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How To Make Money With PLR Products: High Quality PLR

10 900 views | 15 Apr. 2020

Make Money With PLR:

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Mark A. Wilder

Could you possibly show how you set this up with the PayPal button and whatever might go along with that?

Thank you great tutorial


if I sell a PLR video course and someone buys it, how do I send it to the buyer? I don't want to spend money to host the PLR course anywhere, rather I want to be able to share a link from where the buyer can download the course

Saybyeboss Reviews

Yep been using them for a while great quality

Main Tech Lane

Hi What is the upsell for the whole package

Jima Victor

Thank you for great tutorial. This was really helpful?


Excellent video mate ?

Miky M

So when we pay for membership we have to also buy everyproduct ? I can even fine the sign up button

Jeancy Mungedi

Thank you for this video, you just answered to prayer, I was looking for this kind of stuff for more than a week now,

So I wanted to know something, How to do the Cover for a Video or a EBook, Like you always do with your bonus.

Thank you

Darrell Lischka

I purchased their FB course and its outstanding. These guys produce top quality plr courses...

Gil Sh

Can't find any give away for free products...seems that no one alloing to give there plr for free

Hello Everyone

Total How many products in this site?????


hi I am new to PLR and would like to start one. Where is a good place to market or sell this? I dont have a website or any audience for now.

Plr price

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1 441 views | 19 Aug. 2020

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David from Teach Me Money Methods

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h ka


Reviewer Gold

Looks interesting. Any discounts available?

Tboicool09 Tboicool

Hi. Can i get the sale price for this? i really wanna take the course, but the $97 is a little much for me right now. Thank you

Plr price

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Kel-Tec PLR 16

418 425 views | 17 Jan. 2011

A short and sweet

A short and sweet blasting episode with a Kel-Tec PLR 16 in 5.56X45.

To be honest, I cannot recommend or not recommend this firearm. A friend of John's happened to bring it by, so I thought the fans of this type thing might enjoy a short demo with it. Once we got it lubed properly, it seemed to work okay.

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NOTE: All shooting in our videos is done by professional shooters for instructional and entertainment purposes, with an emphasis on safety and responsible gun ownership. Do not attempt to copy at home anything you see in our videos. Firearms can be extremely dangerous if not used safely.


Life is definitely good when your holding one of those!

Kai & Iris

maxo kream

Gideon T

Hell of a muzzle flash


SU-16 plz :)

Chris Butler

I agree! YOu should definitely do a full video if you still have access to this "pistol".


and E


Ima get you


Well I bought it lol. ready to shoot it got a Magpul 40 round coming tomorrow, but I hear the 30 round mags are more reliable. Also that hand guard is a must. Thank you for inspiring me to buy this gun. "Life's good"

Steel Shooter

$299 !?! Whoa, that is a smokin' deal.

grin panic

life is good :)


You should do a review on this gun, I really need your judgement I've been hearing a lot of bad feedback

Mario Jr

Mr. Hickok45, could you please review the Kel tec su16c. It is a fun little AR alternative.
I enjoy you and Johns videos.

Mr. Karlsson

Kel-Tec su16a with a beta c mag please


@hickok45 i go huntin in tennessee and i would really love to come down to your range sometimes


The Kel-Tec PLR16 isn't a SMG. It's a semi-automatic pistol.


shout out to the shortest video hickok45 ever made lol


The FIRE coming from that thing is insane


kel tec sucks at putting all there guns out..the only way you can find any keltec if its on gunbroker and triple the retail price


hey hickok45 i just bought the kel-tec and i was just wondering if 223 boat-tailed bullets would work fine in this gun?

Pyrus ThreeThreeFive

That folks, is exactly what it is designed to do. Close quarters defense from the occasional milk jug with a manifesto under it's flak jacket ;)


@TXtriLLnigga sure you can. Budsgunshopdotcom or impactgunsdotcom and many more places let you purchase online and ship to your local FFL dealer and they will charge yo 20 to 20 bucks for the transfer. Very simple!


is it just me or did the rate of fire seem inconsistent?


This would be a great SBR project. $600 for the gun, $200 for the tax stamp, and $125 for the Kel-Tec AR pistol grip stock attachment. Now, for ~$1,000 you have a sweet little ~10" piston rifle that's extremely light (~4lbs unloaded w/ stock attachment), pretty reliable, and accepts AR-15 magazines. Very cool. That is a serious contender as being my next rifle. Great addition if you already have an AR.


I really want you to revisit this. As I am going to purchase one. Please I would like your take on it and buds gun shop is running out only 5 left!!!


Just got one of these, and holy fuck 5.56x45 in a 9 1/2 inch barrel is FUCKING LOUD. Awesome gun though. I also have the .22lr version which is great for plinking.

Asef Alexander Noorzai

Thanks for the in-depth review. Lol.

Yossi Laz

Check out the Keltec SU-16C, thats exactly what it is.

Brandon Bynum

How much is it... Lol how much how much im buying 1 asap

Sasha B.

this video is over ten years old now and john hasn't aged a day

MoMoney T1

Straight to tha good part ?

Timothy Hughes

Please a full review thanks


Look up SU-16, there are 5 versions (A, B, C, CA, D) just take your pick, they aren't particularly accurate but a decent compromise between a Mini-14 and an AR-15.

Frank Froese

Yeah, I couldn't pass it up. It's in basically brand new shape. I picked up a couple Magpul Pmag 30 magazines for it, and a Sight Mark reticle/laser combo.


Life is good

22 TCM

Do full review about this one please


I want to see you do a close up on a keltec SUB2000 if you can get your hands on one!

Bill Randolph

Life is indeed good with a PLR-16. Awesome vid man.

Dave C

sayless im sold

Pete Zaitcev

Indeed a look at a real SU-16 would be nice.

Carolina Tater

@Whocares05050 get a tax stamp on it and it's legal...


Hickok Please do a full video on this gun!!!!!

Frank Froese

Just picked up one of these in PA used for $299! For that price, you can't go wrong.

Savage Performance Tv

Full review

Matthew McInnis

Life is good.

Reginald Henderson

@MindSeeR666 i have one...ir blasts a 3 foot fireball every time you pull the trigger and is buy far the loudest gun on the range

ThaTank Garner

was that a 40 round magazine?

Luciano Sosa

God bless America ????????

Keil Lewis

could you do a complete video on the kel tec plr 16 and 22

Mannyy keith

You know it’s a good gun when he doesn’t spend 20 mins talking about it an where he got it from

The Maj Havoc

more more more !!!!!!

Liam Winter

I wish he would do a full video on this gun and its pros and cons!

Roman Smith

thats the best commercial I've ever seen lol

US Marine

i would hate to be his nieghbor


@Whocares05050 you can own and sbr if your local and state laws allow it. you just have to get the tax stamp.


this will be my next purchase. after doing my homework on these, this might be the ultimate weapon ever. it is a center fire 223 semi auto super lightweight small long range fully customizable decently priced shtf zombie apocalypse home defending flame throwing deafening beast that can take AR mags 30, 40 even the 100 rounders. I compared one to a AR pistol and a AK Draco and it is half the weight. really cool gun.

Carolina Tater

@Whocares05050 oh... yeah b/c according to the feds the world would end or something if we could just simply do that...


what type of sling is that and can I get one? thank you

Beastie Saxdady

Hey Hickok, I was looking to see if you had shot the Kel-Tec Shotgun KSG yet. Sorry to see it looks like the answer is no. Are you planning on reviewing it for US.??


@caseyreavis No kidding. But my point was that you cant just decide on a saturday you are going to throw a stock on there and expect it to be legal.

Ben Kerr

life is good :)


Can we get a full review of the PLR-16?

Ben lun

kel-tec does make a version with a stock on it. pretty cool really, you can store extra magazines in the stock


@paintballb10 Don't pretend to not be able to spell just to look cool... look, I am using proper grammar, or as you would say "prpr grmmer".


Best grin after shooting on a range in months!!!!

forrest williams

how much $?


@dankardas You cant legally. Then it would be considered an SBR. This is classified as a pistol.

BPBossman 1

Please can you make another kel Tec 556 pistol video that’s longer

Timothy Hughes

If you please would do a full review of the plr 16. Just saw one and it looked pretty but what about accuracy and knock down power.

Shane M

"NO, home home is complete with out one" lol

Dominick Torres

big fan hickock45 can you review a kel tec su16c


yes, because since it is semi auto it only fires once every time he pulls the trigger, so obviously the time between each shot is dependent on how fast he pulls the trigger...


Do another video on this please I need your expertise

Eon Reeves

look what it does to the ground lol, i am currently saving up for one =D

Mikka Lam

SMG's arn't going to be around very long, eventually small barreled carbines will replace them.

mark oshields

I have one and they are better than just close up firing, Ive found that mine does very well with a eo tech zombie dot up to 50 yards..Id like you to shoot the plr 16 on your range and try instead of just unloading like this vid.  If you shoot it much you will find yourself really liking this gun..Ive had no jams with the p mags and with the forward grip its very controllable ....give this gun another shot and another vid

Ninja Freak



Without a mag, it looks like Han Solo's blaster pistol on steroids.

Dhias Athalah Naufalakbar

Why the video is very short :'(
Please do a full review....


oh yeah !! Life is good ! :)

Bernard Bruinsma

holy shit look at those flames


Why does the sound drastically change around 0:14?


@caseyreavis Not sure of their stupid reasoning, maybe they just like to make up stuff to keep a job.




wow... YOU NEED TO REVIEW THIS ONE! With a nice muzzle brake perhaps

Go To

The best teacher thx

Jonathan Adams

how much do those usually. run for?

Yossi Laz

I think he was referring to the action not the size. Which would in essence be the keltec su16 series especially the SU16 C which has a collapsable stock.

The Demize

yo my favorite rapper has this gun on his album


Do they make pistol grips with a stock attached? How much cooler would it be if it was a SBR?

James Hunter

@krap101 Some microphones have a limiter to avoid damaging them.


8 people gave this video a thumbs down????!!! what the heck????


I was first introduced to the PLR-16 by a friend in the Govt. well before it was advertised he was so impressed with it, he bought one of the first made. "They" where after a sub-gun for use by bodyguards. To compare 30 rounds of .223 is much better than 30 rounds of 9mm. Uzi vs. Kel-tec I'd rather carry the Kel-Tec.

Michael Kurilla

Dear Mr.hickok45 have you made one of your complete video reviews of the PLR 16, if not will you be doing one? Thank you, Michael


Will this work with .223 ammo?

amethyst :{


B392 Hemi

Would anyone choose this over a micro Draco?


@pawwisco Never heard of a tax stamp taking that little time to process. Usually takes several months.


thats the face of a happy man

Eon Reeves

@RlEL444 you can pick one up starting around $350

Harry Rivas

Review it