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Buyer Beware: Crypto Scam Stocks!

35 views | 23 Dec. 2017

Buyer Beware: Crypto Scam

Buyer Beware: Crypto Scam Stocks!

New to Cryptocurrency...check out this video first: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8zKuoqZLyKg

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Maidsafe stock

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MaidSafe Profit Interview

2 027 views | 27 Sep. 2016

I just cut out the parts

I just cut out the parts that talk specifically about how MaidSafe can earn profits and become very valuable from today's hugely insightful interview with Nick Lambert.

Kirby Yael Cabrera Noriega

esta chula

Cootie Kente

How about an update for 2018?

Plex ASM

MaidSafe is very exciting! Pretty genius concept


good focus on profits

Maidsafe stock

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Web 3.0 Is Close, Are You Ready? My Top Picks Are....Not Ethereum!

14 536 views | 30 Nov. 2018

The internet as we know

The internet as we know it is about to be transformed. Devices will be protected from intrusion, data will be transferred person to person, and that data will be owned by its rightful owner…the person who created it. Cryptocurrency projects based on blockchain technology are leading the way, laying the ground work for a better and new tomorrow. Which projects are leading the way? Tune in to find out Chico Crypto’s top 3 picks!

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⏰Time Stamps⏰

00:08 Beer Intro Riesdorff Kolsch, Germany

00:41 Introduction To A Decentralized Internet aka Web 3.0

01:38 Number 3 Pick Is......

04:31 Number 2 Pick Is.....

07:49 Number 1 Pick Is....

10:29 Conclusion On Web 3.0

?Watch Again?

Reviewing Crypto Code ??https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xDHSNW9L6fw

Elastos Monetizing Data??https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2QnHGJ1EmdM

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This information is what was found publicly on the internet. This information could’ve been doctored or misrepresented by the internet. All information is meant for public awareness and is public domain. This information is not intended to slander harm or defame any of the actors involved but to show what was said through their social media accounts. Please take this information and do your own research.

Supur Man

Chico, Chico Party Time: Reissdorf is from Cologne, Germany [Köln, Deutschland]


Actually MaidSafe's current node count are irrelevant, as the network isn't launched yet. What's important is the design of MaidSafe's SafeNetwork because of the fact that it is blockchainless it had no bottlenecks for scalability and there is no trade-off between efficiency, decentralization and privacy. And above all, it is the only network that will be autonomous.

Lee Sin

dude...the hairs if i saw you the first time i would think you a hobo...lol

Henk Jan Hosselaar

Kölsch means from Cologne as far as I know


According to Rong Chen, a DApp = no third parties or intermediaries. Elastos will be first to come out with a true decentralized application.


Bought ELA today ?

abcd xx

Web 3.0 could be a internet with air built into it would be lot more cooler than crypto

Faith and love

Still drinking?

Neil's Staking Journey - student loan pay off

coinbase and nano ledger support would nice for elastos

Umesh Ca

You will need to consider Nexus.! They have partnered with LISP which is a overlay network to current internet that addresses lot of issues in current network. They have working QR resistant blockchain and working on 3D chain and advanced contracts

Shamim Akhtar

The tennis player I mean is called James Spencer ‘Jim Courier’ and he from Florida. Is that him??

Louis Henderson

Hey Chico do you know about the SUBSTRATUM project????

Paulius Bartaska

I love Your quality videos with deeper insights. Keep doing bro!

NickStar 007

Hey Tyler, great vid! I’ve also heard about the Solid project of Tim Werner Lee. Do you know anything about that project, and what is your stance on it?

Keep it up!

yes no



Maidsafe is older than Bitcoin? Wow didn’t know that

Kay Si

Bet he is shilling that shitcoin ELA again



Fingo Trillon

watroitow coin +700% is the best coin in the
world for
shopping online system worldwide
and Sale-Buy-Trading & Exchange
on broad trading floor.

Joel Ashton

You still accumulating elastos at these levels Tyler?

Kruptos Denarius

No Dfinity or NKN???

Mynor Portillo

I was really thinking you would of mentioned Skycoin on this one brobro.

Michael John Scott

Dude, we are in a Beer Market......

Lelle Post

Miss your show! When do you go live again?

Thomas Whelan

Can't take you seriously if your not putting eos in your top 3, you must be offering sup oh man services for shitcoins ha ha. Eos is ready for market and flying. Phenomenal gains being had staking on eos daps off setting losses from the bear market, watch what happens to eos holders in the next bull run. Elastos is a decent project and they're ahead of Etherium, new and cardano but they're still not ready for market and Eos will be established by the time any of these. I feel for your listeners smh

Charles Fuchs

I ca'n't even use any of those damn coins. lol

david carroll

Great info

Thank you

Jakob Winter

When it comes to the future of the internet, for me the best bet is Holochain!


Have you had a look at substratum? ive heard they are building on their eco-system with a new exchange to run on their decentralized web.

Allan Leal

Why not Ethereum?

ScottyP Crypto

Great vid again.

Tony G

ELA all the way.

crypto Money

OWN (CHX) STO platform released masternode info today before main net in December. Check out a crypto that is going up in a bear market not down.

John Davis

Elastos and Skycoin

Allen V

Chico, I really appreciate your continued posting and support of the crypto community. Your presentations help me immensely to understand projects. Cheers!!!!

blintor zabat

IHOP Coin. It's really sweet. OK, OK, Monero - because if someone sees how much BTC you have (and a small amount today could be HYUUGE some day), that could have bad results. Enjoying your professional vids, Tyler!

Quality Design Apparel

That beer is from cologne germany... Thanks for all that Information!


anyone buying NEO????

Snorre Hjoelquist

Who writes all this stuff he's reading from a prompter??

Winston Sawyer


john paul

Love Maidsafe, & David Irvine. In 2019, the only coin i see breaking coinmarket cap is going to be this! If you watched Ralph breaks the internet, you will see the safenetwork somewhere in the show.

Ak tech

This guys on coke lmao



Brawl Stars Fights!

What about BAT?

Peterjh Hoey

these ela units does any1 know when or if theyll be avalible outside of china ?

Charles Coombs-Esmail

For Elastos, DApps do not need to be coded in C++. C++ ends up running in the VM, but through reflections/CAR, developers can code in other languages such as Java and JS, or any language eventually. Developers can call methods in Java, but the methods are implemented in C++. So basically libraries slowly get built up for each language, where someone has to implement the method in C++ (code contributors/CR contributors). From a DApp developers point of view, they will just be calling methods in their own favorite language, and CAR/reflections will have that code automatically call the proper C++ code to be executed.


So funny seeing this with today’s knowledge..


watching this in 2020 ,still relevant and great! Thanks !


Are you in or out?

SA msung TOSHI ba NAKA michi MOTO rola

World don't need blockchain and government will not allow any kind of decentralization or privacy.
They like Facebook and shit like that,big brother .......



Frank Busby

where can you buy blockstack please?


What about Substratum?


What are your thoughts on Skycoin? They’re building a new internet that is independent from ISPs a key distinguishing factor from other projects. They already have over 9000 nodes online too and are also one of the older projects in the crypto space.

Patel Crypto

All Paid ICOs shilled lol.....

DazzFire - Rhiannon

ELASTOS! I knew (and hoped) that would be number one. Still buying and holding!

Crypto Crapto

Hi Tyler ....in your intro you are with Colin Closser of Peer Atlas. Is that still a thing ? or has it folded ? ELA all the way baby !!!

Catalin Udrea

Chico we have the THEKEY mainnet 1 month early we need a new video about them

Anna Nas


Chris Dennehy

Can you do a video on substratum?

Jack Pot

SHIFT is more advanced in development than any of your shilled coins. Don't believe it? Check out https://www.shiftproject.com/ , their website is currently hosted decentralized on Phantom, the first Shift's killer Dapp. Still don't believe it? Run your own node on SHIFT testnet and start uploading your own website or any kind of files right now! And you know what, you don't have to download any new browser for that to work, you can use your usual browser! SHIFT = cryptocurrency + Dapps + IPFS = winner!

Daniel Rays Water Hazelton Ortiz

Holochain Maidsafe
Holosafecoin HE BE ME

Borrego S

ELA and ADA!!


ELA #1...what about SUB and NKN?


Use to be a bitcoin millionaire now I'll settle for a dogecoin :-((

Steven Foo

4:39 incepted in 2006?? BTC wasn't even out then?

Dom Lux

I know you're a big ELA fan but glad you showed some love to MAID as well. Both great projects.

Na Od

Reissdorf Kölsch - best!


You can't talk about a web 3.0 if you ignore the semantic web. And the only project that is formally integrating SOLID is the SafeNetwork.
Btw, you can't seriously expect an internet running on blockchains.

Zambala Senpen

great presentation bro. Thanks.

Frank Inglis

Thank you for all your hard work in this space Tyler, really appreciate it.

Evan Schwartz

Can you share your thoughts on Holochain and the Holo Dapp web hosting solution ?

CryptoS World

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Ah shit, I fucked up man. Half my porto consists of ETH.

Matthe van Daalen

ELA is not on Binance, so: fail


Put the beer ? down and be a man ✌?

dj Kaleido

Damn man your research makes other crypto youtubers look like pure shit. keep hustling my dude!


you da man T!! Can't stop stacking Elastos...... I have a problem!! yewwwww


Hey Tyler what is the instrumental on the intro? Sounds nice ‼️


Great Job Tyler, very interesting update on two I haven't thought about in a while. Thanks mate.

yes no

You are always drunk

Eliot HD

The good thing about Maidsafe is that there will be no need for a bitcoin blockchain, which spends too much energy and all the problems along with it, and best of all. .fully autonomous, open source, once alive there will be no single authority to control or shut it down! It will be light fast, too! Any one can lend part of their hard drive to store a bit of info from the chain and earn money for it! Disney has just put the Safenetwork logo on Ralph breaks the internet!.. So I guess, this project is promising!

Crypto Fink



I had a question on ela wallet on your last vid could u please answer. Do we still need to have a eth address registered to our ela wallet?

MǾø Hà

you're missing Cardano ???

Sunjay Desai

Just enjoy your drink and stop yacking dude, Binance is fine!

Gonzalo Téllez Lazo

Blockstacks is a good project, why you dont talk about in the present?


we'll have to wait for the nsa to come out with one before its real tbh.


Heck yeah!


Where’s substratum?

ashish dwivedi

thought on xbi??


Ok I'm starting to realize this channel is a Elastos schill group. Dislike, Unsub & good luck

Nickolai Kautezki

#SAFENetwork is the shit! They’re still killing it in this downturn. PARSEC, dynamic membership, disjoint groups, RDF/SoLiD integration, Data Chains, node ageing, the list goes on. https://safenetwork.tech

Jayron Janis

No SkyCoin/SkyMiner/SkyWire? Hmmm

Per Remme

Wha.. ??. how can you bypass Skycoin??




Thanks for, at last, giving people an overview of Safenetwork. As far as I know, Maidsafe are not in a hurry to have huge numbers of nodes up and running until they thoroughly test the beast. IMHO, Maidsafe marketing is a good bit short of inspiring but the project is solid. They have been working on it longer than Elastos and they are smart people. I've been waiting more than 6 years to see what projects emerge in this space to give us a truly decentralised, secure internet. Not many out there to date. Your breaking down the blockchain series was amazing. Maybe you can do a video sometime on Safenetwork even though it's not blockchain.? Meantime, we are all waiting out here for a project to free us from the current garbage. Maidsafe and Elastos are my top contenders.

Shamim Akhtar

Yo Chicco, there is a guy sat with u with ginger hair on the music bit at the start of every video u do. Ur both wearing hats and ur sat near a lake or something. I recognise him- is he a famous Tennis player?


ELA clear winner, no doubt! ?????


My body is ready for ELA 2021 baby!!