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Polaris 850 Patriot Handlebar Setup Options

8 507 views | 20 Mar. 2019

How I setup my 850

How I setup my 850 handlebars for the backcountry!

Want to help support the channel? buy the products i talked about in the video below on amazon at the link below!

ODI Ruffian Grips - https://amzn.to/2FhZJmE

RSI Extended heaters for Polaris 850- https://amzn.to/2ThPxiX

cork (under heaters) - https://amzn.to/2FdEkuV

RSI Boondoggler handlebars - https://amzn.to/2FeMcw9

CFR handlebars - https://amzn.to/2Y7CAfs

shoe goo - https://amzn.to/2TgxQ3y

RSI TB9 throttle block WITH kill switch - https://amzn.to/2U0GCHd

RSI Kill switch - https://amzn.to/2HuxqF9

RSI oversize handlebar clamp - https://amzn.to/2TXlYaN

DCR handlebar clamps - https://amzn.to/2TUZgQR

skinz brake lever HEATED for 850 axys - https://amzn.to/2HwjU3Y

skinz brake lever NON-HEATED - https://amzn.to/2JoajOc

RSI racing reverse switch 850 ONLY - http://www.rsiracing.com/BILLET-RER-ELECTRONIC-REVERSE-SWITCH_p_59.html

Munster Products - https://munstercanada.com/collections/frontpage

Polaris VES Extreme - https://amzn.to/2TY1QWc

Polaris VES Gold oil - https://amzn.to/2TYX9vg

NGK BPR9ES Spark plugs (4 pack) - https://amzn.to/2ueF7qp

My Camera Panasonic gh5 - https://amzn.to/2TWopuf

Panasonic 12-60 lens - https://amzn.to/2Fg2eGh


How did you like the rsi vs the cfr bars. I just picked up an 18 axys and I'm looking to get a new handlebar setup because it currently has the stock high bars. I'm 6'1 and right now I'm looking at the cfr chris brown bars or the rsi hustler with a 4 inch riser because they're both 7/8th so I wouldn't need an oversize adapter. Do you prefer straighter bars with a riser of bars that have a rise in them? Also how was the width of the cfr bars because they're wider than stock? Was it too wide or just right?

jrome m

Are u selling your stock bars?

Gavin Dhillon

Colin, what are the pros and cons of 850 vs 800, I noticed my dealer has a lot of 20 800s f/s

Simon Berglund

Do i have to shorten anything when changing handlebar or is the gaswire like auto adjusted?

Jesse Clavette

Do you feel like this handlebar setup is too low vs the factory height handlebars? I see a lot of people like the 5" factory bars, but this set up seems lower then the 5" bars. Considering my height too, i'm 6'3" with long arms. Don't know to go this route or just the 5" bars?

Elmer T-Bone

Munster finger throttle is a game changer , and i never looked back.


Hey not sure if you want to try this next time. But if you wrap your entire grip area with about 3 wraps of electrical tape, then use your compressor to put the grips on they will not move. Instead of using the messy shoe goo and way easier to get the grips off of you ever have to. Got my 2 cents.

Jeremy Knapp

Skinz heated is killer. Worth every penny.

David Fakhimi

Notification squad

Pascal Robert - Rc Creations

Bro, you forgot to show us the wrap install

Jason Kwasky

You can reuse your heat elements. Did it on my skidoo. Use a heat gun and carefully take them off. It’ll pull the cork and everything in one piece. Then they’ll stick right back on. Use some electrical tape. Boom. Saves money and time.

Rsi handle

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MVIS-BSQR-Momentum Continues! USX as a potential Long Hold and potential technical breakout!

5 801 views | 8 Feb. 2021


#MVIS #BSQR​ #USX​ #Chartology​ #ChartAnalysis​ #CupAndHandle​ #BreakoutStocks​ #MomentumStock - I am not a financial or investment advisor or professional. This is not a recommendation to buy or sell any securities. Do your own dilligence and Trade at your own risk. In this video I cover the momentum and breakouts of all 3 stocks.

P2 Peeps

And here I thought he might not post today. Thank you brotha ???? got a $10 yearly option for MVIS awhile back because of you. Boomskissss



cole lukens

Start a discord brother. For your day 1 fans. I'd love to be able to communicate directly with you

Naresh Latchman

Made 75% on your bsqr call today. You're the GOAT of chartology. Mvis is still doing what mvis does

Viraj Kothari

Still worth to enter BSQR today (2/10) at $8+?

Daniel Marsala

I'm new to this game but I got 208 shares of bsqr at an average cost of $3.39 per share I'm holding for the long haul

Prominent Youtuber Sam

Please make these in 1080p and without the black bars. The text is hard to read with the current quality. Really enjoy the videos though, keep it up!


Noti Gang! MVIS is absolutely flying and it’s been a great ride. Keep up the good stuff my man your DD and tech analysis is always awesome to bounce off of



Dr. Inept

That was some spectacular analysis with observable results. Subscribed, you the man, man.


Thanks for your videos as always, you mentioned you like to invest in emerging markets, i've been toying with some space related tickers. Any thoughts regarding that market? I'm long term so I was thinking ETF's but would love to hear your thoughts. Thank you sir

Clinton Moore

RSI I like...like using a instrument in a airplane.


Would love to see your thoughts on LUMN, keep up the good work, great channel brother!

Buddy Floors

Can you teach learn chart, or can you tell us where you have learned it..
I really love to learn chart alot thanks

Nibbler Ziggy

Luckily I got in at 4.25 or something like that got 220 stocks I was up 800 up within a couple of hours today gonna buy more next week if it's at 5 if not going for more stonks on MVIS


Any thoughts on $UMC?

Uncle Ruckus


BoB Smith

hmmmmmmm Earlier this year, at one of Tesla's events, the company's famous founder, Elon Musk proclaimed that, “LiDAR is a fool's errand,” and “Anyone relying on LiDAR is doomed. Doomed.” ?

trung pham

What sites do you use for analyzing. I am a beginner, i want to learn some research too. Thank you for mvis example.

Joshua Grosh

I love learning more about stocks and how to read charts due to you. You do great work and DD. Keep up the amazing work!

PAPA Texas


Juan C Pastor

Infinite bull flag ???


Hey just subscribed! Do u think BSQR could be a longer hold? Just bought in at 9.12

R Molero

What is the aligator?

Clinton Moore

Yeah buddy!!!!!! Aloha!!!! Boom boom!!!! Added more in my regular account and my 401k!!!!! Yeappeeee!!!!

Physical Formulations

Bro I've been telling all my friends about you, you are a legend.

Kim Jung

Love the videos. Could you do a chart analysis for TBLT please? Keep it up!

Jared Freiburg

Not a single dislike on this video. That’s what I call bullish ?


? Love it brother!!! Keep grinding!


Could you take a look at WWE sir?

Neal Ebner

$TNXP take a look at that...

Jacob Dailey

Just liked and subbed! Love the content, been looking at this stock for awhile and felt on the fence about what to do. your analysis videos helped me 100% helped out. Looking forward to future videos dude

Top Cravy

Today i made a total profit of 12% over my total input. Thanks for putting me on bsqr and mvis i appreciate it a lot. I also just started in investing and u help me learning me more about charts. Also look into Zom crazy momentum as well!!

Taylor Johnson

This has been a fun day, thanks for all the education, you’ve helped a lot of people!

Greg Jessie

Your killing it!! Most anticipated UTube video every day!. WPRT!!


First ! Love you bro thanks for what you do !!

Alex Bitsakis

I've watched all your videos. Never stop being you man. I'm up nearly double on both mvis and bsqr. Would you sell one to go all in on the other, or just ride both? Thanks Chris


Hey bud, this is the second video of yours that I have watched. I love the way you roll. You are unique. True baller. Thank you. I hope that one day, you do a few videos on fundamentals (like when you talked about the rsi snap, etc.) Thanks again for your videos man.

Crystalis Chronicle

Mvis Buyout confirmed.


Any way you can do a video on $xl? I would like to see a technical analysis from you. You were on point with mvis. Been holding since 5.


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David DNX

?? snap out

yeew gow


I think this article may have had something to do with all the shorting today, this company is gonna get bought out or something


Looking at HIMX too Chris

Mr Beeg

MVIS catching a tailwind to the 20s this week


Eating up a shit ton of BSQR for breakfast. Washing it down with some of my MVIS OJ. Cheers Chris!

denver miami

how long would you consider an options play on either of these?


Thanks brother. Spot on as usual


Hey bro, you earned a new sub! Any suggestions for someone holding strike 14 call option?
Keep up the good work!

James Williams

Sold my 9 call at 14.5. Thank you! Gonna jump back in a dipski.

Thang Tran

Thank you Chris not only ? listen for buying stocks also learning a lot from your knowledge thank again if not COVID-19 i will give you big hugggg.


i got in at 14.86 average do you think its too high?

Prince Arthur

Let's Goo. Going long on BSQR

Rsi handle

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Handlebar Install RSI Racing

6 649 views | 21 Nov. 2018

We install RSI Racing

We install RSI Racing Boondoggler 2" Rise Handlebar, 2" Pivoting Riser, 1" Height Pivot Adapter, Extended Hand Heaters, Billet Throttle Block, Billet Kill Switch, & Grips.

More Products Visit:

≥≥≥≥ rsiracing.com ≤≤≤≤




Seat Covers

Grip Heaters

Ice Scratchers


LED Handguards

Throttle Blocks

Bar Pads

Elias Naslund

What height is the stock riser on a polaris rmk shift 600 2009?


So if I have a flatplate since my sled is a little older..and I buy a pivot adapter to make it a t-bar like the new sleds then put an riser on top of the adapter..will the turning of the bars have any 'sway' in them..or will it turn like I never did anything to it?

Tyler Boudreau

Does any rsi bar pad fit with any bars


I bought a pair of boondoggler 2 for my rev. I don’t want to spend the money on new controls. I’ll have to cut the hooks off the end. Does RSI sell any aftermarket hooks I can put on instead of having to try and weld aluminum? Thanks


What size is that riser/handlebars?


I have a set of freeride bars off a xm freeride. If I put a rsi riser will the bars go on them? And fit into my m8?