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PUBG Mobil|PUBG Game Play|Pro Vs Nob|Trolling Nobs

5 155 views | 3 Apr. 2020

This video is just for

This video is just for entertaining the viewers with our nobs skills ? keep supporting us and subscribe our channel for more videos for entertainment follow us on instagram https://www.instagram.com/nobs_player...

Crazy SA




Noshy Boo

Damn ???? its really cool

Abdullah Zulfiqar


Mian Waleed Amjad


Aakash Sahu


Rahul Bhagat


Alok Saini

OP gameplay....But editing is more efacting

yash films muskan


Noshy Boo

Keep it up

Ali Tarek

very good video

Noshy Boo


shubh Gupta



Kmaal kr dya


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Debating Lauren Southern, NoBS, Fuentes, RM and More

542 813 views | 6 Nov. 2017

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The thumbnail for this video is fucking great


The moderation was terrible. Unless the goal is to keep Destiny from wiping the floor with these idiots.

Fritzious 7


GoogleisgaE 1556

Lol destiny got slapped in this


Destiny has so much soy in his voice.


Holy shit I thought 57:19 was Howie mandel

Zach Willson

7:36 LOL
"If you grant this racist psuedoscience is correct."
"Hahaha, psuedoscience?!?"

Vídarr Odinson

Nick has always been fucking moron. Wonder if anyone knocked Lauren up yet.

Rachel Bryan

You should put the other people's webcams on the screen or at least their avatars to show who's talking. It's too hard to keep track of that many voices.

Bailey Lushina

I'm confused. How am I supposed to survive without a job? The dude was anti welfare but also saying I shouldn't have a job because I'm a woman. If I didn't have to go to work every day I wouldn't? ... but like... I literally have to to survive. There is just no logic.

JJ 156

Right IN my feed. 3 years but NEVER too late. <3

Geralt Of Rivia

I still watch this video. Lmao

Lunchtime RDZ

Who tf is that troll playing clown during the debate? Not Nick, the other guy.


1:03:24 black names

Toe Cutter

Destiny logic: If the government doesn't pass a bill into law about something it doesn't matter. Well, racism isn't a problem anymore right?

Nathaniel Fahey

It’s fucking crazy to think I’m a year older than Nick “no I don’t understand Christian history” Fuentes

Papa Croc

An interesting thing that can mean so many things happened at 1:26:45
1. Nick called her babe even though in his mind she is a man and did it to meme
2 being charitable. In his subconscious there is some human emotion there and does recognize her as she
3. Being uncharitable to the original charitable Because in his subconscious he recognizes her as a female he says babe to be sexist ?

Double Cheeseburger

Nicks clearly never had a fucking kid. What an asshole. Kid's are tough work the days are long and challenging.


1:29:38 - according to nick, if polyamory were natural, women would have multiple orifices for multiple partners at the same time....da fuq?!

Sandeep Mohan

Lauren Southern is like the Carrot top of the moderators.

Alexander Adams

No bullshit is like the pug sitting in the corner listening


This is a crazy dumpster fire

PF Films

9:14 this always cracks me up lmaooo


“......the successful experiment made under the
prevalence of that delusion on the clause of the constitution, which,
while it secured the freedom of the press, covered also the freedom
of religion, had given to the clergy a very favorite hope of
obtaining an establishment of a particular form of Christianity thro'
the U. S.; and as every sect believes its own form the true one,
every one perhaps hoped for his own, but especially the Episcopalians
& Congregationalists. The returning good sense of our country
threatens abortion to their hopes, & they believe that any portion of
power confided to me, will be exerted in opposition to their schemes.
And they believe rightly; for I have sworn upon the altar of god,
eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man.“ -

Thomas Jefferson, Letter to Benjamin Rush


Destiny is really kicking butt here. Holy S**
Stumbled across NoBS, his material was tedious and I moved off in two video incidents without paying attention; holy s** never realised he was that toxic.


1:03:14 black people can have names like Darren...Wilson?! Lil Freudian slip there?

Political Godstone

1:04:00 gotta love how they fall back to being fake sjws to be able to combat his completely valid points lmfao, absolutely pathetic

Vanak Neon

god, this is such a trainwreck
Drink every time someone makes an ad hominem


"The ability to speak does not make you intelligent"

Christopher Lee

america was built on christian values. not islamic

Renold Mueller

Poor Billy Bob Thornton...


Right wingers are totally brain dead

Black Nova

Both my parents worked from 8am to 4pm everyday since I was 4 all the way up to now. You know what I did from 8 to 5 everyday from the age of 4 to 18? School, I went to school. It's entirely possible for both parents to work 40 hour weeks and still be home to raise the kids.


"A certain group of transnational elites"

I've never seen a more easily identifiable dogwhistle in my life.


Lauren is such a hack. Passive aggressive af. "seething" to begin with, "shockingly reasonable", really? i guess she never tried to hear destiny out cuz she is too full of herself. now that trump's gone her side of the story will get less and less views each day lmao she is minutes away from an onlyfans account hahahaha

Cryptic Raps

Imagine thinking that christian/catholics "discovered" America in 1492

Toe Cutter

So refreshing to see this still up on YouTube. The only other debates I can find are a bunch of white people calling other white people racist in one big circle jerk.

Sam McCloud

"Which one of u women is engaged?"


Religious people are just retards lmfaoooooo

Vanian Morrison

Woman should stay home and raise kids to avoid sexual harrassment in the workforce? Nick really out here pretending rape doesnt happen in marriage?


Nick absolutely destroyed Destiny here, I’m surprised he uploaded this


Nicks arguments aren't even dogwhistles. They're foghorns. Seismic foghorns that part the very clouds above us.

OzzeL OzzeL

who let no bullshit in ?



you make Woden cry

Sebastian R

"It's so hard to be a white man in America" I feel you Steven I'm so ooooooo oppressed by BLM ????


Nick Fuentes would love the social Fabric of a middle Eastern country like fucking bahrain or whatever.


I think the whole white majority stems from ignorance of history.

European or White homogeny isn't a thing, white people isn't a real term.

Your appearance has literally nothing to do with anything and your cultures don't either.

You fought two world wars over your differences and now that's it's worked out after literally centuries they wanna reimagine history as being them vs everyone else.

You've been fighting the whole time and now you're trying to paint this picture of yourselves all together to stop everyone else since you finally made peace with other "white people".

You're not willing to do the same with other groups of people, despite having had centuries to do it with other "white people".

The US is too young a country for any meaningful ground to really have been covered and the history of this country isn't helping.


Nick should be against any medical surgery since it's against the natural order

Sebastian R

Trumps not a good buisness man either truth came out in the future ?

Mr Freddy Drongo

ye ok great we're all in:)


Holy shit the moderator is dogshit

tiffany cline

Yet an exemplary performance of classist, entitled Christ loving Caucasians telling what rights and laws should be applied to women and POC.

tiffany cline

I love Contra


ah the good old days, back when Destiny actually was more proactive with combating the right instead of throwing tantrums over twitter leftists because they hurt his feefees


I feel like this whole meme about being a parent is funny like... what human being, with children, would not be happier at home with their kids than at work? Mom or dad I feel like any sane person would prefer being with their kids to being at work...

Chris Williams

Interesting how White Supremacists appropriate my cultures symbols, but still fail to accept that Erik the Red discovered the New World. You'd think they would fetishize that like everything else about the vikings that they take out of context.

Finnan Cahill

32:56 is still the coldest burn I’ve ever heard coke out of Steve’s mouth


5 against 1 isn’t fair. They needed at least a few more right-wing guys against Destiny to make it a fair fight

Sabrina S

Is this The View

nate mugambi

1:33:08I fucking died


Booger Nick: "Who discovered the new world."


Technically speaking, you can't discovere an already inhabited space, unless it's so far removed from the rest of the world that you've essentially rediscovered it, but even then it's still fucking incoherent to really make the argument of discovery.

Another way to look at it is by how we define the act of discovery. If someone finds a space that's already inhabited, they did technically discover that space, but they discovered it for themselves, not for the world.

Lastly, we all know Booger Nick was referring to Christopher Columbus. The fact is, Crusty Chris didn't discover the new world for Europe, this feat was performed by Leif Erikson. Again, the new world was only discovered for the European descent by Leif Erikson.

Closing thoughts:

Essentially, the argument of discovery that Booger Nick makes is faulty on a fundamental level regarding the very meaning of discovery, but beyond that he's even wrong about who discovered the new world for a majority European descent (until current day of course where literally everyone knows about America, but that's obvious).

Luka Lowe 1

White nationalism is so disgusting

Mr Freddy Drongo

54:05 gym

mike reeves

Have you had the big conversation yet ? destiny’s a bloody good sport man ,
I definitely love your content dude ! A honest man

Cryptic Raps

"where do you find gender reassignment surgery in the animal kingdom?"
where do you find religion in the animal kingdom?
where do you find supremacy of race in the animal kingdom?
where do you find one species of animal trying to be the majority in an environment with other species of animals?


These clowns are worse than Ben Shapiro with the most simplistic views and arguments. Destiny is truly intelligent, no question. How he deals with these numbskulls is beyond me.


In order of sanity, most to least:

> Destiny
> Contra
> The woman who brought up Asian integration for no reason
> Roaming
> Metokur
> Bullshit Guy
> Lauren
> Nick


Roaming Millennial: I'm 23 and I have no doubt that there's still time on these eggs.

Minus "I'm 23 and", my mom said the exact same thing about the eggs in the fridge last night. Small world.


Child brides is a thing in the us.

mike reeves

Lol what does that idiot contrapoints think would happen to it if it walked into a mosque on Friday prayers in America ? what a fool . We should start a go fund me for it to go on a trip around the Middle East

denise dunn

Islam is an ideology they follow sharia law over the America's constitution and that there is NOT assimilation. Destiny.


32:55 bro you just fucking murdered him holy shit


I’ve never seen what Lauren southern looks like irl but I can already tell she has a long ass face


Where fan I find the fanart from the thumbnail? Need a copy of that.

Russell westGoat

How do you reason with the unreasonable?

James Charnley

52:40 Destiny this is where you lose a lot of support in your arguments. You can't switch between law and policy vs culture and social environment to suit your argument. How you discard the points she is making about anti western culture and anti white ideals simply because they are not implemented i9n law or policy is silly.

LeJigglyQueen Teemo


alex whiting

Crazy Sexist reactionary "I think we should return to the nateral order where woman dont work".
Other right wing debaters "Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up Shut Up

redcobra 92


Desmon Rush

It’s so interesting to look back at this and see Lauren saying “the left is the real racists” while acting like nick Fuentes has a good point about making the US a white catholic nation ?


Destiny can’t control his interruptions

Sebastian R

I'll be here in my happy interracial relationship and have non white babies. Fuck that dude people can be with who they want not to bring a white majority.

That Time Stamp Guy

1:30:50 Closing Points
Jim Metokur


I love it every time I hear any of these racists invoke God Christ or the Bible. They truly have none of it.

Joseph Lawless

I can feel the cancer cells growing as I listen to some of these dumbfucks speak, holy shit

Marill Sweatshirt

Roaming: tries to bring up the JQ

Fuentes: ???

Pointless Twat

"Name a policy that leads to single mothers"



Also Nick perfectly summed himself up when he said "we can look at data, but we all know the natural order" i.e. fuck facts I like my feelings more.

Jeffery neighbors

"so as long as there's not an actual gun held to their head it's a totally different thing" this one statement sums up the liberal disconnect

Tronald Dump

Q: "How do you explain studies where a white name is switched with a black name and the black name has a 50% lower chance of getting a call back?"
A: 13/50
I facepalmed so hard, he's straight up justifying a racial bias by defending racism

Travis Alex

Someone should tell Fuentes the stats about spousal rape.


Attack on destiny?

Jackson Vermillion

I dont see how Destiny won this “legendary” debate. Nick was just laughing at Destiny’s utter hilarity of tactics like “if I talk faster I win” and “you hate brown people” to deflect the argument to something else that wasn’t mentioned. Destiny just can’t handle when someone else is making a good point that breaches his ego and shows reality to him.


Just a bunch of labels to describe levels of racist ideology


Child of divorce here. Nick has no clue what he’s talking about. He has no perspective when it comes to people different from him. The fact that he’s telling women they’d be happier staying at home is hilarious. You can really tell he’s young, the boy has a lot to learn


1:00:27 Oh god, she is trying so hard to look smart but fails horribly

Otto von Buttsmarck

Roaming Millennial is what lefties mean when they say liberals will always defend fascists

KingCrack II *woooshbait*

Steven Harvey


Fuentes be like "whoaaaa" any time anyone disagrees, like it's the craziest thing that people might not all be on board with his rabid, hard-core fundamentalist Christian ethno-nationalist ideas.

Luigis Blood


Ray Stevenson

32:55 LMAO


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NoBS Just CAN'T Stop Thinking About Brie Larson!

19 291 views | 31 Jan. 2020

NoBS Just CAN'T Stop

NoBS Just CAN'T Stop Thinking About Brie Larson!

Like seriously, he actually thinks that he would have enjoyed a movie more if he could have seen more of her skin.

What a creep.

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Cori Chin

I disagree that shutting up is worse than arguing publicly. I think speaking out against something wrong, no matter how popular or indifferent it seems is good, especially as an atheist and activist. Granted his plans will most likely backfire in the public sphere, but that's just cause his arguments are bad and make him seem like an asshole.

Place of Warship

Box office numbers and critics numbers Fake. Same as you Suri .......Audience reviews at approx 37 % .Empty cinemas on the opening day.......same reviews, from the same people over and over again saying the same thing. I haven research it in depth never cared to ,mostly information from people that went to see it .......You are not even trying Suri. You are probably relying on brain-dead consumers , that get mesmerised by your verbal diarrhea that sounds cool and progressive.


Marvel can only push Spider-Man as long as Sony, who has an active film license to the character sold long before Marvel began producing their own films, works with them. Given the controversy last summer over them nearly splitting up, fans have realized that Spider-Man's continued presence in Marvel Studios films isn't a guarantee.

The G-Wing

I know what Brooks looks like, yet I'm still tempted to reply to everything he says with "ok boomer". Seriously does he ever have any new talking points to respond to?!

Cenneth Adameveson

This guy is "one penis good, no penis bad" when comes to film making. Oh wait that might not read exactly what he wants!


"You could call me a pig" If I were a pig, I'd be really offended about being compared to NoBS

Michael Trant

I can’t believe that I use to watch No Bull Shit in high school... actually believed some of his BS. Still remember when I saw his though him for the first time, was actually one of his video on Adam Ruins Everything: Alfa Males.

Soooo ya. Nearly got red pilled when I was younger.... thank god got out of that.


Brie Larson is unattractive? :/ 1 why does that matter? 2 that's an objectively wrong opinion

Fairies and Lillies

Money is only about ego now aperently...

Loki Lover

I extremely dislike Brie Larson. and there were so many giveaways of Captain Marvel, that the box office results were pretty much faked. People reported TONS of "empty seats" and then to even mention how rotten tomato's turned off Captain Marvel's rotten tomato score was proven faked, so many people complained that the rotten tomato's boss had to make a statement. Brie Larson herself is NOT a feminist role model in any way either. People shouldn't belittle anyone for any reason. But most people "forget" that she constantly does just that.


Small correction: Fleck and Boden are just the directors of Captain Marvel, not the writers. I think they now tapped the one who wrote Wandavision as writer for Captain Marvel 2, which indicates that they liked what she wrote for the show.

Bruno Zeigerts

If we're progressive... what is no BS... regressive?

Loremaster Talus'ar

Shouldn't he be using a donkey head? I know all I see is just an ass.

Sebastian H.

Fuck feminists

Mark von Wisco - Aquarium Adventures

I thought conservatives were all about the money. Isn't using whatever leverage a worker has to get a bigger paycheck supposed to be a good thing? Now I'm confused! /s

Is NoBS triggered? It seems like he's triggered. I thought only SJW snowflakes get triggered. Jesus Christ! It really is always projection with these mooks.

King Malcolm

Over the years, from what I have observed on this topic, the conversation between Left and Right can be reduced as follows:

Left: "There should be more women and minority characters in movies and television."

Right: "Quit your whining! You pathetic Left-wingers, always expecting things to be handed to you! If you want more women and minority characters then make movies and television with more women and minority characters!"

The Left goes out and makes more movies and television with women and minority characters.


D C Wilson

The reason why Marvel/Disney pushed the Avengers so hard is that, back before Disney acquired Marvel and the comics company was going through bankruptcy, they sold the film rights for the X-Men to Fox. They couldn't make any X-Men movies themselves. The Avengers were the only property they had to work with. Of course, now that Disney has bought Fox Entertainment, the rights to the X-Men are back with them and now they can integrate the X-Men into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

CJ Roth

I thought Captain Marvel was just an okay movie. It added some worthwhile material to the MCU, but I wouldn't say it's even close to being the best of the MCU. However, I just wasn't a fan of how the character of Captain Marvel was written in the movie and found the movie enjoyable for other reasons than the star.

Nonetheless, just because No Bullshit doesn't like the fact that there are a lot of progressive ideas and not enough sexualization doesn't mean there aren't other reasons people may or may not like the movie outside his small circle of acquaintances. Most people, including me, just took it as a new, if somewhat rocky, part of the MCU, and would've probably felt the same with or without the "progressive messages".

Clewl Tetsui

"But Brie Larson doesn't wanna do the leg work, and she doesn't wanna earn her way up..."

Not the best choice of words after admitting he may have liked the movie more if she showed cleavage occasionally.


No BS response videos are always so cringeworthy. He is just such a difficult person to listen to.

Chris Heyward

It's funny how Brooks constantly make fun of female appearances while he looks like a obese Hamster?

Rosie Arathoon

I can’t believe Mr. Bullshit is making such a fuss about Bri Larsen wanting equal pay when Robert Downey jr was such a diva he demanded higher wages then all the other actors

Chris Heyward

I can't take no more of this comment section ?

Brother Jay

It’s hard to go with the billion dollar argument because the movies it came before and after was infinity war and endgame, so impossible to fail also the movie has the name marvel in it so kinda hard to fail

Mateo Verdino

Brie Larson is to conservatives and people who think rationally what Donald Trump is to the left and liberals.


what is the outro music?

Bird Soldier

See, because NoBS is actually really frunpy outside of his bullheaded fursona, I can't take anything he says serious
He should really work on that, in looking for more sexy in my YouTube commentators if he can't even show himself beyond his fursona how can I truly judge his sexiness ie his character

Bigsky Pioneer II

Okay.... so everybody that thinks Robert Downey Jr asked for more money & more of a production role when they made Iron Man 2.... raise your hand? How many people think that Christopher Reeve made more money when he starred in Superman II than in the first movie? (Sorry, I know I jumped from Marvel to DCU) Back to Marvel.... who thinks that Chris Hemsworth ALSO negotiated for more money when Thor II was in pre-production?? This has to be THE SINGLE MOST asinine argument I have EVER heard about actors requesting more money and creative control when starring in a sequel to a highly successful movie.

Cori Chin

So now female movie characters have to look attractive, all of them? So we don't hire based on talent for women, only men, gotchya.


Clarification: "Equal pay" is not the definition of "equality". Equality does not mean that everyone is paid the same, it means that everybody with the same skill and performance is paid the same (regardless of race, religion, gender etc. etc.). Big difference, one is capitalism, the other is communism ; )


No Bullshit... except when he opens his mouth.

I remember the first time I saw one of his videos in my recommendations. It was some Last Jedi hate video which automatically made it a 'Not Interested' video. But then I noticed his channel name 'No Bullshit', a name that screams 'Look at how edgy and serious I am! Listen to me! My opinion matters more than anyone else because I'm edgy!' and it became a 'I never want to see this channel again' video.

I can see that I made the correct choice back then.


Don't Worry I've set through 4 Fandom Menace groupies videos about this actress XD

Doctor Atheist

I agree with suris. No bullshit should rename his channel pure bullshit. lol

EpicVirgo Eats

I still think this guy's voice sounds like Discount Hovind. Are we sure there isn't a direct correlation?

Paranormal Encyclopedia

I’m looking forward to his moaning when the black widow movie hits. After all it’s not like fans have been asking for that for years or anything lol


Man that monotone quick laughter was great! Made me laugh. Hahahahahahahah

Paul T Sjordal

Conservatives get so triggered when ONE out of dozens of superhero movies stars a woman instead of a man. Unless ALL of the superhero movies have male leads, men are somehow being oppressed according to these anti-SJW morons.

Also, complaining about virtue signaling is itself a form of virtue signaling. It's a self-refuting argument.

Please make more videos head-stomping anti-SJW morons. This was entertaining. Subbed.

Lavi Fish-Bieler

No Bullshit: Brie wants equal pay
Me, an intellectual: no bullshit

K. R. Peyton

Something about the way he complains makes me wonder "But....why do you even care?" Everything is so arbitrary. Like he woke up and said "I need to try and be mad at something mostly irrelevant today."

J.R. Clark

I had no problem with Captain Marvel and Black Panther.... Except!

The character of D'chala was nothing like the D'chala in Civil war, as well as snoke/gollum/ venom 2 director. Their personalities do not match what they were in Age of Ultron, and Civil War.

As well, the pop culture in them and the vines are all cringe. As well, the technology didnt make sense for an advanced civilization. Cool in an artist way, not as a practicle way. And thank god they were able to fix this in Infinity War.

On top of that. The racism.

People will try to defend that this is a joke, it isnt. Since its not just D'chala's sister. But also Kill Monger and M'Baku. Especially kill monger. And that isnt a joke. Its blaitant racism for something the whites havent done in centuries, and shouldnt be blamed for what their fathers did in the past. And did not agree with.

And yes. Black people can be racist to white people. You can suck on my centrist dick if you think otherwise.


Sorry but how much money the film has made being a part of marvel universe AND a film that has been made prior to the end game is not relevant to a discussion of how good it is.
Many felt it was needed to be seen regardless of how bad it can be potentially because of the end game. Just like Antman or Black panther and similar films in the 'series'.
Same how I still went to see Rise of the Skywalker knowing very well its a dumpster fire. It is still a dumpster fire and a very bad film and a very bad star wars film, thought I imagined it would be even worse, but its just bad.

Britts From The Bong

I made it 10 mins and I think I lost my last brain cell.... I don't know if I can finish ??? there is some messed up audio before that and I thought it was my brain dying ????

A to da K

Given Marvel's trying to screw over Sony and Sony previously intending to take back access to Spider-Man, it may be their decision to lean on a character they have exclusive ownership of rather than emphasizing Spider-Man whom they have to share.


I thought the movie was fun but really just alright, and the main reason I'm kinda looking forward to the second one is because there's a chance that jessica jones might be in it (she's definitely my favorite female marvel hero...and one of my favorites in general, definitely top 3). and I could rant about the issues the movie has (I go to film school and so that's just kinda how my brain works now...tldr the writing isn't great and doesn't have a very significant character arc, which makes it harder for the audience to REALLY connect to the protagonist in a meaningful way).
that being said, that's about as far as it goes. that is the maximum amount of thought I put into this movie and I'm aware that even that's more than the average person.


He read a piece that references We Got This Covered, a site notorious for flat out false stories.

A 865

NoBs : her costume isn't sexy enough

My god this guy is a desperate pervert

The Soulless Ginger

Power Girl, who uses her assets to beat up male villains. The main reason she has a boob window on her outfit cause nothing works like distraction to land a sucker punch. Also CPT Marvel is pretty popular in the comics, especially with women, which is why she was brought to the MCU to catch all those female fans.

Hybryda Art


I'm pretty sure that befor MCU started Ms. Marvel then was more popular in comics than Avengers... Thou my memory of time before MCu is bad X"D

Trung Tran

This is really sad when I defended Brie larson from nobullshit.


Mr. Bullshit has suspicions and just assumes that they're justified without providing evidence. In Psychology that's called mind reading. It's not a skill; it's thinking error. He might even be right and we'll never know because he doesn't provide evidence.

Also, Brie looked super sexy to me in the movie. What's sexy to one person isn't necessarily sexy for another. Her uttering her opinions made her a lot less sexy to me. That's also why I would love to have drink with Suris and not with Mr. Bullshit. One has sexy brains and the other just has mush.


The history of film is dominated by male directors and NoBS is calling a double standard?? Horsesh*t!


I really wish people like NoBullshit would stop using "woke" as an adjective. It just sounds wrong.

Chris Heyward

It's funny how his fans saying that Endgame is the end of the MCU because of stuff like this.


Brie Larson: plays stereotypically feminine, sexy Envy Adams
Brie Larson: Plays covered up, powerful superhero Captain Marvel

Marvel Disneyfan

Wow. I mean, Captain Marvel isn’t exactly my favorite MCU entry. And heck, I’ll even say Larson’s statements about A Wrinkle in Time pretty poorly worded at best.

But holy fuck! The way folks like Geeks & Gamers, The Quartering, Yellow Flash, and No BS will go on about the slightest phrase/expression/motion she makes! I sometimes wonder if she pushed them all off the swings one time in elementary school, and they’ve just never gotten over it.

Clewl Tetsui

Any Woman: "I want equal pay."

NoBS: "You need to work at least as well as the hardest working and most talented guy in the industry before you can even consider having the audacity to ask for pay."

Any Woman: "Let me extrapolate: You're saying you don't understand what the word fair means."


Defending these movies. This is quite pathetic. Whatever makes you happy.


I don't really care about her being "sexy" etc. That's not the character in the comics who is insufferable for other reasons even if she has good moments. The overall problem I had with the movie was her acting being pretty meh. When things happen like her whole world is shifted and turned upside down, she finds out people she cared for died etc. At times she has the same emotion as if she was pretty meh about it all showing very little emotion. Then other times you have great acting from her and you see that emotion carried over and then that's what I realized I wanted from the movie other than a better plot.... Better acting. That and to lose all sense of worry and suspense when she's in "danger" but end up like Superman fighting ants. I hope for better if they make a second one and that's about it. Her comments outside of the movie I look past as I seperate the actor outside the role and the character in the movie

Robert Nugent

So... Academy Award winning best actress Brie Larson isn't interested in being a good actor because she's wants the same wage as other actors? Is that right?

Michael Kitching

*7:44*...did Tristan Taylor for YGO TAS take over for a line XD

Francesco Previte

actual content at 1:45

StrawberryJam Skye


Marvel Disneyfan

I think a blood vessel popped in my brain when he complained about Brie negotiating for more money. That’s... that’s capitalism, asshole! The free market!

I know that’s become kind of a loaded word, but here I think it’s a pretty clear-cut smart move business-wise. Well, clear-cut to most.

Big Tasty

No BS talks so slowly playing on 1.5x makes him sound normal


Nobody tell him about the upcoming Ms. Marvel Disney+ show. It would make him lose his mind.

Actually, do tell him. I need a laugh.

Maurice Bear

Even Though this feels late just imagine if no BS finds out about Marvel Rising and female heroes like Kamala Khan (Mrs. Marvel), America Chavez (Miss America), Spider-Gwen and Squirrel Girl and two make heroes like Patriot and Inferno. I think his head would implode seeing squirrels take down Doctor Doom. I’ve seen people compare that series to Paw Patrol, which is bizarre.

P.S. I do get a hearty laugh of No BS call Canada "a land of SJW’s", if that’s the case then Donald Trump is the poster boy for guys like him.


So... Larson isn't hot, but if she show her tits more, she would be hotter and he might like Captain Marvel more. Also Larson is bad for wanting more money, but something tells me that if roles were reversed, he would be all up in arms that Larson receives more money than others. The mental gymnastics in his video is actually really impressive.

Bigsky Pioneer II

Sorry - I know you were taking the "high road" here - but my take on Mr. Bull is that he is a pig. And no, I'm not going to go to his channel and post a comment since that would only drive his numbers up in the logarithm. To complain that he didn't get enough sex appeal in Captain Marvel and then talk about how bad the movie was..... did he actually listen to what he said? Again, MR. Bull is a pig.

Jay Maverick

Some minor parts of these points would have probably made for a bit of interesting discussion. Like choosing a female director, getting equal pay when your character has been in the movies less etc. I would've liked some argumentation for and against those topics.

But then the dude went to titty cleavage and I'm like ohhh he's an idiot nevermind.


Wait is cpt marvel going to follow the comics?


Probably the reason he is insecure because of his moral standards towards women because this issue goes back to the late 1800 where men treated there kids and wives bad I feel like those morals still stay in our lives tiday those morals are is that most women or men are sex toys which is animal instincts that are still around


She is ok... not great.

Wirr Ling

...damn anti-sjws

Queen Apryll M

I am not hardcore captain marvel it's just part mcu I mean sounds like his issue it that its some how feminist because it had. A woman in it and I'm so have other movies.
Black panther is set east Africa like no shit mostly black you don't see me complain about captain America not being diverse either though set during ww2.
Not offence because most the industry is primarily male. So not weird looking female director. Also if you read marvel historically always some what socially progressive social justicey

Pedro Ivo Coelho da Graça

I don't if anyone will read a comment in a old video. I usually use your videos just as a podcast so I never notice this. I don't if you know, but Brazil president is the Brazil version of Trump. And Brazils president followers have two nicknames, Minions and Cattles. So is amzing to me, that a alt-right propaganda content creator uses a cattle as his avatar in youtube. Brazils Trump plays the alt-right game too.

Marvel Disneyfan

Larson asking for equal pay in Avengers 5? The movie after Black Widow, Captain America, and Iron Man were retired or killed off, leaving prominent openings for characters the MCU has set up to be usurped by Black Panther, Spider-Man, and (gasp) Captain Marvel?! Suggesting she’ll receive equivalent screen time now?!?



Honestly, I would've watched that tool's videos mainly to laugh at them, but I'm worried that could just give him more publicity than he deserves.

Carter Chase

Anyone remember like 2001 when iron man got his own cartoon show and most of us never even gave it a second glance after the trailer cause the animation was just... OH GOD KILL IT levels of uncanny? But everyone loved when reruns of the x men came on from the 80s ? How the x men had better, PRICIER animation in the 80s versus 2001? My guess is not many.

Little Miss Malice

Bri Larson is a rad captain marvel. And hes got shit taste in women. Captain marvel is a super hero. Not a porn star. I bet no bull was also offended when Lara Crofts character changed and was in more clothes .


While you have made an animation upgrade, you do still seem to have trouble with editing in your videos, as there are still moments where you start talking right in the middle of one of the clips.

Casper Laskara

Nobullshit, having just walked outside and seen a black person: RRRREEEEEEE GODDAMN WOKE SJW GOVERNMENT LETTING THE BROWNS IN FOR CLOUT

Bogdan Cvetkovic

7:45 Tristan from Yugioh the Abridged Series follows No Bullshit. No wonder he is so dumb.

Jacktheripper2000 pro gamer

Dont elevate anyone let it be a meritocracy


He should change his name to "nothing but bullshit"

Ralphel Beverly

I watch no bs I like his content but I really wish he would react better in interviews also the thing about him he’s really abrasive so it comes off as an attack rather than a point. But I’d say attacking him in a video really contradicts you because you say your sick of him attacking your viewpoint while attacking his.Where does the conservation go because now it’s just two people who disagree and doesn’t care to listen. Also yeah I recently found you channel open to discussion about anything

David Henry

"Extort Marvel for more cash"
They aren't strapped for cash! ??

Sibb Wolf

Every time NoBS/quartering/co claim Brie Larson's unattractive, I find her that little bit more attractive. It's clear who has the intellectual highground.

StrawberryJam Skye

Oh yes NOBS old argument that ANY representation is just WOKE AND SJW PANDERING... This oughta be good

Morrigan Arianrhod

Wow I didn't realize that women can only be seen on tv if they are sexy enough

Kevin Chong

Lol Someone sure has the hots for Tom Holland

Darth Theo

Black panther has a year on brie? Um, no ... Civil War came out in 2016 and Captain Marvel came out in 2019 ... that's 3.


The film set in Africa has black characters, wow, such woke. Much pandering.

Sorry, I couldn't help but think of the doge meme, good video.


He is full of it. But Marvel has done some bs in the recent past. Mandalorian though? Ka-Ching! Lets forget Darth Binks though.

Rendom Stranger

I noticed an editing error at the 8:30 mark. You spliced your voice in while NBS was still talking. I'm completely in favour of you talking over NBS but I thought you should know.

Hybryda Art

the NBS have the same problem as some SJW... just the other side of the scale, he sees SJW propaganda everywhere... Just as SJW see patriarchy and -izms everywhere

Lance Zimmer

He has one point correct, it is for money.

Joshua Kephart

No bs says that replacing Batman or superman with another dc hero would not make since. I'm guessing he never watched young Justice in that show black
lightning got way more attention among other things I just hope he doesn't ruin it. He just bitching because Hollywood is not targeting only him anymore


Hey Suris - Is the music mentioned towards the end of this video's description the background music or the outro music? It doesn't appear to be the outro; I kind of like it (the outro). The Batman/superhero vibe is really nice. Cheers!


This guy is just a living incarnation of the slowpoke meme. Brie Larson and her movie being lame is old hat.