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Sia Defends 'Music' Against Autism Community

168 310 views | 23 Nov. 2020

After the autism community

After the autism community slammed Sia for casting Maddie Ziegler as a character with autism in her film "Music", Sangita Patel and Graeme O'Neil discuss Sia's reaction during "ET Canada Live".

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I believe that Sia has good intentions, however can't admit her faults

Sarah Edward

Question: if she has to defend herself from the autism community for a movie about autism, shouldn’t that tell her that this isn’t the best approach to a movie about autism?


The trailer reeks of inspiration porn; so it's not likely to be a good representation of autism

Vanilla or Chocolate ?

Sia should of just made a light and fun movie instead of doing a movie that she has little to no knowledge about.

mariana lopez

Please, stop promoting ignorant people like sia.

Coral _thesea

I am begging everyone to not watch this film. There are so many reasons that I hate this.

Boo Hoo

Okay everybody shut up


I am autistic and can hardly wait to watch this movie. Outrage culture is out of control. So many whiney SJWs just looking for excuse to attack someone/something. Demons...

Zoë Carson

Autistic people aren't "special people" how patronising. Just because we don't function the same way as you it doesn't mean that we are "special" or that we want pity, we just want you to stop thinking that we can only exist with your help. We don't need you to help we need you to move out of the way.

Rebecca McNaughten

I have a 9 year old autistic, mentally disabled non verbal nephew who also has severe ADHD. There are times where we have no choice to pin him down because he is very tall and big for his age and has absolutely no fear so hospital visits and meltdowns can be dangerous for both him and the other people around him. I myself have had to hold onto him or hold him down while he has had xrays and blood tests. It kills me every time. He kicks, punches, bites, and even rips skin. My mother had brain surgery recently and he was running into her room grabbing her head trying to pull the stitches out. And when he needs blood taken or his teeth looked at he kicks and punches so vigorously that he is actually injures the doctors, nurses and dentists. It has gotten to the point where he has to be put under general anesthetic just to be able to get these things done. As he gets older there is only so much you can restrain him. He is going to be bigger than any of us when he hits his teens so he will be impossible for us to handle. It's not all black and white. Some days you do what you can just to get through the day. His mental age is 18 months. My sister has had to place him into full time care because the stress was killing her. She is heartbroken every day and has become a shell of what she used to be. It's exceedingly tough and not all people are the same. Everybody is on some part of the spectrum. My nephew unfortunately is at the very low functioning end. He will never talk or able to take care of himself. I am sad every day because I feel helpless. I wish there was more I could do for him as his auntie. For the autistic people that can speak and actually comment on this thread and even comprehend what's going on be thankful. My little Jareth can't even use the toilet or even sit still long enough to watch his favorite TV show. I will never hear his voice or attend his wedding. This is just a movie and in the scheme of what he goes through on a daily basis is nothing. He won't even be able to watch this because his concentration is 0. I love him so much and am so super proud of him. He is my beautiful boticellian angel. ♡ you sweet Jareth.

John Egbert

Okay, what about the series, 'The Good Doctor'


I can’t wait to see it!! I love the tv show on Netflix “Atypical”.

yui funami

Was that sia in the interview? Didn't look or sound like sia

Alex Adrian Barothi

CLICKBAIT!!! B....Sh ....tttt ...???????????

Virginia Mora

I want a real serial killer to play in the next slasher film or I won't support it

Zoë Carson

It's indefensible. Just another celebrity trying to bank off of inspiration porn. We don't care that you're a money hungry husk, just stop trying to use OUR lives to make yourself look like a real human with real emotions. Sia is not a good person. She's another Ellen using the be kind brand and belittling the real people behind the scenes. If the autistic community tells you they don't like it then take a hint sia.

Aimee Kane

She could have Chosen a verbal autistic person.

Eric Bridgeman

She cast Maddy because it's a feature length music video, Austism is the dance move. Repulsive.


I think it’s people on the spectrum who are more on the aspergers’ end of the spectrum getting upset by this. Up until recently, Aspergers’ was considered completely different from autism. I do think there is a district difference between someone with this version of autism being portrayed and Aspergers’, so no not everyone on the spectrum will relate to this portrayal at all. I’ve met people with Aspergers’ and been close with people who have Autism- a few are non verbal, and they are nothing like the people I’ve met with an Aspergers’ diagnosis. Dan Akroyd, Darrel Hannah, Susan Boyle- they are all very much closer to neurotypical than severe autistic as well. Of course it would have been probably very easy for Sia to hire someone with Aspergers’, and maybe that’s what people are upset by also. It’s very tough to please everyone.

Jasmin Kerler

You can’t say that autistic people should watch the film before we judge her about it, when we literally can’t watch it because there are too many bright flashing lights and loud noises, so she claims that the film is meant for autistic people but she couldn’t even accommodate us by at least making it sensory friendly


3 years of research? Any chance of publishing it? I am somehow doubtful.

marlene alvarez

im not on the spectrum but hearing her say special abilities like that is SOO WEIRD that made me so uncomfortable, i am so sorry you guys this is so frustrating how others cannot see how and why what they are doing is wrong

Sir Watzhizface

The autistic community a.k.a the people who know autism the best: This is so terrible and tone deaf
Sia who doesn't have autism, didn't hire an autistic person to play an autistic role, and consulted a autism hate group: No you're just wrong

The Study

Whats really happening here is Sia is protecting the lead actor from p3d0s in hollyweird. Now there is a huge defamation campaign and people have no clue what they are playing into.

Imma Leaf

I am so happy that this happened for all the wrong reasons


If Sia truly had autistic people on set telling her what is factual and what to do then 1. her excuse about the actress not being comfortable is bullcrap. and 2. this movie wouldn't be so stereotypical and CLEARLY written, directed, and played by neurotypical people with a savior complex.

Jasmin Kerler

Sis claims that she worked with autism speaks (an autism hate group) then autism speaks later replied to her tweet saying that they were not involved in the making of the film. That’s how you know that she really fucked up


I say learning disability, why not simply say what it is.

Christine Vigeant

People are ridiculous.


Why can't she just call us autistic, why do neurotypical people think autistic is a bad word

Paige Thomas

Sia is old a


I think she had the best intentions but it speaks to her privilege and ignorance. If she uses it as a moment to truly learn I’m 100% forgiving but right now she’s apologising but still in ignorance if that makes sense?

Jazzy G

Unpopular opinion: I see nothing wrong. Many People with autism are this way. I find it horrible how higher functioning people with autism try to erase them like everyone else


I’m not autistic however, I don’t think you should refer to people as “special abilities people” like no, these are people just like us they breath, they eat, they sleep. She really isn’t well educated, she should just stick to singing not making movies.

Kyle For Rent

Sia thinks autistic people are x men lmao "special abilities people"

Consuelo Cruz

There is people that have high functional autism that could have been casted. What would you do actually hire people that have the disease or disorder the topic is about so why couldn't Sia do that. I have a family member that has high functional autism and my daughter has autism

Emma O’keefe

Can I say something I think she should have used someone with autism I will say that maddie is a good actress however this movie is about something a normal person don’t know what it’s like to be autistic coming from another autistic person who works as a photographer I have friends who are autistic who model for me and know lots of people who could have played this role from the autistic understand what she is trying to do but I think she just did it wrong


she never wanted to cast an autistic person for the role. If she actually wanted and had done her research she would have know it may have been difficult for them, especially the dancing. Any person that never danced would have a hard time in this role. She could have hired Maddie to be a double for the dance scenes or seen herself as Maddie someone she saw in a music video, but she did what she wanted and needs to just own up to it.

Anna Banana

Does she know there is not just one autistic person in the world??
1. She could have accommodated the girl and made the set more comfortable.
2. If the girl really did not want to do it, there are millions of other autistic people who are actors.
So disgusting.

Jak Ihaia

E T Canada journalism lacks

Lindi Lotter

Find the right person for an autistic character?

dillon cardiel

Maddie Ziegler pretending to be autistic is so cringey

anna james

MAJOR savior complex

Miranda Watson

I'm not autistic but "special abilities" sounds soooo gross, like your talking to a little kid


Lol what yall acc pressed over a music video? just dont watch it?

Daniel Erickson

Even Maddie said she was uncomfortable playing this role

Hafu Jr.

If you have to defend your movie from the very community you “made it for”, which in reality it just feels like a nuerotypical person’s depictions of it rather than what autistic people like myself ACTUALLY feel, then yku need to drop the fucking movie.


The show Atypical does a FANTASTIC job at showing a real depiction of people on the spectrum. This movie doesn’t seem like it captures the same message...

Jean Paleo

I’m sorry but how is this representation if the film isn’t utilizing a neurodivergent actor to play the neurodivergent lead


the way sia carries herself is just very immature

Anna Banana

"Special abilities" is so offensive wtf. It seems like she only did four seconds of research not four years.

fergie 98

If you can’t create a comfortable environment for an autistic actress then maybe you’re the problem

Healing Forest Farms LLC

Being a mother and full time caregiver of 2 fantabulous Heroes myself I'm absolutely floored by the negative response from the AS community. One of mine is severe and I am consistently having to explain the exact status of their ability to understand everything even Though non-verbal . As the bias is non-verbal somehow equals mental capacity .

Clem Rose

I’m sad to see that sia has fallen of the tracks. I use to have a lot of respect for her but her ideas have seem to become distorted.

Mr Clean

it's not actually destined to represent a large group of people because it's not a documentary about autism. The movie is based on sia's friend so it represents only a small part of the ASD(Maddie's character)...so nope, it's not abelism

jaidhas stupid

not to mention the trailer is literally EXTREMELY overstimulating for an autistic person.....

Sarah Bonpierre

This makes me sad for my own misinformation. I was excited for this movie based off the trailer and now I feel insensitive

b b

Then why didn't you use your platform to show compassion and centre your movie on an autistic protagonist... I assume because your only knowledge is superficial and stereotypical and you would be 100% out of your depth.. another ignorant celebrity.. what a shock..


this movie genuinely just feels like it’s gonna be a parody of autism. i’m incredibly disappointed in sia

Josefine Andersen

I am autistic, and I work for website( kinda like Buzzfeed) and I actually suggested that I shall my an article to review this movie, so here I am doing pre-research. I am gonna give it the benefit of the doubt. but i am ready to bash it.

Olivia Waterman

the way she says "They're called special abilities now, not special needs" with a huge smile... UGH she is so proud of herself and it's not even right. Please don't call us special abilities wtf

Daniel Hunt

Girl Rainman! Because that film helped everyones view of autism sooo much..!

Dramatica Poppy

I hate the film and I used to like sia I don’t anymore


this didnt age well

Vignesh Nehru

Ugh, Sia is so cocky in the interview, and why tf would you call people with special needs as people with special abilities? This is getting twisted and I did not expect this from SIA of all people. I don't know what to think of her now


People are constantly search for reasons to be offended nowadays!! Cancel Culture! Sia musta not paid the cancel culture chair person piper, lmao!! He wants his cult, giggles!! I think it’s amazing that Sia is mainstreaming Autism in a new movie, there aren’t enough!! The “autistic person” that criticized Sia on Twitter probably was diagnosed later in life and is exploiting it. Instead of a race card, they are using autism card!! Many people on the spectrum would be honored to have a movie they can relate to and shines some light to others.

Julie Lauritzen

Does she think a neurotypical girl would act autistic better than an actual autistic girl.

Bárbara Bizama

I have said this in many videos, imma say it again. the thing is, music has dance numbers and I think it would have been difficult to find someone who is autistic and a dancer- a GOOD DANCER. since it was a tight schedule the actor had to learned the choreography really fast so being a dancer it was a priority

Cursed by Magick

It's cool Sia. The PC police will move on in 5 minutes. ???

Scott Drew

They should have got Jim Jeffries!! He’s on the spectrum and he’s a DAMN good actor!!

Blue dreaming

What is Sia’s accent right now?!

Zarah Solomon

leonardo dicaprio in what's eating gilbert grape

Clever Haunts

She looks so proud of herself ?

Claudia Gonzalez

Wait and see the movie. Complain about everything ?

Jabber 1974

The world has officially lost its mind.??

Lindi Lotter

It's only people that are not disabled or on the spectrum that say she should be given a chance. That speaks volumes.

Daniel Hunt

As a 38year old with Aspergers (that's what I got diagnosed with in 1999, if that term is "offensive" or "unacceptable" tough) I just wondered what the difference between casting a non autistic person in an autistic role and a non black person in a black role, hang on maybe because its WRONG! #AutisticLivesMatter

KC Nwokoye

People just get offended about everything.

En Riz

It kills me to see that much hate on sia when she's one of the kindest person that ever lived on earth, people use that movie as an excuse to spread their frustration and hate, morons

simply catherine

i feel horrible for kate, leslie, and especially maddie for being dragged into this monstrosity of a film. so disappointing and upsetting.

Romeo Fonzi

I don’t want to sound tone def but there are a lot of movies where actors portray mental disabilities. If a character is schizophrenic or has bipolar does that mean the actor has to have those same disabilities?

Carlito lol

Ok I mean, even tho she made a mistake let's not forget she worked hard to make this movie. So ofc she would defend it. I am personally making stories and I know what it is to be proud of a work you gave a lot to it. And I believe her when she says she didn't wanted to harm anyone, like obviously she wouldn't make this movie just to bully autistic people.

Lela Cole

TWO people on set, ONE (known/talked abt) ACTUALLY AUTISTIC actor? Just do the best option not the easiest. The movie could have taking till 2022 and nobody would have cared?


I choose to withhold judgment until I actually see the film since that's the only way to create a valid informed decision about it. If I based my opinions on what the public thought I would've missed out on tons of experiences.

Dani Devito

I know someone who has autism and she can speak but why couldn't sia work with kids who can speak but of course Sia only hired her for the money there could've been so many other kids that would love to play that role


she does what???

Louis Rudgewick

i’m autistic, people need to get a fucking grip. the whole point of acting is u take on a role that isn’t you. im also gay and idc of a str8 guy plays a gay character. if u get offended honestly calm tf down, just because you are offended doesn’t mean u are right.

kayla yttri

She didn’t try to do nothing except stereotype children on the spectrum. My oldest is autistic and I’m so mad about the movie. Sia could have tried harder to change things to make sure someone on the spectrum can work. And because they didn’t fit your work environment sia you should have changed it for them not do what you want. And just because she consulted with people on the spectrum doesn’t replace a real person on the spectrum being themselves instead of giving up and running to Matty that’s the reason it’s insulting to many people who care for people on the spectrum and are on the spectrum. Sia do better be better 3 years researched doesn’t replace a actual human on the spectrum.


Special abilities?? Seriously?!

3 Diesel

Last time I heard, the X-Men actually cast people with no super powers to play the roles

Lauren Doherty

“Utilizing my friends on the spectrum “ ew

Laura Nichols

Today Leonardo DiCaprio would be vilified for his role in What's Eating Gilbert Grape instead of getting an Academy Award & a Golden Globe Nom and Clare Danes would be asked to give back her Emmy & Golden Globe for her role as Temple Grandin... people clearly don't understand what the word actor means anymore.

Summer Vibes

There’s no defending this. If the community thinks it’s bad and it is misrepresentative then it should not be released. Sia’s attitude is truly disgusting.

Im the lesbian bitch your mother loves

She should have apologized and never made that movie. I was disturbed when i watched maddie ziegler acting autistic. Wtf?

sceptic simon

"Regret casting a white woman" okaaaaay........

Mad Lib

First she says that every autistic person is different but then she flexes that the MIND Institute rated Maddie's performance 100%?
Just be honest..."I wanted someone that was easy to work with", boom done


sia seems so much more "hollywood" now it's insane... compared to her pre-wig interviews it's a different person. i mean i still love her voice and dont know her as a person so no hate but still

Charlotte H

Honestly I dont see what the fuss is about, all that really matters is if the actress/actor is good or not. People seem to get offended over every little thing these days. The main problem is that the trailer is so damn flashy. She should've done some acoustic style music with a washed out background so it doesn't overstimulate anyone. Sometimes when it's too loud it can feel like you're drowning.


Her doing that, is not only super dense and inappropriate, but it's going to flop. I guarantee it
You just can't have the wrong approach AND attitude. Both will do more harm than good

i'm your dad

Sia: Makes a film in "support" Of the autism community
Also Sia: Blocks autistic people on social media, consults a hate group for info, and fires an autistic actor for not handleing the set well

What is sia

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Sia Carpool Karaoke

139 434 519 views | 17 Feb. 2016

James spots Sia in Los

James spots Sia in Los Angeles and asks her to carpool to work as they sing some of the biggest songs she's performed and written, including "Chandelier" and "Diamonds."

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Each week night, THE LATE LATE SHOW with JAMES CORDEN throws the ultimate late night after party with a mix of celebrity guests, edgy musical acts, games and sketches. Corden differentiates his show by offering viewers a peek behind-the-scenes into the green room, bringing all of his guests out at once and lending his musical and acting talents to various sketches. Additionally, bandleader Reggie Watts and the house band provide original, improvised music throughout the show. Since Corden took the reigns as host in March 2015, he has quickly become known for generating buzzworthy viral videos, such as Carpool Karaoke."

Ellie Stinton


Hmd Trkgl

I really wanted so bad Sia sing besides me ?

Snoop Kitten

plot twist: it's Maddie under the wig the whole time......

brijesh kumar

She is absolute legend ❤️?

Alexia Díaz

Sia ❤️
S: She
I: Si
A: Amazing

bander_ fanX

do you know what this is the fourth time i repeat the video first time i watch it in 2019 nd 2020 and 2021

Youssef Sadek

“I’m bulletproof, nothing to lose”
-Probably the words that I would say to try and threaten a person who is pointing a gun at me.

Dreamer Believer

She is so talented. I wish Diamonds was sung by Sia too.


I’m still watching it, Sìa you’re Legend, we love you , please stay safe everyone!❤️ second wave 2021stay healthy God bless you all ❤️


7:31 The way she said pop star. ??Love it!

By Karla46


Yeonie Park

Other Cars In The Road be like:?️??️

ScarLIT- DAB345T

James literally knows every song

Fatima Afzaal

James wigg

david reijeneveld

7:52 that woman in the back in her car is just watching like: wtf is happening here?

Pumpkin_Spice Latte

the bottom of her face reminds me of Mrbeast lol if Mrbeast wore lipstick and a sia wig lmfao

subin thiren

Thank God finally Beyoncé granted her out from the basements, at least we know SIA is safe !

Ella R

Totally the best singer in the world.....

Vanessa Gutierrez

What bothers me is how uneven her bangs are OU I CANT STAND THAT OMG

One Trick Pony

She has a great personality. Not so into herself that she can't be goofy. Love it.

Huda Mahdi

Fake fake fake fake

bangtan :D

1,2,3 ahhhhhhhhh xD

Khairul Arif

imagine you are Sia's neighbor

Stephy Smily

She's the best!

Beth Kay

I love her

kenan Güncü

How can she drive car?


her voice is like honey

Mian Huang

how i wish i can sing like that

Neta Antonio

I Think there window is kinda open so people can here

Olivia Arambel

A voice and impeccable style....perfect

majid alshammasi

whos singing james or sia

Gustavo Velasco



her voice and her singing wow

Technical gamer

I wanted to see James in that sia haircut like in that in the thumbnail

Mike Taekwondo

No auto tunes there.. she is just amazing ??????

Ava Bartch

Sia is so cute!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️

Alethia Douglass

Irl is that Really Sia?

Harvey Digger Danielson


Random stuffs

I always listen her voice her Highnotes always give me chills ❤️❤️❤️?

jesus romani

Divertido creo

Lupita Hernández

La Mejooor, La Amooo?

Alexandre Gomes

James Corden is good singer!

n om

oh my gosh...?


Hands down Sia has one of the best voice alive!


I find James very attractive sometimes. ❤??



Gioele Farina


Lorin Hajo

Imagine open your mouth and that comes out?

Leydi Sabino


Among Us FIM

Sia is just so cute here✨?

Luiz Felipe

I have just one dream and it's drink and sing whith SIA while chandeleir is on out and loud

alberto ariel vergnes

fantastic yes what a voice for god

Zeck 8808

i always think the chandellier song is rihanna song. darn.

Swastik Ojha

She speaks so beautifully even when she is not singing??

Tanya Pipicelli

I will never get sick of this lady....even before she had the wig...she has always been an awesome performer ?

Iskra Lyubenova


alejandra abarca

Por que no la dejo cantar sola.. Por dios

Hannah’s Edits

139 million views? wow

Gioele Farina



i love Sia <3

Jo Al

imagine you are in the backseat hiding...

Demetrio Di Benedetto

formidable with love DEMETRIO FROM MILANO ITALY




Papa mochi armys and bts miss you??

Alexia Díaz

Like: Part 2 in 2021


my body doesnt know when to geek and when to cringe....

Luise Michael

Is it really her?

•gaby chan•

Parece q vai sequestrar a pessoa

• P L U T O •

Can we just appreciate the random mannequin head in his backseat 7:45

Juan Plaza

Am I the only one who thinks "Please James, just shut the hell up and let me listen to the STAR"? I think always the same in these Carpool Karaokes


Amo essa SIA! ???✨

Johana Tellez

Buenísimo me encantó

Marcel Neuhaus

God that wig looks ridiculous


She has a fantastic voice, but what is her face ? :-)

Шаха 7

Короче, она одна из самых великих певцов в мире?

Victor Hugo da Silva

5:37 Whindersson Nunes LOL

Hobby Bugs

The hair

Шаха 7

In short, she is one of the greatest singers in the world?

Indrar s

gabisa basa enggres...

good vibes

there such a great duo

alfred pn


Bored people in this comment section:
wHoS hErE bEcAuSe oF CoRoNaViRuS

Charith Perera


Legit Paircaptcha

The tasteful bun peripherally sound because wholesaler locally rub throughout a hilarious mercury. loutish, tricky broker

Jimin Jimin

Woww Sia voice is perfect ..

Dorin Munteanu

Good advice with the 'don't think' tattoo

jana Kenan

هي عاملة شعرها كدة ليه اساسا??

Lalit Sharma

Who watching now.


I love how sia says “yehh” love her sm!!

dominique rollins

I think he missed a trick by not doing LITTLE MAN garage mix ... that was most peoples intro to her in the UK

joe Pipe

James loves to sing like a woman ?


Imagine singing along with her!

Maycon Oleczinski

I was viewed... and sometimes review.


Watched it almost 20 times

mohammmed abdelrazzak rahmani

4:26 so amazing

Niglo La castagne

Pions illuminatis en black and white ! Cocaine petrole . Extreme gauche du monde extreme droite du monde ...

M Kadd

imagine driving to work and seeing this

Mallory Cannon

She's amazing

Girl In A SmartCar

Sia is my Beyoncé. I love her so much ❤️❤️❤️

Matthew Williams

Sia is a queen. ❤️

Nobody's Ent

? learn new recipe on our channel : https://youtu.be/7K-dWrwgeYA

What is sia

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How Sia Beat Depression And Saved Her Life - Best Motivational Success Story To Never Give Up

29 695 views | 20 Dec. 2019

How Sia Beat Depression

How Sia Beat Depression And Saved Her Life - Best Motivational Success Story To Never Give Up

After her very dark period, she became Happy Again!

One of the best motivational videos out there.

Sia never had a normal childhood. She really struggled with her father. He had two personalities. One personality was called Phill, and he was the best dad ever, fun and interesting, but the other was called Stan, and he was very scary to be around.

She grew up to be a very shy girl. Music was her passion, so when Sia was just a teenager she was singing for a band for a few years and then tried a solo career. But she never had any big success and felt like a failure. Sia was finally ready for a change and a fresh start, so she decided to move to London, to be with her boyfriend who was her first love. They couldn't wait to be together. But sadly a big tragedy happened that would change her life forever. Her boyfriend was hit by a cab just before Sia planned to make her big move. He lost his life on his 24th birthday.

Her life started to fall apart. That moment marked the beginning of a very dark period.

She needed to take back the control and not give up so easily, so she began a 12-step recovery program.

Sia never planned to perform again due to constant panicking on stage. She was scared from performing. She felt like a failure.

But Sia found a way to do what she loved the most, without showing her face. Sia reappeared with a white wig that completely covered her face.. And that look became her trademark. Her songs "Chandelier" and "Elastic Heart" topped the charts. And she became one of the most loved musicians in the world. Sia has achieved global success, and did it her way. She stayed true to herself. With therapy, medication and 12 step recovery program, Her physical health is getting better and she is finally happy again.

How old is too old to start again? If you want to start a business, change your career, learn a new language, become a great leader, become a better person, write that book you always wanted to, or just do something different, something you never tried before.. at what point is it too late to be successful? Never


Ross Bugden - Music:

Epic and Emotional Music (Copyright and Royalty Free) - Parallel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=je9bnuIqVVc


- Scott Murry [CC BY 2.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)]

- Steve Collis [CC BY 2.0 (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)]

Are you feeling down and empty with all hope lost, or maybe you are having a bad day. Are you feeling depressed and full of anxiety on a daily basis, or you’re feeling like a complete failure?Do you need that spark of inspiration that will make you stand off that couch and stop feeling sorry for yourself? Are you tired of being unhappy, unfulfilled, not confident? It’s time to change your mindset! Do you need just a little bit of motivation to change things? The road to success and the road to failure are almost exactly the same.

You're on the right place.

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Adila Merzayi

Ah at now I listen to sia songs than somehow i want to hate her but now when I watch this become so emotional .......

Sabrina Santiago



Hey man pls keep about Chris Evans plsss


I AM so glad that she is alive ??
I love her so much ????

hey kath



Did you are bullied


My favourite female musician of all time

Md. Firdos Alam

I thank Sia for being born......


Because of her we got Cheap thrills,such an energetic song❤️

Sofie Nasiha

"Write that book u Always wanted to"
That's soo meee
Thanks a lot !! I needed to hear these words !

Umar Farooq

Plz make a video on tom brady

Walter The Bull Terrier

remember people when u want to commit suicide dont never give up u might be successful someday almost all the successful people wanted to commit suicide -_-

priyanka loach

Would have been better in somebody else's voice...its irritating and unconvincing! If possible kindly change the narrator

Salomón Sarmiento

Great Job with your channel please keep doing it. I would suggest not only of Hollywood and famous singers but other kind of successful people ( Like designers, artists, painters, doctors, entrepreneurs ) that struggled but reached their dreams. People will feel more similar to them as most people don´t want to be famous actors or singers but reach their dreams and achieve success.

shivangi sharma

Thank you for sharing this story
#inspireyourself ❤❤❤❤

The Infamous Joel

Fantastic presentation. So motivated to grow my business. Powerful video

arsh randhawa

I needed this


Sia en dépression? Il y a longtemps que je peux venir à son secours, elle me le souhaite bien. Je connais son passé artistique comme médical. Son seul appel téléphonique dans ma direction peut lui être un indispensable secours. Elle me rejette sans motif avouable. Si ma santé me le permettait, je serais déjà à Los Angeles depuis longtemps. Tu as le droit de ne pas m'aimer, mais tu ne peux pas refuser ce que je t'apporte. Ton silence est contre-productif. J'en suis peiné et désolé tout à la fois. Régor

J'ai déjà dit: je donnerai tout mon sang pour SIA.

Hama Khalid

Thanks to you I get too much benefit and motivation from your best stories


Thank You ! ❤


Need Brock Lesnar motivation and David goggins

naha kc

Her past make her the most lovebel singer in the whole world i love her she is my female voice singer ???

funmilola Isheyemi

I am praying and doing my best to fight depression and videos as this gives me the push.
I can totally relate with videos such as this.


I love your video

Tay Za

Could you make videos about inventors and scientists? Like Michael Faraday, Isacc newton Leonardo Da Vinci.

binit kumar

I missed someone in my life..........true love of my life .....i missed your sweet n lovely voice your voice inspired me to live thank you for staying with me in my worst time ???

panut steve

Am i late guys? I'm 22 years old this year:')

Lechu u

I Luv your videos & your words have great power in it dear

Wuthering Heights

thank you


Hey ! I'm constantly watching your channel daily , one video per day ..and that reflects on my life as a great impact ..you are doing such an amazing thing .. your kinda inspiration is lovely magnificent ❤️


Make a video on Michael Phelps success story for next please.

Mel C

When I come across stories about people pulling through real problems and tragedies, it makes my thoughts and reasons for relapsing after 7 healthy years seem completely stupid and selfish .
Thank you Sia for not giving up on life, and for sharing your gift and music with the world?

Storms Army

First As Always


I loved it! Thank you.


sia i grew up listen to her music like chandelier was my fav( dont judge me tho )
sia is soulfull like shes an amazing artist??

Krishna Raj Bastola


kiran shahwal

What a coincidence bro ...i was just listening her famous song cheap thrills when i got this video notification .

Mr. X

Can we just spend few seconds to thank that friend who interrupted her plan or else this world would have lost one of the most talented singers in the world.

Michael Tra

This made me cry. Thank you

teddy fatim diallo

Imagine she hadnt try and we never got the chance to know Sia's music... ohhh only imagining that is painful!


She is my inspiration !!


Iam too much depressed from my life in teenager's age
I have fighted from it but fail
But I know one day I will get success in health, finance and relationships.
I want to inspire the world how hard the life we should be never give up option..

Conscience Boost Up

Highly esteemed !

олеся Гончар

Do video about cardi b


i just hope shes okay now. she’s been diagnosed with a PTSD disorder (the bipolar diagnosis was wrong), ehlers-danlos syndrome and chronic pain. due to her ptsd she had suicidal thoughts again at the beginning of the year (2019) but she is now in intense therapy.
unfortunately 2 (of her 3) dogs died within 2 weeks in november and we haven’t really heard from her since that :( after the first dog died she stated on twitter that she never thought she would get through this night sober and alive, but thanks to her fans, she did. i just wish her all the best and that she’ll also go through this. She is a big idol for so many people in so many ways

Vaibhav Verma

I love u I love u I love u I love u I love u

Jamie Lynne

Im not saying that ive been through worse or more tban the next one. I have been through so much and losing everything homelessness drug addiction finding out about thw abuse of my daughter by my husband then him skipping town no friends no family and having to send my children to stay with their dads brother to save them from myself and the circumstances in which i found myself before the state stepped in or before i ruined opportunities that they deserved for being able to achieve a good stable life for them to be ok. I have been fighting against my own mind with all i had lost causing my depression to worsen and my addictions and its been 4 years of me fighting for my life trying to do better. Im clean now and have a trailer. Its very old but i put a lot of work into remodeling what i know how to and ive made it livable and have a part time job. My kids still arent with me. And sometimes i want to just lay down and die because i cant wake up in the nornings and see my kids or see them at night. But i try to keep fighting because they are doing so well. My sons graduating in a few months going to be an engineer hes even got a scholarship. My daughter has dealt with her trauma in therapy and she has FRIENDS which is something she struggled with in the past. And my other two sons are also doing great. Im in theur lives but i had to step back so that they could have the chance to be successful in life. Whatever their ifeas of success are, and i am so proud of them. And of myself for getting to this place. But sometimes the lonliness and second thoughts doubts and pain of lost time knocks the wind the wind outt of me. The words of encouragement in this video were unexpectes a?d very much appreciated. And yes. It is hard. But you can do it. If you want to change it isnt ever too late. Even though you may feel that way sometimes.

Easy Life Recipes

Thank you for the video ?it helped

Régor soit Roger Bolomey

SIA sait où et comment me contacter. Régor

Luis Eduardo Ramírez Ramirez

Alguien que lo traduzca al español por favor... Gracias!

卄 丹 爪 爪 丹 刀


Vaithy M

Hey friend and marry Christmas ?

Samiullah Bangulzai s

Amazing voice and story.........,

wiftx x

I think most of Sia’s songs related to her life to not give up ,you’re alive ,keep moving and etc ❤️

youssef benjouida

Are you arabic women?!

Marck Aldrin Picar

What's the background or history of her wigs' colors?

Prajwal Patil

I was just browsing YouTube
Your channel gives me hope ??

Akkber Butt

You are Great, Love From pakistan


Cause I wanna touch you baby
I wanna feel you too
I wanna see the sunrise
And your sins just me and you

Vaibhav Verma

I love this channel. I hope the person who created this channel live 10,000 years.

Rashmi malewar

ThankYou ....it really helped me to lift my spirits too....
❤️ from India

Zyraa Mae

Honestly sia and i have the same voice in singing

Talking life

If you want to go From grass to Grace you must change your mindset

You can change your life even when all hope is lost

Mezatoshi kisü

24/7 and 365 you made another day, made it alive ❤

Binod Basnet

I was also depressed my life.
I think to die knowing by
nobody that means I am
Missing but alive or deth.
By going far away from home.
But now I came back normal
Life. I want to do many things.
I have started my journey with
Joy happily. Now I am very
Happy. Because nature gave me
Obstacles but i success on it.
Thank you nature to make me

Raka Chakrabarty

Really inspiring .I didn't know about her life.thanks for making this video. I'm going to share it in whats app..

Kojian Akram

I am happy that I am living in a world where Sia is a part of it.
Love you Sia

Believe in yourself

Ever single man and woman who are severely disappointed with his/her life should watch this story ❤️❤️may they'll feel a little bit better and get the energy to get through hardest days..... stay blessed, happy always ❤️❤️❤️?


You have a great voice !! ?Thank you for sharing !

thatbeingsaid thatbeingsaid

Sia got lucky is all. This world isn't meant for everyone to thrive and get everything they want, 99%


This made me cry. I’ve tried to take my life multiple times. I want to make music but have depression and anxiety. I love Sia so much.

Sia Vevo

For my understanding to this video and the facts that I know sia’s songs is related to this:

0:13 - Sia wrote a song “Bird Set Free” dedication to her father.

1:13 - She wrote “Chandelier” because the way she WAS alcoholic and drug addict. (Fun Fact: she was going to give this song to Rihanna but she kept it because it was too personal to her)

1:26 - She wrote “Reaper” she tells about how she almost killed herself. If you listen to the song is powerful!!

Anjali Rawat

Thank you ?

Ebin Godson

Encouraging thanks a lot for this video it's encouraging for more people??????

Walker Alone

Nice vid

Anu Radha

I love her so much.

Music Apna

Sia is my favorite music artist ❤??


I was listening to "you saved me" & this pops up!??