Math charts

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Graph! (WSHS Math Rap Song)

750 622 views | 19 Mar. 2013

Westerville South High

Westerville South High School, Westerville, Ohio

(Parody of Yeah! by Usher)

(Intro: D Schizzo)

Dub South

Wildcat Pride

Yeah! Okay! (Murphy, Murphy, Murphy)

Let's Go!

Graph! Graph! Graph! Graph! Graph...Graph!

Graph! Graph! Graph! Graph! Graph...Graph!

(Verse 1: Dr. Murph)

In the class with his homies,

Try'na to get 'y' to equal...equal... m x + b (plus b)

To make graphing easy

I was the teacher checking on him

From the stuff he was saying about math, I knew that he got me (got me)

This boy was a G

My lesson got heavy, I had a girl who's screaming she didn't know.

She's sayin' come help me,

So I got her up and brought her up to the board, said I'll let you know

Then I told her I said...

(Chorus: Dr. Murph)

Graph! Get 'y' alone, you know that's step one!

Graph! Startin' on 'b', we about to have fun

Graph! Now we use that slope, we 'bout to be done

Graph! Plot a few more points, draw that line and then you...

Graph! Graph! Graph! Graph! Graph...Graph!

Graph! Graph! Graph! Graph! Graph...Graph!

(Verse 2: Dr. Murph)

She's mixed up in her head now, says she can't remember what to do after she plots point B,  

I said watch and you'll see, (watch and you'll see now)

Now I gotta keep it real now, just use rise over run after starting on point B, it's that easy

Now if you rise up, it's positive, and if you fall, it's negative

and if you run right, it's positive, and left is negative

She said 'I get it now!'

And I'm like 'Yeah, now graph that line for me.'

She said, 'Gimme the test' and I'm

Like 'Yeah, who ever thought it could be this easy?'

And I said...

(Chorus: Dr. Murph)

Graph! Get 'y' alone, you know that's step one!

Graph! Startin' on 'b', we about to have fun

Graph! Now we use that slope, we 'bout to be done

Graph! Plot a few more points, draw that line and then you...

Graph! Graph! Graph! Graph! Graph...Graph!

Graph! Graph! Graph! Graph! Graph...Graph!

(D Schizzo)

Hey! Hey! Winna!

(Verse 3: Mr. Winner)

Watch out! This lessons ridiculous, when we're graphing lines we're so meticulous

And wow! These kids, they all know how, they graph all them lines, then they take a bow

Forget about them curves with them hills and dips, I teach about linear relationships

So gimmie the students and I'll open their minds, what are we doing today? We're graphing some lines!

They say, 'Winna man, this line look great?' I said 'You bet, look at all them points go straight!'

How you like me now, when my class is graphing lines without assistance

Just think, pass the test with ease, Winna teach you how to get them A's and B's

Me and Murph likes lines when they're stuck in the plane, we'll rap all these rules, 'til they're stuck in your brain!

(Chorus: Dr. Murph)

Graph! Get 'y' alone, you know that's step one!

Graph! Startin' on 'b', we about to have fun

Graph! Now we use that slope, we 'bout to be done

Graph! Plot a few more points, draw that line and then you...

Graph! Graph! Graph! Graph! Graph...Graph!

Graph! Graph! Graph! Graph! Graph...Graph!

(Outro: Mr. Winner)

Take that, rewind it back, D Schizzo got the rhythm, make the class go...

Take that, rewind it back, Dr. Murph got the voice to make the class go...

Take that, rewind it back, Mr. Winna got the flow to make the class go...

Take that, rewind it back, D Schizzo got the rhythm, make the class go...

(Outro - D Schizzo)

I get the y alone (x2)

I do the intercept (x4)

Now the slope, hey (x4)

Draw the line (x4)


Love this! Going to play all of your songs for my 8th grade alg 1 class (yeah i know what they are gonna say...but its going to stick in their heads!)

Also, for those of you who want to know the original song, it's Usher "Yeah" (I am really dating myself here!!) Loved that song in high school

Rachel Knoll

[G O D J O I N E D]

Dylan Fiore

This is ma jam!



Dylan Edwarda

My math teacher showed me super base then this....why does algebra have so many songs.... We did others I just don't remember there names

Rileigh R

this is the best video on the internet. no more content ever needs to be created other than this.

Bruno Kuznetsov

Mr.Boffa's Favorite Song



Pamela Morrison

I love you guys! An excellent way to teach and to learn. I'm an instant fan!!

Alvaro Aguilar


urissa thomas



Ms Kearney made us listen to this every day when we were learning this

Oscar Galindo

this video makes me want to commit heart no pump pump!

Nevets G

every day teacher makes us sing with it lol

Aspirasi Minda Pintar

mind-blowing! I'm going to try this method on my students. thx a lot!


What song is this beat from

Dylan Fiore

Graph! Graph! Graph! Graph! Graph! Graph! Graph! Get Y Alone! You know the steps! And then you graph!

Isabella Tornabene

My math teacher showed our class this!

Red Blue

teacher showed us this and i had to watch it again tHEYRE DADDY AF MMMM YEAH BOI


This is brainwashing you guys

Nathan M

my teacher played this and it was freaking lit my dudes


My teacher played this in my class XD i cant get it out of my head


Why is this gud

Gilang Dika Pratama


spyromaster 30

This video saved me from depression


Mr. Boffa's song





Nico Rouzparast

What is the original song called

Big Benis Smith

Mr. Burke if you’re looking here, hi!


Did the beat go off?


Wats the og song

lukies gang

Is there a way to download these songs

Dylan Fiore

Why would you cringe! This is good shit!

Lost In the world

That background music?????

Isabel Ruano

My teacher played this in class I love 7th grade.


When you walk in to the club and there is a hot math teacher


We watch this so much in Algebra. It's like why? I've risen from the K-Pop world to listen to a math song.


Please go back to doing videos....pleasw

Mcgrumpledimpleshimble Destroyer

The gods of rap have arrived to purify this realm

JDC Productions

fr this mans is next up. straight heat


<3 this xD

Hayden Kmett

Thanks Mrs. Elliott. You are officially the best 8th Grade Math Teacher ever.

Tomás Coelho da Santos

Ohio be wildin

August Princess

I'm really done yo


What did i just watch......

HK Chak

Like if u see this in 2018!!

Die pennywise



My algebra teacher has made us watch this every day since Monday this week??? now it's stuck in my head

Bethany Davies

I'm loving how this is where I end up because I don't get maths, whoops

Mike S


Pastel Loca

My reasearch teacher shows MTV class this and one person wanted to listen to country music instead of this

Armoni Cason

One word extra credit ?‍♀️?‍♀️


To cringy

Bunta Fujiwara

Pfft.... my 86 could make better music

Daniel Trevino

make it stop


Foolish act

Moma B

Hi ms.acosta

probably a human being

Ive watched this every maths lesson i have on graphs and i cringe every time

Jake Gordon

WOw greAt JoB. KeEp UP the gReAt wurk!!!!

Justin M

This stuff they did. I learned in 7th grade and I’m in pre calc now


0:38 when you lose a game of fortnite.

Mike S

this song

Suede Smokez

I lost brain cells watching this...

Artist with a Knife

Hi Ella

Otis Liu

What is the real song to this

Derek Johnson

my teacher and a few other teachers done this in a talent show

Alicia Phillips

Did the kids enjoy doing this?

Elijah Clark

Great video


This was on a damn kahoot quiz and I am so glad I got to listen to this.

Mathieu Langlois

i like this song but i dont understand


Whats the original song to this


She pretty

Nathan Bonilla

the newest addition to my songs playlist

Hayden Brannan

why would god let someone make this

Easy Mathematics

Then I told her. I said... GRAPH! :D

Alcyone Burns

This is lit fam

Nathan Deschaine

Only song our teacher showed us that physically hurt me.


My teacher show me this.


Why is high school doing PreAlgebra because im in an advanced school and Im only in middle???

mle 7

My math teacher is obsessed with this
She plays it at least 3 times a week

MooMooMath and Science

Fun,helpful video

Daniel Alvarado-Mendez

Tik Tok be like:

Khan Tran

this is the most dumbest thing a teacher will do this

Shane B.

Teachers like this are so cool lol. Making math fun.

Kelley Cloward

Ellen needs to see this!! My students and all of our math teachers at GMS love you guys!

Steph Sanchez

I find these videos so annoying tbh

Connor Newsome

This really helped me thank you so much

Rachael Anson

Absolutely fantastic! My students will want a new teacher!

Tejiana Rose

My teacher played this for our class????

Reehaz Beeraq

Mr.Boffa fav song

donut circle

I have to write the lyrics for school but...THERE ARE NO CAPTIONS

Kari Whitt

My math teacher use to make us watch this video when I was in 8th grade.


Top 10 anime rappers

Lulu Fleming-Benite


Kayla Pearson

Please do more videos! I love showing these to my classes!

NeNe Postell

I still don't get it

Brodatious T

no offense but this a good math song is like canned spinach with sprinkles it is slightly better but not good

Carlos Sandoval

These lady’s are hot


top 10 anime openings

Math charts

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What are Pie Charts? | Don't Memorise

105 341 views | 20 Dec. 2014

To learn more about

To learn more about Statistics, enrol in our full course now: https://bit.ly/StatisticsDM

In this video, we will learn:

0:00 types of bar graph

0:16 how to draw a pie chart?

3:08 examples of a pie chart

To watch more videos related to Graphs and Statistics, click here: https://bit.ly/GraphsAndStatistics_DMYT

Don’t Memorise brings learning to life through its captivating educational videos.

New videos every week. To stay updated, subscribe to our YouTube channel : http://bit.ly/DontMemoriseYouTube

Register on our website to gain access to all videos and quizzes:


Join us on Facebook: http://bit.ly/DontMemoriseFacebook

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Finn D


Ryan Flory

I subscribed


very useful

Digvijay Singh

Thank you for video tomorrow is my maths exam

Nurul Rasyiqah

Great explanation of pie chart

How to Do Stuff with Ethan

love your videos!!!!

Sp Ilangovan

we can also find the percent by multiplying by 360 degree
example: 150 divided by 500 multiply by 360

How to Do Stuff with Ethan

I subscribed!

Mohammed Azam


Timothy Kelly

They used Fetty Wap music on the last pie chart Lol.. "Yeeeeaaah Baby!"

Sonu Chodhari

Thanks ma'am. ?

abraham muneta


Tj Miller


Ahmad Samy


Uwez Ali

Nice explaination


Good video, thanks ?

Prottay Farazi

It’s a pie not a pizza

Rashid khalifa

Thanls alot mam.

Imke Le Roux


Myra Wallace

Thanks, I understand now!


Francisco Ruiz


방탄 소냐 운단Ayushna

Thanks you Teachers for your wonderful videos

Marianita Hernandez

Usosps,seesopomsmjssks,ssp, slslsksksmsis,se,ekisksos,s,slskopele,esos,e eoskos,e,lmsksllelsmsksksksos,añs,,sos,maka,k8umnsnjs,la,ña,jskdkd,dodmdmckc,didm mcmlld,ldolmmmckcñlc,c ,lc,ccmckd,ip0judnbc ninmjdhhhhhod,dod,dpjumdj?

・ N A I ・

I did not understand AT ALL

Suhrid Shourja Rahman Roll-9

man that pop song content was on point

Sazwani Rilwadi

thank you for the explanation!


amazing i now understand how to draw a pie graph i was struggling to understand

Deewij Gaming

Omg thank you u always just clear my doubts in maths

aaron and anna studio

How did u multiply it by 100
A circle is actually 360° right??
Can you explain that pls

batul lightwala

Amazing thanks to makeing in such a interesting amazing way thanks

Vikash S

Useful ... subscribed ...

Padhu Madaka

Super explanation


A - Audi
B- Bentley
C- Chevrolet
D- DeLorean ?

Mhd Omar

Voice behind this lesson?

ravi reddy Siddamreddy

Mam you are the only person that helps me a lot these days, HATS OFF

Wani Aahil

Thanks mam very nice explanation mam thanks a lot I could never understand this chapter but when I watched this video I understood all thanks mam

Rocsena Pabon

I got so impressed that I subscribed this chenel in 1 second

Annalicia Young

Like that


ok it was helpful

Hera Cephus

I stare at the toaster

Tafari Barclay


Kinsley Mallory


Mr Scooby

Awesome teaching,nice explanation and fablous teacher





Indrani N

Oooh yeah baby!!! Hahah

abdul hadi

So helpful

Anita Kumari

Were are the double bar graphs?

Ïguro Obanai


Don't Memorise

Pie charts record data in percentages. It is discrete data. Discrete Data: Data that was recorded and isn't continuous.

To learn more about Data Handling, enrol in our full course now: https://bit.ly/DataHandlingG7
To watch more videos related to Graphs And Statistics, click here: https://bit.ly/GraphsAndStatistics_DMYT

Palak Agrawal

Very nice explaination

Haswani Mustafa

Thank youu

Tasya Omar

thank you ! now i know how to do pie chart

Chandima Kumari

?????️? thanks

Vansh Chaudhary

thanks for the explanation

Ariana Zixuan

I hate math

matwar bisht

Thanks mam

Hashim Ali

You are amazing ??

principle Mayapur

I like it

Jinal Naralkar

another video of pie chart please send
finding all the values
please i have my international level exam

Jann Yani

Omg thanks so muscchh

Marianita Hernandez


seema chand

Thank you so much this video is proper fix in my mind

Tafari Barclay


_ 1mahadi

Thankyou really helped

Rajendran .S

Superb Quality

Jannat Hossain

I am one of your biggest fans. You can explain better than my book. Thanks again.

Zuhara Kamal

Thank you I couldn't find any thing in english

Rajesh kumar

Great explanation . Examples of toaster and pop song was amazing???

Bayo Akintonde

subscribed because of your channel Is so good
keep up the good videos

laiba ghufran

It was too confusing but after watching it, it cleared all of my queries. Subscribed.

Bayo Akintonde

this helped me so much thank you I will get you more subscribers I wish you well in your continuous journey
please do more videos ?????????????????????????

Rishi Bali

so does the 30 percent just need to be labeled or is it made using degrees?

Maha Anandth

thanks for the understanding video
I will be subscribing , liking , and sharing the video


Thanks I was struggling at understanding a pie chart so I searched it up and watched the video now I understand

Math charts

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How to Plot Points on the X Y Coordinate System , Intermediate Algebra , Lesson 56

115 189 views | 20 Apr. 2013

This tutorial demonstrates

This tutorial demonstrates how to plot points, which are represented as ordered pairs, in an X Y coordinate system.

Need More Algebra Help? I highly recommend this book. http://amzn.to/1EApcPp

Donate http://bit.ly/19AHMvX


Connect one-on-one with a Math Tutor. Click the link below:



Rauda Sultan

You made this veryyyyyyyyy easy. Thank you ?


I was confused for some time, your explanation was so clear that I understood it better than my teacher explaining it :) Thank you.


It is very good explanation thanks

Mr. PokeTuber X

Thank u for clearing bro

Mar Jhams

What will be the middle number of 10 in a graph?

Suhad Alqhaisi

Thankyou very much , this was so helpful ?I have my GCSE’s in 7 months and I’m working my butt off for maths and science (the rest of the subjects too)

Liza Norbe

Thank u....

Rupali Kate

What to do when answer comes in fraction

viet tran

thx bro

Iqbal Kaleem

thanq very much brother for simple description on x axis & y axis

Chevel Foote

i understand good better than mi teacher

Tanmay Chatterjee

The truth behind views, likes and dislikes :::...:::

This helped, 114,997 people and out of them only 1300 were kind and 83 people just hate maths.


Thx paul


Very easy to understand am someone who have never done this and I was just looking how to workout, this is an amazing gift, thanks

Tanmay Chatterjee

awesome homie

Gireeshc Sharma

Thank you so much

unus Ninja pubg




Kawa Ahmad

12 year old and still understood

Mark Mursal

Because of u am Gon pass my test thank you very much

Sam Antony

thanks buddy

sudher Sharma

Thanks for teaching me

I’m not a furry i swear

Thanks man

Pedro Alonso Lopez Sanchez

Thanks for clearing it out for where the x and y are on a coordinate point. Really appreciate it. ?

Gordon Rozario


Anwesh Gamez

This good video now I understand

bokuto's thicc azz

This helped a lot thank you ?

Weird PotatoPleb

Thank you so much!! I really needed this because I was unclear on how to plot using the coordinate plane, thank you for helping a grade 5!!


Nice video, you are awesome!


Thanks it helped me a lot

zainab hashimi

Got it! Thanks

Fati Flower

Am trying to get GED ..your videos encouraging me to go on ..thx u so much


How to plot (o,a)?

sharad krishna

Thank you....??

Andrew Seto

You are so Good! Thank You!

Charlotte Francine Resgonia

Thank you

Logan Roper

You help me on my test thanks

Dinesh Joshi

Impecable explanation

Sweet cat Cat

Plz thora sa guide ki jye ga


I think you are the person with 0 haters?

Pakalu Papito

Nc dude u teach so good and clear nice ty man


What a Chad

Dinesh Joshi



very simple.

Sanvie balasta

How i pot this number (-7,-9)?

Narayan Gupta

Very good explanation thanks

مستر كيد _ Mr kid

U are the best???


Thanks for teaching me very helpfull




can i plz have all ur money


Your explanation is so clear. Thank you


Thank you so much. My friends wouldn’t help me..and my teacher didn’t even explain it very clearly. Thank you so much.

Soviet Raven

Am I like the only person learning this in 7th grade??? :/

vinegarr salt

this doesent make sense, i was looking for the x-coordinates and y-coordinates explained. Not some easy stuff, wheres what im looking for???!!! Hey, but good specific explaination, deserves sub.

Farzandali Khokhar

Thank you Sir!


I'm confused how can I call School District not teach me how did you do this but one dude I need to can


thank u so much, this helped alot.

Little Alien Tea ☯︎︎✌︎︎

Im in 8th grade but i had to come back to this since i forgot. Were doing dilations in the coordinate plane its hella hard



Karina Delgado

thank for making this vid i really understood how this work today i had a test so i wanted to be prepared.i understood better this way because my teacher didnt explain to well for me to understand thank you so much ??

Daniya Noorain

it's really very good and understand able

D Gladwish

Very clear. Thank you!

Sweet cat Cat

I'm new here


im only here because of online class

Moustafa Diab

Nigga very much

Ong Lindsay

thank you very much

mai mostafa

i understood it better than my math teacher LMAO


Im smart now thx


first comment! lol

User- 1256

Thank u

Billie Y

This is WAY better explained than my teacher

09072900099 Escalante

Thank you now I know how to plot?

Khan Sabo

Thank You So Much Sir!!
You Are The BEST
Fantastic Explanation!!
Love From Pakistan <3


Where are you now



Moriel Benabou

Thank you I learned so much and it helped me a lot.