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LabCorp’s Free Testosterone Results Make NO SENSE And NEED To Be Fixed

14 003 views | 7 Jul. 2020

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Definitely a big error, and unprofessional


Suggestions on increasing free test when you have a high total ? Total I’m at 1228 ng/dl BUT my free test is only 13.3 ng/dl... My SHBG is high at 70. Not sure how to optimize these

David Perez

My TRT clinic uses Labcorp and doesn’t even test for Free Testoterone. My total test is 1478.

matt rakhmanov

My last blood work came back as free test not total. It was 464 pg/ml. What does that convert to in ng/dl. Or total test.


It’s crazy this is what the majority of trt clinics use to determine whether or not you qualify. Thanks for calling them out. Mine says the same


please do clarence kennedy


I assume the script they use to output the results have a fixed string with the incorrect units.

The Meezy

Thank God I watched this video. I was gonna get bloodwork done through labcorp and almost paid for it till I saw this video. THANK U more plates more dates. Always informational

Study Eddy

Your own company Evolve also uses LabCorp!!


Everlywell at home test was the same. The free test range is from 18-700...? For free test!!

John Cole

Derek what's your opinion about these at home tests that can be done? Do you think theyre reputable? For people who no longer use gear and want to check in on things...


and we pay for that... :/


At first I was confused with the picogram measurement. Following a 10 g injection to my left nut, it expanded by 4 lbs over a 6 month periods - 5percent testicle fat. I don't have to give 20 dollar bjs for mcnuggets and soda any more. That's how I becamse the Number 1 tran Bubble Bilder in the industry. After I stacked it with 12 g test /dbol/ trt/ my pennis grew 3 ''. Thanks more plates, your my hero.

Randy Mac

That thumbnail tho lmao

Strahinja Ristic

So here's the deal,I follow u on facebook and love your content but I also kinda don't want my aunty to see that i'm liking videos like "trenbolone vs trenbolone with estrogen" or "Conor Murphy and his D pump"...

Matthew Cordeiro

Thank God I use Quest.


algorithm gains

Steven J

You should tweet this to LabCorp

Richard's World Traveler

I was wondering my my last test was showing a very high testosterone level. I purposefully tried to get it low. I think it detected other 'medications" in my blood.

Jacob Rude

Lab Corp is fucking up.


I'm 28 years old and Derek is like that cool elder brother I never had and never was to my younger brother. I am living vicariously through your videos.

Emanuel Galindez

Subtitulos en español por favor ?

Ryan Rakes

Great video man. You should do a video on those home blood tests and if they’re reliable at all. I’ve seen them touted online a lot lately


My lab made this very mistake too. Result was in ng/dl but the unit they mentioned was pg/ml. One zero was missing. Morons, the lot of them.

Severin Fraundorfer

Please do a Natty or not on Carlton Loth

German Rud

What does any of this mean

Eric Hudgins

Lab Corp gave me a Free Test result of 1 a few months back, freaked me the fuck out. Had it tested again and it came back 17. Thanks for this vid and helping me understand what the hell happened.

Jon Lynch

I just literally had my blood work done at LabCorp this week and I don't have a Free Test results. But my Testosterone levels are low...155. Thankfully,I'm doing the enrollment in a TRT clinic and that's why the blood work done. I'm pretty sure I qualify! I'm 50 by the way.


794 ng/dl total test and 11.7ng/dl free test checking in. rough life


I switched to using Quest Diagnostics recently, it’s also significantly cheaper than LabCorp on PrivateMDLabs now. They raised the prices for the Male Hormone II panel which has LC/MS for test levels over 1500 (the one I usually buy for the last 10 years) from $299 to $500ish. Glad they added Quest onto that site. My test levels are usually around 8,000-15,000 ng/dL on 750mg a week. Never go higher than 750mg a week on a blast. 600-750 is the optimal dosage for gains and minimal water retention and blood pressure issues. 500mg is a good dose as well. I cruise on 250mg a week during the holidays when my training intensity lowers and I let my body recover from 10-11 months of hard training. But mostly run 500mg a week as a maintenance dose and 750mg a week on a blast when I add an anabolic such as Deca or EQ or Tren E


I’ve learned more from derick In 1 year than 8 years of school lol some-ting-wong

Jared Linton

What if your free is way higher than 2-3% but your shbg is normal?

kian fotouhi

Hey man, for some reason, i associated your channel with Kenny KO and never watched. I decided to watch one of your videos and now you’re one of my favorites. You seem really educated and I appreciate the information.



Terry Martin ART

How is you Estrogen levels, my doc wants me under 20. when my T level was 1100 it was 40+ (Got a TRT decrease that day too, wants me at 700 Total T) Also take 1/2 Arimidex 2x a week. Thanks for info, need to pay attention next bloodwork !


I got my test checked and mine was about 420ish. Now I'm starting to rethink my results.


yo derek can you do a video of your thoughts on bpc 157




I got my results from them today and it a a 10 pg/ml. I wonder if they are still using the ng/dl scale because I’m using 120mg cypionate/week. No way I would be at a 1 ng/dl free test, could I??? Doesn’t seem realistic for exogenous test.

Johnny Bravo

More algorithm more dates

White Rose Project

This is really good to know. I use labcorp.


2 years ago i got expensive (gcms) more sensitive test too and it lists it same way you have here. Free test and estradiol both used that ref range and unit of measure. Interestingly all my results came back way over reference ranges for hormones. I do get blood work multiple times a year with dr too though, i had never compared 2 side by side to catch this though. Good job! Smart dude

Mr Bob

It doesn’t need to be fixed...you just need to go to a real lab ?

Vinnie Belviso

Can you do a natty or not video on mike o’ Hearn please

Chad Thunder

This might be weird to say but your face looks great in this video lol. Have you been losing fat or using anything on your face? Lowed dose?

Don Pilgrim

Total 1471 ng/Dl
Free 38.1 pg/ml

I just had labcorp pull mine less than a month ago.

David Whitney Training & Nutrition

How high E2 is too high? Mine is 91! But my cholesterol and blood pressure are so much better than before. I'm wondering if the higher e2 is helping. * Also I'm not having any problem maintaining erections.

Jacob Rude

People are so amazingly beautifully dumb!!!


Man that’s fucked, really should fix that


Maybe you have a rare disease brah :)

Dexter Myo

I had the same issue. I just calculate my free t ever since.

Juan Valdez

Nandralone only seems crazy to me

carsten nielsen

The real scary thing is that it can proceed for so long without being detected I'm amazed that these guys are still in business


Thank you so much for this video, Derek!
I have literally been unable to interpret my results because of this.
They made no sense to me and no one else cared enough to look very closely. We'll see next time!


Hey Derek when will gorilla mind smooth be back in stock?

Zarif Akhtab

Try UltaLabTests. They compete with LabCorp and have better prices

Triston Cabrera

literally just got my results and it said 13.8 pg...so im basically dead according to labcorp lol

David Kim

Derrick I was about to go get blood work done. Do you recommend going somewhere else like a Quest Diagnostics?


That is a massive lab error. This unit is supposed to be grams y'all. Oh it's is, we just indicate that by marking the unit of measurement as pounds. No big deal?


Repost ?

hurb aggyn

damn this video is like some scientist talking to you about his job and expecting you to understand it

Chi City

I just got my results back from lab Corp Still using pg/ml. Showed I was at 18.7 and range was 8.7-25.1

Maorijoe Baker

Hey Derek, can you do a video on Eric Bana who played Mark Brandon Read the Australian Gangster known as" Chopper Read". Amazing Transformation for some one as small as Eric Bana.


Dude call them and tell them. You have the proof.

Hamza munir

This guy is so underrated. Luv your content bro.

riconater 321

Derek could you make a video on entrepreneurship and how to have a nonjob job?




Do u think this guy was natural? Hes was pressing 60kg dumbells 8 times, and was doing hammer curls with 40kg dumbells. He was 110kg at 190cm in this video. And all of that after 3 years of training.

public static void

derek i live in canada and my doc is shit and the lab he sends my blood work to is shit. i sent it and asked for my free and total test, and estrogen. they sent back my estrogen at 207 with no unit of measurement or reference. they sent back ONLY my free test, not total, and my free is at 637. im on hrt and i take 100mg of test e every 5 days. im on finasteride and i was on an a.i for a little while because there was some suspected gyno. is my cholesterol gonna get fucked? my doctor literally had no answers. pls send help

Jonathan Helland

Your hair is looking better then ever that I have seen, Derek! Would really like an updated routine video!

Σερτης Παπας

We need a Derek - coach Greg collab. My two favorite fitness youtubers. Keep it up

Mohamed Ali

Wow, this is actually insane. How has it been neglected for so long


It’s hard enough to control for the day to day variables that affect hormone levels prior to testing; it’s even worse when the lab is not on their A game ?

David Rincones

It’s crazy how a “professional” lab is doing this. You go into any college/university level chem class and professors will rip you for these kind of mistakes

Aagaz Theatre Group

Just a generic comment for algorithm


My TRT bloodwork recently said 235 pg/ml for free testosterone. I called them like 3 times and was like yo... wtf is going on, did you mean to use a different measurement? They were like "No you are very elevated..." My testosterone was not super elevated though. Then I just kind of put the two together, they meant ng/dl


Latest test from quest diagnostics
Total test 1641 ng/dl
Free T 398.1 pg/ml

says normal range for Free T is 35-155 I take some proviron and DHB with my stack


James Macelvoy the beast transformation. Us short guys need a frame of reference lol

Mistah Miggy

I wonder if I should test my testosterone level.


I think I go to labcorp and my doctor said my testosterone is 304.
So I'm on gel

Greyson Peltier

I can confirm that this is still occurring. My results from a test on Monday state 17.0 pg/ml free testosterone with reference range of 9.3-26.5.

Hollis Prince

More proof of medical professionals making huge errors.

Gyn Xiety

That’s why IMO it’s way better to go with the competitor Quest Diagnostics.

Nathaniel Heidemann

Oh man my doctor did mine in picograms per milliliter and have never posted a reference range. I could not tell where i sat relative to others. So frustrating

Ampcapture All You Can Be, Is Better

Great hair game inniss,,, I see you!! Haha but yea man, I’ve noticed this for years!! I feel like I’m screaming this in an underwater chamber where no one can hear. Thanks for clearing it up. That was an astute observation and great explanations as usual

E to the V

LabCorp f'd up and lost my lab work or some shit, so now I have to go back in and get labs redrawn.

Zach Price

Maaaan I was looking over my Lab Corp results from earlier this year and doing calculations and trying to figure out how the fuck my free test results could be so low. My total test was 675 and 10.9pg/mL free. I calculated 2% would be 135pg/mL so I was thinking I had a really serious issue (also that I might had found the source of my troubles). This explains it.

eric lingswiler

That's because Lab Corp doesn't give a shit... IMHO

F. Flores 2500

Whats that thing on the wall

Derek Cunningham

Algorithm comment

James Osborne

Just checked my labs. Total was in ng/dL and free was in pg/mL. Total was 845 and free was 233 (high). And this is on 125mg a week. More proof 250 a week is NOT a trt dosage. I’m still getting back acne on 125 a week which is insanely depressing. Quest was the lab btw.

Albert Richard

Does semen retention have an impact on Testosterone Levels?
Please make a video on it!


His shit is totally lost by Americans...

Blake Bing

Does anyone know why are the reference ranges different between the "high quality" and "cheap" tests? Even after you convert to ng/dl for the high quality test the reference range is 5 - 21, then for the cheap test it has 9.3 - 26.5 (I'm taking these numbers directly from the video). 5 versus 9.3 seems like a huge fucking difference when trying to determine if your free test is low or not, that's almost double


I just had my blood done with lab Corp. Total test came back 163 ng/dl and free test (direct) came back 17.1 pg/ml

Not Too Shabby

Here for the algorithm but also, any update on when you’ll be dropping your most recent hair stack? I know you get asked all the time but it’d be super helpful. Just want big delts like you and to keep my semi-luscious hair.


Algorithm gang.

Westword Winds

I went to Royal Medical Center. They had me go to LabCorp for blood work. It was 655. He still said it could be low, and prescribed testosterone. lol


Quest blood work in the am. Lol


Algorithmo Helpo

Labcorp stocks

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PACB Pacific Biosciences Stock (82% Institutional Ownership!) Q4 Earnings Could Explode

3 830 views | 7 Feb. 2021

Hello Investors, today we

Hello Investors, today we are talking about PACB Stock. PACB Pacific Biosciences is due to release their Q4 2020 earnings on 10 February! This could be a massive catalyst that could send PACB Stock surging. Lets take a look at all the latest news and see what could be in store for 2021.

For those of you new to the channel, I am the simple trader and I aim to keep it simple here, I am not a financial advisor so please note everything on this video and channel is strictly for entertainment purposes only and contains research, opinions and views solely of my own.

This channel is growing and that’s thanks to all you subscribers out there. If you haven’t already, please consider to subscribe and give this video a thumbs up as it really helps out the channel.


00:00​​​​ - 1 | Intro

00:45 - 2 | Price Action Recap

01:44 - 3 | Recent News

04:40 - 4 | J.P. Morgan Event

06:53 - 5 | Institutional Ownership & ARK Invest

08:00 - 6 | Summary

Please check out my other videos on massive growth stocks that could make you a ton of money. If you want to stay up to date with all my latest content please smash that subscribe button. Stay tuned for more analysis, news and updates on mega growth stocks. I am the simple trader and we’ll simply see you next time.

I break down my Freedom Portfolio in this 6 month review - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92yVu6uhMtQ&t=341s

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GILT looks set to explode and is within the ARK Israeli ETF already. If it gets inclusion to ARKX I think this could 4X - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XDakq​​​...

Update on INO Inovio and the coming year which could be explosive - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1pKf5​​​...

Palantir has been a sleeping giant. Its about to wake up check out my latest update - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zuPt1​​​...

With ARKX Space ETF coming in March we need to look at some stocks which are going to rise up as a result. Here I talk about NPA Spac stock and CPSH Stock which could likely benefit in the run up - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GdB-u​​​...

Want to get exposure in Crypto and Block Chain? Check our this ETF BLOK that could be a great hedge and winning move for 2021 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tfADN​​​...

Huge potential 30X medicinal device game changing company - CHEK - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IPpt4​​​...

Another SPAC War IPOF Vs FUSE. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3QqOn​​​...

PACB is my next big stock to load up long term. The genomic space is going exponential. See for yourself - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yLinR​​​...

NIO stock January explosion update - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykxuP​​​...

In Depth Deep Drill Update into Nano Dimension - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OYnDe​​​...

BTWN Peter Thiel's Huge SPAC - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=krIu0​​​...

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Disclaimer: Please note all material on this channel is purely for entertainment purposes. All stocks and information that is shared is based on my personal opinions. You should seek professional advice should you decide to buy any stocks or shares.

Music Credits;

Track: Until You're Gone Forever — Johny Grimes [Audio Library Release]

Music provided by Audio Library Plus

Watch: https://youtu.be/fso3tOjubXg​

Free Download / Stream: https://alplus.io/Uygf

Youssef Higgins

My only regret right now is that I didn’t buy more hahah

Mathieu Drapeau

I own a lot of PACB, CRSP and ARKG. I believe genomic stocks will perform well in the future.

Kas S

It was over $48, pre-market 2/10. Crazy!


Today, you are correct. Let's go PACB!

Joe Blow

27 million in revenue this quater is pitiful for company with a 7.2B market cap.
There are companies pulling in 500 million a quater with a 2B market cap in the optical communication market.
This is ridiculous

youtube.com/jbulsa Bulsa

sell and buy BNGO

Mike West

Nice presentation!

Arjit Yadav

I've come across your videos now and I am glad I did it. I am sad to see some of the plays that I sold at a loss like Ocugen and Vaxart that are doing well. I already have Inovio which I am sure explode. Can you suggest me some stocks that I can now start to build position in ? From your videos, I have drilled down on LPCN, GILT, XL that have huge potential and haven't taken off yet. Would he glad if you could let me know some more that I can get into. Thanks


Super vidéo, as always... ??

Can't Beat The BAY!

CPSH! Got in under $7 and bought those dips. ?


I am long PACB and CRISPR for the next couple years, this will make many millions in the next few years. These are the best two stocks in the genomics space to buy right now. TelaDoc is already a mega cap company, the gains are with PACB which will take the place of illumina and beyond, illumina is AOL, PACB is google. CRISPR therapeutics is the BEST gene editing stock out there too. For me based on my research these are the TWO stocks to own


Who are the users of this technology? How big is the sequencing market? It would be great to have a summary video on that. thanks

INFIDEL Meat_Eater

I've been buying , it's hard to evaluate this company using typical market measures. Genomics is the future

Steven Kirsner

Huge upside! Go PACB!

Simple Trader

Hello Investors, Q4 2020 results are finally upon us. Its looking big and I think PACB could go on the next surge to the upside. With an insane 82% Institutional ownership I think there is only 1 direction this is going and that is up! ARK Invest have sold shares yes but still have a huge interest in this company. Let me know what your thoughts are for PACB in the coming year!


00:00​​​​​ - 1 | Intro

00:45​ - 2 | Price Action Recap
01:44​ - 3 | Recent News
04:40​ - 4 | J.P. Morgan Event
06:53​ - 5 | Institutional Ownership & ARK Invest
08:00​ - 6 | Summary


Excellent video thanks! Go pacb!!

Labcorp stocks

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Top 4 Biotech stocks to Buy now (Cathie Wood Portfolio Reveal Genomics Stocks)

80 210 views | 28 Aug. 2020


UPDATE VIDEO: BETTER QUALITY 2021: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6fW3qpHH4-M&t=125s

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Disclaimer: This video is not financial advice, investing is risky and especially silver mining companies! Don't invest anything which you can't afford to lose.

Good Luck & Invest safe.

Agato Lwey

Here are my foughts! Somebody need to tell these Frankenstein Doctors NO! Doing too much and will cause issues they cant even see. You can almost see how wide eyed she got with the possibility in editing genes for the good. But what about the other things they can do with this tech. Manipulation at an evil level. No thank you!!!

Rocky Alliston

Thanks for the video. ?

The Icelandic Investor

Cathie Wood seems to know what she is doing. Biotech is way outside my circle of competence. ?

Clout Life

The companies woring on the Covid 19 vaccine as well will be like Amazon in the beginning


Just bought BioNano Genomics Inc ♥️

Kadir Khan

Alcohol addiction will be cure by pills soon ✅?
$adil will lead

Mike N

There are still major issues with genetic editing. The current breakthroughs only apply to diseases which involve a single gene problem and can be easy accessed (mainly blood genes). There are about 10 diseases which meet that condition and here the cure will be spectacular. More complex diseases like diabetes are only about 15% caused by genes and these are in cells which are currently impossible to access, and the cure cannot repair existing damage.
So limited progress with the current state of techniques. Other areas will be a decade or more away.

Judy Robertson

I totally agree with Illumnia. Will wait on cost to go down, but definitely on my watch list.


2 of these stocks are no longer in their portfolio.

Pravina Fi

I hope it ends infertility. ?

Aus King

How many children are born blind ?

Antonio Simao



hi, what do you think of ONVO?

Perky B

Why did ARK sell all their Illumina shares? They currently hold zero. Anyone?


Bngo is simply the next illumina

Kay Kim

I just heard about this company. I missed watching your video three months ago ?. Now I follow all your videos . Please make more videos like this . And penny stocks if you can . Thank you


If gene editing is successful it will kill big pharma.

Lauren Williams

Can you please look into LexaGene (OTC: LXXGF)? Would be interested to hear your thoughts on this biotech that is moving up now. Thanks

KING OF Universe



Interesting and informative. Great analysis of the shares discussed and some good tips. Realise now there is more to shares than Tesla which I have been focusing on and buying.

Christopher Ellis

I doubt that crispr is the key to longevity, but I am sure that the dividends are going to be worth waiting for.

Me Who Else

I think it’s extremely difficult for individual investors to look into biotech companies. Often companies make a fancy presentation to cover up or attract more investors but only analysts working in those section can spot it? Furthermore it takes at least 10 yrs or over to see their results and in the mean time, companies will make zero profit.

Tony Soprano

What are the 3 stonks she's talking about?


Great video! In her recent Bloomberg interview, Cathie Wood said that 2021 is the year for Genomics.
Cathie Wood sold all her ILMN position a few weeks ago.

MiaNaomi Post

This is a great video! You summed up Brown’s mystery sales pitch in 10 minutes!?


Why have content that is so outdated? If you want subscribers stay current with your information. All the best.?

youtube.com/jbulsa Bulsa

Catherine sold out of illumina; 3 weeks after I did


Love the videos, but the “smash the like button” sound is deafening. Could you turn it down? ☺️

Call Center


Penny stock with 100x potential



Milton Martins


Moto Mookie

Sounds like graduates from the Institute of Immortality. https://www.theimmortalityinstitute.com/

Sam Sam

Worth investing if it can help Human Kind.. Make Life better for people health is most important thing Physical and Mental well being.

So nice to invest in something that can help others.. And make money in the process..

Just need to pick the right Company.. Need a Google of the Biotech industry.. Im invested in Crispr Therapeutics made over 100%

BUT never have enough to Retire Lol.. When im on 10k/20k on a stock level ill be happy.. now £500 at a time.. need me some double and a few 10 Baggers

Paul Bell

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Joe Vorachack

I am just gonna increase my position in ARKG.

Emilie Terrell

Thank you for sharing. Would love to get into the stock market but I am pretty satisfied with the profits I am making from the trading I’m doing with cryptocurrency. It’s been 3 months and I have made over 480,000$ so far. I’m grateful.

mike martin



She has some good insights but not on this topic. I am in healthcare. Only 4% of disease is driven by genetic defects. Chronic disease and many cancers come about due to epigenetic changes due to poor diet, toxins and disrupted microbiome. Diseases can be cured without drugs if the stressors in the body are removed. This has been proven time after time... Research epigenetics and microbiome.

Oh hi

You should really fix your volume. The annoying rap song intro and the ding sound at 2:10 were way too loud

Kan Antony

Im very high on arch biopartners (arch.v ACHFF). Could be 10-20x bagger

micro tarded

When people come together to accomplish a goal there is nothing they cannot do. These goals will be meet.

DarthVader DaGreat

question (OCGN) OCUGEN....Explain this to me. How is it, that a Gene Therapy Company that by right at this point should be on Ark Invest Radar? They have 4 gene therapies on Phase 1 and phase 2 trials. and it's still at $0.31 a share. I can't believe it. tell me what is wrong with this picture, and why is it at $0.31 a share and 3 Analyst have it going up to $1 this QUarter? I do not get it? Oh (OCGN) OCUGEN THERAPEUTICS. Ocugen, Inc. engages in the development and commercialization of therapies for eye diseases. Its pipeline includes OCU400, OCU410, OCU200, OCU200, and OCU300. The company was founded by Shankar Musunuri and Uday Kompella in 2013 and is headquartered in Malvern, PA. The listed name for OCGN is Ocugen, Inc. Common Stock tHAT IS PULLED FROM Robinhood APP.


Just bought a few Illumina's (about time). Indeed, they OWN sequencing. I just did RNA-seq (transcriptomics) for my PhD, and the machines are still increasingly getting smaller, cheaper and more functional. Once I get a stock-worthy amount of savings again I'm going for CRISPR next ;) Thanks for this video


Thank you for putting up a video with great content.

Farewell VHS

intro jingle and Like dings at start and end NEED better audio balancing. Blowing my ears out mate!

Alpha & Omega


Ahmed Jamil


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ARKG has recently sold crsp twst and added shares to vaxrat

Jacek Wojcik

4:17 billion dollar idea. Chocolate covered DNA

Throne Theone


Bert Pardo

I am not able to buy arkg etf in my country. Thats why i took CRISP TDOC TWST ILMN PACB and created my own kind of etf. I think for the small retail investor its hard to pick the right one. But my genomic stocks only take about 10% of my portfolio and they are for the super long term ?. Goodluck to all, these companies can give a lot of good to this world.

Rompa Stompa

I feel like just supporting any one of these companies is the right thing to do and if I can make a few bucks for that support win-win in my book.Great vid btw


Not hard to outperform Berkshire Hathaway haha

Ogorchukwu Peters

How do I invest in Arkg in the UK

Jonathan Maycock

Anyone know how I can invest in either ARKG or some of these top biotech companies? EToro doesn’t have them. I’m based in Germany

Mr Capitalist

Investors will make far far more money with Invitae than the other 3 companies over a 10 year period!! long NVTA EDIT

Nagaraj Shivaratri

Cancer can be easily cured by fasting

Kelly Obatula

I’m so glad people are talking about these stocks now, I’ve been in them for a short time but I’m putting as much as possible in the gnome space

Will Major

Not Bio Tech but a a penny watch and extreme buy at over 30 cents www.transitionmetalscorp.com or twitter @TransMetalsCorp Just put this on your watch list and B2Gold. BTO.T



Marc Light

Mutate me into ALI G

Vino Sinniah

NTLA tripled since this video

Mr Capitalist

Investors will make far far more money with Invitae than the other 3 companies over 10 years! long NVTA EDIT

Adam Breccini

The risk on bio tech seem a bit to high 1 big problem and consumers lose trust

Raymond Carson

No ticker symbol

Riley Orscheln

What are your thoughts on PACB? Better DNA sequencing tool in that it's far more accurate than the competition. Could take share from Illumina as a result.

Bruce McIntyre

I agree with your contention that this is quite speculative, and so my best approach is to invest via ARKG so I can participate in the upside without a huge risk.

mike martin

You all should consider looking into Agenus (Agen). The company has been around since 94. They’ve had a rocky road in the past but they now have gotten it together.

They’re an immuno-therapy company but they also produce cell therapy (INKT’S), through their subsidiary company Agentus and they also produce vaccines.

They also have the most powerful adjuvant (QS-21) on the market.

Their main product and near future revenue generators are their PD-1 and CTLA-4 CPMS. Both are currently fast tracked for second line cervical cancer and have currently initiated a rolling BLA submission. Projected revenue for the drugs will be around ~165M domestically only. They have also partnered with a chinese pharma company called Betta pharmaceuticals for international rights in greater China. Agenus will be receiving milestone and royalty payments accordingly. Expansion of these two drugs will yield higher revenue. They’re also looking into partnering in Europe. Projected domestic and international revenue could be significantly higher than the ~165m I quoted for domestic sales.

However, the biggest product they may have could be a potential multi blockbuster which is their next generation CTLA-4 1181. This is what most investors are banking on. It’s currently in phase 1 and showing very promising results. Ctla-4 is notorious for being toxic but agenus has manufactured a very tolerable version that has low toxicity levels. This is huge.

I believe they have 10 CPMS in the clinic and somewhere around 10 in preclinical. They have partnerships with GILEAD, MERCK, GLAXOSMITHKLINE, INCYTE AND BETTA PHARMACEUTICALS.
I’ve mentioned most of the pros on the company. The only con is, they need capital to market the product once approved and for label expansion.

They may need to dilute or continue to do what they’ve been doing successfully which is partnering up with someone for a cash injection. But dilution at this stage may be looked at in a positive light considering their active pipeline. I hope you all enjoyed my synopsis. GLTA!!

Gold Star


Wall Street Sizing Up

Thanks for sharing this video. I know something about Biotech. Biotechnology is a broad area of biology, involving the use of living systems and organisms to develop or make products. Depending on the tools and applications, it often overlaps with related scientific fields.

Mike Messina

I have to be honest great video accept the obnoxious intro Rap song segment that jumps up volume 100%. I promise it is not a fan fav.

Angelo Nasios

New York State is seeking to establish a state certification board and license for genetic counseling / counselor. So yes take this industry seriously I think

nicole steward

2:37 YW


Nowhere in the vid hints how long it will take. So probably not investing options on them.


What is life without death ?

Tushar Prasad

As per Darwin’s theory, gene mutation gives rise to better and stronger species by eliminating the weak. Mutations should be designed rather than cured.

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Turn down that fucking like button noise this makes me wanna dislike the video!!



Marty 3000

It's really hard to find a company with a vision. Most gene-company's just wanna research or make some vacines and there is nothing wrong with that but the the hot thing will be gene editing on adults. That would end the discussion about designer Babys and make gene editing a must have for everybody who could pay it.

Vijay Srirambhatla

The gene editing technology has been here for a long time, its not hard for a new company to use the technology.....not sure why should invest in a 300 dollar stock

tim shimme

Kaleido Biosciences stock. Grab it now. Most likely to go up to 16 a share

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TDSGF - Telo Genomics Corp
? It’s only $0.31 today! ?

Anthony Topper

Please mix the audio more evenly.


Only a million people has had their genes sequenced so far. 60 million to 100 million people will get their genes sequenced by 2025.

Vegonomia - nos protegendo do capitalismo.

And ARKG sold Illumina to buy Pacific Biosciences because Pacific could work with long sequences and short ones, while Illumina could only work with short ones.

Airport Limo

Great video

Michael Wil

Great video Ben, I've added Illumina to my watchlist. I can see these companies being heavily regulated, if life expectancy increases and more resources are needed from a planet we are actively destroying them the numbers don't work out. It would make sense to invest in Raytheon and others when to profit from the culling when nations fight over resources. Yeah very over simplified but it's already happening.

Motivation 2 Invest

Hey Guys, ?UPDATE VIDEO: BETTER QUALITY 2021: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6fW3q...

Alfredo Toral

great vid..!!! Well done..i already bought ARKG..!!!

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Mike Daniels

That's the spirit. Well done on the picks and shovels pick ILMN. As a suggestion for improvement, you could start a section on potential buyout candidates, eg BNTX is so in bed with PFE, that a buyout seems a highly likely outcome. Like the recent buyout of AIMT by Nestlé, of Principia by Sanofi, or most likely future buyouts eg TBIO by SNY, SGMO by BIIB, CLVS by Roche.


Search for, BNGO say no more.

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