Profit taking

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Lesson 13 - How to Exit a Trade and LOCK in PROFITS!

77 843 views | 24 May. 2017

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vivien danskin

These videos are amazing

Mark zabelis

You CAN risk more that your tp.If you know what you are doing.

John K

I would say the 1st entry point would be at the initial breakout just above the prior high. Then half your position at the first new high. Then buy the first green candle to break the higher high. Increase your stop as you go so you don’t get stopped out too early. Or alternatively, if there is a good pre-market setup, with high volume and a low float, buy it right out the gate.

Oswald Hall

why not use a trailing stop loss?

Vault Von

Stock don't move that way. It's always random

Engr George

I need a serious help

Cds Cds

Hi great vid. What time frame is your example in?

Starve Marve

Perfect voice, perfect animation, perfect speed, perfect visual explanation.

nilbert pacheco

Been downloading your videos to learn to trade effectively. Hopefully these will be applicable to forex trading. Thank you

Kate Jerry

You all should know that it not all about percentage lost and risk taking, but try to make your emotional work with your dreams, Only a good mentor is recommended for me at Dennis__forex09 on Instagram and making huge profits and zero withdrawal fee.

B Al

I didn't understand for a beginner to be honest,, it is like another language


Thank you.


Forex trading has been a life changing for me and my friends, I started investing $800 trading with Hitfxsandra on ig after 5 day's of trading I withdraw an huge profit of $10,000.. DM her on ig to start earning

kidous crony

Amazing video.

Sandipan Goswami


Sabin Sainju

couldn't find lesson 12

Abhinay Reddy

I love that voice.. even a 3 year kid can understand this vid

Palmer S

Who knew BA would still be at a similar price 3 years later lol

sparcx86 Channel

its so easy analysing past data. when you are trading real time, its never like that.


Thanks for the live examples.

Abere Denis Iokou

Powerful video

Profit taking

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Ultimate Altcoin Profit Taking Strategy - Minimize Risk & Maximize Gains

7 973 views | 10 Dec. 2020

Unrealized profit is not

Unrealized profit is not profit. When coins are pumping hard, it is easy to get greedy and hope for another 2x pump. But more often than not, you will time it wrong. This video will help you find optimal take profit levels regardless of your trading skills.


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Financial Underground Kingdom Crypto

its not as easy as it looks ;)


This is awesome! Thank you for sharing!

Scott Vigil

20% out every 50%up. Very nice ? I am a band holder. I stuffed mine into staking for 17%. For staking if it takes 21 days to unlock your coins, is there any way to try and time spikes?


what kind of time horizon is typical for, say, an 8X of a typical strong steady coin (not some crazy rare gem pump)?

John Brooks

Thank you for sharing!

Tim Schierenbeck

Very good, thank you man!!

Fernando Nielsen

Another time.- Great content Denome !

Pogitsu Ph

excellent work! data-driven backtesting.

#BAND is a nice example :)

it's always good idea to lockin profit especially if you already have massive gain.
after all, it's always about probability.

Thinking Tomorrow

Excellent work. Thanks for the spreadsheet.

Ankit Aharwal

once let the my exams end, I will make a program to test all cryptos from their listing time using your strategy


Appreciate your hardwork!


Great guide with useful tips! I just wanted to ask you how do you manage a position with multiple entry points. Do you average the price somehow and adjust the sell levels? Let's say you re-evaluate the potential of a project and would like to add more or to reinvest the profit made back in?

x Peryskop

I needed this video in January of 2017

W Ctw

Instead of "loss" this should be called "opportunity cost"

Tommi Saltiola

Its ok strategy for some coins I dont have conviction of holding on to for long term until the ₿ trend reverses. I have some estimations of how high ₿ will climb and before its there I sell 0% of the altcoins because they are going to pump with ₿ and peak after ₿.

Jakub Kowalski

seeing from now you having so many EGLDs makes you a really good investor :D

Artemas Perine

I appreciate the video. I've been trying to figure out the best way to take profit! I will definitely start using this strategy.


Great video, thx Denome

Chris Kyle

Awesome man, love your spreadsheets, thank you so much!! Gonna take some profits now!!

AbdurakhmonSpeaks German

I think he is an engineer as I also use excel to plan anything, I really loved this content, please share if you have entry strategy like this.

Cedric Riveau

WOW! Seriously, you could sell this, but your community profits from all you are willing to share! My deepest thanks for this "Ultimate strategy Google sheet". Un immense merci Denome ! ?

Wayne de Villiers

Awesome Video. Thanks for the great tips

Siim Lomp

Cool stuff, thanks.

Max Ali

You're an absolute legend !!

Johnny Ahlström

Amazing work. Wish Youtube would have an 18x? button .


Great content.
Please make a video about Bondly, they just got partnership with ADA??


All right fellows, bow to the Crypto spreadsheet Master here !
Thanks @denome for this tremendous and interesting work you offer to us

Alex Bell

Literally happened with CRO for me.


Thank you sir

Ma Kna

Great! Cashing out my investet Capital at 3x is my Stategie!


The link in description for coinstats doesn't work for me in Australia. Any chance you've got a promo code I can use? thanks

Josh Mason

Perfect video


Amazing! its been said a lot but I really appreciate it a lot


You said you dollar cost average when coins drop, but when do you bail? I made several big mistakes early on buying (shit)coins based solely on staking percentage. But I kept holding on hoping they'd eventually go back up. When do you DCA on dumps vs selling to cut your losses...or at least not continue to purchase?


If you not considering the reinvestment of profits in your workings, massive holes in the process. This is optimal strat for not reinvesting, but no1 will not reinvest. Also, will you change it for market cap of a coin? Also taxes affects should be mentioned. Obviously you cannot think of everything as so many variables. Still enjoyable video and gives everyone things to think about.


Found a real gem YFDFI Finance a great new defi project with chain link integration and some great partners.

Abe Onboard

You sound like you're from Finland?


What if you do decide to keep dollar cost averaging in as the price is still rising? Do you just increase the amount of coins you pull out when you hit your targets?

Siddharth Sachan


Darko Popovic

This is fantastic! You rock! Thank you so much!

Dread Mining

Super good! Thanks so much


Loved it! Thanks so much


Denome, this is an excellent video. Thanks for your thoughtful and helpful analysis. Can I suggest the following future topics: 1) risk management strategies to implement when first entering a position (eg initial stop loss, scaling out or in when the price goes down etc) and 2a) trailing stop loss ideas to match your scaling out to take profit OR 2b) the merits of trailing stop loss ideas versus the scaling out to take profit approach as discussed in this video. Appreciate our consideration.


Someone's been watching coin bureau ;)


Thanks for the content.
I would add price going down as well to measure how much you limit your losses with the models.
Best case you add the curves of maybe five different coins, similar to what you may use the models for, to compare to realistic cases.
What I mean is how well the models would hold up if a coin for a example goes up 3x, then down 25%, then up again 50% and then maybe flattens out.

Do you mean that even after 18x you would keep 40% in the coin? That seems very high to me ?

What you refer to as a loss, you could call "divergence from maximum gain" or something similar. I am sure that there is an expression for it that we do not know ?

James Smith

Hi denome, quick question ~ You've used $1000 as an example in the tables you've set up in that spreadsheet. Do I change the values I've invested eg $750 under the headings "Otherwise" & "In Coin" to see the profits change?

Sean Cullen

A spreadsheet is a great idea..I always use one, with TA as a guide on where to take profits. A good spreadsheet makes you much more likely to pull the trigger when price hits your target as you've already outlined all the profits you're going to receive at every point. And it feels so good to have some money back in your pocket. Peace of mind. Also, it allows you the freedom to scale back into mini dumps for quick trades with some of the profits you've already taken out. Don't know if you have this in your sheet but I add a 'sell all' column will tells you how much you'd make if you sold everything at each point along the way...by comparing with the cumulative total of your incremental sale strategy, you can see that it's often not worth waiting until late to sell everything as you don't make that much more than a good incremental sale strategy for the extra risk associated. I know I'd rather have the profits banked and the sheet allows you to see it plain as day.

Rubz Commz

Sir how does this applies to those token that are farming? This applied to the rewards gain or include the farming token also, Thanks

Edward Ren

Exactly me.


Wow, this is excellent. I've learnt a lot. :))

Ben NG

very useful content !!! thank you :)

rocco shotorbani

oh come on wat is this strategy only wen my crypto 10x u dont cover coins wen they 100x or 1000x taking fifty percent at 2x 3x ur strategy dont look beyond 250 usd profit and so on i have 30k in one crypto it doubled already u want i sell 25% or wat this strategy only for small crypto holders toddlers per say


Bro you are the best, thank you

3zero5 Design

Great content. Thank you for doing all the leg work for us @denome

Alim Baytekin

Thank you @denome, I was trying to come up with a similar thing and I have been making peanuts with limit buy and sell. in some cases, I couldn't get any profit but the loss of future profits. I believe this sheet will help people to discipline their mental strength.


Hey denome! This is awesome. So when you say take 20% after a 50% pump, do you mean 20% of the initial investment? Or 20% of whatever the current balance is?

Kaaris Deusette

I know the feeling too well???

Douglas Gee

Thanks for the time and effort you put into the spreadsheets and video

Ubia Chike

Why sell away your precious Bitcoin or ETH, just make money from price movements, checkout Level01

Bryan Kho

I couldn’t sell my band because I staked them all ??‍♂️

ố ö

@Denome when did you start investing in crypto ?

Shane Percival

Thank you!

Metal Bum

Thanks for sharing your nice strategy buddddy


Thanks for all the research

Rahul Thorat

Hey demone... I saw AAVE version 2 giving 30% staking reward for USDC. Can you please make an video. Whether its trustworthy. Please reply.

Andy Chan

pls review $mft if u can!!

Pogitsu Ph

man, qq pls
do you prefer using coinstats over blockfolio? I haven't tried coinstats.

Pat murphey

Great info! This is so much better than wait for a 2x than sell half or just HODL.


This tool is amazing! Thanks for sharing and all of your effort!
But how should I use the sheet if I have many different buy-ins at different price targets? Let´s say I make 20 buys of LINK. If I put every transaction in there it gives me 20 different results to sell a percentage of each part, but I think your calculator is designed for showing the whole investment of that coin and selling a percentage of it, no? I tried to come up with a different method but still couldn´t figure out a solution for this. Do you know how to fix that?
I also want to know; what does the "Buy"-box mean on the updated spreadsheet, is this the value you should put in a coin if it reaches the desired DCA target?

Crypto Comrade

Great overview on multiple strategies. I was wondering if you did test taking profits out in a progressive percentage fashion? The problem with selling fixed percentages is that, although you lock in profit early, you miss a lot of the big pumps. Of course, during a bear market I would say that this is the most interesting strategy. But taking into consideration that a bull market is most likely ahead, wouldn't you consider to go risker and take progressively bigger percentages as the price goes up, allowing you to capture more of the big rises in price?


Great vid man, your one of the stars in this space.

Andreas Ursin Hellebust

You keep giving me the absolute highest value of all the crypto youtubers. Amazing! I have always wondered this. Thanks for another GREAT video ???

َABD Dehghani

It was intersting

patrick ryan

Amazing tutorial. Thank you!


Great video!


Terve, katso läpi Wisetoken ja te siitä jakso jos sä luulet että se näytä kiinnostavalta. Tulee uniswap 31 joulukuu.

William Price

It is crazy how much fees eat into this

Dave North

Top Quality VALUE from denome again. This content is worth trading your time for

Profit taking

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Stock Market Profit Taking Strategy

27 664 views | 28 Mar. 2019

Stock Market Profit

Stock Market Profit Taking Strategy: When is the best time to take profits when trading stocks?

Timing the exit is one of the most difficult tasks for traders, and most people exit either too early or too late and leave profits on the table. In this video, I show you my favorite stock market profit taking strategy.


✅ First, subscribe to my channel here so you never miss a new video: https://bit.ly/3aLKLDz

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? Outside of the U.S.? Check out Interactive Brokers' amazing platform: https://bit.ly/2M2m6DN

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tastyworks, Inc. (“tastyworks”) has entered into a Marketing Agreement with Rockwell Trading Services, LLC whereby tastyworks pays compensation to Rockwell Trading Services, LLC to recommend tastyworks’ brokerage services. The existence of this Marketing Agreement should not be deemed as an endorsement or recommendation of Rockwell Trading Services, LLC by tastyworks and/or any of its affiliated companies. Neither tastyworks nor any of its affiliated companies is responsible for the privacy practices of Rockwell Trading Services, LLC or this website. tastyworks does not warrant the accuracy or content of the products or services offered by Rockwell Trading Services, LLC or this website. Rockwell Trading Services, LLC is independent and is not an affiliate of tastyworks.

Pedro Rodrigues

Thank you for this! Searched up “how to take profit” and couldn’t have asked for a better video. +1 subscriber.

Mike Garner

I’m new to trading. I started with a $1000 and am learning as I go. I’ve had some big fails along the way and it wasn’t until last night that I built a spread sheet to see exactly how I’m doing. When I look at commission fees and my profit/loss I am shocked at how fees add up and losses I forgot about are still part of my journey. BUT, my leaning is evident in time and experience. Your video will be super helpful in controlling the game. Home runs are great but I have to learn to take profits while they are available and not cry when I do take profits... and the stock still climbs. Thanks Markus H. I knew there had to be a strategy for managing risk. I do have one question. Maybe it’s a novice one but I’ll still ask... 2% doesn’t give a lot of room before some stocks would trigger a sale. When I purchased MARA or LCA these fluctuate a little before they climb. Both would probably be automatically sold at the 2% stop loss threshold. Do you buy back in if your convictions are high enough? And at what level?... assume as low as possible? Thanks.

100 fold return

That sounds like a great strategy. Thanks for sharing!


I see how this can be beneficial.

I am glad I read this early in my trading career.

Divinely Inspired To Empower

Hi Marcus, great video. Thank you so much!

David Haylett

The first part is clear. Take 50% off the table after 2 x risk. But what happens if price doesn’t hit the second profit target? Do you just leave it until you are stopped out?

Ilove Jesus

I like strategy. Thanks for sharing with us!

Doron Tsirulnik

OK :) But if the stock keeps going up you could have made double the money...
and if you are out of a GOOD stock, you will need to buy at a higher price... So you sell and wait for the next Drop to buy again?


Say you sell and make some profit, but ultimately you want to get back into the stock, how would you go about doing that?

Kartik Bhalala

plz reply

Ry Michael

Do you ever sell enough to hold a small position in a stock, which would essentially be a free position for a long term play?
Ex 100 shares XYZ
Sell 90 shares to recoup your investment + small profit
Hold 10 shares for free and play a long position on them
Thanks for your videos


awesome explanation! thank you


Thank you very much. I have been thinking on how profit taking works thanks to you now I know

Keith Ramirez

Finally was able to find a good strategy appreciate you grateful for you sharing !!!

John .Clark

Great video, thank you for sharing. What do you like to do if the stock moves parabolically up after you take the first half off the table? Any stop management ideas if it shoots past your target?

Renée Fratturo

this is hard I am not a math person, I will listen a few times again.


Sweet strategy!

Kartik Bhalala

Thanks sir, I am learning lot from your channel.

My math:

1) Take 1/3 position initially with stop loss.
2) If stop loss hits then i can lose only 1/3 from my 2% risk.
3) but if trade goes into my direction then i will add 2/3 of my position.
4)Now at certain point i will take half of my profits and move stop to break even.

is this good or bad approach?


Wall Street bets would have a problem with this sound advice.

Steve Taylor

Yeah but what about if It dips right to your stop loss trigger then skyrockets?

Major Vibes

And I forgot about all that leverage,u can safely wield

Raul Batista

Nothing like taking advice from Jesus.

ajmal aju

You did a video about powerx..could you please make a video about manual exit from a trade.. I mean, is there any idea in stochastic or macd to exit the trade.. Your powerx analyser is automatically saying when to exit.. Can you do a video about manual exit indication from macd or stochastic.. Thank you in advance... I studied when to enter and I don't know when to exit... Please sir this is a request from me..

Dee Charles

What if I take the 50% lock in that profit and reinvest in the stock?

Fatih Topaç

simple & smart, tnx

Nels Anderson

Concentrating on your own profit line, which seems to get lost in the shuffle, is the most important thing. Thank you for pointing that out.

Rick P

Thanx again Markus!

Jonn Connor

How do you decide whether a stock will be a stock that you trade vs. a stock that you'll hold long term?

David Haylett

Let’s say the profit target is 3 x ATR as in the Power X strategy book. A common scaling out strategy would then be to take 50% off the table as the first target is reached and then bring the stop to break even, and then perhaps set another profit target of a further 3 X ATR (6 x ATR from the original price). So if 1 ATR = 4 dollars, 3 x ATR = 12 dollars (first target). Let’s say I have 10 stocks. If the first target is reached and I take 50% off the table, then I will take a profit of 60 dollars and bring the stop to break even so I can’t lose on the trade.
The problem is though that the second target of 6 x ATR will have to be reached to get another 60 dollars profit because the position size has been reduced by 50%. This is the same total profit (120 dollars) as if the whole position was closed at the first profit target. This makes no sense as price has to travel twice as far to make the same profit.
It only works out if price travels further than 6 x ATR as in the example. But how likely is that? I don’t know the answer to that but if it’s less than 50% then long term this doesn’t work out. I’d rather stick to the profit strategy in the book - a 100% profit take after 3 x ATR.
An interesting alternative might be to just place a buy trade and then let it run until the first Power X red bar occurs. I haven’t tested it out but it looks very promising on a lot of momentum stocks that are trending up.

Hao Lu

Hi Markus, thanks for the video.
Would you say this is an advanced version of the golden rule (sell all the shares for profit at double the risk), and is better?

Major Vibes

Thanks u confirmed another strategy I honestly cooked up myself,but u fined tuned it so well for me!! Thanks again$$$$$$

Jesus Sosa

Hi Markus, nice video. Now, how would you tackle overnight declines? For instance, when you set your Stop-Loss at $99 for the remaining 50 shares but the stock price opens at say $90 the following day, obviously not allowing your stop-loss trigger to fire at the $99 set price

Eron John

Awesome video for a newbie like me, Thanks so much!

Jason tradinghigh

Brilliant!!!...I'm really enjoying your channel ??

Abdullah Al-Shimri

wow 2% stop loss

Tracy Hudson

Well done,thankyou for your interesting information. Very good safe trading tactics.

Richard Hart

If I have 140 shares and have a profit of $130.00 during the day and want to take my profit, is it OK to sell just enough shares that equal the profit? My buy in cost was $11.41, so I sold 11 shares to recoup the profit, is this create any problems?

Chi Jade Tran

"I am going to make myself smaller... actually I am going to disappear"

Ryan 508

I understand the strategy and I agree it's simple math and the easiest way to take the least amount of risk, but with only having 3 day trades per week this is difficult to maximize your profits no? You could essentially use 2 DT's pretty quick? I'm very new to trading, and I'm trying to grasp it rapidly lol.

Dave DFW

thank you that was useful

willi kurniawan

Hi Marcus , great video. Just want to ask you. Aside from the 200 dollar that you've made, how about if the second 50 shares doesn't reach the target profit. Let's assume the price goes up to 106 and then retrace back. Would you take the profit as soon as it retrace to 105 or do you wait until it reaches the target? Thanks before

Major Vibes

Thanks again

Nana K. K. Nana

Hey Markus, I have a question on your three indicators. What do you mean when you said you will buy a stock if you see the RSI and Stochastic above 50 with MACD also above the yellow line? How far should the above 50 be? Will you still buy if you see above 50 around 55, 60, 70 etc. Thank you.

Misty Lane

Learning to understand profit now. Thank a lot.

Major Vibes

But my strategy is that u build and strengthen long term stocks,create new stocks off of that profit, and buying it back when it dips! Not to mention the new$ u put into it,all while grooming other positions along, and compounding them with real estate dividens,stock dividens,oh and I forgot to mention put it all on steroids with options!!! Leap yr options ?????????


Fantastic post get that money :)

Daniel A

good strategy. Thank you

I Serbest

Thx for info sir

jay MILL

?nice straight and simple thanks

Shaheer Khan

Can someone do a tldr pls

Cds Cds

Hi wow. Another tip i should have learnt at the start! What strategies can be adopted to calculate a profit target on a stock?

Xingjian Chen


Rog Solaris

Great video thank you, but I still have a million questions about certain details. 1) When you say risk only "2% of your account," what does that mean exactly? Let's say my total "account", all my positions and holdings, are valued at 27,000 on the day. Does that mean that the next trade I enter, I would risk a maximum of $540 (2%)?
Also, around 5:38, you are still looking to make $10 when it is at 104. You mean you are hoping the 104 goes up to 114 right? To get the $10 on the remaining 50 shares?

Fernando Dumuk

Brilliant strategy! As soon as there is profit, take it and reduce the risk.Will apply it tomorrow. Thanks.

Jonn Connor

This video was incredibly helpful! Thank you so much for the wisdom. I am going to use this in my trades moving forward.


So if I have 1050 shares @ 28.11 and the stock is say 50.00 How do i take profit and still stay in ?? i think this company will go to 150 some day . I would like some profit now though. Thank you .

sunil kumar saini

i watch ur study everyday nice #sunilkumarsaini

Ice & Summer

This is good. What about taking it to the next 50%? If you take 50% again when you hit 110, then move again your stop loss to 104?

I.A.S Gaming

Hi , I would like to know , how if I sell only the profit I had make it ?

Rush shot that Media

Great stuff!!!


I like the way you explained this, thanks!

Melanie Dennis

After selling half and taking profits - can u buy back the stock later?

Ben MT

It really works great!!!! (On paper ?)