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Episode 106: Research Like The Pros

115 views | 16 Sep. 2020

In this episode, we talk

In this episode, we talk about CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, Live Coin Watch, Coin360, and the paid Token Metrics—all coin-research sites. There may be a lot of coin-research sites out there, but at the end of the day, pick the good stuff and synthesize the knowledge that you’ve gathered to form your own opinion.

Now, let's wax it with coin-research sites. #DYOR

For CoinMarketCap, we share our opinion on this site as it initially peaked in 103. It got its validation because it's been around for a long time. We also tackle the issue when they changed their ranking system. As the number one visited site in crypto, CoinMarketCap was bought by Binance. How does this change the crypto community? Find out in this section of the episode.

In CoinGecko, where the people who manage their social media are very responsive, the site does not get wonky. This site is a little bit more for the degenerate.

Coin360 provides an overhead view of the market. Plus you get to see groups of coins.

With Live Coin Watch, you get to see the coins live without having to be in the exchange. You also get to see the buy and sell sites, when you know where you're looking.

Lastly, as a paid coin-research site, Token Metrics provides you a good feel of the projects that you're looking on.

You can sign up for Token Metrics and support the Beards and Bitcoins Crypto Podcast by going to TokenMetrics.Beards.Live

Time Stamps of Coin-Research Sites

02:09 CoinMarketCap

07:40 CoinGecko

10:40 Coin360

12:57 Live Coin Watch

15:13 Token Metrics

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Crypto Jester

Is this is a repost? I think I watched this a couple of weeks ago...


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khemraj neupane

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OJ Swagga Johnson

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Matrexcoin now listed on #livecoinwatch #MAC Live Coin Watch

34 views | 7 May. 2019

Matrexcoin now listed on

Matrexcoin now listed on #livecoinwatch #MAC Live Coin Watch #MATREXCOIN #cryptocurrency #Crypto #investing #news #cryptoexchange #bitcoinnews #digitalcurrency

#latoken #exchange #usdt #crex24 #bitcoin #MAC #BTC

#blockchaintechnology #ethereum #ETH #stockmarket #ICO


Md Makasud



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213 views | 10 Feb. 2018

An unofficial logo

An unofficial logo animation for livecoinwatch.com



do you have the right for the music??