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IOTA Technical Analysis (8 Feb 2021)

1 927 views | 8 Feb. 2021

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Thanks for the video
Please make an comparison between the ETH / IOTA chart


Thanks skinny


IOTA 10$ before EOY

Law Farrell

Where’s that party hat? ?

Jonas Schury

Love iota bought at 0,24 but i will HODL XD

euclid dsouza

$1 BABY! WE ARE BACK! ????

Martin E

Buy and hold:)


iota is already at 67 cents LUL But thank you for your videos man :)

Stefan Gebhardt

iota is rising!

Joachim Metzler

I am holding IOTA. It is great but Hedera Hashgraph is the future of blockchain. The next generation blockchain. Their Coin "Hbar" will go through the roof. I am confident that the consesus within "The Council" will be superior to centralized politics modes as well as a 100 % decentralized voting system. The votes should be in smart hands as well as the smart hands should change within a time period. Also it should be possible to reject a member. The speed is phenomenal and there is no real competitor. It is, different to IOTA, already working. No forking possible, which is great. ALL THIS is Hedera Hashgraph. I am very excited and big staked. As the community would say: To the MOOON!

Jamie Buckleigh

Hey Skinny, is it better to wait until both charts show bullish signs? fairly new to this so when you have the BTC chart that's not good and the USD chart that is does that mean buy with USD?

Young Shin

Finally IOTA is waking up!



Iota cryptocurrency

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IOTA Talks #4 with Dominik Schiener

7 524 views | 5 Feb. 2021

Join our cofounder Dominik

Join our cofounder Dominik Schiener in the IOTA Talks!

With so much happening in the IOTA Foundation, we want to give our community a new format to engage with the team: IOTA Talks.

Join us at https://discord.iota.org for all the details of each session.

Subscribe to our newsletter to receive the latest updates from the IOTA Foundation: https://newsletter.iota.org/

You can also find us at:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/iotatoken

LinkedIn: https://linkedin.com/company/iotafoundation

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iotafoundation


??Thanks for your „IOTA Talks“??


Thanks to the whole IOTA foundation and also to it's whole community! You guys are doing an amazing job!


I think it's a very good decision to start this format because, like Cardano for example, it's the counterbalance to all the FUD articles when the developers communicate directly. It just gives you a good feeling when you hear serious developers working on the project for real and keeping their self-importance and vanity to themselves.

Dominik I.

Iota is shit

Lars-Erik Bjørge


o wei

Hätte gerne auch so ein TShirt als Goita :-)


IOTA will rule the cryptospace soon


Thanks <3 ! IOTA <3


thanks great explanation keep it up

line ways

Price is still shit so why should we waste an hour to watch this? You should be looking beyond the5$ but you can't even look beyond the 50 cents...


Awesome job Dom and Thibault!



Dennis Nueva Ecija

I like it so much when developers talk. you can get information firsthand. Maybe make more talks with them. :) It helps!

dorts bakaria

nice bee bzzzz :)

Vlad K

Best crypto talk on YouTube right now.

Felipe Augusto Barcelos

Thibault looks a great guy! Thank you for this talks with the community

Karl Hecke

I love this Friday sessions! Thx a lot! Hope the market will soon realise what you guys achieved. ??

Gran Torino

to the fucking moon ???

Banky Ty

how to buy IOTA? USA

Moje Fotky




Mat Periuk

the concept of the tangle and IOTA is amazing. The possibilities are every exciting

Sebastian Dahmen

Yeah nice Work !


Kinda crazy how Dom almost left the IF once

Canja T.

super interesting.. thx

Daniel R

Iota ???

David Lee

Hi, we had this tech and revolutionary talks for 3 years...please, please, show something new, such as adoption strategy.


Super interesting, very happy to have still such an excited founder on board. Thank you Dom, Popov and all the rest who work that hard and passionate for the Foundation. Hope this is never ending ❤

Itzy Zam

Gracias, es genial!!!