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Libertarian Confused by Basic Economics

25 785 views | 15 Oct. 2017

--Classic Interview: John

--Classic Interview: John Tamny, Columnist at Forbes, joins David to discuss Marco Rubio's economic plan and it turns out David and John can't agree on even the most basic economic principles

--On the Bonus Show: Private space companies surpass NASA, drones can deliver aid in medical emergencies, US traffic fatalities rise again, and much more...

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Troy Schulz

Libertarian economics is an oxymoron.

jaelynn zee

Yeah, the rich, and foreign rich, are buying up all the real estate properties and now no one can afford to even rent, much less buy! My rent is $660! For the bottom floor of an old single fam home. ZERO amenities, not even a garbage disposal, and no storage! Last week, a tornado took down the best feature, a huge, old oak tree. Ripped off!

jaelynn zee

This guy is delusional and the men of the US are ALWAYS holding out hope for becoming super rich. It's the same reason why people play the lotto! It's a scam that very few win and new huge industries like MS, Google, etc are FEW and FAR between.


Good points David but a more effective argument would include what the government does with the increased tax revenue from a higher top marginal tax rate as opposed to what the extremely high earner does with that same amount of money that he saves in taxes from a lower top marginal tax rate...in general, government spending results in more money in the hands of those with a relatively high marginal propensity to spend it in the economy.

Also, his point about the wealthy having more money from a lower top marginal tax rate resulting in more investment in start-ups (like Skype) could have been countered by pointing out that the total amount invested in start-ups in 2016 was $70 billion and that that is only 0.35% of the approx. $20 trillion in wealth held by the wealthiest 0.1% (mostly in readily marketable securities)....not to mention that the basic research for things like Skype was primarily funded by tax dollars (with a meaningful portion of that spending on funding going to wages and salaries of those with a higher marginal propensity to spend than those in the top marginal tax bracket).


(The rich.) It's not their wealth. It is wealth privileged to the 1% through a capitalist system of wealth redistribution from the bottom to the top.

Michael Davidson

Libertarian economics = the more money you let the wealthy keep the better it is for everyone! weeeeeeee! cue the fairy dust and magical unicorns.


Libertarians are egotistical assholes.


Taxpayers don't "pay for government"!! All dollars come from the government in the first place!! Learn MMT.


Libertarians definitely don't understand economics!! Right on war and drugs... pathetic on economics.

Andrew Bates

He is not even arguing David's points. He goes to generalized libertarian talking points. If this dude has a job I should be a millionaire.

Leigh Foulkes

I can not stand Libertarians at all. They are as bad as the religions zealots who believe the earth was created 6000 years ago. Their ideas are bat-shit crazy, they will never work and have been constantly been proven not to work.




this is beautiful


Libertarians are sociopathic economics wow what an idiot this guy works at Forbes haha
What a sham

Blackest Yang

David Pakman should feel ashamed. Picking on people below his intellectual weight class

Jeff Hallam

I am a Libertarian that does understand economics so please dont beat up Libertarians whom are the only help for conservatism.



TL K23

Libertarian equals bankrupt regular folks. Turn public schools into private, so I get back my tax money, but no way enough, go take out a loan for 20 30 40 50 years to pay for it. Koch lovers live in la la land. Great job, David.

Tommy Kelly

Libertarian capitalism is essentially financial Darwinism.

Shirin Delsooz

We need more interviews like this! lol.

Two Sheds Johnson

John Tamny is an economic genius compared to Pakman. When talking common sense (savings is redistributed throughout the economy in the form of loans), Pakman mentions "studies" that show different results. Studies are almost always ideologically driven (not a shocker here) and often times funded by ideological actors. Studies can show damn near any results you want as long as your methodology is tweaked to attain them. In this case, it's common sense that prevails and also the point that Tamny brings up...government should not be in the business of incentivizing/disincentivizing behavior of its citizens. That's the job of free markets.

Andrew Vernon

Though I do not agree with Libertarianism, this man made some good points. He's not confused, he just has different economic ideals. A lot of Libertarians really don't have a clue, but this guy has at least done his homework. I like the "classic Interviews" that you do on this channel. I like that you allow people a platform to speak even if you may not agree with them.

kim bye

Mind blown by how utter stupid this guy is. His argument is pretty much: Greed is good.

Juli G.

Libertarians are the worst.


what is 'basic' economics?

Jennifer Scott

As soon as someone tells me they’re a libertarian, I know I’m talking to a moron. I don’t see how any who graduated high school could take libertarianism seriously. It’s the kind of thing privileged suburban kids get into as teenagers to be rebellious —and then they grow up.

Brian Dang

THis guy is kind of stupid. Dave talked about point A. This guy talks about point B and claimed that Pakman "made the point for him". He cant stay on topic and actually listen to what pakman have to say. Fucking idiot

מתן יבגי

Can you interview peter schiff?

par Ja

hey ! its greg turkington!


Well, first thing we need to do is get rid of all tax loop holes... so if it says you pay 35%, YOU PAY 35%!

Two Sheds Johnson

David...you had a chance here to link us all to those studies that prove "beyond reproach" your argument about the benefits of investing over saving. Wonder why you didn't do that?

And maybe you can't agree on the "even the most basic economic principles" because you don't grasp them yourself. If recent studies show that savings doesn't produce the same multiplier effect over re-investing, it surely has something to do with destructive FED interest rate policy that disincentivizes savings that banks won't loan out because the interest rate rewards aren't enough to offset the risks of making those loans, and rather incentivizes "investing" (aka banks gambling with customer deposits in stock markets).

Jim Morgan

LOL! Whatever argument you come across just say
" you're making my point for me!" Apparently it's a valid argument in Libertarian land.
-Cop - You're under arrest for theft.
- Libertarian - "I'm innocent!"
- Cop - "we have camera evidence and eye witnesses"
- Libertarian - "But you're making my point for me!"


Libertarian political philosophy is based on Austrian economics. That locks them into supply side and things like "Say's Law."

Floridaman Code_e

At least the conversation was civil even without them agreeing on much.

Treantmonk's Temple

Does not know that 20% is lower than 39%. That's more than being confused by economics, that's being confused by elementary math. By the 10 minute mark, this guy is so destroyed he just keeps trying to strawman, and David keeps calling him out.

Merrilou Neigenfind

Libertarians are like Republicans but with colder hearts.

Vermithrax 77

6:30 was complete HORSESHIT! Bush was talking this HORSESHIT in 2001!!!


audio is not normalized


one argument is that tax policy distorts the capital markets

using your example, assuming you are right,

the rich guy that puts his money in equity instead of saving creates a bubble in the stock market and under capitalizes the bank relative to the "free market" equilibrium

New Harmony Naptown

A libertarian cites Downton Abbey? A show on PBS? That is, the Public Broadcasting Service? Something funded by taxes and available to all for free? I don't think the show teaches the lesson he thinks it does.

Occonner Wilderness

Bank loans are made of air the same way government makes money?


Nothing will ever beat that guy Sam Seder interviewed who argued that private courts should compete with each other.

A Skeptical Human

He thinks it's a bad idea for the people with the vast majority of income to pay the vast majority in taxes...OK then...


All wealth is created through labor. Capitalists get wealthy by controlling the product of other people's labor and natural resources. Even labor done by robots is the product of someone else's labor. Robots are just tools like a hammer. Someone had to invent and build those hammers. There is no reason technology can't be used to benefit everyone rather than to make a few people extremely wealthy and the rest of us dependent on their charity.

The 1% steals our capital thus making it impossible for us to create our own small businesses and cooperative enterprises. There is absolutely no reason there couldn't be a space-X or Microsoft like tech companies owned and operated by the scientists and engineers that work there.

alveolate hermeneutist


Dana Corbin

This guy is an ideological twat.

Hamud Mirza

David, you're a goddamn national treasure. This was ducking brilliant!

James Jones

We dont need ideology to know how the world works, we can just look at the world. Nothing is new.


He may not understand economics but don't try to shortchange him on a kickback.

Keatrith Amakiir

What a babbling idiot.....He kept changing his argument, being called out as incorrect then claiming that's what he was arguing....As always, libertarians are incapable of arguing within the bounds of factual reality


I just watched this about a week ago. You've had worse-informed libertarians than him.


Re ~8:00: Also of note is that, even if money saved in a bank was used to positive effect through loans, the more and more money one makes the easier and more attractive become offshore accounts and holdings to avoid tax liability. Those banks and services do absolutely fuck-all for local bank loans and interest rates. In addition, although new companies might create new jobs, those new companies are bound to fail if there are not enough customers to pay for the goods and services that company provides. A small business loan for a company that folds in a year from low demand is nothing but profit for a bank. If "new businesses" is going to be such a touchstone topic, I posit that without producing equal demand, it's unbalanced and ineffective.


david rule number 1 all teabaggers are confused by basic economics and cant do math

you see it all the time on sam seders show and my teabagging sister cant figure out much of anything when it comes to math

thx for this ha bisky vid i am finally starting to catch up in youtubeland

Ham Burglar

What an absolute bloodbath. David Pakman destroyed this dude. Well done David, well done.

jaelynn zee

Whoa! Capital gains went up a LOT since I sold off stock for college. It was hardly anything from year to year in the 90's

Suburban Humanism

Wow, this guy wrote a book on this garbage?


David is an idiot. He is pushing the notion that direct investment is better than savings, and the government should encourage it through policy.
There are interest rates for a reason... Interest rates naturally inform investers to save or invest depending on demand.

This is a free market principle. If you don't make policy encouraging savings or investment, people will naturally do whatever is most beneficial to society.

Tyler Davidson

New crypto miner! Daily withdrawals, fee free,  10% interest. Now is the perfect time to invest in this service. Check it out.

Nathan Gamble

I'm a libertarian, but it seems like most other libertarians don't even understand what libertarianism means.

I know it doesn't help economic growth, but we shouldn't be chasing economic growth for its own sake, we should encourage useful goods and services, whether they make money or not. Economic growth doesn't necessarily improve quality of life, availability of goods and services.

libertarianism means you support economic liberty, not that you want to get rid of the state or taxes (though in practice, nearly every person who calls themself a libertarian does... maybe I need a better word to describe my economic views - reform IP law, prioritise product over income, require more of businesses but give them more freedom to meet those standards).


Jeff Besos hasn't created anything, Tamny. His underpayed workers have created it all, Tamny. Do you call yourself educated, Tamny?


Tamny: My tax plan is a better way for the government to incentivise investment.
David: Actually, if you have a high income tax, and make money invested into your business tax deductable, it encourages even more investment.
Tamny: Investment is risky and the government should not be incentivising investment.
David: ????

Biking Viking

"it's not a world I'm familiar with"... was that a Freudian slip?

Drake Koefoed

Every time he moves beyond the most simple talking point, he switches to another point, and says something that sounds superficially all right. Then David moves in on that point, beginning to get him to lay out a position, and he switches again.

He has one point where David talked about the prophensity to spend, I think it was, and he says David can't back up the point he stated. We could stop the video right there, and I could search the point with a communist, a conservative, a liberal, and an afghan goat herd, and all of you would agree in five minutes. And this fool works for Forbes and has written a book!

Cassandra Winona

This guy is an idiot, he doesn't even understand the basics of banking and how they 'make money from nothing', this idea that banks give loans from the deposits is such old hack nonsense, never mind the fact he couldn't even get his head around this basic point.

Squange Flagion

Dude looks like he's on dope


Why does he keep looking at the big polar bear?

Supernova Kasprzak

You ought to have sources at the ready for arguments that you have to make regularly, David. Yes, I'm aware that there are many scholarly sources that tell us that the more wealth you have, the higher percentage of it you put into savings, but if I wasn't already acquainted with those sources and I merely heard you assert that they exist, I'd disregard your argument. Find the sources and cite them when you get into these arguments.

Jim Morgan

How stupid is this bloke? ... I need to know what's wrong with him..... ?


Wow. This guy (John Tamny) wants to live in a random third world Central American country.

NumChuck Lee

Del did not invent the pc, Bezos did not invent click to buy - you big dummy.


Libertarians can't even agree on what a Libertarian is

Max Speedster

Ayn Rand was on SSI.


Don't know if this is basic economics, but its not difficult to follow.


libertarians are useful idiots for the 1%ers

brandon gomez

this is why i wipe my ass with some fobes articles...

Ally Hosenbokus

David, you could get a more intelligent conversation with any drunk fallen under the shop guy in my country. I am not exagerating, this is how much your country is getting dumb.


He's an editor at Forbes and he doesn't get basic economics? Oh the irony!


Libertarians are the only group I have seen that proves 100% of the time that they are total morons who simply do not want to pay taxes and don't know diddly squat about economics. It's a party/ideology based in selfishness and short-sightedness. The natural conclusion to their ideology is feudalism and anarcho-capitalism.

Immortal SoFar

I usually define an anarchist as a libertarian with a grasp of basic economics. If you don't pay for it, it goes away so what are you going to replace it with? Currency, as we know it, is a share of society's wealth. If society no longer has a worth then it is worthless. Even precious metals (itself, pretty arbitrary since we can't eat it, wear it or shelter in it) are a medium for exchanging surplus production. No surplus, no value.


Are all libertarians this stupid? How the hell do they convince new generations of libertarians to follow their ideas? Oh, wait. It only convinces stupid people. Well, that was easy!

Sierra West

This guy keeps arguing that rich people need even more money in order to grow the economy. Who is the only group in the United States that has grown economically? Corporations and the ultra-wealthy have crushed the middle class. The middle class isn't even the dominating Force anymore. Pathetic excuses. This guy isn't stupid. He's just a greedy shill

Benjamin Baker

Hahahahahahahahah this was hilarious to watch his contradictions on investment


The government funded moon landing created the technology necessary for the technology in Apple and Android Microsoft and dell.


If he understood basic economics, he wouldn't be a Libertardian.

John Henrik

This guy is like a kid who didn't read for his oral exam in high school, but still tries to make it look like he knows his stuff.


Wow just wow.


Big pet peeve when people answer a question with something that isn’t an answer to the question


this fucker looks like Peter Stormare.

David Powell

Libertarian huh? Well, back in the 80's that meant do whatever you want without govt. interference because "theoretically" private enterprise was superior to the "inefficient" government. What most of us learned (not this fellow) in the next 30 years was that private companies can't be trusted to do the right thing and have absolutely no business screwing up our economy or ruining the environment. IMO govt. handling essential services (like healthcare, energy, transportation) is essential as is heavily regulating the large corporations to make sure they don't overly speculate and/or be bad corporate citizens. This guy probably believes in a flat tax since it appears his mindset is that it is ok to make Billions of $$$ and pay the same rate as a guy who works at McDonalds. I would like to see him squirm facing Bernie with his idiotic ideas. Anyway, the Trump supporters probably think similar to this guy - they are dangerous. And to say that Banks making loans to the "everyday person" is great for the economy? Well, it's great for the banks until the crash and then they get bailed out and it starts all over. DID HE NOT LEARN ANYTHING??

Nick K

Libertarians are stuck in the 1800s...They don't know how modern economics even works.


Ugh.. growing government.. Funny how he never talks of growing corporate power?


supply side was a different thing garbled into the new ideology in Reagans administration


He does a great job of showing that libertarian economics is not an economic system, it's a moral system, economics be damned.

Mr. Slas

This guy is an editor at forbes? Wow, i used to think they were a stand up organization.

Zoey Paige

I don’t have enough expertise in economics to take a side in “who was right”. However, a strong indicator to the uninitiated is that the guest, in addition to getting passive aggressive and defensive at points, frequently moved the goal posts and built straw men. In my experience one who has the “truth” on their side, or at least A truth, doesn’t need to do that.


Dumb people like this guy are gonna destroy the world.


Christ, nice fucking chin cam dude


John just wants to have the 1% hoard their money and then yell at David that they aren’t greedy. He really wanted to go that route. He also has a religious belief that the government can’t effectively “engineer” better outcomes. I say “religious” because it’s based on nothing and he’ll believe it till the day he dies. I think what we are looking at here is a guy that serviced the 1% as a financial services worker and this is essentially his self-serving sales pitch and self-preserving ego speech that he uses to hide guilt for feeding these 1% bastards. Ever know a pharmaceutical rep that would go on about how we need Lipitor in the water (when it actually adversely effects some people’s livers)? Yeah, it’s like that.

Andrew Mildenberg

A libertarian being confused by how things actually work?!
Gasp! Say it ain't so!


In what fucking world would the rich risk putting their money in bank accounts which gains a miniscule interest while being subjected to inflation rates reducing their total wealth.

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Libertarian Caller Forgets Why He Called Into the Show

78 344 views | 22 May. 2015

An "amazing" Libertarian

An "amazing" Libertarian caller wants to debate Reddit's new anti-harassment rule and it all devolves from there...

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So this moron that doesnt know a road is under a car, "got sam" ok bud ?

Erato IsYourMuse

He's drunk.


"Straw straw straw!"


I miss Michael Brooks... Having said that, this caller is painfully ignorant, or in terms he is more likely to understand, a moron.


Best way to humiliate a libertarian is simply let them speak.

Lucas lima

I thought this dude was trolling the first time he called in

Left AF

Facts is strawmaning ?


Libertarians sure are enjoying the fruits of capitalism in the form of reliable Internet and phone connecti.... Oh, that's right, regional monopolies.

Janos Marothy

Ok but let's be serious. Once you totally privatize the public sphere, the chilling effect on free speech is obvious, especially when it involves privately-owned tech platforms that are firmly plugged into the MIC and the national security apparatus. So yes, we can in fact talk about censorship with respect to social media.

People on the left think they're doing a very clever "by your logic" thing when point out that social media platforms are not in fact government entities. But by signaling their political assent to the further enclosure of our modes of communication, they inadvertently carry water for the imperialist national security-Silicon Valley complex by uncritically taking on board property rights in a discussion on freedom of speech. These are in fact opposing principles, and it's materially and therefore politically impossible to harmonize them in the long run.

In short, the lazy liberal argument is the smug "by your logic" maneuver, the principled socialist argument is explaining how freedom and property are indeed incompatible. This is an old clip, but 5 years on, people's thinking on this sadly hasn't developed much.



Max Malm

Why are Libertarians such bootlickers for corporations?

Thomas Medina

That's a lie Walmart don't give benefits they don't pay for any holidays or vacation. I know a few people that work for Walmart.

Seth Froman

Why do all libertarian have horrible cell service?

Eric Fouch

I'm putting this on my Youtube channel.

I haven't actually made a Youtube channel yet.

Papa Phoenix

This has no bullshit energy and I hate it

life’s a bitch

when you think you have outsmarted sam but you’re ACTUALLY a complete imbecile ? seriously, i wonder if you guys need a drink after talking to people like that!


Damn, this made my cheeks hurt.??


RIP Michael



Carlos Torres

These guys that call in and get like this must be grinning feeling like they won a huge argument when they are not taken seriously. Even worse is that they aren't taken seriously because they call in and talk like this where they say they weren't ready for a discussion. Then they get so excited whenever they feel like they have cornered Seder or that they have made an incredible argument. I wonder how Seder feels when faced with people who are illogical and then stand triumphant on that lack of logic in front of him who tries to just pull some evidence and point the conversation somewhere realistic. I will admit however that this does sometime become straw manning to some degree.

Sean Towse

He's just vibing on the line


Holy hell. This was great. How drunk was that guy?


Drunk dipshit dumbass ???

Eric Elemen


Lindalee Law

Please tell this guy saying the F word is a baby move.

Philip Gardner

Caller: clearly shitfaced
Sam: treats them as a normal person and ignores that they’re clearly shitfaced
Michael: cackling away at the absurdity


Libertarians sure spend a lot of time trying to silence others in their quest for free speech.


These never get old, and I'm gonna miss Michael's laugh.


FOS is not ultimate. You do not have the right, for example, to yell fire in a crowded theater, make terroristic threats against an individual or entity (especially the President), and, in some jurisdictions, you do not have the right to use foul language in front of children. The cops can arrest you for those offenses.

Ryan Young

literally stoned out of his gourd


Lol dude got his drank on!

Aemil Palm

Michael's laugh at 12:00


holy shit this is the dumbest person making the dumbest (non-)arguments i am pretty sure i have ever heard what a fucking moron and hes so smug and might also be the least self-aware person in the world

chetocraft Ramirez Roman

state of the union 2019

Michael Z

This caller better be stoned.


This video is the gift that keeps on giving when it randomly pops up in my recs. Thanks, YouTube algorithm.

Alex Myers

Anyone have the link to his channel yet?


Poor sap defending corporations, his life must be sad, or is he a ceo?

Eric Furman

Best twenty minutes of my life. Thank you for this, Sam ?

Alex Wing

Wow, Same got systemically owned in this debate.


“You called me!”

Kanye Quest

All the people who call in into this show are retarded lol There should be a vetting process before answering the phone I honestly don’t see the point on having people on for 22 minutes then call them a dummy because they’re opinions are inadequate It feels like I’m watching a change my mind with crowder who’s constantly debating college kids

Seán P

This is amazing


Did anyone ever find his YouTube channel?

Ed Huskins

Where do these people come from?

Your A Wizard Harry

this guy is just drunk enough to still be able to talk but too drunk to think about what he is saying.......

Nathanial Tompkins

How drunk was this guy?


Zing! 6:13

Pete Peterson

The dude has a point... he literally is a living strawman

B Stone

This caller should delete his social media and crawl into a hole.

I can’t believe people are this stupid.


This guy's an absolute moron

Ander Sanders

"you can't do that/say that, everyone is allowed to say/do whatever they want!"

The SunChaser

Sam Seder, the king of strawmaning

This Is A. Name

"I actually haven't made the YouTube channel yet" but I demand all your attention - the definitive Libertarian approach to society

Thomas Medina

big companies like Walmart, Amazon etc. Get money from the government to build their business and never give that money back. all they have to do is tell the government they creating lots of jobs for people and that money come from the taxpayers. But when taxpayers wants a living wage all the bitch billionaires and and I will government don't want to help the working class. The more people that work and the more money we make our economy could flourish. But we live under a stupid government.

Sven Svenkill

Is this Felix from Chapo House doing a bit?

Andrea Massari

This is the most hilarious thing ever.

Vinny Angell

drunk libertarian? this is going to be good, let me get my bong..


To me, I don't understand how a libertarian can get to the conclusion that wages should be left up to corporations. That the market will put pressure on them to pay better. The fundamental problem with that ideology is that it's assuming that there's an ample/infinite amount of jobs in the job market. In reality that isn't the case.

A perfect example is there's food place A and food place B in the same town. Let's assume they probably source their ingredients from the same places. So the thing that they truly can control is their labor. In order to out compete their competition is to cut the wages of their employees. Now the employees can easily leave to work somewhere else, but let's be real, the amount of jobs is limited so leaving ship will result in potentially not having a job (and in a libertarian society there's no unemployment benefits). So ultimately wages will get cut to the point where it can sustain the employees without having a true revolt (and maybe this is what libertarians truly want). The only labor that I potentially see not being impacted as much is very specialized labor. So basically what it sounds like to me is that libertarianism is classism.


Listening to this drunk/high Libertarian made me lose a few brain cells. God damn.


Dunning Kruger effect

Dineskumar Ragu

Libertarians are special kind of idiots

Seth Froman

“Everybody knew that.”
Well clearly you didn’t know what you drove your car on.
This guy is scary dumbbbbbb!!

Michael Z

The better $15/hr defense is how the incomes have not risen with the cost of living compared to company profits over the past 50 years.

Sky Howey

Coming back through Sam's libertarian videos and I gotta say, as sure as I am that this dude is drunk, Im also not sure cause Ive met and heard so many libertarians that just sound like this.

John Smith

This caller is so stupid. I wonder what his IQ is. Probably pretty low.

Daniel Alyxandor Dawkins

15:00 Best call ever


This is gold

Hareesh Nair

This dude is definitely on crack


this NEVER get's old. Caller was definitely high, right?

Egor Kotkin

The best call ever indeed.

Gonna miss MB.

Lindalee Law

Can we put libertarians all on one island, or town? I'd like to see them put into practice what they believe.
Unless they're Grizzly Adams, how will they make it real. Doing the practical, walking the walk, gives us a true idea .


It's Chad or James, or Raymond, or whatever name he wishes to go by.

mama m3

Boy how I missed Michael's laughter.

Nuki Radio

This guy isnt a libertarian..you'd have to UNDERSTAND ROADS first!

Lindalee Law


Scott Kay

Michael brooks and Patrice oneil best laughs ever. Rip kings


Sounds like Raymond might have a fondness for a bit of day drinking!

Russell ward

The real reason this guy is a libertarian is because he wants to say fuck. He must have said it 100x’s to show just how badass he is that he’s not constrained by the social norms.

Lindalee Law

Labels. All meant to mock . Box in. Compartmentalization.
It sounds that many need a label. We live neither full left or full right .

Ricky Simmonds

This was so cringey

Eric Fouch


Michael Z

"econ omist"

Left AF

I want so badly to find the weed that made Michael sound like that ????

Brandon Endicott

This is the debate that made sam afraid to debate Tim Pool

David Levy-Horton

RIP Michael Brooks


Best call ever! Who was the disclaimer guy? Where did he go?


How is this guy this drunk this early???

you goober

>calls other people greasy faced kids
>Libertarian redditor


Caller what's the point of working if you can't support yourself or your family? This caller makes zero sense.

Michael Z

I'd this caller, Beevis, or Butthead?

Sypher the 297th

If this boy isn't a poe, then he might actually be one of the stupidest people in the U.S. Ignorance really should be a crime. People who think facts should conform to ideology and not the other way around are profoundly dangerous to the republic.

Lady Raine

Dumb-Ass: "Oh, by the way, just to let you know. I'm a dumb-ass libertarian calling you."
Sam: "Alright. Well, I had the sense."  


RIP Michael Brooks.

Cas Liveforir

Young white male. Clearly superior. 6:13 best part.


I bet it was "Michael."

Eric Fouch

Straw straw straw.

Eric Shepperd

Doing my yearly rewatch of these and my god I miss Michael. His laugh brings me SO much joy. RIP MJB

Alan Thompson

This guy is so dumb that Sam had to literally make his argument for him.


This call is an All-Timer

Libertarian reddit

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Explaining Alt-Right Propaganda

51 378 views | 2 Feb. 2018

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Date streamed: 1/25/2018


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Harlan Littlejohn

This is a very good summary of propaganda in fact it’s my short hand for explaining it myself I find that as a innercity black guy the left usually will try these things not only on me but other black and minority groups and it’s scary how effective it is but it’s also useless on those that understand how it works very good video all in all

Chief Judge

Fuck the alt-right.


Destiny has mastered the abillity to talk a bunch without saying anything.


This only works if there is no one else who understands your problems or wants to speak to you. If everyone else is only offering you guilt and shame while belittling your issues, those who offer victimhood with the promise of vindication will gain the upper hand.


This can be applied to all kinds of mentalities.

Jack Middleton

It can be argued that everything is propaganda. Look... Some people like chocolate ice cream, some people like strawberry ice cream, and some people hate Jews. The irony of your feelings on Alt-Right propaganda is that they are probably derived from the Allies propaganda after world war 2. You think that the only causation for Alt-Right thinking is that there is some sort of manipulator of the masses entity drumming up hate for some maybe unrelated ultimate end goal. And so because you read this in your history book and went to a holocaust museum you think you are clever. The truth is simply that for some people their favorite ice cream flavor is vanilla. I am pleased and also a little bit nervous to announce the development of a classic server option for World of Warcraft.


I think the guy who asked that got Dailywire mixed up with DailyStormer lol

Jamon Holweet

I’m sure the left has propaganda, I’d have to look... LuLZ


As a Fascist. I'd say its mostly due to the fact main stream media (Especially in the UK) seem to ignore the White People of my nation. It is why we are on the rise in Europe. First Hungaria, then the rest of Europe.

Same Difference

I agree, but the problem is this doesn't negate any of the arguments or views of donald trump.

Marcella Metokur

he's good at debating, the skill. He's bad at understanding people, he literally can't relate to women or men.


The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you

xivxi xivxi

The problem with the Alt Right is that the term, much like Islamophobia, covers too broad a spectrum of people from the far right Nazis all the way to the centre left. It appears anyone who challenges or questions the mainstream these days is Alt Right. Also the mainstream left seem oblivious to the propaganda pouring out from the MSM.

Sergei Begichev

according to Destiny everybody who want to resolve problems it is an ISIS propaganda

Krunchy The Clown

100% Agreed. True.


Describing the Isis propaganda sounds really similar to Jordan Peterson speeches.

A Bellpepper


Nut Meg

I don't think being rejected for a date by someone counts as bullying


Literally everyone and every political faction does this. Humans dont rally behind genuine altruism, you appeal to their personal wants, problems, and desires; it's sociology 101. Where you're wrong is in calling it all "propaganda", it's not. The same 3 step method you outlined of targeting peoples problems, empathizing with them, and rallying them by offering a solution is so common, its found in fucking infommercials. Does the phrase, "Ever get tired of X happening? Well not anymore!" sound familiar?

be gone soon

the left is literally the OG of this type of propaganda, and we're right too


When you watch Destiny at 1.25x speed watching a video at 2x speed WutFace

Black lizard

Ironically its because of identiy politics, and victimhood


Cool video, when should we expect your video on explaining the propaganda of the left?


"That's never going to work" referencing bringing jobs back. Then procedes to talk about lies and propaganda in the context of extreme positions. Lol nice vid.

Joseph Arnett

Trump had more jobs then Obama HaHaa




>I hate RIGHT propaganda it's like grooming kids
>my discord grooming young kids is ok tho

Alex Martin


Dark Awaken

This explains why you subscribe to your ideology. Since you're a weak little 3 foot tall soy boy, it makes sense that you would be attracted to beliefs that oppose meritocracy, strength and masculinity. No wonder you're on the side of cuckoldry, and feminism. You clearly feel inadequate so you're attracted to leftism. Really explains all leftists

I'm Kevin

Bruh, this exact same principle can be applied to any ideology. Including yours. I don't see what type of point you're trying to make. That politicians like to be resonant with their audiences? Grade A propaganda


"allow yourself to be replaced by Mexicans because we need more Democrats"


wtf is that outro xD

Alden Dichiara

brietbart and daily wire is NOT alt-right.


So do white people not have the right to exist as a majority in their own space? I think they do. I guess that makes me a brainwashed member of the alt-right.... lol


"You must understand. The leading Bolsheviks who took over Russia were not Russians. They hated Russians. They hated Christians. Driven by ethnic hatred they tortured and slaughtered millions of Russians without a shred of human remorse. It cannot be overstated. Bolshevism committed the greatest human slaughter of all time. The fact that most of the world is ignorant and uncaring about this enormous crime is proof that the global media is in the hands of its perpetrators."
-Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn


Yeah yeah sure, it's only the right that does this. It's not like the left ever ropes in people by convincing they're "fucked". The left definitely doesn't tell people that they're being fucked by the rich, whites, cops, and so on. It's ONLY the right that does this. You're so enlightened my dude! Bonus points for comparing conservatives like Daily Wire to a genocidal terrorist group. Nice.


00:05 you just explained how politics works since ends of time, and how left exploited it without any qualms those last decades, congrats

my life is a meme

sounds like black people blindly voting for the Democrats


omg he is right. i have these problems with people following blindly!
i will follow you destiny! you speak the truth and i will follow you to the end!


While you're definately correct about alt right propaganda, maybe the left and city dwellers should not have isolated these people in the first place, and mocked them relentlessly, so they feel connected to extremist views.

Stop preaching their white privilege while the rust belt crumbles, and maybe listen to their concerns once in a while.

You're less susceptible to propaganda if you're not excluded and hated for who you are and where you're from. Muslims and small town conservatives alike...


Instant dislike, bitch.



Ste McFreeman

The delicious irony of Destiny describing his own situation and behaviours as a criticism of others


It's like left wing propaganda works oh u feel worthless so I'll join a movement like blm or transgender and call my self an ally


Says the leftist victim of propaganda lmao


Not to be a promotional wind bag, but I just made my first video about social commentary I’m super passionate about. It’s about people who shut kids down so they can’t speak up for themselves.

Arvy Schwartz

Breitbart and the Daily Wire? These two Jew ran news sites are supposed to be the main media outlets of the Alt Right?

Destiny are you trolling or nah?


Didn't actually expand any alt right anything. Destiny just made a bunch of analogies. How about actually like do it.

Théophile Gaudin

That's a good way to present the thing.


Title is "explaining alt-right propaganda". End the video by saying "the left probably does this aswell".

Nice title, Destiny

bob jones

Amazing editing on this one, Garyukov.
Keep it up m8

JuruX SayokaX


KZR_ 161

I kinda agree but in the case of the right wing online it's more like a pipe line from "triggered sjw" compilations To far right conspiracy theories.

Jeff KaplenTM

I hope u could tell the difference between alt right and right wing.

Meet Nick

Only the right does this?? Anyone that believes the left doesn’t act the same way is full of shit and naïve.


You can say the same thing about feminists and how they prey on women's victimhood.

How many women hasn't been harassed by men? How many men hasn't been harassed by men?

Yet, all these annecdotes are constantly used as an example of patriarchy.

Apathetic Viewer

False. Nobody in the Alt Right is being fucked


Right wing people have low IQ.
They have weak propaganda.


Hope and change comes to mind....leftie

Marco Martins

Stupid video. Should people ignore their problems then? Every political movement is about solving people's problems :P


Like i get breitbart been sympathetic with altright point of view. But how is dailywire related to the altright?

Austin Edwards

Where are your facts this seems like alot of feels

Onno L

Damn more people need to see this one

Where am I going with this?

It would be nice if he could show some Alt-right propaganda as an example.

C. G. Palanysamy

ISIS and the alt right have a lot in common, they should marry.


So a literal snakeoil salesman.

eric west

Notice how the Alt right just suddenly became a problem in 2017-18 and yet for the rest of the 2000's and 10's none of this was a "problem". hmm, i wonder if just maybe this is what happens when you challenge Liberals "everyone is equal" philosophy. We are living in a dangerous time and i fear most people don't even understand why. I just wish this doesn't end with a shit ton of regrets.


so important, would like to hear what he has to say about dr peterson

Ken Clarke

I went searching for alt-right propaganda. Can someone link me??? Specifically on youtube?


Rofl wow. What you said around 3:20 made me lose a lot of respect for you.

Oni Ginger

4:20....... Niccccceeeeee

Post-Left Perspective

The left doesn’t use propaganda. We have no need to because we know we are correct.

Jay Blodget

Preach to me brotha!

Nature Squad

Isis propaganda is probably the same as alt right propaganda because the CIA makes both

hawaiian robot

that runtime


Honey potting.

Technical Anonymity

I am considered quite alt-right, I don't think wanting to keep whites a majority is too bad.

Chief Judge

I love the sound of triggered alt-righters.

Zoldar Music


Apothecary John

The Daily Wire is alt-right?


Lmao that trainwrecks speech


Ok so I just now discovered your content, listening to you is like watching a blade cutting thru bullshit, subscribed n keep making content man!

Pat Patrix

Is it ironic that Destiny only wears shorts when he's short?


Doesn't mean the problem isn't real.


> Daily Wire
> Alt-Right

Afonso Henriques

Doesn't make any sense whatsoever. I didn't have any traumas during my life, nor I find any emotional sympathy with my politics. It's simply logical, moron. Even if you don't like it, people are actually understanding reactionnary politics.

Thumper Hunts

Wow i hate the alt right now. The alt right would probably agree and not say any of that is wrong. Explaining the technique is not identifying the error.


lol 420

Studio Azarath

make destiny great again

Sports Fan

Did you hear Andy's stream where he said a majoity Muslim US would be bad EVEN if they legally immigrated and followed all of the laws and respected the constitution.


I find it interesting that I've found people who would be considered left using the exact same strategies hes detailed here. It's not an alt right issue but a radical issue and none of our politicians or speakers are moderate.

Baste Clips

> alt right
> Daily Wire

Gamey 117

I fell to this when GG happened. I was 100% interested in GG because of honesty/transparency in gaming journalism. A year later I was subbed to people like sargon and that guy that has the Scout as his youtube profile pic. After the tiniest bit of introspection I realized why I was following/believing these people and began to challenge their stances. Glad to say I don't follow any of those people anymore.

Alexis Pablo

The problem with alt right propaganda it's first it dirrcted against the weak left (they don't call rapes victims for example, only the ridiculus ones) also they abuse of the use of scientific studies (outdated). And had a lot of incels ideas put in the discurss. Because they target are, straight white mens who are affraid to became a minorista, was injustify cataloguettes, and the people who blame the left for not being accepted now, if you see there's allways the same persona very represive


Holy shit, this video could literally be summed up in 10 seconds just by saying 'people pander to vulnerable audiences', why the fuck is this 4 mins long


This is happening with black people too. Look up Yvette Carnell


420? subliminal messaging smh

Michael Black

This guy attacks white nationalism whilst living in one of the whitest states in the US. He preaches diversity but lives around his own kind. He attacks people for wanting to do what he LITERALLY does.

Penn Stanton

More destiny manletsplaining FeelsGoodMan

The Thinking Cat aka Neo Normie

On the left its mainly a propaganda based on dislike of greed