What does salvation army accept

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What is The Salvation Army?

1 934 views | 11 Jul. 2017


#whatisthesalvationarmy? #thesalvationarmy #salvationarmymission

What is The Salvation Army?

Salvation Army Founders Day - Love is the Life of the Army | Salvation Army Mission | William Booth

The Salvation Army Australia A Way Forward. My wife Diane Hobbs and I have been engaged in disciple making over the past 7.5 years. In that time we have seen transform many lives and from that a movement through their social networks which has seen the formation of vibrant brand new faith communities. These communities which have the presence of Jesus amongst them, who are on mission together is the nucleus and formation of brand new, culturally relevant church families/Salvation Army corps. This video gives a brief introduction to the idea of missional community and a tangible and actual way forward for this Army into the 21st century.

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What does salvation army accept

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The Skeletons in the Salvation Army's Closet (Reupload)

202 491 views | 12 Dec. 2020


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You made it all the way to the bottom of my description box so, hello there.

Scrappydo warriors Merrill

I did this for boy scouts for a week for a badge or something


(0:10) "funky audio issues", meaning, "the editor didn't care to balance out the audio between the voice over and the clips featured", which is the most important thing with the audio. Make sure everything has the same audio level.

Alan Shoebridge

When I was a young hippy kid hitchhiking around the country. There was a salvation army in almost every town with a population over a hundred thousand .They would let anyone that dropped on their door stay for three days. There was never any judgment. They also have drug treatments and prison release centers all over the world. They don't demean people, they also don't celebrate their decadence.

Kay Jones

The only Christians that are good are the ones that don’t use their bible to try to affirm their bias. Personally I’m agnostic, but if most Christians were like my friend, maybe I’d be Christian. I once asked her about her beliefs, and she shrugged and said “God is a personal relationship.” And when I asked about the homophobic scriptures she said “those are actually translated wrong. Originally it was about grown men having sex with young boys, which was common in those times as some form of initiation” and you know what, that makes way more sense.


I think the Salvation Army was the same one here in Australia who took donations for the Bush fires and promised to give it all to those effected by the bush fires, they only gave 10% of the donations to those effected and kept the rest for and i quote "Future disasters" which is pretty much code for were going to keep the rest.



Barret Norcross

ONE thing I can say "Good" ABOUT the salvation army, is way back in 1997 my motorcycle got towed and they paid the $180 to get it out again.. and I absolutely did not have the money.., so they really helped me out and I appreciate it..

Ace Space

One time four years ago, I was at a Salvation Army Trish store because my dad needed to get shoes for his work. At that time, I didn't know I was asexual. I swear those ladies were staring at me. I didn't know why at the time, but I guess they had their gaydar on high that day.

Gaming Forever

As a former church member of the Salvation Army I can confirm they do use military titles like captain as well as other titles for more senior officers on the whole the church isn’t just against gays but also Muslim,Jews and especially eastern religions glad I got out Fuck the Salvation Army.

Justin Why.

Every one of these type of people always says "But homosexuality is a siiiinnn so they shouldn't do it", but the fact that no one seems to be talking about is, assuming that's correct, one of Jesus' biggest traits was loving people whether they are sinners or not. Even if it is a sin, hate it not the person. If it is a sin or not it seems worse of a sin to me to discriminate by people's personal choices. If it is a sin, that's between them and God, I personally don't see where you fit into the equation...

Just Some Guy With Big eyebrows

I took it back on the Salvation Army Ad saying that it was good. Its kinda good.

Elamise Velist

1964 civil rights act did not say on sexual orientation because it was in 1964 where they not know it was a thing but need to be clarified.

Dean Thomson

They don't help the poor per say. They help people with alcoholism and drug abuse. Been there at least 6 times. It took me that long to become sober, thanks to them.

Starr magic

When I was homeless with no where to go I went to salvation army thinking I was gonna be charged 5$ or nothing to sleep there. Luckily I had money because they charge you 20 dollars a day for a bed. Smh I got my shit together so fast

Martin G

Everyone's allowed their own thoughts and views, just because you don't agree with them not agreeing with you doesn't make either of you right, just makes both of you whining douche canoes

Sarah Telles

The moment I heard Evangelical, I know the problem, Evangelicals are a doomsday cult not a religion, the believe in a three step method to triggering an apocalypse that they think will only kill the people who aren't in their cult, something similar to the Jehovah's witnesses but without three steps. Step one, Israel continues to illegally expand,step two it pisses off a re awakened Jesus step three Jesus kills everyone that the Evangelicals hate. There's a reason why last year Pat Robertson claimed that electing Trump would trigger the apocalypse, he was trying to give Trump the votes of the cults that want an apocalypse


Religious sect ? It sucks. Patently.

maria karvouni

Hey didn’t know this about salvos. Really good work Illuminati - time to subscribe. Just the fact that they model on army setup was enough to make them repugnant to me. Ps don’t want my taxes to go to charitable social care for them to discriminate AND proselytise!!!!!!


The Salvation Army kind of reminds of GLAAD, Komen, the SPLC, or The Wounded Warrior Project: organizations that started off with good intentions, but lost their way overtime and today seem to be only interested in making money under the guise of charity.


I used to work at a homeless shelter for volunteer hours in HS and experience.
It was funded by the Salvation Army and my parents (LGBTQ supportive) didn't know of this beforehand. They thought it was an oh-so-merry charity that helped everyone in need, and so did I; a friend of my parents had referred them to this shelter. It was fun as I was able to help prepare and serve food for the hungry.
Coming back a year later to see all of their cruel homophobic acts really upsets me. I thought I was supporting an organization that helped for the greater good of society, but unfortunately the leaders were corrupted into being such soulless and uncaring money mouths. Even as a former Christian I would have never thought of doing this. Ever.

Savage Unicorn

Welcome to bible study, we're all children of JESUS
my favorite vine of all time ??


And to think I slipped $5 in the pot this year. NO MORE!!!!

Josh Fahrney

I did not give that Hate Group a Dime in hopes for them to go Bankrupt for the hate. ??

Reinwald Marone Valeza

Seriously? Im having another flashback

Darko Vignjevic

This is only my opinion and many will not agree but I gave religion and its institutions the benefit of the doubt many times but after all of the power hungry, corrupted, hands down criminally sick scandals after scandals and other things I found the famous line "(insert religion here) is a religion of peace...." is just insulting everyone's intelligence. Praying on people and children who are in need of actual help by converting them, describing homosexuals and other groups as "ABOMINATIONS in the eyes of God", blackmailing anyone for investigating them, paying off scandals to keep them hush hush , their complete disregard and disdain for anything that isn't their denomination be it other religions, the government in total, denial of science, desire to rule over everyone and their conviction that its perfectly normal for them to forcefully impose their views on others and so much more.

I feel bad for all the decent and good practitioners out there because their faith which they hold dear is and will sadly continue to be used as a means of dominating people trough fear and tyranny. I swear I would not be surprised to hear one day that a crusade has been launched.


THANK YOU now i have something to share when people don't believe me


12:00. Ironic that you use him for this video. Since he is a litteral [email protected]!.

Jonquil Jones

Assigning males to female rooms is abusive to the females who must share those rooms. We do not exist in order to validate male identities. One day, perhaps you can overcome the enormous social pressure to buy into this harmful, homophobic cult and speak up. It's disappointing, as you seem to be a sensible, intelligent person otherwise.

Just Me

How is it they want nothing to do with helping gay ppl but then it’s ok for them to sexually abuse little boys.... that’s messed up on so many levels

Jessica Terzi

when you shop there-

spccky_ vibes

The salvation army refused to help my father, ( an veteran with severe PTSD, who is unable to work) pay one bill. Witch they previously said they would do. Why you may ask? They found out I ( his 14 year old child) was non-binary. They backed out and we had to take out a loan. Dad even worked for them when he was homeless...totally peices of shite

Maria Blente

As a Christian myself, I was always baffled about the way some of my fellow believers justify their bigotry by hiding behind God.

"Well, of course I don't mind, but this big book says it's wrong, and I don't want to make God angry, so...".

Or, my dad, who I obviously love with all my heart, saying stuff like "I would just pray for him/her and hope they will see the light". As if it's something that needs curing.

It infuriates me so much. The Bible has scriptures that allegedly states that same-sex intercourse is a bad thing, sure. But the Bible also talks a lot about free will, and making your own opinion. Jesus was all about rocking the boat.

So, I take the "love thy neighbour", and I take kindness, turn the other cheek, never go to bed angry, and forgiveness. But I'll just not agree with God about LGBTQ+ people. If God doesn't like that, he can call me and tell me that. I'll take it up with him, and I'll tell him he can have his opinion, and I'll stick with mine.

Love is love. Period.

Alex Marrone

Hey Blair, love your work. Just one quick correction, it's gender dysphoria, not gender dysmorphia. The DSM was updated because gender dysphoria isn't a mental illness, it's a symptom of our experiences and can be cured (more or less) with proper transgender medical care and social acceptance. ?️‍⚧️?️‍?



Troy Carr

If you've read my comments elsewhere, you know where I stand on these matters. Therefore, I'ma say this just once:

If you don't want other people telling you how to live your life, don't play the hypocrite and tell them how they ought to live their lives. You can live however you choose - that's not just an American right, but a human right, bestowed by our Creator. But your freedom ends where another's begins. No one is obliged to agree with you.

Does this justify open discrimination? No. If you come to a church for help, they should help you, no questions asked. But to ask anyone to knowingly compromise their values for the sake of those held by another person or group of people, THAT I take umbrage with.

I'm not trying to justify anyone's past misdeeds, either. If abuse happened, the abusers deserve the maximum penalty under the law; if it happened on an organization's watch, that organization should make restitution. (On a side note, yes, it is rather hypocritical that any organization with such a hard stance against homosexuality should also be sweeping allegations of grown men abusing young boys under the rug, rather than exposing such individuals and summarily drumming them out.) That being done, and steps being taken by said organization to ensure such acts are never repeated, let trust be restored, even as accountability is maintained.

People should be free to live according to their own convictions, whatever those convictions entail. That said, if we are not free to disagree, then we are not truly free.

mystic Hopes

I don't got like a suuuper sad story just smth that made me mad and made me think they were greedy and horrible. When I was like 7 me and my mom went to the thrift shop and they had this big box of LPS and on the box it said 5 for 30 cents and so I went and picked out my favorite ones and we finished shopping and they flipped the box up and told us that they were $1.50 each they just changed it tho (idk I personally think they should have honored the original price) i didn't end up getting any of them but it just made me think they were greedy. Another time my mom was working there and she sprained her ankle on her work hours they told her she had to continue the day or she would be written up and then when mom went to the hospital and came back to ask for time a different schedule or some sort of accommodations they made her work twice as hard and it ended up messing up her ankle pretty bad (she couldn't quite either we were very poor back then)

Meghan L

For anyone wondering the frame that flashes at 29:55 says "illuminaughtii says TRANS RIGHTS"
As a trans woman, I greatly appreciate the support. <3 But obviously the Salvation Army's behaviour is disgusting. There's unfortunately a SA base literally right across the street from my local LGBTQIA+ centre. :/

Hale' Kelsey

The “how do you know what’s good for me?” “That’s my OPINIOOON!” Meme hit me out of nowhere idk why it’s so fucking funny

Kay Rod

I always have a hard time deciding where to take my donations. This or goodwill.

Ian Stuckey

As soon as I saw the thumbnail for this I REALLY felt regret for putting the extra dollar I had last month into one of their buckets. Now I just feel sick and this is one more charity I can not trust.


What confuses me is all the hate for gay folks from them. I bet they provide the charitable services for Atheists and Muslims, but not a gay Christian. Just be nice to everyone, ffs. If you genuinely think that gay folks are gonna be judged by God, then let God do that, but YOU, as a human on earth, just do your damn jobs, and respect everyone.

Mister Ecks

"Buckets of Blood"

SCP - 1471

Oh? More Evangelicals who do the polar opposite of what their beloved Jesus preached? I am shocked.... (눈_눈)

Kyleia Rhodes

The doctrine of the Salvation Army is homophobic but some of the officers are not homophobic and they get punished. It’s really messed up and sad, I left.

Dragonstar Animates

though this is made 2 months ago, I wont be supporting salvation army any more until they start accepting that people can be more than just BOY AND GIRL. thank you for bringing this to light.


This is awesome but you missed another huge problem, they are a religious cult, not the volunteer bell ringers, not the employees of their thrift stores but the "officers" in the church. I have heard horror stories going back generations from former officers. That part of the Salvation army is sketchy as hell.

Justin Covert

I contracted with the British accounting firm that does their auditing and the stories they told me were horrifying. They would always get major pushback and they said all the employees were all super creeps

Chuck Brewer

This was my pop's go-to charity to support and after he passed, I carried on donating to them for him with a large donation each Christmas. UNTIL I learned their attitudes toward LGBT. Had to nope out after that. Now, I support a number of local charities with a monthly amount.


Pro-Less-ti-ti-zing???? Girl, dyslexic or not, you really gotta learn how to pronounce words you've never heard before. It'll make you narration sound that much more meaningful.

Rose Valintime


Chakat Silvertail

what the hell youtube removing my subscription

Sarah Telles

Isn't Christianity a middle eastern religion, I don't see crap mentioned about white people in the bible or mentions of white countries and towns

Sonic The Hedgehog

10:16 S H R E K A N D D O N K E Y

Farkus Fairbanks

There's some terrible stuff going on in the sa in Norwood Ohio


They would really hate the owl house

Ethan Venter

Went to a salvation army store in New Zealand a few months back when I started questioning my gender. It was to look for a skirt for my girlfriend at the time actually since she was out of town. The dirty look and judgmental attitude that the clerk had, really put me off going back. A little after I told my mum that, she told me about the Salvation Army's anti-LGBTQ sentiments and it all made sense to me. I'm probably never going back, regardless of all the help they gave my family when I was younger.

Scrappydo warriors Merrill

I’m surprised there’s no rule 34 porn of you? it seems almost everyone else with woman animated characters do your lucky

Spectre goose

Imagine being so homophobic other homophobes stop liking you


Scripture is very clear about immorality, sexual and otherwise. Kudos to SA for standing fast on their principles.

Cpt. Meatbag Meatballs

I'm not religious, but the thing I don't like about a lot of churches and other religious organizations are that they pick and choose which ideals to follow from the bible and ignore the values they don't want to go by. Ex.) There was this private school in Korea I used to go to and all the rich kids there hated me for a lot of reasons. These reasons include: Me being half Japanese, me not being religious, and me going to school without my family's money (the government payed for me, I lived in a US Army base and that private school was the only school nearby where people spoke english). They would tell me (including the teachers) that I will burn in hell if I don't believe in Christ. 99.999% of every class was just the teacher either speaking to you in a really creepy and obsessed manner about how Christ will save you from all your problems, as long as you pray... or they'll berate you with insulting comments about how I'm a "heretic" and that I deserve to burn in hell for the rest of eternity... um... yeah. What happened to the whole "god will forgive you" thing? My only friends there were the kids from my Army base. Everyone else would insult me just like the teachers did, steal from me, and physically beat me in the play ground, telling me to "start praying, sinner." Excuse me, I'm the sinner?! I'm not diagnosed, but I'm pretty sure I have PTSD from my experience there; It's been 2.5 years since I left Korea, but I still get nightmares every now and then about that place. I used to be more extroverted, but after that, I kinda came back as a more quiet and awkward person. I have trouble speaking to people without thinking really hard/getting nervous, and writing my thoughts down (just like this) is the only way for me to express myself efficiently. Phew... that was a lot of typing. I really needed to get that off my back. If you read this whole comment, thanks a lot!

Farkus Fairbanks

This organization is as bogus as you can get. You give them your crap, some idiots buy it. They treat employees like dogs, the rehabs are just about getting cheap labor,not about a person improving. Shut this place down. They want the disaster relief to get the focus

W Clark

Another example of thinking the USA and its fucked up way of doing things represents the whole world. The Salvation Army in Canada has repeatedly come out against discrimination and actively supports marginalized people, including LGBT+, the homeless, and prisoners and ex-convicts. They were, said my dad, the only people who were there, willing to help when he got out of prison. No doubt they were crucial to him living another 60+ years as working, taxpaying citizen. So, yeah, fuck y'all. I'll give them my money.

Mark Morales

I'm totally going to start donating to the SA now. I'm not against human rights, but I'm hella for standing up for what you believe and not bending over backwards for the minority.

Farkus Fairbanks

All religuos based charities are a waste of money, your paying them to push their agenda. There are plenty non religious charities t

Justin Last 2: Last Harder

I ran the Kitchen briefly at the Salvation Army Rehab Center in Indianapolis. I quit after a few weeks because of the fact that pretty much every single item ever used was within days of expiring. If the food isn't donated, they buy the stuff that grocery stores will not buy from the suppliers.

They also use Military Ranks...we had a "Major" visiting, so they went all out and had me cook a Lasanga from scratch. It was probably the best meal the rehab inmates (it was jail or rehab, they were prisoners regardless) the entire time I was there and the only meal that was not prepared with almost expired ingredients, because those visiting higher ups were also going to be eating it.

Kenny's Life Stories

I worked as a bell ringer for two weeks in December 2020, and I felt guilty any time someone would thank me personally, or say or do something that implied they didn't know a noticeable portion of their donation was going towards paying me. The bell was actually pretty annoying to hear, so for some of the time I just didn't ring it. I felt super aqward just standing their holding a bell, but several people thanked me for not ringing it.

I'm technically a Christian (because I can't come up with a good explanation for people believing at the time that Jesus did all these crazy things, and because I'm afraid of hell, and living forever in utter bliss would be very nice) but I hate religiousness, spirituality, formality, and this high-horse stuff some people do. I don't believe the bible is a holy book. It's a collection of mainly records, some of which are bound to wrong.


I was cleaning my closet when I saw this story, and, while we don’t donate to goodwill or Salvation Army, it had me thinking of AMVets. I suppose before I donate them, I need to research


So I'm just curious here, lets say a very large man of unknown origin shows up on their doorstep and asks for a bed and tells them he is a trans woman. Is it your contention that is is bigotry to house him with other men and refuse to house him with women? Even though some of those women have probably been abused by and are possibly scared of men and being in a room alone with a man? The Salvation Army very clearly discriminates and I'm in no way arguing on their behalf but I really don't see how making a person room with people of the same sex is wrong, it is taking into account the safety of every other resident in the facility and especially the women's safety. It's honestly sad that in order to give equality to trans people it involves screwing over women and putting them in danger.

Pink Kitten


Megan Sanborn

I hate 98% of what the Salvation Army stands for but my family will give change sometimes because they paid for my cousin's funeral in full when he passed away tragically at 4 years old. They donated thousands to make sure my family could bury our child with dignity. I'm not Christian but my aunt and cousin are. He would have been so happy to know the church had his back. Even at 4 he had a LOT of faith, more than I've ever seen in anyone. idk. As an LGBT I just can't feel right about them but I can't deny they did help us a lot.

Tim Ritter

I think I have a crush on a cartoon with a pyramid for a head


"don't donate to salvation army"
No worries, I use their services already. Funnily enough, the pyjamas I'm wearing currently come from a salvation army thrift store


Whyyyyy do all Christian organizations denounce gays.


Fuck I wish I could take back my change...


Before COVID came to America, every Christmas holiday season I would have to hear Salvation army volunteers incessantly ringing their bells in Penn Station in New York City.

Benny Worm

my idea of the holiday spirit is a light frost on the arkansas grass and painfully cold winds

Alyssa Swoon

Now whenever someone asks why I dont support the salvation army, I can link them this video.?

satans taint

I worked at a salvation army and honestly our store was the most helpful one around in the city. I never had any issues with anyone based on my religious beliefs or anything But then i went and worked for goodwill and goodwill is sooo much worse.


Just a point of vocabulary, sex is not "assigned" at birth. Doctors don't just roll dice and randomly attach genitals to newborns.

I get that nature sometimes gets it wrong and that transphobes who barely grasp the concept of biology insist on using it against trans people, but it's better to embrace the science and move forwards than to build an ideology around rejecting it (complete with nonsensical newspeak) because now those arseholes don't have to argue the facts - they can just call you stupid and hold a victory parade.

Indi VK2-EXO

An Aussie trans person here who directly experienced very Discrimination from Salvos on more then 1 occasion

Toaster having a bath

I know this is probably kinda off topic but who cares, you can belive what you want, but dont try and shove your religion in others faces.

Kris Mitchell

8:56 Richard LOVE. Ironic, considering what he just said!

Sean McKinnon

Salvation Army disguises what is basically slave labor and proselytizing as drug treatment. When people are court mandated to these programs they have no choice but to comply. When you donate goods to Salvation Army the back end workers at their stores are people who are sick and suffering and instead of receiving real treatment they are forced to work an assembly line type job for no pay.


one time i told my dad that the Salvation Army wasn't worth supporting and he said i was lied to and proceeded to go on about how my online friends were trying to brainwash me and politics and blah blah fuckin blah

look who's laughin now, dad

Flashback Television Your #1 In UHF VHF Television

They declined to help our trans star when they needed it and still wont to this day witch makes us want to send a special thanks to The Salvation Army for being hateful


australian chris tians are always the worst. look at ken ham and his friend the banana man ('the world is only 1000 yrs old. there no proof its any older. dinosaurs were kept as pets 500 yrs ago!'. this is shit they ACTUALLY claim)


At 29:55 what is flashed on the screen?

Christine Albertson

I used to volunteer at a salvation army op shop. I used to wear a clear quartz necklace and I was told that they were only worn by satanists so I should stop. A few weeks later they asked if I was still a Christian and I said no. "But you went to a Christian school and went to church and youth group!". I told them that I just wasn't Christian anymore and that's that. They told me that I didn't have to work there if my "intentions weren't right" insinuating that because I was no longer a Christian, there was no way I was volunteering there because I wanted to help the community. I left pretty soon after that. They used to throw out donations like Harry Potter books and those inspirational quote books.

Dean Thomson

I am gay stayed at Salvation Army, they knew I was gay I moved up in the chain of command, it depends on who runs the program!

Sleepy Toast

hearing that they help look for technically not missing persons makes me kind of freak out. I've cut contact with my mom for her abusive behavior towards me and my brother and if she heard about that I can see her using that to try and get back in contact with me. I know there are other people who have cut off abusive family members who would be livid to find out there is an organization out there doing this. Good for when it is used by people who want contact with family members but I can't help but think of others in situations like mine

Jaime Camacho Jr

Salvation army is a trillion dollars business worldwide and most is tax free
So those 2billion is just a write off. I used to be in it and one of the big wigs slipped that up before ackowlwed this ro me

Tobias Wiegmann

On the one hand I am only here because of Quakers, the British Army and the Salvation Army because they feed my grandfather after WWII in the Ruhr area, Germany. Wouldn't have survived without them.

On the other hand I had this mom of a patient (severely neurologically damaged after drug overdose).
She would sit next to him in bed and tell him that he is this sick, because of "his wicked ways" and that if he would start believing he would become better... that was so sick...she was a member of salvation army and tried to convert everybody ...


My respect for The Salvation Army ?????

Rebbeca Chunn

I worked for the insurance company that used by SA. Being bilingual I was on the phone and doing paperwork and was told that I shouldn't worry about it because they (non-English speakers) wouldn't make any waves. It was horrible and I just couldn't face myself while working there. Oh and they refused to make the building accessible.

Lucas Crousore

does she drink through her eye

K.J Peterson

To be completely honest, in my opinion, reinforcing legal protections will not do much. In my opinion, if you want to stop religious discrimination, you should stop looking towards government to force everybody to comply. Instead you should promote religious reformers that promote more tolerance. Pope Francis doesn't seem bad, certainly not the definitive step, but its a good first step. You get the point.


See...this is why people don't like Christians. God loves everyone, he doesn't love the sin. Christians are supposed to represent Christ. By hating people that are homosexuals and etc. those Christians are NOT representing Christ. It is a sin to hate a person. Jesus said in John 3:15 Whosoever hateth his brother is a murderer: and ye know that no murderer hath eternal life abiding in him." Check and mate. Its angers me immensely when Christians IGNORE this fact.

MarKiiS AreAliaS

Salvation army bans Harry Potter toys because of witchcraft. Gives goodie bags to prisoner's. Prisoners use it essentially for witchcraft. That's awesome. ?


The Salvation Army makes it pretty clear on their website that they're inherently a religious organization with an inherently religious mission and yes, just like your local church/mosque/temple/etc they tend to hire and employ people who accept their religion. Perhaps some people weren't aware of their relgious doctrines but they don't really hide them. Sorry but this video comes across as someone complaining about how "my local mosque only hires Muslims" or "the synagogue in my neighborhood discourages non-Jews from attending". The Salvation Army is essentially a really big Christian church that also does a large amount of charitable work and yes, like any religion, they have values and beliefs that they tend to expect those in their organization to adhere to and part of living in a society that protects the free exercise of religion is accepting the fact that some people will adopt values and beliefs that differ from yours. To be blunt, if a natural disaster leveled my neighborhood and someone from the local orthodox synagogue came by and handed my neighbors and me water bottles and a blankets, I'm not going to begrudge the fact that said synagogue would never let me join because I'm not an ethnic Jew.

I don't agree with their doctrine about homosexuality but I have tremendous respect for all of the good they do. On net, they're a benefit to America and the world even if they do have their flaws.

Sarah Telles

Wait, the Evangelicals hate magic to an extreme point, How are they not Jehovah's witnesses. Sorry for three posts but, I really hate these cults, sure I'm atheist now but, being raised with church and during the summers half would be with my Catholic grandparents, I still don't appreciate people claiming to be Christian and preaching hate and death when that wasn't what I was taught in the churches I attended, don't know about the Catholic one, the pastor spoke Spanish and even back then wasn't good at the language

What does salvation army accept

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Salvation Army 101

10 207 views | 27 Feb. 2017

Watch as Shieldy explores

Watch as Shieldy explores the history and mission of the Salvation Army.





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Hi! We’re the Salvation Army East. We create videos showcasing what the Salvation Army is doing in the Eastern Territory. We post new videos EVERY WEEK.

For more info about us watch our “2018 Reel" video -


Charlton Bivins

Great summary,!,,


The Salvation Army is not that bad and they do help alot of people and they do alot of good things.


The battles that this Army fight are the toughest ones to fight, because they fight to save all of humanity! God bless TSA!