthed and grimacing when furious at a question asked of him.


16:24 Justin starts talking



Adventures In Randomness

well this was interesting

Scott Cunningham

Really just seems like Ned cheated Justin. But that doesn't mean that Justin should get the Steemit stake, he made a bad deal. Sorry

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Justin Sun buying AMC stock today? Is it a good signal to join the pump?

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