One step closer animal rescue

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WMTR's Rock N Ruff with Capricorn

28 views | 21 May. 2018

Meet Rockstar

Meet Rockstar Capricorn! Capricorn is a 1-2 year old Lab/Shepherd mix that is energetic, friendly and beautiful! We cannot figure out why she has been at the OSCAR shelter for over a year!! 

Capricorn is sweet, food motivated, knows basic commands and loves to please her human! She would make a great companion for any family! 

Looking for a perfect companion to spend summer fun with? Capricorn just may be the dog for you so please meet her! ADOPT CAPRICORN! 

To adopt Capricorn, please contact One Step Closer Animal Rescue (O.S.C.A.R) at 973-652-3969 or visit their website at http://www.oscaranimalrescue.org/.

One step closer animal rescue

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Woman Spots Sad Baby Chimp, Takes One Step Closer And Gasps At Discovery

82 792 views | 16 Nov. 2020

Woman Spots Sad Baby

Woman Spots Sad Baby Chimp, Takes One Step Closer And Gasps At Discovery


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send it to a lab

T. Gibson

Fake video.... waste!!! Loser


yeah... monkeys...

Jessica Dotson

Thank you


Why do you show other monkeys that have nothing to do with this story? Stupid!!

Mal Dagg

what a load of made up click bait crap!

Nella Meadows

Thanks for saving the monkey

Judy Ross

Why are u not showing it.,??¿???? I think as long as they are loved and being cared for and happy they are in good hands. People or not

Jacquelyn Gravina

Monkeys have tails. Apes do not. I would have liked more pics or video of Jenny, not the others.

Annette Wiitala

Please acknowledge that you are showing pictures of monkeys and not apes. A chimpanzee is an ape. Most people have no idea there is a difference. Please educate them in these videos.

Carol Smith

O my lord what a dame shame that poor thing hope you saved it xx??????


There are NO words that can be said or expressions except Thank You.

Uknown Angel

Thanks to the neighbour and rescuers! ??????❤️❤️

Craig Corson

Chimp, monkey...whatever. You're an idiot.

Terry Hyde

Jenny is not a monkey. She is a Chimp. Great save for Jenny❣️

D Sharon Creegan

This would be more believable if you showed chimps, not monkeys.

Janice Bradford

It’s so sad. My friend that owns a chimp build him his own special,room. That he could retreat if he did not want company. He would interact when he wanted to. That’s the walnut should be, let them have an area like their old habitat.

Betty Henderson

I love to have a baby monkey i think they are so cute i wanted one so bad?????????????

Jim H

Jenny? Chimpanzee? What the heck is most video showing monkeys about then. NOT chimps are they!


Made up story

charlotte greene

I hate it when they plagerize the videos. So many monkey shots-very few chimp shots.

Jerry Schuman

A chimpanzee is NOT a monkey as the narrator has referred to several times. It's an ape.
It also showed very few pictures of apes... mostly monkeys.
I smell a fraud.

Broken S

Total shit video- unrelated crap

Colleen Jones

Macaques, baboons and capuchins ? Hardly what I expected from a "chimp" getting resued.

Valma Coffey-McClean

Don't you have footage of the chimp in question. Apes do not have tails. You are showing monkeys which have nothing to do with this story. Get your facts right and use the chimp not other unrelated monkeys.


Pictures were mostly of monkeys not of a chimp as the story tells. Lost interest quickly. Poorly presented.

Pamela Linton

Why are there capuchin monkeys in this video when it’s about a chimpanzee? I don’t get it and I wasted my time watching.

Jen Joseph

May our dear Lord God Almighty, bless you . And I also, really,really , thank you, for your help and support and mostly your courage to do the right thing.

Michelle Battle

?WOWWW, That's Beautiful , I'M Very Happy to here She got the help She Needed, for I I'M a animal lover , I Especially LOVE Monkeys, they are the Spitting image of how humans are , if I was able to have one of these beautiful Creatures I would LOVE it to Death ?‍♀️?, they are GOD'S Creatures , thank You GOD for What You Always DO , You are the KING of KING'S ???

Robin Andrews

So happy she found Jenny and called help for her. I know she's extremely happy now. Her rescuer is amazing for doing that for love of animals.

Gloria Brawldy


Gina Mariposa

It's really unfortunate that you choose to show MONKEYS (not APES) and baboons (MONKEYS) who are so unlike humans and chimps in their social patterns. Most people don't know the difference between apes and monkeys, and this video isn't helping. I give a thumbs down for this. Do better next time.

primatology grad UPenn

Whaaaa....Apparently, stock footage of chimps/apes was too expensive for the budget, but stock footage of macaque monkeys was on sale...more primate for your buck? Just the wrong primate species or even category....

Susan Gill

Thank you for saving Jenny

Jeff Hood

Heartbreaking, not really.??


Who fk cares

Michael Hollon

@3:40. That is one fugly monkey

Larry Eaton

Nice story and good to be made known no matter how you accomplish this however, i quickly noticed that aside from the scant handful of still photos of "Jenny" you didn't show ANY video of an Actual "Jenny" nor ANY other photos or videos of Chimps. I saw macaque, baboons, capuchin, spider and a few other species but NOTHING of CHIMPS which IS the SUBJECT species the video is supposed to be about. Just looks to me to be all made up. Like I said initially, It doesn't really matter but it did cause me to drift away because it all appears so fake. Maybe the story is true. Maybe not. Somewhere in this world I'm sure it is (or a variation thereof). But your video appears to be completely fictitious.


Thank you for saving this baby

Margaret Thomas

Wild animals should not have an "owner"!!!!

Pauline Sanders

This post is about a chimp yet most of pictures are macaques,.

Wendy Somers


barbara smith

There we go again great isnt it bloke abusing a baby chiimp masochistic ass hole boy i wonder how he would feel if the roles were reversed

Gloria Brawldy

How can we watch this when you show other breeds of monkeys, and not Ginny the ape.

Amy D

This looks like someone has made a bot channel off of stealing other peoples work.

Cynthia Burlingame

You are an angel for saving baby monkey

Mario Martinez

this happened in USA? If so please let me have the address I would like to have nice talk to that individual.

Compu Doc

Its a sad day when the spokesman doesn't know the difference between a Macaque and a Chimp. Blows the veracity of the whole story. Made up click bate?

Stanley van Niekerkuu

This is why I disagree with these humans I'll treating these monkeys.take them away from these bad owners and prosecute.after all these animals can't talk. Congratulations to the rescue team.

Shelbourne King

Chimps and other monkeys? Chimps are apes , not monkeys.

James Howells

Nobel endeavor. Please learn the difference between Monkeys and Apes , the narrator continually uses both indiscriminately and often wrongly.

Jim Cast

This is such a load of Bull. If that chimp was in as bad a condition as they try to make you believe, there would be pictures of "an abused baby chimp" flooding the internet as this is the ongoing policy. We have no one except the narrator telling us their version of what happened. How about, When this nosy busybody neighbor (who looks nothing like the attractive girl in the video) spots a baby chimp next door, she immediately rats them out. "She was tied up with a rope; isn't that heartbreaking?" Well seeing as how there is no proof, I'll reserve my feelings. Every accusation has zero proof behind it. The constant reference to, "they knew exactly what to do" if that's true, they would have gathered evidence to support the story. Saying how frightened it was, then showing a snapshot of it being driven back in a car unrestrained and saying how afraid it was, then saying how just talking to it allowed them to start petting it, does NOT ring true. In the snapshots, she did NOT look malnourished, had no signs of abuse and did NOT look scared to be with an unknown person. I do NOT believe any of it! When the Karen called, they showed up, confiscated this animal, realized that she was okay, did not bother putting her in a pet taxi, thought that it wouldn't look good for them and fabricated the story to make it seem necessary for them to just take this person's animal. Public Relations disaster! ??

Poopsie B

Where the chimp ??? So annoying when not using the actual animals/people involved. Plse STOP doing it.


Soooo many MACAQUES in film. Also a couple of BABOONS - Very few chimps.


A nature channel who doesn't know the difference between a monkey and a ape.

Terri Rickert

When will the USA finally show respect to wildlife species and BAN ALL WILDIFE SPECIES being owned ?????


Do you know the difference between a chimpanzee and a macaque?

James B

This is sort of offensive right? Or no? I can't tell this year. Honestly. But I want to say thats SO bad on SOO many levels from writing to narrative to narraTOR to insulting ALL of our sensibilities........."isn't that heartbreaking".........HE DID NOT?!!! wow.......not TOO TOO shameless and incompetent SIMULTANEOUSLY.

Shevawn Basye

Why does the commentator talk about a chimpanzee but the footage shows a monkey?

Gloria Kadar

Did the baby owners go to jail?

Sheila Swanepoel

I do not know how people cannot treat animals correctly, they are all beautiful creatures!

Ismael Cancel Dones

This video is a Sh5&*#&

Patrizia Ermanni



Nice story. Though you ruined it by using 90% of the photos of other primates. Is the money you make from baiting the public to watch your poorly made videos going in your pocket or to the foundation?

Yvonne Fearn



Why are you showing videos of monkeys while talking about a chimp? Since your site is about animals you should know that chimps and monkeys are different breeds of primates.

deb pow

YouTube doesn't help, they pay people for films of baby monkeys, from Cambodia ,vietnam china and others, most of these monkeys go through some terrible treatment, all are supposed to be orphans ,or saved and found, but , most the mother's die trying to hold on to the baby's, as they are taken from them just before the mom's die, (killed) smuggling is big across boarders baby's and monkey meat , and all this is illegal, but the authority's out there do nothing to stop it ,and YouTube is the petrol for this fire, it's terrible , humans will do anything for money, chimps ,monkeys , everything ,none of them are safe, thanks to YouTube cash and advertising on there channels, maybe you could look into this outrage. It's a huge illegal trade with a lot of abuse and tourcher. But no one seems to care about this nightmare trade.

Mitchell Mills

You would think that if you were going to post a video about a chimp, you would at least know enough about them to not call them monkeys. Jesus fucking christ.

Rafael Rodriguez

This video is somewhat deceptive. They make up some Chimp called Jenny, bought a bunch of macaque pictures, and then beat you over the head with "Ape Action".

Chuck Nora

Did they acquire this chimp by asking the family to give it up? I’m confused on how they got the chimp out? I’m glad it happened but wonder if it happened with the consent of the owner, or an intervention with the owner took place? I’m curious, but before I donate money to anybody to save a mistreated animal I would like to hear the entire story, and if an opportunity was given to the owner to straighten up and fly right. I can’t tell if the family lived the chimp and didn’t know how to take care of it. It’s vaguely written on how this happened. Can anybody reply that knows about this situation? I’m glad it had a happy ending for the chimp.


Well that was a nice collection of monkeys and very little chimp.

Kate Hopkins brent

Maybe this foundation could go to you tube and watch poor Dalton “ Monkey of the Day” is the channel. It’s heartbre what that little guy deals with. It got BAD when they got a new baby monkey Yen - Dalton would play but they beat him saying he was attacking yen. Separated them and Yen is on his own channel “Monkey Yen “ ,, it’s worse for him than Dalton because he’s SO young. He’s terrified of them and once he catches Yen, holding both hands he slaps and slaps and SLAPS. Then he’ll nag the entire time he’s putting on the diaper on Yen and that little babies hands and body TREMBLES. SAVE THOSE TWO ,, and while you’re at it save all 3 monkeys on Albert Family channel. She’s beaten them ON FILM the big one Bobbi beat on the legs and feet at the bath area cause she wasn’t completely sitting. Have you tried to sit while trying to protect your legs and feet from being beat with a stick ? Why not save some of these poor babies.

Cathy Lindeboom

Kind of a lousy video. I hope all your videos aren't this mediocre. And I find it a little disturbing that you mostly feature macaques - just like those cruelty- to animals/monkeys- videos - for - creeps - & - pervs. I see you already have a comment from one of them. In fact, this has a similar sinister sneaky creep vibe, to me.


Chimpanzees are apes, not monkeys.

larry rathbone

The good neighbor needs to mind her own business and stop spying on others it was just a nasty chimp only a retard would give a Fuck

James Harvey

Why do you show capuchin monkeys mainly instead of the actual chimpanzee. They are different and it lets a person get very bored and tired of this because we don't believe this story when you misrepresent.

Bruce Haynes

What garbage. Making up a story and using photos and videos of monkeys that aren't chimps. Insult to intelligence.

JoAnne Kirby

BS video!

Darren W. Heffner

Amazing Human Doing Amazing Works Thank You


BOO HOO Big Deal, trying being a Cleveland Sports fan, Jenny has it good, you wanna know about pain and suffering? Ya, be a Cleveland Sports fan buddy.

Rae Mini Hopa

This type of video is annoying, not using the correct images while telling a story.

Anna Mondragon


Anne Corey

Beautiful baby chimps is very cute little monkeys thank you for sharing your beautiful story love your beautiful story thank you for sharing Bless you all have a good life thanks


Chimps are apes, not monkeys.

Demian Demartini

Wait until she is an adult chimp they are super aggressive and they know they are stronger than humans and given the chance they will rip you to shreds and kill u and if u are male they will rip your genitals off they are the only other animal besides human that go out in packs looking to kill other chimps and it’s brutal they rip the limbs off of any poor chimp they find they even will kill older weaker ones in there group they are not nice Animals at all sure they are cute as babies but so was charlie Manson I’m sure.

Charles Romero

Yous can still kill the ugly piece of shit!

audrey Adkins

That person who had poor animal tied up should be tied up him and feed like to thanks to that lady whot saved well done love all do all thoes lovey things who run the camp thank u so much u all and animals and the lady whot saved the. Baby be. Safe take care ?????

Yolande Landry


Harold Clawson

A rescue dog born in a hospital cage finds her way into the elite Royal Air Force !

Elizabeth Goolsby

Jenny is not a monkey. She is an ape.

andy O

Cannot keep a chimp with filthy, stupid macaques.


hahahah they keep talking bout a chimp.. i see a capuchin monkey

Uncle Smoke

Macaques capuchins and spider monkeys are not chimps

Jackie Izzo

I don't believe these poor animals should be pets. They belong with their own kind, so they can learn from the other animals. Thanks to her rescuer, now Jenny can be happy.

Jim Cast

You are a "No- Brainer". Mind your own business and learn something about what you're talking about. Go search for funds somewhere else. Clearly trying to jump on the "Primate Bus" for financial gain.?????

Lorrie Marti

Why you showing long tails

Deborah Lonechild

Why keep an animal if your gonna mistreat them.thank god there's a neighbour around to do the right thing in saving this animal.you can say she's an angel sent from heaven.god bless her.


Why show all lesser monkeys when you are speaking of a chimpanzee.

Kevin Wright

This is a bogus video no scenes with chimp, just stock video of other monkeess

Carol C.

How about we wait and see if we like and you are talking about chimps. Not monkeys.

One step closer animal rescue

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One step closer to my dream of having my own animal shelter!

1 517 views | 17 Dec. 2020

? If you want to support

? If you want to support our rescue work, you can subscribe to our Patreon at https://patreon.com/Pawesome_Rescue

We are Pawesome Rescue, a non-profit organization from Finland with the mission of helping rescue dogs worldwide.

Our main goals are:

- Have a dog shelter for rescue dogs worldwide

- Help and co-operate with other non-profit animal organizations worldwide

- Find new homes for rescue dogs

? YouTube: https://yt.pawesomerescue.com

? Facebook: https://fb.pawesomerescue.com

? Instagram: https://instagram.com/pawesome_rescue/

? Website: https://www.pawesomerescue.com

Mumia, Lola, and Max were rescued by Takis Shelter:

? https://www.facebook.com/TakisShelter

? https://www.youtube.com/c/TakisShelter

Follow and support ?


Mumia, my sweet little adopted granny dog is the reason why I started this channel. She opened my eyes to rescue and volunteer work. She has taught me what it is to own an old rescue dog, never could have imagined what a ? I could find!

Seeing her enjoying her life so much has inspired me to dedicate my free time to these poor souls who needs a second chance, a home, and a loving family.

Pawesome Rescue is a journey that started 10th of July 2018, the day I met Mumia. That day changed my life forever. We have awesome plans for the future! ? Thank you for subscribing and following us! ??

xxx, Minttu / Pawesome Rescue


Christine Fuchs

My towells have arrived last week. I ordered grey and pink. I really like the design. Mumia is so cute. ?

Lila Cook

All my ❤️❤️& ✝️?✝️? s for your shelter. Trust in Jesus ? always

Nic Pin

I subscribed your channel. But I want to make a sugestion: I think your intro is too long...

Änni Tredup

Minttu..Power to You..?❤️?❤️
Happy..for you ❤️

Susan Henke

The towels are beautiful, do you mail then to the UNITED STATE?

Jan Design


Agung Baros

God bless you Minttu Mattsson ?❤️ watching from Indonesia ??


Merry Christmas to you all. Thank you for all you do x ????

Alba Diaz

Très bien, muuuy bien

Johanna Puentes



Nice ❤️

Marisol Sullivan

You don't have a rescue and you have never rescued an animal.

Laurie Marshall

I would love you to make tshirts!

Sandra Chamberlain

Oh my gosh!!! You made me tear up Minttu!!! ?....I'm so very happy for you!!... Yes dreams can come true if you wish them from your heart ❤️
Mumia ,Lola and even Sammy have a second chance in life because of your sweet soul!!....?
I have to have a towel!!, I love the design!!!!?.....
Merry Christmas and Happy New year to you, Mumia, Lola and your family??❤️.....
Suppoting you always 100 % from Cleveland Ohio USA ?❤️
Sending you much love.... ❤️??