What size is a 0x

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CNIT 126: Assembly Language

120 views | 10 Feb. 2021

A lecture for a Malware

A lecture for a Malware Analysis class

More info: https://samsclass.info/126/126_S21.shtml

J. Bernays

EU’s top privacy regulator urges ban on surveillance-based ad targeting
Natasha [email protected] / 9:29 AM PST•February 10, 2021

J. Bernays

Hackers publish thousands of files after government agency refuses to pay ransom
Ransomware gang publishes stolen data after Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) refuses to pay ransom - as agency confirms operations remain disrupted.

Rick C. Hodgin

You know, Sam, your blatant liberal bias is exceedingly off-putting. Wht don't you just stick to non-political news items? Be a teacher, not a lobbyist.

What size is a 0x

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Milwaukee M18 FUEL Cordless Compact Router REVIEW! Is the new Milwaukee M18 Router really that good?

74 522 views | 22 Dec. 2019

In today's tool review, we

In today's tool review, we are taking an in depth look at the all new Milwaukee M18 Fuel Cordless Compact Router. we will talk about the Milwaukee router specs, we will use the Milwaukee M18 Router and we will see if the Milwaukee Fuel Compact Router is really as good as they say it is.

Buy Here

Milwaukee M18 Fuel Cordless Compact Router https://homedepot.sjv.io/9DzAW

Milwaukee M18 Compact Router Plunge Base https://homedepot.sjv.io/PEVKz

15" PACKOUT Tool Bag https://homedepot.sjv.io/kEMzz

Ryobi Cordless Vacuum https://homedepot.sjv.io/LBmnZ

Michael Cox

Simple fix for movement on the edge guide - give it a good wack with a hammer and the tangs will be closer so it forms a wedge on the base to prevent rocking.

Makita man

TRZ you had to show me that Milwaukee router. That thing would be great for little jobs that I have instead of breaking out the big one. I got to go now to go find some money so I can buy that router ?. Peace brother

RJ&JR RAILS g scale Solenske

Great review as always, i have 2 they are sweet


I'm sorry I don't comment on everyone I do like my Ridgid router I don't really know much difference between the Milwaukee the Ridgid and the radio to me they're all set up the same just little differences cheers with a beer

Ace Hardy


John Rice

Nice and compact. I would like to see this up against the Dewalt 20v router.


You gotta be from Western PA with that accent!

Joseph Malinowski

Could you over tighten the screw where they cracked the plastic maybe that's why they did it so know-it-all the Titan and Brake thick clear plastic Shield I'm guessing maybe

W8KNB8K Chop

Quality clip thanks mate. Made my selection based on your clip.

me again Dave

Really nass lack!! Thoughts about Makita cordless router and do you do most of your sawdust cleanup with that Ryobi vac? God bless, Clint!??

francisco diego zavala

Good Lord, that thing is bad ass

Luis Salinas

How does it compare to the ridgid octane router?

Joe Madrid

Can you use 8mm bits on this or just 6mm? thanks!


Can u cut holes with this?

Joseph Malinowski

My Home Depot in Elmont Long Island finally got the Milwaukee M18 router in stock I like it because it's nice and compact but do you know if Milwaukee will come out with a brushless fuel belt sander that was really be a great tool because I need something for doors and a few other things I just went and bought the Ridgid corded belt sander because Home Depot only had the Ridgid and the Ryobi belt Sanders in stock so I grabbed a corded Ridgid


this is an absolutely excellent review. everything i was looking for. thanks a lot.

Amos Cardoza

Yo TRZ! At HD the dewalt 35pc max fit bit set is in a black case with a clear lid. If looking at the set there is a bit all the way to the right. It looks like a magnetic sleeve but It has an extra function. Have you seen it before? does it lock in the bit so it wont fall out? It wasn't on sale so I didnt buy it but I'm curious. Please let me know if you have the answer. Thanks cuz!

Antonio Claudio Michael

On the dust attachment on the left side wonder if you can remove that silver screw and install another wing nut to have the dust collector connected with 2 wing nut style bolts 2 is more secure then 1?

Grand Padre

So smooth....but yet so hot? Nice review, brother. Got me a Dewalt cordless, but Milwaukee makes a great router.

Charles Cook

I refuse to buy mother battery system. I have Ryobi, Milwaukee m12, Rigid, Makita 18v and dewalt 20v batteries. It is crazy!

Michael C


Merry Christmas...


A very thorough review. Thank you!?

Antonio Claudio Michael

I been looking to buy a cordless router ? Is Milwaukee rigid or makita or Dewalt for the cordless router. Hey Clint could you do a video comparison between rigid, Milwaukee, Makita,Dewalt there features likes and dislikes?


Maybe just lay the guide down sideways, and give the mounting slot a little tappy tap to tighten it up.


Wry helpful video, thank you. I newly have one and I noticed that you didn’t use the 2 washers included with the edge guide, if you use them withe the screw the edge guide will not move.

Donny Sanner

I've been eyeing this router up pretty hard. I've been using the Makita corded compact for awhile and although it's a nice smooth router....it has a cord and no light. I'm a Milwaukee at heart bit I do run some DeWalt stuff too...I'm on the fence right now but leaning toward the m18.

Henri Myftiu

1:06 is the diameter big enough for a 8mm (apprx 5/16") collet? I want to buy the router but only if I can use 8mm (common in Europe) or bigger shaft bits. In Europe this comes with a 6mm and 1/4" collet, but ability to use 8mm (even if I have to buy it aftermarket) would be nice.

Ryan Wilson

I can’t wait to see how this handles my 12.0 battery :)

Russ Schampers

What a simple mistake for milwaukee to rectify on the edge guide. They are just machining the gap too wide. All they have to do is stop overboring one little slot on it and problem solved. Wonder if the newer models resolved this? Such a dumb thing to mess up and so easy to rectify on their end. I might be picking one up soon and if it still has this problem I may be using the welder to refabricate their error.

Amos Cardoza

Well that edge guide is why I wouldn't get one. That movement would annoy me and I'd probably end up throwing it across the shop. I'm planning on getting the dewalt. You like the dewalt? Any big cons on the dewalt? Great vid bro! Thank you!

Liam C

Just ordered one online. So pumped

Beau Patterson

A horrible router always changes heights during cutting

Andrei Fasola

So, I'm getting the router in the package if I'm buying the router?


I wonder how long of life does the battery last b4 being replaced? A few years & warranty on the battery? Looks like a must to add in my collection

Huy Lieu

What is max for the router bit size? Is that for 1/2 or 1/4 in? Thank you for sharing this review!


Does I fit the Porter-Cable Template Guides?

Adrian Ellis

Def getting one

Matt Bennett

I am not sure if the locking and regular washers are new; but my edge guide does not move at all with those installed.

Treeboss Mike

I have this router too brotha. Great detail on reviewing this very helpful. A washer fixes the slop in the edge guide sucks you have to use that but it does work. That’s how you fix the slop on the wheels for the packout rolling box too. Thanks again bro!


I just tried mine the other day on some scrap 2x4's, it works well but I found it kind of burning as it was cutting. I'm only cutting pine, brand new bit as well. I tried varying the RPM a bit to see if it made a difference, but no success. Any tips? I'm going to try some different bits this weekend and see if they work better.

3rck Sary

Every time I use the router the depth adjustment moves on its own how do oi secure it so it won’t move up and down


If I didn't already have a few routers I would be more interested in picking this up. The cordless flexibility definitely has its appeal. However with the battery being directly on the top and the base plate being so small, it really looks like it has a tendency to wobble. The increased likelihood of ruining your workpiece kind of cancels out the benefit of the cordless feature. I guess you could put a bigger base plate on it but considering the price and no battery means I'm going to hold off on this one.

leroy mayers

Compare it with the ridgid octane

Elnur Esedov

Looks like something cheap of edge guide

Larry Cook

Can you review the Dewalt 12v impact driver dcf801

marvin benjamin

It would be nice to see them bring out one that can do heavy duty work

Wellaz Vambe

Nice review but the dust cover and edge guide move on yours because you didn't use the washer. I just got mine and its super secure. No movement when the washer is on.

nicholas phillips

Did the packout bag come with yours? My gf just bought me one and I did not come with the packout bag

Amos Cardoza

Yo TRZ!!

Door Jigs Australia

Awesome review. Any review with bushing guildes? I just made these for hinge jigs here in Australia. http://doorjigs.com.au/shop?olsPage=products%2Ftrimmer-base-plate-for-milwaukee-and-dewalt-trimmers

נועם אברהם דודאי

Great review as always brother. ....happy holly days ...


Can someone measure the screw template holes distance. MM if possible, a little more accurate. Before I order this. I want to know if it will fit my base template I already have for my portable table.

Timothy Sanders

Dammit, went to my Depot Sunday and they didn't have 1 .


Would a bigger battery make a difference in the routers power and speed running through that pine?

Michael C


I like the look and function on this new milwaukee router. I will differently buy one.

I have the DeWalt and it's great but the body is thicker and their micro adjustment is a little lose / sloppy. Still a good cordless router for people with long figures that can hold the router for a long time.

The milwaukee looks slimmer.

Thanks for the video

Joseph Malinowski

You should have said it precious I love my precious LOL

Jason Babila

Epic review, you have helped me decide decide on getting one tomorrow. ??????✌?????

What size is a 0x

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Plastering with the 0x speedskim

9 027 views | 4 Oct. 2020

plastering a wall with the

plastering a wall with the ox speedskim

instagram mark.hep

matty Tomkins

You didn't really use nail gun to put beads on did you omg ?


Why do you add a second coat if you’ve achieved a flat surface?

Bob The Brickie

As good as any plasterer I’ve seen. Great finish m8????????ps I’m shit at plastering. Good at gettin plastered right enough????????????????????

Yesos-Pladur Fran Martinez

Buen trabajo, compañero, yo soy yesero, en España, me gustaría probar esa herramienta.
Un saludo


Great bit of kit. I got the 900mm one a year ago.

mark dwyer

Some job there well done I dont do aney skimin so dont know if there aney good but looks like it makes it easier

mac plastering

I once done a full kitchen with a spatula and very little use of the trowel I used that tyzack one and and age trowel worked real well but I felt i had to do it that way as the gear was not waiting for me it was go for that or lose a wall or two was all plasterboard but the plaster was setting fast I must do a video where i use a spat the whole way through it dont feel as normal but can work also , I did finish with a super flex but at that stage the walls are under control :):) Nice video mate glad you getting on well with this


Nice one, I've been using the speed skim for about a year now, brilliant bit of kit, wish I'd bought one sooner?

Jim Newlands

Fair play, Mark. That looks like a real time saver. I don't mind doing a bit of skimming for a bit of variety but I've not tried using one of those.....I might just have to go out and buy one now to try it out! I'd be worried about carrying it around in the back of the van just in case it got damaged, I'm assuming it is quite fragile?

wheaten bread

Iike a lot of things skimming is all about timing and that speed skim would definitely help keep you in front of it but have to say that's a good job Mark ?

Val Clothis

Excellent tools and with your expertise, great work ! ?

Gaz Noall

Hi Mark. Great job. Do you use the sponge float or flexi trowel aswell? If so what stages do you use.
Eg first coat , wet trowel , polish trowel etc.


Big thumbs up Mark , well done mate , is there out you cant do then ?

Papà Santi

Top job mark .... ??

james swain

Nice work Mark wall looks lovely and tool looks usefull ???

David Wood

Great video have you got a link to the one you bought

Bricklaying With Steve and Alex

Welcome the ox club mark !?? made a lovely job of that pal you’re very handy with a float ?????. You need a perforated brick job now to try out the tongs ????

paul morgan

Why don't you go straight across the wall first then up I was always taught don't stretch or I'd get a dig in the back arrr still don't stretch still in my head nice to see a lefty 32yrs at the game ?


When ur handy with a trowel this is no quicker.
With the exception of massive areas.

Tim Margereson

Looks a treat Mark, you want a 1200mm one next, easier to flatten ??.
Hope you have a great weekmate ?

Construction With Kieren

Ahh looks like a might give plastering a go after all looking at that? good job mate??

george barker

Good job Mark,didn’t know you were a dab hand on the float aswell!???