Vechain price prediction 2018

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Vechain (VEN)/(VET) Price Prediction for 2018: the Distributed Business Ecosystem

29 030 views | 6 Jan. 2018

Vechain (VEN)/(VET) Price

Vechain (VEN)/(VET) Price Prediction for 2018 the Distributed Business Ecosystem

In this video I am looking at possible scenarios of how the Vechain price will progress in 2018.

Source for the correct marketcap: https://medium.com/@vechainofficial/vechain-financial-executive-report-vol-1-46d307dc6f4

Vechain is a project established in June 2015 and had ICO held in August 2017. It is managed by VeChain Foundation which was established in Singapore.

Vechain is a trust-free and distributed business ecosystem based on the blockchain technology

Vechain focuses on variety of different solutions for different markets including liquor, luxury goods, retail, agriculture and logistics.

It will be using a combination of blockchain, IoT (Internet of Things) devices, unique IDs and NFCs (near field communication)

More information about Vechain:

Vechain website: https://www.vechain.com

ICO website: https://tokensale.vechain.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/vechainofficial

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/10692399/

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Love you but keep in mind that this is not a financial advice!

shailendra bhaskara

Good job, you haven't mentioned about their github not being open yet.. Perhaps to add in bearish slide?

Medisa Kurazawa

love your videos man, you do an excellent job!!!! I watch every single one of them.

Can you do a price prediction for ICON (ICX)?

Mourad Kahloul

What do you think about vet price in 2021 and 2025? Thank you for ur answer

Achala Abdullah

Excellent mate.

Any new opportunities like these around where prices are still sub 1 dollar? Good pickings for your poorer cousins.....thanks mate!

Lukáš Grečo

Hello once again great video! Thank you. What do you think about Pascal Coin(PASC)? They claim to have infinite scaling due to new cryptographic data-structure known as the SafeBox.

Hector Lopez

Great video dude and thanks a lot for your great work!!! This is my #1 holding... indeed a very strong project and one of the most secure in industry right know with a lot of room to growth!! A big huge


You missed one of their most recent partnerships with Healthcare Co LTD (Milly) the biggest memory foam mattress manufacturer in China, they have to many to keep track of I know ? Another great vid though you’re the most insightful crypto YouTuber I’ve watched keep it up man nothing but quality over here at crypto coins!


Thank you for making this video Crypto Coins. Now you really motivated me go and buy some VEN lol. I was reading about it few days ago, but I was not really sure, if it was going to be a nice project and not another scam bs. Now thanks to your video and some further reading I think that VEN is a really solid crypto to invest in ATM. Other than VEN, I'm looking at privacy coins like DeepOnion and Zcash and I'll be more than happy if you can make one video about them as well.
Keep up the good work buddy, can't wait for you next video!



All Glory To Jesus Christ

What blog in VeChain can you read that it is the dubble MC?


Thx much - been following you for a couple of weeks- 5hr time zone diff keeps me behind - got some VEN after your picks review. Just looked at your SalPay (SAL) AMA any idea when SAL will be on exchanges and which ones? Thx again.


love your vids man! keep em coming!

Isi Ahmed

Great review, get better soon.

Next price prediction Enj

Lokesh Gill

I find your research really good and appreciate you sharing your knowledge here. Could please do a price prediction video on Utrust. Thanks!


Thanks for the video and extra information :) I am also largely in Vechain! Great project. Would like to see your thoughts on Wabi and Walton too. Will stay tuned


this month two coins will explode and mooon, EncrypGen (DNA) & SophiaTX (SPHTX), low cap, low supply, new coins, great team, new projects with no competitor.. and the most interesting both already has actual products running.

Kris McCauley

if you could do a video on deepbrain chain that would be great.

Demon Dad

VeChain rebranding has been pushed back to 26th of Feb I believe.

Chris Nuut

Thanks for all the work you do! Do you post your current portfolio anywhere? Would be very interested in seeing what you hodl.


Can you go through your top 5 holdings or top 10 holdings and any icos that you are planning on investing in. Great video as always

Leonard Benn

still holding ???????

HowSerious NW

Great Video!

WurstBrot Keks

An update Review of NAV and ARK would be geat!

Shreyansh Tiwari

Please make a video on FlypMe (FYP) if possible.

French Crypto

Hi , total circulation on coinmarketcap is even higher than 500B : it's 867B

Laurynas Lapinskas

Jabadaba dooo!

Hudak E

Why you didnt take into consideration higher total market cap in 2018 ? we are closing to 1trillion and we are expected to hit 10trillion in 2018. this would move up prices 10x more

Vibhor Sharma

How sad!! I hope you did sell in the next few weeks as I bought today at $0.005


I remember when you did ico review on Ethlend and mentioned a lot of people would be lazy and not sign up to Eidoo in order to participate. That made me put the joint down and sign up to Eidoo. Thank you my brother.

Mike Patel

Very good video, great highlights of key facts. Deeply appreciate. Have you or Can you review XRB, ZCL and XVG?


Hi, Great analyses! Maybe you could give advice on top 5 trading platforms for the Coins/Token you discus on your channel?


hodling since $0.6, the project I believe in the most!


Great video.Some corrections:1. Ref CMC - they will never update the Circ supply as CMC does not count private sales in the Circ supply. This is true of all coins. The community got a response from CMC about this in October.2. Your MCAP amounts are wrong. $100 VET = $27.7bn MCAP.

mark radacz

Well done!
love that $100 prediction... komon'...!!!

Caroline Smith

Dude, please do MOIN. What's all the about it working closely particl? Is gone up significantly recently.

Paul Langdon

VeChain price will rocket in 2018

Savage Viking

I predict $.008 by July 2020.


Interesting vid crypto coins,thanks ?

Out of Asch and Coss do you lean to one performing better than the other ie in terms of one more likely to moon this year??

Chris Jong

thanks! Modum next??


Bought up already at mom. Maybe dont buy right now as 1h & 1d are heavily overbought

mike hunt

nice video as usual man, is there somewhere we can see your portfolio or you dont disclose it? once again thanks !

Jay C

Vechain $100 end of year 2018.

José Machado

I think you need to update the projections after last announcement ahahah

Kilup Boyyy

Can you cover Stellar? :)

bit charlie

NXS? Not new but I can’t find any other crypto that competes in the same space. Pun intended.


Great videos. One of the most informative youtubers in the cryptospace!


$8.28 USD (9.50%) to the moon


Can you do a video on NEBULAS $NAS massively undervalued ? ?

Renea Mensah

Broski, start doing crypto ASMR, got one soothing ass voice.

Vincent Vega

Great video, thanks a lot !

paul potato

still a good buy? sounds high already

Mille F

You have to check Fast Invest ICO! Great team with already operating investment platform! https://goo.gl/NVHYCZ

Crypto Coins

Any requests for the next one?

Mike Chen

how is that a bearish view when it goes up to $15 ? that's not bearish at all.

JJ Raines

Check out another chain -- AChain (ACT) -- quietly has a fork upcoming and price still super low.

ernest simon D

mistake they are not running on ethereum network itself but a fork or etheureum. this is very important


Please do a review on Linda Coin. Not much publicity yet but starting to run. Thanks


Excellent. Please have a look at smartMesh. Looks promising.

o J.J.

Already in vechain but hearing I are in big too makes me wanna put more in. Vid on deepbrain chain next please!!

Jurgen Banks

Great video, I got a stack of VEN too. Any thoughts about Deep Brain Chain? :)

jnspy ekseeeittt

well guess this prediction was wrong..


How many coins does one have to own for VEN MasterNode (eg for DASH MasterNode it is 1000 DASH coins)?

Tadas Navasaitis

Hi, could you please review IOT chain? volume looks crazy for such Mcap, could be potential huge it would be interesting to hear your opinion on it.

Unleash The Wolf

In your opinion, is it a good idea to hold these Alts during the Bitcoin run? A few Youtubers have quoted Bitcoin reaching $25000 in the next couple of days.

George's Channel

Are the companies on this network REQUIRED to purchase VEN or soon to be VET for settlement of their bills?

Or can the corporations use Thor to pay their bills?

I am a bit thrown off by the use of THOR. I do not want to invest in VET if corporations use Thor to settle their debts each month.

Can someone help me understand before I invest. Thanks!

Phu Huynh

Love your videos! Very insightful and it's great to know that you have positive opinions about VEN, ICX, and REQ which are most of my portfolio :D

The Cryptonomatron

Good review! They have a partnership coming with DNV-GL in January around the same time as the rebranding.

Vechain price prediction 2018

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2 107 views | 1 Jan. 2021




video has two section;

1. Vechain Price Prediction or forecast analysis

2. Common questions answers

VECHAIN PRICE PREDICTION TECHNICALLY ANALYSIS: In this video, I'll give vechain price prediction. I'll make vechain news for you and your investment . It is best time to invest in Vechain. . Cryptocurrency is trending currency now. I will make video daily for you about bitcoin analysis. I'll used technical analysis for vechain price prediction. I'll give most relevant information for bitcoin trading , bitcoin investing, bitcoin prediction, BTC prediction and BTC news . Vechain analysis today now in this video. It the era of cryptocurrencies. Best cryptocurrency explained method is graphical which i used in this video. Cryptocurrency trading is best platform to become rich and richer. Mostly I made video on cryptocurrency for beginners. Cryptocurrency trading for beginners are not so easy so I will make it easy for you. Cryptocurrency investing has been become popular today. Si I'll teach you how can you invest in cryptocurrency on my youtube channel. It is the era of cryptocurrency 2021.

Following topic are covers in this video:

chainlink crypto, chainlink price prediction 2021 -2025

Following Questions Answers discussed in this video:

1. Is VeChain a good investment 2021?

2. What will VeChain be worth in 2025?

3. Is it profitable to invest in VeChain?

4. Will VeChain price grow?

5. Will VeChainovertake Bitcoin?

6. Will VeChain price fall / drop?

Buy Bitcoin by this link & get $10 free



This video is made on basis of market analysis. Cryptocurrency is best investing platform but it may be risky. So I am not your consultant but you can invest on your own responsibility. NOT FINANCIAL, LEGAL, OR TAX ADVICE! JUST OUR OPINION! Thanks

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Shueb Ali

Lmao I can't take this guy seriously ??? his to funny

Hawken Samurai

youre insane , pure insaniity

mixalis dinerakis

#vet is the #feature of cryptos! #vechain has the best project collaborators ???

Allan Katy

VECHAIN vai nos deixar milionários!!! VECHAIN ????

Coin Pandemic

Insane not really what if all coins are purchased all 86 billion. No one sells price could soar $2 in 2 weeks especially if a Vechain partner decides to buy all outstanding coins it will move fast not financial advice just a financial wish

Dom perignon


Matej Kocvara

Why nobady predict 80 dolar vechain......i don't know why people who have 300 view video must that absolut scifi and it is shit


Mark my words. It will hit 3 cents by end of 2021

Chronic Yeh

desperate idiot willing to spread insane prediction to cash in on the innocence of ppl who can't figure out for themselves how it takes no brains to understand a true hero or zero bet.... this one is selling 2 cent ticker tickets ( vet ) for a future value of 80 bux... perty good odds for someone willing to lose the initial buy in...... lmfao... to think that some of those innocents will tip this guy in one of various ways.... wtf is becoming of this world


Is it too late to buy? I would Iike to buy 10.000, what is your expectation?

mystic channel

80 $ ??????????????????????????

Lodewijk Guldenaar

Keep on dreaming. Realistic 0,50 or 1 dollar

skyman xx

Are u drunk......

almir kucukovic

00:34 Yea I learnt to get cash via Dailywebearn.c om

$11700 in a month is okay and I’m contented with that

ඕනෑම කෙනෙකුට බොහෝ සම්පත් ලබා ගත හැකිය


1 $ by EOY 2021

Joe Eoj

The cannabis breeding, farming, distribution and medicinal industries need something like this. When someone says this strain is X and is from Y, Vechain scans would verify any and all claims.

Jacob Hancock

You are shilling not happening. Do you know the marketcap???? I hope it comes true but it wont

Radim pařízek

80 dol its big big joke.no buy vet total shit coin,very dangers,2021=0.1dol

graham connolly

5 trillion market cap. ?

Andy B

Forget it! 0.50 USD would be nice

SylviaJane Stanley

I hold vechain I’d be happy with 10 cents

Radim pařízek

Icx best coin in 2021=30 -100dol.buy now!!!!!

Vechain price prediction 2018

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Why VeChain has INSANE Potential!! VET ?

151 750 views | 9 Jul. 2020

? TOP Crypto TIPS In My

? TOP Crypto TIPS In My Newsletter ? https://guy.coinbureau.com/signup/

? Get The Top Deals In Crypto ? https://guy.coinbureau.com/deals/

? Coin Bureau Insider Channel ? https://t.me/cbinsider

? Follow Our Twitter ? https://twitter.com/coinbureau

? Previous VeChain Video ? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XVvXh4TgQ9I



0:00 Intro

2:04 What is VeChain?

5:38 Why It is Needed

9:38 The VET Token

12:33 VTHO & Blockchain Use

15:15 Recent Collaborations

18:40 Conclusion


? Sources ?

► Website 1: https://www.vechain.org/

► Website 2: https://www.vechain.com/

► Coin Telegraph Paper: https://cointelegraph.com/consulting/vechain/when-blockchain-meets-iot-ensuring-food-safety-in-the-2020s

► Vechain Staking Exodus: https://www.exodus.io/blog/vechain-staking/

► MyCare Announcement: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/vechain-powers-dnv-gls-my-care-a-hospital-grade-infection-risk-management-solution-301084551.html

► Viking Line MyCare: https://www.vikingline.com/press-room-old/C8E305E97053E142

► Partnerships: https://vechaininsider.com/partnerships/a-complete-list-of-vechain-partnerships/


? What is Vechain ?

It is a "Blockchain as a service" company that has supply chain management solutions for enterprise clients. It brings IoT infrastructure and blockchain technology together to help companies better understand the entire goods supply chain.

Goods will have electronic tags such as QR codes that will enable them to be tracked throughout the entire supply chain process. However, this tracking will be placed on the blockchain. This is a dual token ecosystem that has the native VET token as well as the VeThor Token.

The VET token is the primary store of value on the VeChain blockchain. It is a programmable Token that acts as a carrier of value and used for transfers between different business activities on the platform.

The VTHO tokens are lower level tokens that are used in order to pay for transactions and execute smart contracts. Basically, if you want to write any data to the Vechain blockchain you have to pay with VTHO. These VTHO are also earned by staking those VET.

Vechain has also developed an enterprise ready SDK platform called "toolchain". This will allow those enterprises to easily build on top of the Vechain blockchain and track their goods as it passes through their supply chains.

? Need For Vechain ?

There is a lack of trust in supply chains. People cannot fully verify that the goods have come from the stated source and they have no way of knowing. This is particularly relevant in the food sector.

At Vechain, this adds trust to the supply chain process. When a good is produced on the farm it is allocated a QR code or RFID chip. Then, throughout each stage of that supply chain they can scan the code to make sure that the goods have been through the correct lines and kept in the right conditions.

Eventually, when used at scale, there will come a situation in which

? VET Tokenomics ?

VET powers the entire ecosystem. These tokens are also used in order to generate that VTHO.

Something else that is crucial to understand about the VET token is that it has a capped supply. There are a little under 87 billion VET available and that number will not be increased. This of course places a natural supply limit on the token.

There are a number of different nodes that operate on the Vechain network. Authority nodes require a minimum of 25 million VET. There is currently 4.5 billion locked in Economic nodes and 11.2 billion locked in the X nodes. So, combined with the Authority nodes that implies that about 21% of all VET is off the market.

? VTHO Tokenomics ?

In order to run these dApps and to send transactions, these users need VTHO. This VTHO is the "gas" in the VeThor blockchain. 70% of all VTHO that is used to power the network is consequently burned whereas the remaining 30% is paid to the authority nodes.

The more demand there is on the network the more need there will be for the VTHO tokens. This means that the price of VTHO is likely to increase. As this increases there will be more demand to mint these tokens throuh staking the VET. This will then lead to more demand for VET.

You have a situation where demand and utility use of the Vechain blockchain will eventually improve feed into the value of VTHO and hence the VET tokens.


? Disclaimer ?

The information contained herein is for informational purposes only. Nothing herein shall be construed to be financial legal or tax advice. The content of this video is solely the opinions of the speaker who is not a licensed financial advisor or registered investment advisor. Trading Forex, cryptocurrencies and CFDs poses considerable risk of loss. The speaker does not guarantee any particular outcome.

#Vechain #VET #crypto #blockchain #Review #VTHO #supplychain #binance

David Tiotic Renkl

Awesome technology, but it kind of sounds like it will be a game changer in terms of massive surveillance, doesn't it?

WB Thisisprivatethanks

so far ive only seen this drop lower and lower so im not putting my money on this do research on Zilliqa best bet to become rich in upcoming years and if you want to lose your money invest in ripple merry christmas to all

Temuulen Jargalbayar

sounds like VET could be easily replaceable


It’s Chinese, it will be a trillion dollar company.
We really need patience for this Coin.

Mary Ann Love

Will you do another video about vet?


2031 vet = $12000


Damn, you called this one Guy well done. I'm all in man.


Which one is a better investment? VET? ADA? XLM? BNB? Tezos?

WISE Crypto Investing

Was that sneaky avax shill at the end there Guy? ??Hehe

joanne plumber

I still have an amount of VEN in a My Ether Wallet since 2018.it changed to VET and now I can not get it out. anybody has a clue if this is still possible? Thank you

Steve Crypto


Greg Cawthorne

What if they switch the tags?


Got my bag ready for that moon shot

Beauty On Earth

VET to 100$$$$$$

Safri Oosterloo

Any indication of a price target long term?

Broccoli Farts


Joshua McCaskill



Vet $2 2021


Great Vid... Thanks for the info... im a new investor in VET

Ronnie B

You are promoting all top crypto having great potential ...I guess the one which gets maximum industry support will be the only one which will be great to invest ...Bitcoin and ethereum are the only one with maximum support from the industry


About the tagging, could one just replace the rags of a product?

Bret Sherman

What would stop someone from duplicating the barcode? Just another step in the fraud already happening with mislabeling

Pierre Mifsud

VET is one massive project as they are already serving a major safety utility on most man-made products

Rock Cloud

vechain is my fave. boom is coming - lets get it!

Chuck Zitting

VeChain needs to team up with Helium HNT

Swamp Crotch McGee

It seems like Vechain likes to hack YouTube channels and delete years of hard work just to make boring livestreams. They can't make their own channel to pedal this BS.
A L L E G E D L Y.
No, thanks.

Dushyant Kumar

I over diversified my investment. I am always getting good gain. Love your videos.
Lot to learn though. Power to people.

Jon Dow

How about fake tags???

Kevin Melendez

I have a strange question and please forgive me for not knowing. As I was looking on the page on the exchange page where you buy ADA I notice let’s say ETH/USD, I noticed ETH/BTC.
Then I saw all coins were shown this way. What’s the different in the /USD vs the /BTC? I assume it means US Dollar vs Bitcoin but why and what’s the purpose? If I already purchased the /USD for whatever, can it be switched out to the /BTC or do I need to sell the /USD and buy the /BTC? Any help would be appreciated on this. Thank you in advance.

Linda Minda

One of the most unique, problem solving companies. VET is one of the best long term investments of the 20s. ???

Elliot Mollman

This is the most interesting one I've seen so far. I've recently started getting into altcoins. I don't have any altcoins accept for Pi. Pi crypto is a free app where you can mine Pi on your phone btw. It's still in beta with around 8 million users but you can still join for free with the code (Taylor107) for access.

CCBC Holdings

The VeChain service would be awesome for the supplement industry in verifying origin, ingredients, purity, potency, etc.


No transactions tho

Martin Dodge

What price do u think vet will go tp


We need this for the PlayStation 5. ?


im strong veliever. Vet to da mooon


Vechain could help journalists and researchers.

shivaya kapila

Could it get to 20 dollars by 2023? If they snowball?

line ways

"Things take time" haven't we heard that before ... another 3 years down shitcoin this should've mooned long ago like bnb they didn't do enough, didn't do their best. Until its double decimal I will always consider it as a shitcoin regardless the technology...

Coin Bureau

Glad you guys are liking the video! Vechain really is a project that is trying to tackle that question of enterprise adoption. They have the right strategy to do it with their toolchain SDK and platforms built on top of VechainThor. You need to take their hand and show them the way to a decentralised and trustless future supply chain ?. Don't forget to join my newsletter if you want more coin reviews / insight in my weekly mailers - https://guy.coinbureau.com/signup/

madebypm pm

Why he have not got some VET for himself in his portfolio if he is so positiv about this project?


I gotta be honest... this shit is confusing...

Paul Smith

VET is there an updated review of this project planned.

Gianluca Casati

There are around 60 billion euros every year that Italy loses for counterfeit food labeled as italian.
This is a hige scam and most of all, original italian products, for example chese like parmigiano regiano, gorgonzola, mozzarella di bufala are delicious while the fake one has an horrible taste, I do not know how people can buy them and even eat them.

Y User

The duel token is a problem especially considering one has infinite supply.

Frances Krahe

Vechain needs a new review as it's not doing alot atm.


Guy, can you please do a review of Siacoin (SC). You’re the man! Or should I say The Guy :-)

Gustavo Medrano

I don't get it im new, do i het VeThor just by having vet in my wallet? Or do i jave to do something?


Excellent, easy to follow. VET VeChain is obviously an incredible project, will be huge.

Dinesh Mistry

Thank You Very Much for a thoroughly educational presentyation about VE Chain and its capability ???

Tommy Lai

Will be buying at least 5 million over the next couple years , let’s all hodl til $10 ??????

pan ian

Great analysis


I've been holding since before Thor was implemented. I have zero clue what's going on lol

Rule Britannia

Go VET from Oz

Nasir Khan

It was launched back in 2017. It has been more than 3 years that both VeChain and VThor has been around. I am surprised how come this is still less in value than some joke coin. Anyways, bought both Vechain and VTHor token. I feel like it is time that people are going to see a big spike in the price, especially the kind of problems it will solve. Imagine Alibaba announces that they are going to use Vechain technology for their future shipments. Just Imagine the price then.

Kofi O

I've been binging on coinbureau @ 1.5 speed cause his vids are so damn long (but VERY informative). I turned the speed down to normal just for a few mins and it did not sound right. :D

Alex Green

Love your work keep it up. Hope you are crypto rich for all the hard work you put in your videos

Mat Periuk

What if someone makes a copy of the QR code and sticks it on a fake item?

Ginger Cat

I see a use case here!

Quotable Quality

how big of a threat is Scatrust to vechain?

Maciej Janiszewski

Nice video, thanks!

Saudade e Tristeza

VeJain legit

vishnu kodoth

Very informative

317 Consulting

Any price predictions?

Mick Investment

How can i buy VET in the USA


I work at amazon and vet sure has been booming


You have turned into my favorite crypto teacher all good info straight to the point your time stamps are the best great channel ?


Great presentation , Thank You.

Trading Nichols

You're one of my "guys" who get an automatic upvote when I decide to watch one of your vids. :D

ZackOPS Game

Why did vechain foundation hackin btr ryzen account why fck

Not Todd

vEchain love it I DO


Very easy to understand even for a beginner like me! thank you very much :)

Logistical Solutions

Great video and fantastic production quality. I read up on the mentioned partnerships, as well as a new listing on other mainstream exchanges. Interesting in seeing where VET goes. Happy New Year.


Am I the only one peeping his upper lip? Weird? Ok Sorry!


Can't Hedera do the same thing even faster?

Paul Whiting

Wow great video on vechain. I learned a lot thanks


I am buying 7500 vechain for 150 wish me luck lol


do you wanna do a new update on vet?please:)))

Anthony Bufort

Appreciated this deep dive, thanks.

Magical World

Can i get VTHO if i put VET in exchange like Binance ?


vechain might make me rich before xrp

Ahmad Nashid

1$ soon

Irish E

People need to talk about this coin more

Oktay Babayev

Adoption will be very slow, for multiple reasons. 1) it will add cost to suppliers/manufacturers 2) supply chain will push back as it will reveal their unethical claims, 3) after finding out where, what and how was produced this will change the whole perspective of goods that we consume and not necessarily change our consumer habits. As good stuff will be expensive and cheap stuff that we thought is ok will now be revealed to be mislabeled. Will you pay $7 for eggs when you used to buy other eggs for $3? And please be aware its not only eggs, but most of your grocery list. So your grocery bill will double to upgrade quality or you will know the inconvenient truth of what you consume. It makes sense more for companies that battle counterfeits LV, Gucci, Rolex and etc. but then question is can't this QR codes also be counterfeited, isn't it just an image that can be copied?


I discovered this world of blockchain with #xrp but maaaan #Vet is amazing :) #Xrp for currency, #Vet for sup chain and #Arweave for data management et storage! Bitcoin is gonna die! No fucking utility ....

Ian Sarenski

make a video on bidao ?

Allan Katy


Sebastian S

Are you holding ?

Moonstriker Crypto

VeChain will definitely do well.

Elias Hernandez

So is safe to say this would be the carfax of all things.

Rick Rose

Vechain tokenmics control the variability of the VET token price in order to keep VTHO prices low for its enterprise users. So, if the amount of users increase and the amount of VTHO being burned everyday increases then the supply of VET and VTHO decreases and this becomes more valuable and speculators see their portfolio value increase. However, Vechain does not want the price of VTHO to increase, because it wants to maintain very low cost for its enterprise users, as they've stated this. So when the utility of VTHO usage increases, Vechain will change the ratio of the generation rate. Currently each VET will create 0.00000005 VTHO with every block that is created (a new block gets added to the chain 10 seconds). This translates to a generation rate of 0.000432 VTHO generated per VET per day. A user that owns 10K VET in his wallet will earn 4.32 VeThor each day. So in order to keep VTHO prices low, the Vechain Foundation will simply change the generation rate. For example, instead of 10k VET generating 4.32 VTHO everyday, 10k Vechain will now generate 8.64 VTHO daily, or 17.28, or 34.56 everyday (it doesn't have to double exponentially, it's completely at the discretion of the foundation). The point is this, even though the utility usage of VTHO is putting upwards price pressure on VET because VTHO use increases, which lowers supply, which increases demand and thus value (price), at that point the foundation increases the supply of VTHO to bring prices back down to a reasonable value in order to satisfy enterprise expectations, which in turn also keeps the price of VET reasonably stable as well. Think about it, enterprise users will never use the network if the price of VET and VTHO cannot remain relatively stable and inexpensive. It is estimated that supply chain enterprises suffer about 20% in profit margins due to loss from inefficient tracking. Blockchain (VECHAIN) can help enterprises recapture a large portion of this and increase profits, but it's going to cost them money to use the Vechain platform, and now they also have to buy RFID tags, adjust their machines, trucks and labor force to implement this new system of tracking, which all costs a lot of money, so the promise of blockchain (VECHAIN) better be worth it. And for most enterprises it is, if it costs 6% to implement, but then they recapture 15% of the inefficiencies, essentially they have recaptured 9% total, which in turn can equate to hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions annually. So it is worth it to them, as long as the network remains inexpensive to use. So while supply and demand principles are at play a bit, the network will immediately correct itself and adjust the generation rate as VTHO use increase due to spikes or long term gradual increase. Vechain is a great project with a great team and looks to be highly successful in the future, but purchasing the VET utility token with speculative intentions does not have the best probability of paying the 100x returns investors expect in the near or long term. Yes it's just like the utility of oil, however, if the supply of oil reduces, we can't just make more oil out of thin air to keep prices low, but Vechain can.

Jerrel Ajoeb

The Tokenomics". Genius!

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Yea this is the future! ?? ?

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anyone who tells me to "like" their video.. I thumb it down. (good video though)

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I work in a meatworks, 100% no one in Management or Quality Control is going to want QR codes and scanners on every carcass and cut of meat, they won't want anyone to see just how dodgy they are, like letting meat sit on tables for hours, carcasses with cysts and parasites, and other contaminations or age of meat etc. No way they'd be able to make a profit if every piece of meat was accounted for and had to be priced accordingly.


Absolutely amazing project, the real-life application is great, and it actually solves issues for people who have nothing to do with crypto or finance. Somebody, please tell Jeff Bezos about VET, so Amazon becomes an early adopter. My wallet would certainly approve of that :P
By the way great content Guy! Only recently found your channel and am baffled that this channel isn't bigger!

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Great video

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I like Vechain ....but you need to test the wine not the bottle.

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Heey guy, super clear and great video to get a grasp on vechain, thanks a lot :)

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It's completely insane how many of these now cheap cryptocurrencies there are which will probably make hodlers rich