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107 views | 12 Sep. 2017

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Stuart Crawford

I like this project and going to use PayPie World’s First Credit Risk Assessment.

Kelsi Beals

--->That’s a billion dollar idea if they can make it work. The market is humongous and in desperate need for transparency--->

Mike Dixon

I am holding the tokens because they bring transparency to the financial market by introducing the risk score algorithm based on decentralized accounting.

Paypie price

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Paypie ( PPP ) Crypto Prospectus! OpEd

333 views | 2 Oct. 2019

Opinion Editorial-

Opinion Editorial- Blockchain Chronicles provides a current review on PayPie, PPP, an Erc20 Token affiliated with Intuit, Quickbooks and Turbo Tax

Four Forty Four On The Floor

It would be great if you could make a video on how to buy PPP. I understand coinbase and MEW, but I don't understand ether delta.

Todd Schultz


Marlon G

I wonder if PayPie will provide loans to small businesses in these unprecedented times (COVID-19 pandemic where most non-essential small businesses are closed)?

Todd Schultz

How is that working out for ya


This scam, in no case do not mess with them. Who needs evidence that this scam write show

Panda King

I remember when this token sold out pre ICO. News is sparse. Was just happening to look for an update and found your channel. Great content!

Project completely legit. I use to track this intently when I speculated on a lot of ICOs in 2017. One of my biggest crypto investments at the time. Instead of flipping my tokens I’m still holding. Will pay off in a short enough timeframe.


Another $150...WOW.  Don't over do it there bud.


This is the most legit project (with the least amount of risk) that I know of that have made great progress have a working product and can still be had at approx ICO price.

PS: A better microphone wouldn't hurt.

Paypie price

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PayPie (PPP) Jump Big Time: 0.07 cents to .72 cents ?

93 views | 26 Jan. 2019

Paypie just shot to the

Paypie just shot to the moon on good news working with quick books.


How much will value paypie if it get the approval

Yogurt Instructor

Bro look at the volume. You can pump it to $2 with just 5k

Ant -

It's fake price man and hardly no liquidity. I bought yesterday at super cheap prices. Check the exchanges. CMC is just an error price!!

Yogurt Instructor

24h volume is only $3,926 USD, that's nothing.