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Profit Trailer setup tutorial - Part 1 or 2

2 450 views | 6 Jun. 2020

Taking you through setting

Taking you through setting up a Binance account and then setting up Profit Trailer through to start paper trading so no funds, fees or purchases required.

You will then be able to experiment with Profit Trailer and learn how it works.

This is Part 1, the next part will continue from where we left off and go through setting up a USDT base trading bot so we will have two bots paper trading.

Please like and superscribe to the channel it will really help me build the community and channel.

Also join the Discord to get my live and test BOT updates as the buy and sell.

Profit Trailer


Binance Exchange




VIAMACH Virtual Servers


Excel Sheet to log your returns


Get in touch on Discord or the comments here if you would like any advice or help getting going or if you are already up and running and just need some enhancement suggestions.

Guillaume Dufrasne

Hey !
Great video. At 29.45, do you manual buy or just leave it as is and let the bot make the first buy ?
Also, I have a error "MIN/MAX change perc". What do I do ?


Hi, this was a great video . I bough PT long time ago and have lifetime licence as back then it was cheap to get. Now I am wondering how are your setups nowadays. Did you ever make the Part 2 ?

Aydan Ayan

Thank you very much for the video it is great help was quite confused how to put all together, I am looking forward to your next video, would be of immense help getting more detailed video on the settings Pairs and DCA. Thank you for your time and effort, will start forwarding your video to my friends..

Alasdair MacLeod

Hey guys,

Where is Part 2?

Jamie Murray

great video, but if the pc.. sleeps or turns off. does the bot miss trades and have to be reconfigured all together? Or can you easily resume trading by turning the pc back on?

3ert The Great

Greetings Drunk Octopus, I was wondering where Part 2/2 of this video was? Thank you for the wonderful explanations and videos!!

Jorge Gonzalez

I will be joining you in this journey, great video by the way. Personally, I've used PT back in 2017-2018 and just got back into crypto and trading with bots.

Vincent Hoffmann

Good day sir, where can I find the old faithful settings as seen in your video?
Grateful for any help with that


very informative starting guide, thanks, waiting for the part 2

A Elrayah

Do you think PT TRAILER IS BETTER than 3commas or bituniverse?

Crypto Soul

is it worth it to buy these PT strategies ? there are some ppl who sell strategies settings for 25-30$

Profit trailer github

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Moonbot is the best Profit Trailer addon!!!

573 views | 13 Feb. 2018

MoonBot is a private

MoonBot is a private telegram bot that helps you monitor and track your crypto tradings.

Moonbot supports Profit Trailer, you can see (and share) your sales, pairs and dca status as well as updating your bot settings remotely!

Github: https://github.com/tulihub/moonbot

Assistant: https://t.me/AssistantMoonBot

Get instant updated summary of all your crypto exchanges

View and share your sales, pairs and dca status

Update PT settings from everywhere!

Track your profit in BTC and in USD (coinbase rate)

Get your portfolio status anytime

Clear view of your current tradings on each exchange

Monitor you PT log files for error and sends you alerts!

Monitor BTC price

Get notified when your Profit Trailer is down

Group support!

cryptomavic 1

How do you set this up I've got it on telegram it's asking for licence key. I need to download zip and then I'm stuck! Cheers

Profit trailer github

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Profit Trailer Update: 6/25 | Bitcoin Trading Bot | Crypto Trading Bot

2 121 views | 25 Jun. 2018

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Ali Belouaz

what the percontage of this satting
min and max profit plz

Viktor Tech

I can also start your strategy with 0.009 BTC.?


Great vid! My bags have been bad for a while. Some were as low as -70%. I was getting to where I was only looking at my bot a couple times a week. I am trading ETH pairs. Love the channel!


does that strat even work with fees? i feel like if you keep averaging down and want to make 10 cents back per say but you will pay more in fees, am i wrong?

Ольга Кузьмина

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Christopher Kearney

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Mk velly

can i start with a 7 dollar balance in binance


hey cryptognome please help me setup profit trailer for 0.02 btc budget