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Telcoin partners with Paga, one of Nigeria's leading mobile wallets.

1 892 views | 27 Sep. 2019

Telcoin is pleased to

Telcoin is pleased to announce a new remittance partnership with Paga, one of Nigeria's leading mobile wallets.

We look forward to introducing fast, affordable, and secure Telcoin Remittances to users in Nigeria, as well as expanding our services throughout the African continent over the coming year.


The future! Cant wait for 2020. It will be a greater year than 2019

Evgeny Uzyanov

? cool


Telcoin rocks

Dima Babushkin


Platinum Crypto Academy


Guled Musa

Good news.?

Reggie Austin



Nice job team! Laying down more road towards the path to $1 !

Shawn Mathew

Phew!! Was getting worried there would be no announcements this quarter

Bali Bukit Villas

Another great step forward for Telcoin team to build telcoin ecosystem. Financial inclusion for unbanked people. Fast, cheap remittances accross the world. It will disrupt money gram and western union...

Ilya Sofronov

amazing partnership! wow!

Telcoin wallet

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Telcoin partners with Vimo, Vietnam's leading mobile wallet

3 087 views | 27 Jun. 2019

Telcoin partners with

Telcoin partners with leading Vietnamese mobile wallet VIMO for international remittance

Partnership aims to introduce fastest, most affordable option for US$1B Canada-Vietnam remittance corridor

Follow Telcoin for further details and to be the first to know when Telcoin Remittances go live in Malaysia.

website: www.Telco.in

Twitter: @telcoin_team

Telegram: t.me/telcoincommunity

Raz Awais123

KEEEPP THIS UPPP , Make sure you connect yourself into some bigger exchanges . it will help alot.


Stay tuned


could you please connect your wallet to bank sepa or bank visa master or paypal? i repsect your work but to receive money or to send money i dont wanna go through 3rd party..why cant we do directly from your apps? respect and thanks for your work..

Łukasz Ginzou

When TelCoin by 1 dolar? ?

Crypto Mickey




Hope Conae

Great job guys! Keep it up.

Patryk Ryszard Owczarek



Well fuck now I gotta buy more Tel.

RuRou Nin

Việt nam ❤❤❤

Guled Musa

Good news

Juan Castro

Keep going Telcoin! I believe in your project since Day 1

Mulherb E

Nice !

Ilya Sofronov

Super lovely Company!:)

Telcoin wallet

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Paga Partners with Telcoin

383 views | 27 Sep. 2019

Paga is proud to partner

Paga is proud to partner with Telcoin, to make it easier for Nigerians to access secure money transfer from Canada and use the money wherever they are in Nigeria.

Crypto 2020

Let's go Telcoin. We believe in your vision for financial inclusion.