Slide stocks

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How Slide Fire Stocks Work

28 199 views | 7 Aug. 2012


http://www.slgunshop.com/ Looking for Slide Fire Solutions stocks? We have left and right handed models available for AR and AK rifles. Learn how Slide Fire Solutions Stocks work in this informative video.


So what makes the gun go forward again? sheer impuls or do you need to push it?


So, there is no spring in the stock? The trick is in forward pressure of not firing hand, right?

Steve Clarke

You are all mad... Keep killing each other and pretend its all about freedom.  The dead aren't free...

Keith D'Antonio

Now that was finally an accurate description of how a bump stock works I wasted half an hour watching all these other bozos try to explain it very good! Good job!!

Jin Swartz

nice trigger discipline

JHK655 7369

so realistically, how long before the liberals catch on to this and start passing laws? The only reason these kinds of things are still legal is because they are so uneducated about guns in the first place.

john lopes

Are those leg in Massachusetts

Slide stocks

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Ultimate Guide to the Bump Stock Ban! - The Legal Brief

163 325 views | 22 Dec. 2018

Today on The Legal

Today on The Legal Brief, Adam Kraut covers the new Bump Stock Law in Detail!

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● Donate to FPC's Lawsuit:


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● DOJ Final Rule:


● ATF Bump Stock Rules:


● TGC Bump Stock Slow-Mo Video proving it's NOT a machine gun:


● What can YOU do to stop gun control:



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jayer 1981

My question is I saw a website that still sells these...how are they able to sell somet that is federally banned?

I can’t Say what

If you want to know what to do with your bump stock Keep it and don’t tell anybody you have it It may come in handy when the government tries to take away all of your other rights


Question, are you legally allowed to perform the act of bumpfire even with a normal stock?


I wonder if a 3d printer or automated steel milling machine can make semi autos into full autos without a bump stock? Hand out the parts as "candy"

ketchup mustard

Legend has it the atf bought stock in bump stocks before they band them then sold out just like the game stop fiasco

T Meo

Way too many things to read, that is what video is for so we do not have to read. Well done, but this video was about 12 minutes too long.

J Thorne

NO, NO, NO and NO....


Honestly I don’t quite get why the Las Vegas shooter decided to use a bump stock instead of just using that tiny little hook part and convert his AR to full auto...
you can literally do it with a coat hanger... there’s a dude who made a video about it... for better results and reliability there’s also 3D printing and flat out machining with aluminum parts, it’s not that hard and much more accurate!


How did they miss the point that you have to hold the trigger and pull foward. Those are two separate movements. If you fire a bumpstock with one hand it pretty much useless for what it was design to do.

brandon christino

So are belt loops and pointer fingers illegal?

christian cervantes

There's nothing wrong of Shotguns of everything!!!


Bootleg bumpstocks?. I wanted to buy a bump stock but a Liberal in a Hotel in Vegas had to ruin it just like they are Ruining my nation

bob smith

so is just bumpfiring a semi auto illegal?

Pinoy Bill Blaster


to the bumpstock ban.


You guys forget... YOU DONT NEED A BUMP STOCK TO BUMPFIRE! Watch this video: https://youtu.be/7RdAhTxyP64

Benjamin Ortman

I understand how the ATF has determined that a bump stock falls under the realm of a machine gun, a bump stock also does not make a semi-auto firearm a machine gun because the trigger must reset before each round fires, where as a machine gun mechanically releases the hammer or otherwise without a trigger reset. Also great slow motion video of the functionality of the bump stock, a good support video to that would be slow motion of an actual machine gun just a thought.

Khanh Pham

People have rights to own any guns they wanted. Restriction is infringement.


Wow i missed this...I spent $400 on that thing. If they think im destroying it, they have another thing coming.

Yoda The 900 Year old Dyslectic Frog

Every Gun control law is unconstitutional

The Hammer And Tickle

I don't own one... BUT IF I DID, I'd give the ATF props for being able to take it away under all that rapid fire.


its okay that theyre banned they are worthless and just make you waste ammo, thats how some idiots rationalize this. the point your arguing is the same reason to not ban them so why do it in the first place. the real reason alot of people dont care is because republicans did it and no other reason. theyd be okay if republicans banned guns because then liberals wouldnt be able to get them, this is how stupid some of you are. whats next scopes, triggers smh......

Macky B. Outdoors

i mean why would i need a bump stock when i can buy a full auto from a crackhead.

Josh Glover

Ok fine, let's say bumpskies are machine guns... So what? There is no legitimate reason why we cannot have machine guns! "Shall not be infringed" does NOT have a but, unless, or except after it! ?

Nice One

Where can I get that gundamentalist shirt?

Cold Steel Tactical


Crucible P. Kunklestein

It's time to disband ALL federal law enforcement agencies. Keep FBI to investigate but unarmed only and they can participate with local police officers. Or we can just ....nevermind.


There are probably tonnes of ways to regulate firearms without impeding people's right to self-protection.
I believe the government and CDC should be allowed to investigate firearms without necessarily banning them and that there should be better protection so that loons cant get guns.

Gadolini Rutherfordium

We can thank jerry rig everything for this.

Cold Steel Tactical



When the goverment illegally makes laws it is our duty to opose and not comply with those laws. Therefore i shall nit comply. Shall not be infringed period.


So according to the ATF, if I place my finger in front of the trigger and pull the rifle forward I am not pulling the trigger hence firing the weapon. It's just sort of firing by magic.
No your honor, I didn't shoot him. I never pulled the trigger.

The bassplayer

I am tired of the attitude that there is no other side to the issue of gun control other than the side displayed by those who let their personal moral indignation (or lack of) color their interpretation of our Constitution. To say that gun safety laws are just ‘common sense’ is an arrogant way to avoid the responsibility of defending your claim. There is no ‘common sense’ law restricting a law abiding citizen from acquiring a firearm . end of discussion!

jon tomich

Burry your Bumpstock in case you need it after the Police is defunded and dismantled, aka, no cops to arrest you for possession.

Cornelius Jones

Bump fire not goin stop doe so like wtf is the point you can still manually bump fire I fucking hate the atf fucking dick eaters they just want all the good shit for they self


I’m happy they made it illegal, thank you President Trump ????


We can't have full autos or bumpstocks. But the police can? Sounds kinda spooky to me.


fuck trump & fuck his ban. were not giving up shit

Jjj Sss

Its funny. At 12:00 he asks us to let him know if we are in support of the ban. Would I sit through 12 minutes of this if I supported such a ban?


Hold on, HOLD ON!!! Since Bump Stocks are illegal, shouldn't they also make jean belt loops illegal? You know, that is how "bump stock" firing originated.


"...a single pull of the trigger" - a very important phrase to focus on!

Johnny Blaze

Horseshit you still have to pull the trigger each time. Put a bump stop on and hold the trigger down you get one shot off


You can bump fire with your hands they going to ban those too

Joseph Lewis

As I have said in the past 3 rounds in 3 inches. All it takes is practice. Bump stocks are for lazy people. You can pull the trigger 3 times in a second or less with practice. There is a very real reason for 3 round burst mode on military weaponry. Any more and you are spraying and praying. This law makes no difference in the real world of firearms use. Get over it.


LOL Trump actually did one(1) good thing for the country!!

Koenma Sir

Trump wanted to be Reagan so bad on this one


Congress is prohibited from passing ex post facto laws by clause 3 of Article I, Section 9 of the United States Constitution. The states are prohibited from passing ex post facto laws by clause 1 of Article I, Section 10

The sentiment that ex post facto laws are against natural right is so strong in the United States, that few, if any, of the State constitutions have failed to proscribe them. The federal constitution indeed interdicts them in criminal cases only; but they are equally unjust in civil as in criminal cases, and the omission of a caution which would have been right, does not justify the doing what is wrong. Nor ought it to be presumed that the legislature meant to use a phrase in an unjustifiable sense, if by rules of construction it can be ever strained to what is just. ”
— Thomas Jefferson , Letter to Isaac McPherson, August 13, 1813

Butch Cassidy

My buddy lost all of his bumpstocks as well as hellfire in a boating accident. Good news is his guns survived the accident, only bumpstocks and hellfires didnt make it.

Edward Warwick

DOJ is a sick joke, pretending to be any authority of anything related to justice. They are another good reason to start a go fund me page to get either Iran or North Korea to nuke Washington DC.

Edward Warwick

Does this all mean that if I bought M16 full auto sears through the US mail during the Regan administration that they are illegal and any AK full auto sears I may or not have are still 100% legal to own since the ATF never made any regulations toward them and they were included in millions of AK parts sets imported into the USA and I can still legally buy and sell them today, and I can a drilling jig for an AK receiver to drill the third pivot pin hole to install the full auto sear for rabbit hunting?



Bill Dougherty

Wonder how many were lost in boating accidents...I never wanted one but now that they are illegal I'm in the market ?

Doug Decuir

I personally don't care much for a bump stock and really think they are stupid and pointless... kinda like liberal democrats.. i say that because they managed to bitch enough to get bump stocks banned we need to get together and have liberal democrats banned... i for one would consider that an amazing trade off....

Nathan Lindeque

I’m pretty sure that shotgun at the beginning was something like a mossberg 590, putting a shoulder stock on a 14” shotgun is a felony, then again could be ok depending on the barrel length

Breaker Morant

Make a Bump Ring.
Never part of the gun and you can swallow it if you have to. All you need is a ring and two springs so that the gun rocks back and forth with the ring on your finger. There is a significant improvement over control and accuracy. One could make it out of hard candy except for the springs so consumption wouldn't be an issue. Passing the springs is on the end user.
Oh, bye Trump. Not me.
Instead if voting I think I will just go to the Range. Fuck it.

Dominic Esquivel

I understand what you where going fore but pulling a gun out of a back pack maybe isnt the best look to go for.


a hundred years ago, someone could order a fully auto machine gun from the mail, no bureaucracy, YOUR RIGHTS ARE BEING TAKEN AWAY AS WE SPEAK

The bassplayer

“The laws that forbid the carrying of arms are laws of such a nature. They disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes…. Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man.” – Thomas Jefferson, Commonplace Book (quoting 18th century criminologist Cesare Beccaria, one of the greatest thinkers during The Age of Enlightenment), 1774-1776

Jeremy Camp

Does this make my belt loop a machine gun too? This can be done without any modifications to a semi auto firearm. What a joke. On a whim I could run a strap through my vest and around the trigger. and legally bump fire that way. To what end are these people going to go with chasing nonsensical and unenforcable laws like this that shit on our rights. They probably put that fruitcup in the Mandolay bay with this legislative intent to begin with. I don't want or need a bump stock. but i'm going out of my way to bump fire in every way possible at this point just because I'm an American and I know my god damn rights.


Why are you so glib about this hideous decision? Hopefully, the courts will overturn this patently UNconstitutional "ruling"!!!! This action resulted in Trump losing much needed votes in the crucial states of AZ, GA, WI, MI, and PA. He screwed the Constitution, his supporters, and himself by caving on this vitally important issue.


fuck Trump !


Who would have thought. Physics + gun = illegal

nicole crystal



we play by the rules, ATF changes the rules to fit their needs. what a crock.



Cornelius Jones

If you have a bump stock I most def will buy it from you



Boo Radley

Bianiry triggers.?


Well this is what happens when those with low iq’s are allowed to create interpret and enforce.


no, yes, yes, the stork

Mighty Doc B

I never owned one, don’t see the need, and don’t think I would have ever bought one. That being said, I no longer support Trump or the NRA for outlawing them. I’m of the mind that we the supporters of the Second Amendment have given enough! I’m not giving money to or supporting any politician or party that tries to take one more God damned thing away from law abiding citizens. Was a bump stock used in a mass shooting or something? I don’t think it was? It’s still no excuse to eliminate stuff from the ones who’ve not committed a crime.

Global Autobahn

I didn’t have boating accident. However I lost all my weapons in the desert. Ironically in an well established underground bunker, ala terminator 2. Sadly no mini-gun yet, but hopefully one day! ?


I say we the people sue the government to unban every gun law made in the USA

Lil Toker

I just got caught with a bump stock in California what will happen ??

The Littel President

will this ban runn out like the asult gun thing did?


I suppose they could try and ban belt loops too. Dumb ass politicians. Even dumber legislators. Sad.

Ryan Mace

What to do if you have a bump stock: Keep it and shut up! ?

They call me Bacon

I think I've figured out the square peg for the round loop hole!

Dump Trump

It amazes me how people froth at the mouth about "Hillary!"....yet it's Trump who banned bumpstocks. Is anyone paying attention? Obviously not.

Gadolini Rutherfordium

The US government: we are going to ban bump stocks.
All 3D printer owners: Hold my Beer.

Brandon Vo

multiple bullets fired with one trigger pull?!? wtf bump stocks don't even fit within that category!!!

Carlos Vasquez

Population product regulation at its finest. If no one but the rich can have and legally own devices classified as automatic, it keeps them in control from their fear of an intelligible uprise or outright over throw in power. (Frowny face)!

Bill numby

Number of votes Trump won from Democrats after bump stock ban = 0
Number of votes Trump lost from Republicans after bump stock ban = Just enough to lose to Uncle Joe, well played genius.

ThaSouth Garcon

So whatever became of this ban ?

jacob me

Well back to the rubber band or my hell fire trigger

Joey Acosta

Being full of it and Bering your own.stay your chief and stay there.dont call on me being a chief.and stardel

Edward Warwick

DOJ are just political a-holes. Donate enough $ to your congressman and senator and they go away.

Ron Cooper

I don't want or need a bump stock!!!!!
But trump is WRONG for doing this!!!!
His words while running for office.
The attack on your 2nd amendment is over!!!!
Unfortunately he's still the best candidate!!!!

Ka'Myrian Banks

I don't give a fuck what no one say we can't have automatic fire arms but the law Forcement can one day those who agreed to have things like this will regret it one day keep thinking the GOV is on your side


BUT Adam,;) could you make a update since the BATFE admitted that it had no authority to ban the bump stock and it was only a "suggestion" for the public.


lol the irony is that scientifically the changes made to existing definition literally do not change the definition of a machine gun... the trigger is still being pulled each time, tripping the sear... like hire a gunsmith or 2 and a physicist to explain it to the intellectually challenged folks.


Don’t you just love how Trump is the hero of so many conservatives, and yet he’s actually diminishing gun rights.

Patrick Martin

President Trump hasn't made many mistakes but this is one of them. He's a NY boy, he didn't grow up around firearms. He never put meat on the table like many of us from rural areas but I wouldn't trade him for any other president in my lifetime.


No ones opinion tru.os myconstitution

Sho Nuff

NRA was also against constitutional carry Texas and open carry Texas. If I want someone to fight against my gun rights I can vote democrat for free

Eviction Law Help

This is how enslavement feels the only people with guns is the government I wonder what they have in store for us?


Just give us full-auto and we won't have to keep coming up with loop holes !!

EThan spaziani

Who else is getting pissed off
I don't have one and he'll I don't even have a firearm but my uncle makes weapons is a gunsmith I've been around it all my life and you could say I have a profound respect and knowledge about weapons this is getting ridiculous I say nobody turned theirs in they'll just have to arrest everybody

aa bb

Currently there are no countries left which allow new machine guns. A few allow machineguns only for licensed collectors but only guns from WW2 or so and such licenses are very hard to get


Love my guns, love nra, wold not give 50 cents for a bump stock though


Instantly turned law abiding citizens into felons with one stroke of the pen...

Slide stocks

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$20 Home made bumpfire / slide fire stock Part 2 (YouTube BANNED my other video)

62 997 views | 6 Nov. 2017

Here is a video of my $20

Here is a video of my $20 Home made bumpfire stock, Youtube banned my other video so I won't be sharing any details or answering any questions about this bumpfire stock, Sorry


This is illegal now

Clark _Elite

Here's the thing with YouTube.. Fuck'em.. We have a right to bear arms and they can rot in hell... tired of youtube and your liberal fucking assholes.. If they ban you just start a BBM BlackBerry Messenger Video Group..



Tom Mcfarland

Anyone figure this out? Care to text me? 470-318-0987...in GA. I cant figure out how the pistol grip is sliding...but dood, this is sick AF

Gerardo Serrano

You can't add some of these ideas to a porn site? I mean everything is legal there.

Branden's Outdoor Channel

Illegal now

gizzy guzzi

YouTube is racist. Bunch of Fascists, owned by Google. Google owns Android too. They control all the information. They must be regulated as a monopoly and the speech nazis they are.

Fyodor Dochievsky

Subscribed, you’re funny bro

giovanny marquez

Can i ask a question about it on text??


If youd like to provide your video on making a bump stock to a true free firearm related library let me know and ill have thebuilder get ahold of you for you to submit your video.

Waylen Edge

If go on minds u can talk about what ever u want and no body wont say anything about it. And they won’t take down ur video. I’m getting away from YouTube because it sucks.


Did u put the how to in a forum or something?

Random stuff

Hey can you send me your email I got a question for you


1:26 “fuck focused” ?

Winning G

(Paraphrasing) "If you don't know how a firearm operates, maybe you shouldn't own one."
I hate it when people suggest this. People in the firearm community should suggest how to safely operate a firearm or how to learn about them for people who are curious. At some point, you knew nothing about them and had to learn. Stop being egotistical and ignorant.

Derek Cullin

F**k YouTube and any anti-gun cry babies!

Brian Johnson

Shit vid sell out

Michael Ramirez

Traficante de armas o que?

Korya Iine

Have you uploaded the instructions anywhere else? :)

Fu#kthesystem itdon`twork

Have every gun owner 3d print bump stocks and build drop in auto seas and tell the ATF to go fuck yourself they are in common use.


why are you making this? do you want this in the hands of fucktards?

Ricky Denny

Hey... do you have an email address we can communicate OFF of yutube ??

Charlie Pear

Hola pasame tu correo saludos desde mexico

the memorable novelist

pop culture shows all villains having russian rifles. Russian guns= bad guy. russian infantry fighting nazis with the granpa in ww2 be like

Justin Conn

Can you put a piece of paper behind trigger too? Wonder if it would work

Deleted User

Make a channel over on BitChute bro. That way you can publish whatever info you want, then instead of showing details in the youtube video: you make a youtube video directing people to the video posted on BitChute. That way, you can communicate to your subscribers on youtube, without getting strikes and what not. That's how you handle controversial or censored info which youtube doesn't like.

You make 2 videos.

-The video YouTube wouldn't like: you put on BitChute.
-The video telling your subs about that video: you put on youtube.

That way you can maintain your subscriber base and let them know about your content, without youtube getting their panties knotted.

Nelson !

i would like a copy of the video

Jason B

Love your intro , I don't wear but a few shirts myself , NEW SUBSCRIBER , WORK DAY WAS KINDA ROUGH , REALLY NEEDED THIS VIDEO


привет :)


IGATECK, I love the look of your design! Would you send me the instructions on how you made this, since the ATF, President , ext... want the bolt on bump stocks banned. My email is [email protected]msn.com . I have looked at this closely and believe I figured it out but want to make sure it works perfectly before modifying my AR.


Whats the silver pistol on the table? Is it a beretta?


Rubber bands are cheaper

orangecrush 1


J Roberts

Keep on doing you. Great to see a brother in arms with a like mind.

Jimmy Cortez

Can you send me the video of how you made it lol

[GF] Burk3

Get on Dtube man. Americans can talk about normal American stuff. ;)


That is one bad ass potato cannon.

Clark _Elite

You can also order a bump fire for 100$ I have one and it works great. Www.slidefire.com also to protect your guns look into Clarktactical.com

Russian Video Vlog Guy

The hellfire gen2 - it's like 35 bucks

Nolan Lawrence

When installing the car part rod, how far back is the stock. Or whats the number of pivot holes you see when you lock it in. I'm just trying to figure out how far the stock is.

David Garrison

?? " they took my video down for a potato cannon" " what da fuck" ?? new subscriber from Pa!




It's because that's a military style assault potato cannon. That weapon of war is capable of shooting a 30 caliber chip in half a second.

Tavion Bailey

They don’t have a problem showing all these shootings tho, just goes to show how racist even people that run these apps are. Bet if it were demolition ranches videos they wouldn’t have done shit.

jesse gonzalez

What kind of metal did you use if you don’t mine me asking


post it on bitchute

Joseph Velez

You have the right to put any information that you want bonfires are not illegal

Mr. Whitworth

Good luck


I want that potato cannon. Is it home made? If so it's def a work of art. And would love the instructions


Sick fucking potato cannnon!

Brian Emery

Looks simple enough
Just cant figure out how to stop the stock from sliding completely off

Augden Fischer

The problem with creating gun laws. Is every US citizen has a fundamental human right to keep and bear arms. Who gets to decide who's mentally fit and who's not? Will this be abuse like the no fly list? A controversial tweet can get you on the no fly list. If a representative doesn't like something I say. Does that mean I'll get put on the no buy list?

Iwan ten Kleij

They are Fucking Retarded Broo Ur A Engineer Bruh keep up Tha Sick Shit Like This Shit

Justin Gambino

Do you think you would get in trouble if you privately messaged me how you made your b.s


It sucks that youtube is playing politics now days, the funny thing is that they don't have an issue with videos of stupid teenagers robbing stores, destroying property or groups attacking an individual or even worse I seen videos where a group of lowlifes assault an elder person, this are crimes in progress and youtube don't seem to care about this, in fact this pieces of shit get famous and get paid here.



Jack Mason

Is it terrible that the drywall isn’t finished behind him and I’m wondering when he’s gonna start skimming it


Grow some nuts, and put up video you want. Coward


How do capture the dentent and detent spring in the pistol grip?


That potato cannon is sick looking

Lit' AHSr.

get another account or make your own video site

Jose Lopez

Which fuel/oxider are you using for your potato cannon? and why you don't design a pressured chamber to get more power to shoot the potatos faster?

Bigg Mike

Fuck YouTube They can suck my dick someone needs to make a better version of it where are the freedom of speech and expression are protected

Blue scooby Snack

Oh hell ya. I have a shirt with the Jurassic park logo and says licensed to carry small arms

alam navarro

tambien me gustan tus vídeos

Ready Reckoner

Is that the inox finish on your 92?

Stephen Addair

Well that sucks I want to to Know how to make my own, I just don't know how to fix the pistol grip?

Google Name

It’s simple folks. It uses the inertia. If you can’t figure this out you shouldn’t own a gun.

Jay Cruz

Tacticool Fez

spiteye 420

New sub here. Make a secondary channel and ill subscribe to that too

Garrett Smith

They banned your potato cannon video? Wtf?

Christopher Jones

Get on Bitchute and upload your video on there on making that bumpstock.


Just show us how to do the pistol grip conversion. Everything else is self explanatory . Or just describe in words here in the post. I also was wondering if mounting the steel bar to the back of the stock or closer to the front of the stock is better? Like yours.

sad flute

What happened in Vegas was a paid attack in order to ban firearms and bump stocks got blamed for the full auto weapons used in the attack . Anybody remember the lady who said people are going to die before the show started yet days later it was only him who did it ? Please


If you look close enough; you can see exactly what he did. My friend had a cheap airsoft AR stock that he did something like this to. He trashed it a couple years back so ATF don't get too excited.

ChillBro Baggins91B

thank you for the info, man.

Dave Ware

If they remove your channel, start another one. We CAN fight back.

Keep it up man, never surender.

ᴛʜᴇ ʀᴇᴀʟ ᴅɪʀᴛʏ ᴅᴀɴ

When the ATF fucks up.

alam navarro

habla en español que no entiendo nada


a potato cannon... A POTATO CANNON wtf? lmao